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7/1/11 Updated, 12/9/11 Compiled by: James King

Vaccinations - Covert Genocide

What are vaccinations, or immunizations?
The theory behind vaccinations is very simple, that being, by subjecting a human immune system to a weakened, live virus, the bodies natural immunity will identify the threat, attack and destroy it, and be granted immunity to that virus if it encounters it again in our lifetime. In theory, vaccinations have great merit as this is how our natural immunity works. For instance, most people get chicken pox when they are a child. Their body then goes through an outbreak, and before long a persons natural immune system has defeated the infection and in doing so, has learned how to fight that form of attack. Now that the immune system has learned how to defeat the threat, most people never get chicken pox twice in their lifetime. Unfortunately, what the vaccination and immunization community has done over the past six decades when vaccinations entered the scene, is pervert their use,

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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and cover-up the dangers associated to them. Please take the time to carefully consider the following information, because you and your children's life and well being is at stake.
Ordinarily, diseases which enter the body are filtered through an elaborate network of body defenses, but vaccines because they are injected directly into the bloodstream slip by those defenses. Disease is able to gain access to all the major tissues and organs and bypass the immune responses that otherwise would have destroyed it." - Walene James (Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth 1988 pp 14-15.)

"Vaccines bypass the bodys normal lines of immune defence: There is a fundamental issue with injecting particles of infectious diseases directly into the bloodstream, thereby bypassing the immune systems first line of defencecalled the Th1 level of the immune systemin a surprise attack on the second line of defencecalled the Th2 levelthat is so distressing to the body it can cause anaphylactic shock. In nature, diseases are introduced into the body through the nose, mouth, skin and lungs, triggering a first line of defence that usually combats the illness before it ever reaches the bloodstream. Vaccines repeated back-door assaults on the Th2 level of the immune system make it hypersensitive and compel it to react inappropriately to other normally harmless substances like peanuts; the result is a generation of children with damaged immune systems who suffer from food and environmental allergies, asthma and increasingly with life threatening anaphylactic disorders."

It is nonsense to think that you can inject pathogens directly into the blood and in any way improve health. There is no such thing as immunization, but we sell it under the name immunization. If there were a way to build up a natural resistance to disease through these artificial means, I would applaud it but we cant. The body has its own methods of defense. These depend on the vitality of the body and you cant change the vitality of the body by introducing poisons of any kind into it. - Dr. William H. Hay (House of Representatives Congressional Record December 21, 1937.

Before you begin to read through this article, I want you to view the short video below which is an interview that was done in the 1980's with the head of Merck's Vaccine Division (Merck is a massive pharmaceutical company and produces many types of vaccinations). Listen as Dr. Maurice Hellerman, then head of their Vaccine Division jokes about how Merck knew that it's vaccines were laced with as many as 40 different viruses, several of which, caused cancer, and started the AIDS epidemic.

"The chief, if not sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination."
- Dr. Robert Bell, Past Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital

"The joke going around was that the American's were going to win the Olympics because the Russian's were going to be so bogged down with tumors." [- Dr. Hillerman, joking that Merck knew its vaccinations were producing
tumorous cancer in recipients and massive field-trials were underway in Russia involving millions of people.] Between 1958 - 1963, 98 million American's received at least one dose of Polio vaccine that was contaminated with the SV-40 monkey virus.[42] Although the CDC claims that by the end of the 60's, the SV40 virus had been removed from the Polio vaccine, Dr. Hillerman in the interview above notes that he was able to find it (and as many as 40 other viruses) still contaminating vaccinations in the 80's.

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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Throughout this article remember the following 4 points, 1. Vaccines are products, and doctors are salesmen. 2. The Drug and Vaccine Investigative Branch of the Government's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is funded by the Pharmaceutical companies, to the tune of more than $500 million per year. 3. Contrary to popular belief, vaccine manufacturing is not safe, (as you've learned from the Dr. Hellerman interview, and the polio vaccine statistics above) and according to Bloomberg, GlaxoSmithKline, and Johnson & Johnson's Puerto Rico drug manufacturing plants failed inspects 64% of the time between 1999-2010. 4. CEO's, Directors, and other members of the Pharmaceutical industry routinely receive jobs at the FDA and other organizations designed to hold the industry accountable, and ensure safety. This "revolving door" allows hundreds of unsafe drugs to be passed, without sufficient testing, or conclusive proof that they work, endangering and ultimately killing hundreds of thousands of people per year.

