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REA 0003


Instructor: Maribel Guenaga-Gonzalez
Miami Dade College – West Campus
Spring 2009
Phone: 786-991-2269

REA 0003 is a college preparatory reading course which builds vocabulary
skills, literal and critical comprehension skills, and successful reading
strategies. This course will also enhance and develop your independent
reading and thinking skills to prepare you for college level courses. Lab
required. Special fee. 4 credits

Pre-requisites: Computerized Placement Test (CPT) Reading subtest

score of 71-82 or successful completion of REA0002

Course Competencies
This course is designed for you to achieve the following competencies:

Competency 1: Advance vocabulary skills by:

 Using context clues and word analysis

 Increasing word knowledge through memorization and application

Competency 2: Advance literal comprehension skill by:

 Recognizing topic, topic sentences, stated main ideas

 Identifying major and minor supporting details
 Recognizing patterns of organization
 Identify relationships within and between sentences
 Recognizing stated central points in multi-paragraph selections

Competency 3: Advance critical comprehension skills by:

 Making inferences
 Drawing conclusions
 Recognizing implied main ideas
 Recognizing implied central points in multi-paragraph selections
 Distinguishing facts from opinions
 Recognizing author’s purpose and tone
 Determining author’s bias
 Evaluating arguments (reasoning)
Competency 4: Employ advanced improvement in reading strategies

 Paraphrasing, mapping, and outlining materials

 Following oral and written directions
 Summarizing materials
 Improving test taking skills

Competency 5: Pass the Florida College Basic Reading Skills Exit Test

Text: **Active Reading Skills (2nd Edition) by Kathleen T. McWhorter
and **Thinking Through the Test by D.J. Henry & Mimi
Markus **(REA0003 Coursepak is available at the West
Campus’ bookstore)

Novel: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (purchase at a local



Tools: A notebook (only for this class and not a 3-ring binder), index cards ,
markers/pens/pencils/crayons/colored pencils,10 scantron sheets**


**You can purchase the required textbook and scantron sheets at the Miami Dade
College West Campus Bookstore.

You are responsible for meeting the requirements of this syllabus. Some
additional expectations may develop throughout the semester; therefore, we
all need to collaborate to see it through.

We will be discussing some sensitive issues during this semester so it is
imperative that individual opinions be respected. While your classmates are
voicing their opinions, please listen and be considerate at all times. Always
be respectful even though you do not agree with them.

Please remember to turn off all cell phones as they turn attention away from
learning. If by some unexpected event your cell phone does ring, you are to
make up for that interrupted moment by bringing in some treats for the class
on our next meeting.
It is important for you, your classmates, and me to create an environment
where there are ongoing stimulating conversations about the readings and
writings we encounter. Your responsibility in this class is not only to be a
reader, but also a writer, a listener, and a responder. To see that everyone
plays each role, you will need to complete the assignments by their due date
which will be posted on the website.

Come to class prepared with all materials. Failure to do so may result in

being asked to leave class and marked as absent for that class meeting. Time
is of essence so please arrive on time.

Attendance is required everyday. There will be activities and classroom
interactions that are invaluable and cannot be made-up; therefore,
attendance is essential. In the event of an absence, you are responsible for
obtaining class notes, information, and sending in your work via e-mail or
with a classmate. More than five times absent from a MWF class or four
times from a TR class may cause your final course grade to drop one or more
letter grades. If you have more than three consecutive unexcused absences,
you may be dropped from the course without any notification as well.
Constant tardiness and leaving early will be counted as absences. Once you
have been late to class two times, your tardiness will be marked as an


Students must satisfy course requirements of an average score of 70% or
higher to be eligible to take the Florida College Basic Skills Exit Test. The
state test’s passing score is 60% or higher.

If you are unable to continue in this course, you must fill out an official
withdrawal form with the registrar’s office. If you do not officially withdraw,
you may receive a “U” in the course.

If you have any type of learning difficulties and feel you may need
accommodations in this course, please notify me and contact ACCESS ( A
Comprehensive Center for Exceptional Student Services) as soon as the
semester begins so that you may receive assistance early on in the course.