The history of vaccinations

The main argument for the legitimacy of vaccinations is that they are said to have ended some of the worst diseases in history like Polio -- but is that what the facts, statistics and history actually show? By the 1950's when the Polio vaccines were introduced (as well as others) the prevalence of these diseases had actually dropped by a stunning 80-90% - in other words, these diseases were already in terminal decline. So why were these diseases already in terminal decline in the century prior to vaccinations? According to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, childhood diseases decreased 90% between 1850 and 1940, paralleling improved sanitation and hygienic practices, well before mandatory vaccination programs. With such a stunning decrease in these diseases between 1850, and 1940, based entirely on better sanitation and hygienic practices (according to the British Association for the Advancement of Science), it's clear that vaccinations did not actually need to be adopted in order to stop these diseases. If that were not the case, it would have been impossible for there to have been a 80-90% decrease over that 100 year time frame.

Are vaccines effective when used?

[44] *South Korea does mosquito fogging in the streets while children play in the chemical fog. Children in Denmark who recieve 1/3 of the vaccines that American children recieve, are 24 times less likely to become austistic.

One of the most troubling aspects of vaccinations, and the subsequent dangers they present, is that fact that they have been proven over and over again to be ineffective. Keep in mind the explanation given earlier in this article about chicken pox; that once your body fights something, it is granted permanent immunity to that form of attack because it knows how to fight it. The only time which a person loses their permanent immunity is when their immune system has been compromised because of some other factor, and is not strong enough to battle another infection. In which case, even if vaccines were 100% effective, it would not help. The medical literature has a surprising number of studies documenting vaccine failure. Measles, mumps, small pox, polio and HIB outbreaks have all occurred in vaccinated populations. [11, 12, 13, 14 ,15] In 1989 the CDC reported: Among school-aged children, [measles] outbreaks have occurred in schools with vaccination levels of greater than 98 percent. [16] [They] have occurred in all parts of the country, including areas that had not reported measles for years. [17] The CDC even reported a measles outbreak in a documented 100 percent vaccinated population. [18] How is it possible for an entire, 100% vaccinated group to sustain a measles outbreak? The simple, yet blunt fact of the matter is

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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that it is not possible if the vaccines were effective. Please return to the chicken pox example from earlier, if we line up 100 people who have already had chicken pox in their life, and force them into a room full of children with chicken pox, at worst maybe one or two people would get re-infected due entirely to having an already compromised immune system. The other 98 or 99 have an immune system that recognizes the chicken pox virus (varicella zoster virus), and instantly defeats it before it can spread or do any damage. A study examining this phenomenon concluded, The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons. [19] A more recent study found that measles produces immune suppression which contributes to an increased susceptibility to other infections.[19a] These studies suggest that the goal of complete immunization is actually counterproductive, a notion underscored by instances in which epidemics followed complete immunization of entire countries. The fact outlined above has been repeatedly proven through various studies of immunized populations, below is a graph from which shows the rate of polio infections after mass inoculations, ironically they increased.

NEWS: Polio Vaccines Now the Number One Cause of Polio

Japan experienced yearly increases in small pox following the introduction of compulsory vaccines in 1872. By 1892, there were 29,979 deaths, and all had been vaccinated. [20] Early in this century, the Philippines experienced their worst smallpox epidemic even after 8 million people received 24.5 million vaccine doses; the death rate quadrupled as a result. [21] In 1989, the country of Oman experienced a widespread polio outbreak six months after achieving complete vaccination. [22] In the U.S. in 1986, 90% of 1300 pertussis cases in Kansas were adequately vaccinated. [23] 72% of pertussis cases in the 1993 Chicago outbreak were fully up to date with their vaccinations.[24] These examples are not unique, in fact, the documented failures of vaccinations are far more abundant than their successes.

Are vaccines safe?

The FDAs VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) receives about 11,000 reports of serious adverse reactions to vaccination annually, some 1% (112+) of which are deaths from vaccine reactions.[1] The majority of these reports are made by doctors, and the majority of deaths are attributed to the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine, the P in DPT. This figure alone is alarming, yet it is only the tip of the iceberg. The FDA estimates that only about 10% of adverse reactions are reported,[2] a figure supported by two National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) investigations. [3] In fact, the NVIC reported that In New York, only one out of 40 doctors offices [2.5%] confirmed that they report a death or injury following vaccination, 97.5% of vaccine related deaths and disabilities go unreported there. Thus, according to the FDA less than 10% of adverse reactions, or deaths, related to vaccinations are reported. This should be obvious considering the fact that honest admission of fault can and does lead to legal proceedings being brought against the doctor or vaccine manufacturer. In some cases as low as 1-2.5% of the adverse reactions are reported. Even using the safest estimate, that 10% are reported, it can be concluded that at minimum 110,000 (11,000 x 10) serious adverse reactions occur yearly after vaccinations. Another issue which leads to under reporting of adverse reactions is the fact that symptoms may not appear immediately, and can take weeks or even a month or longer to

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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manifest, meaning that by that time the cause will be attributed to something other than the vaccination itself. With pertussis (the P in the DPT immunization), the number of vaccine-related deaths dwarfs the number of disease deaths, which have been about 10 annually for recent years according to the CDC, and only 8 in 1993, the last peakincidence year (pertussis runs in 3-4 year cycles, though vaccination certainly doesnt). Simply put, the vaccine is 100 times more deadly than the disease. This simple fact highlights the incredible insanity of vaccinations. For a disease which kills on average 10 people, per year in the United States, millions of dollars are spent, hundreds of people die from the vaccination, hundreds or thousands more have adverse reactions, and innocent, undeveloped children are subjected to live viruses and toxic chemical cocktails. Both national and international studies have shown vaccination to be a cause of SIDS[4,5] (SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a catch-all diagnosis given when the specific cause of death is unknown; estimates range from 5 10,000 cases each year in the U.S.). One study found the peak incidence of SIDS occurred at the ages of 2 and 4 months in the U.S., precisely when the first two routine immunizations are given,[4] while another found a clear pattern of correlation extending three weeks after immunization. Another study found that 3,000 children die within 4 days of vaccination each year in the U.S. (amazingly, the authors reported no SIDS/vaccine relationship), while yet another researchers studies led to the conclusion that half of SIDS casesthat would be 2500 to 5000 infant deaths in the U.S. each yearare caused by vaccines.[4] Multiple direct links have been established between SIDS and vaccinations, 'coincidentally' occurring around the same time batteries of immunizations are given. In the mid 70s Japan raised their vaccination age from 2 months to 2 years; their incidence of SIDS dropped dramatically. In spite of this, the U.S. medical community has chosen a posture of denial. Coroners refuse to check the vaccination status of SIDS victims, and unsuspecting families continue to pay the price, unaware of the dangers and denied the right to make a choice. Low adverse event reporting also suggests that the total number of adverse reactions actually occurring each year may be more than 100,000. Due to doctors failure to report, no one knows how many of these are permanent disabilities, but statistics suggest that it is several times the number of deaths. This concern is reinforced by a study which revealed that 1 in 175 children who completed the full DPT series suffered severe reactions, [7] and a Dr.s report for attorneys which found that 1 in 300 DPT immunizations resulted in seizures. [8]
After you finish reading this article, take the time to view the documentary linked near the bottom entitled "Vaccine Nation". It covers the story of a man of is currently in prison after his baby died from "SIDS" following a battery of vaccinations, after the baby had already suffered adverse reactions during his first set of vaccinations. Despite the fact that the autopsy had more than 25 errors, including listing the child as African American (not caucasion) he was amazingly convicted.

By raising the age at which children are given vaccinations from 2 months to 2 years, Japan was able to dramatically reduce the incidence of SIDS because by two years old, the human immune system is more established, yet still not fully established. When 1 out of 175 children is experiencing adverse reactions, this means more than 5,000 children out of every 1,000,000 are suffering adverse reactions, including permanent disability and death. While on the one hand, vaccines have never been proven effective, on the other hand, they have been proven to be entirely unsafe. A new study has found a direct statistic link between the amount of vaccines administered to new born children, and infant mortality. Ironically, the country which administers the most childhood vaccines (The United States 26 vaccines) also has the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world (ranked 34 of 34):

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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Link to full image The statistical link is so perfectly clear that even the most ardent supporters of vaccination programs have been left speechless. Read the full study by clicking here.
Vaccinations contain the following ingredients: - Live or dead virus - Aluminum gels or salts to heighten the immune response to the vaccination - Antibiotics - Formaldehyde - Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - Known excitotoxin - Thimerosol - Mercury containing preservative

Due to the size of a human head, we are all born into this world premature, if mothers do not give birth at nine months, both the mother and child may die due to complications. Because of this prematurity human infants are almost completely defenseless, which explains why the human immune system is not fully functional until at least the age of 3. [37] In the western medical world, despite the understanding that the immune system is not fully functional until the age of 3 (at the earliest), babies are subjected to a battery of immunizations (some times 8 different vaccines in one doctors visit) which contain not only live viruses, but also chemicals, exitotoxins, and metals. This full fledged attack on the undeveloped immune system does not serve to protect, or strengthen the child's immune system, but instead destroys it. As highlighted earlier, the statistical analysis of vaccines versus infant mortality rates clearly shows that the more vaccinations a child receives, the more likely it is to die prematurely. Once the facts are understood, the reason for such deaths is completely self-evident.