In your Reader’s Notebook you will brainstorm topics, play with ideas, reflect
on your readings, keep notes, draw, paste in artifacts, chart your progress,
raise questions, and jot down thoughts and dreams. The purpose is to explore
your thinking and engage more deeply with the readings and what is going
on around you. My hope is that the use of the notebook will deepen and
enhance both the reading and writing you'll do during and beyond the weeks
we are together. It is essential that you bring your notebook to class
every time. I will collect the Reader’s Notebook on assigned dates.

TESTS (35%)
There will be a variety of tests throughout the semester. Some will be based
on the skills found in the course competencies. In order to be eligible to
take the skills test, you must complete the reading lab assignments
for the corresponding skill/s the day before the exam. Other tests may
cover the readings of the novels, presentations, poems, vocabulary, and
articles. If you cannot attend a scheduled test, please contact me on or
before the date of the test so that we can work something out. If you do not
meet this requirement, a make-up test will be given only at my discretion.

Several quizzes will be administered during the semester. Some will be
announced will others will be unannounced. Make-ups for quizzes may be
rescheduled only due to an emergency and if you contact me on the date of
the quiz.

Also during the semester, there will be several presentations and projects.
Some will be done individually while the others will be done collaboratively.

(3) Errands are so much fun! A number of them will be available
throughout the semester. Some have deadlines while others remain available
for a period of time. Invitations are opened to all of them, but only three are
required. For an errand to be considered acceptable, other requirements
besides just participating are needed. Errands and requirements will be listed
on the website. Errands are not optional.


Lab assignments are an integral part of this course. They are also required to
pass this course. Your goal is to complete all lab assignments to the
best of your ability and attain a score of 70% or higher on both the
Practice Sets and Test Sets. If some of your scores are below 70%, it may
not be considered acceptable. Be aware that all lab assignments will have a
due date. If the assignments are not completed by the due date, you
will be unable to take the Unit Test for those particular skills. Again,
please note that all lab assignments are required to be completed in order to
pass this course.

By the end of this semester, you will have been exposed to Miami Dade
College’s General Education Core Learning Outcomes and as a
graduate of Miami Dade College be able to:

1. Communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing

2. Use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical
3. Solve problems using critical and creative thinking and scientific
4. Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and
historical perspectives.
6. Create strategies that can be used to fulfill personal, civic, and social
7. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues
in society.
8. Use computer and emerging technologies effectively.
9. Demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities.
10.Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of
humans on the environment.


 A = 90% - 100%
 B = 80% - 89%
 C = 70% - 79%
 D = 60% - 69%
 F = 59% or less


 S (Satisfactory): Pass the course with at least a 70% average (C) plus
an exit score of 60% or higher on the Florida College Basic Reading
Skills Exit Test. (Register for ENC1101)
 P (Progress): Receive a score between 60% - 69% (Retake REA0003)
 U (Unsatisfactory): Receive a score below 60% (Retake REA0003)
 (NOTE: A “U” is equivalent to an “F” in calculating the grade point
 W (Withdraw): Retake REA 0003

*Cost to Re-Enroll in a Course: Students who enrolled in the same course twice, received a grade of W, D F,
P, U or X, and wish to re-enroll for the third time must pay the full cost of instruction for this and any later
attempts. This fee is equivalent to the cost of the course for a student paying fees as a non-resident of the
state of Florida. Students who are assessed the higher fee may appeal to have the fee lowered.
*The consequences of academic dishonesty can range from a failing grade for the course to expulsion from
MDC. Students should familiarize themselves with the Students’ Rights & Responsibilities Handbook, which
can be obtained from Student Life.
*The mission of Miami Dade College is to provide accessible, affordable, high quality education by keeping
the learner’s needs at the center of decision making and working in partnership with its dynamic multi-
cultural community.


 Last day to drop classes and receive refund: Monday, January 12, 2009
 Last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of W: Wednesday,
March 18, 2009
 Last day of classes: Friday, April 24, 2009
 Holidays – Classes will not meet on the following dates: Martin Luther
King Day, Monday, January 19, 2009; Spring Recess, Friday, April 10, 2009
 I encourage you to meet with me as many times as you may like to
discuss any needs, questions, goals, or anything related to your
progress during the semester.