Gardisil The deadly vaccination

Although links between premature death and vaccinations are abundant in almost every group, world-wide, none are as deadly as Gardisil. Gardisil is said to protect young women from cervical cancer, which is said to be caused by a form of the Human papillomavirus (HPV). Note that I used said, because there is absolutely
no empirical evidence that either HPV causes cancer, or that Gardisil can protect against it. Yet vaccine manufacturers spend millions of dollars on flashy, eye-catching television marketing campaigns trying to convince young women that they can be one less. One less woman with cervical cancer, one less women who has to suffer. What they don't mention, is the fact that adverse reactions and death associated with the Gardisil vaccines are some of the highest recorded.

View an example of the clever marketing for Gardasil by clicking here.

An article published by the CBC in 2008, showed that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 8000 serious adverse reactions have been reported by women who had received the Gardasil vaccination.[38] Keeping in mind that according to the FDA, only

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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10% (at most) of adverse reactions are reported, it is easy to assume that this number likely exceeds 80,000 adverse reactions.

Furthermore, There were 31 reported cases of Guillain-Barr syndrome (GBS), a neurological condition that results in temporary but often total body paralysis, with 10 cases confirmed. Fifteen deaths were also reported, with 10 of these containing the level of information required for further analysis, according to the CDC.
31 cases of GBS which leads to total body paralysis, and fifteen confirmed deaths. Is that really worth using a vaccine that might prevent a virus that might cause cervical cancer? Typing in Gardasil into the YouTube search box will yield numerous results of people who have had their lives ruined by taking the vaccine, despite no evidence that it is effective, when it's clearly very dangerous. Lives effected by Gardisil Ashley Ryburns life ruined by Gardasil URGENT WARNING ABOUT GARDASIL Dangerous Gardasil Vaccination - MAY BECOME MANDATORY

Gardasil statistics up to AUG 12, 2011

Disabled - 763 Deaths - 103 Did Not Recover - 4777 Abnorm. Pap Smear - 430 Cervical Dysplasia - 157 Cervical Cancer - 41 Life Threatening - 444 Emergency Rm. Visit - 9115 Hospitalized - 2307 Extended Hosp. Stay - 201 Serious - 3111 Adverse Events - 23388 Keep in mind that only as many as 10% of all reactions, big or small, are reported. So you can effectively add a zero to the end of each number listed above. "Gardasil contains polysorbate 80, also known as Tween 80, which has been linked to infertility in mice," noted Dee Nicholson, National Communications Director for Freedom in Canadian Health Care. "When these girls are grown women and are finding out that they are barren 10 to 15 years down the line, who will connect the dots?" ~Deiree L. Rover, researcher, The Netherlands Recently, legislation was passed in the State of California, to allow children 12 years of age and up to give legal consent for vaccinations, without parental consent. While children can not legally enter into any contract, and cannot even attend a museum field-trip without parental consent, they are now legally allowed to sign consent to be administered not only the deadly Gardisil vaccine, but also other as of yet unreleased vaccinations related to sexually transmitted diseases.

With the myriad of adverse reactions reported, including permanent disability and death, is it reasonable to allow a 12 year old child to sign his/her own death-warrant? Not to mention that prior to giving consent the children will be shown propaganda about the perils and dangers of cancer inducing fear in the children. Once several agree, peer pressure also begins to mount and soon all kids are giving their consent to the nice doctor who is going to inject them.

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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Seasonal Flu Vaccines

As you'll recall earlier, with the example of chicken pox, once a persons immune system has experienced an attack it provides near permanent immunity based on the fact that it understands and can defeat the attack when it encounters it in the future. Knowing this, the concept of yearly flu vaccinations becomes absurd, for if the vaccines worked as claimed, then their would be absolutely no need to be revaccinated each year. But that doesn't stop the Government from spending not only hundreds of millions on vaccines, but millions of dollars convincing the public to line-up for them. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Seasonal flu vaccines offer nearly perfect immunity.

But also, according to the Centers for Disease Control, Vaccines wear off.

What? Wait a minute. How can something provide nearly perfect immunity, but also at the exact same time be claimed to also wear off in a few months, requiring yet another vaccination the next year? This is the logic that the CDC operates under.
"This year's flu shot will be a duplicate of last year's because the same flu strains are still circulating," reports the Associated Press in an article about the CDC. "Government health officials are urging nearly everyone to get this fall's flu shot. They say a vaccine's protection can fade significantly after several months." - YahooNews

As an article from reminds us,

Remember when the Europeans came to America centuries ago and killed off masses of American Indians by accidentally giving them smallpox? Well, if the Indians died of smallpox, why didn't the Europeans die of smallpox? (There were no vaccines in the 1600's and 1700's.) The answer is because the Europeans had already been exposed and built up lifetime immunity to the disease.

Thus if vaccinations worked as advertised, one dose should provide a lifetime immunity, but according to even the CDC itself, they don't and they in fact actually wear off in a few months, which in and of itself, should illustrate how ineffective they actually are. It's also worth noting that the flu virus normally mutates slightly from season to season, so even if we were to pretend that vaccines were actually effective, it would make no difference whether you were vaccinated or not, if a new mutation of the virus surfaced. Because even those who have been vaccinated, would be just as susceptible as those who had not, because of the novelty of the new virus.

Additionally, Canadian researchers found that those who received the seasonal flu vaccine were twice as likely to get the H1N1 (swine flu) virus. [39] This is likely due to the fact that those who were given the seasonal vaccine had their immune system compromised by the virus, chemicals, and adjuvants used in the vaccine.

VIDEO: Cheerleader is permanently paralyzed after taking seaonal flu shot.

Doing the math for H1N1 (Swine Flu)

As previously mentioned, the Swine Flu was responsible for hundreds of deaths, and based on this justification a pandemic was declared, vaccines were rushed, and vaccine manufacturers were given legal immunity to adverse reactions suffered by consumers. Again, we must note that the seasonal flu kills roughly 30,000 people in the United States alone, each year. This means that statistically the seasonal flu is approximately 100 times more deadly than the Swine Flu. Completely ignoring this very simple fact, the media turned the entire swine flu incident into a circus - it seemed that no matter where you went, everyone was talking and concerned about this deadly invasion of swine flu. Now that time has passed it is extremely obvious that it was pure hype and fearmongering on the part of the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, the Federal Government, and the Mainstream Media.

The unfortunate part about the situation is that tens of millions of people listened to the health authorities and the mainstream media and went out and got the vaccination. In fact, at the height of the hysteria Dr. Nancy Snyderman said,

"This is one time, forget the conspiracy and listen to our Government agencies,

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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these guys are telling the truth -- you know there's no conspiracy here folks -- just get the damn vaccine." Watch the full video comment here.

Of these tens of millions, thousands would have their lives changed forever when suddenly pregnant women began to miscarriage at rates 700% higher than normal after taking the swine flu vaccine.

What was more shocking is that "fetal-demise" reports increased a staggering 2440% in 2009 following the mass vaccination program compared to previous years. [40]

Now lets go over the numbers as a group,

- The US Government will spend billions of dollars (in profits for the Pharmaceutical manufacturers) providing 150 million vaccines this year.

- The swine flu is approximately 100 times less fatal than the seasonal flu.

- Each year, an estimated 100,000 people suffer adverse reactions to vaccinations including death.

- Thousands of miscarriages (dead babies) have been reported by women after taking the swine flu vaccine.

- The CDC admits that although their vaccines offer "near perfect immunity", yet they also contradictorily "wear off after a few months."

- There is no proof that seasonal flu vaccines work, and the CDC admits this. There is ample evidence that vaccines are hurting and killing people, and causing miscarriages.

- Due to the fact the vaccines were rushed (because it was a pandemic emergency remember?) no testing was done on either the efficacy or safety of the vaccines before mass inoculations of hundreds of millions of people began. You were the test subject.

It - doesn't even make sense. And now the nation of Finland has come out admitted a conclusive link between the Swine Flu Vaccine and permanent neurological damage in at least 79 children. Brain damage resulting from the swine flu vaccine has caused narcolepsy (sudden sleeping), and has agreed to cover their lifetime health costs. [b4] Not the vaccine manufacturer, but the taxpayers of Finland are on the hook for the permanent brain damage resulting from the vaccination.

Take a minute to think about that, one small nation (population: 5.4 million people) using the exact same vaccines that were pushed across the entire planet, reports 79 cases of permanent neurological damage. Doing rough math, Canada a nation of 35 million people likely has 7 times the amount of cases, and the United States, a nation of 310 million people likely has roughly 57 times as many cases (roughly 4,500 cases) of neurological damage as a result of the vaccination.

Canada and the United States don't want to "officially" admit this because then they are on the hook for the cost of the health care. On the same token, we're talking about permanent neurological damage from just one vaccine, yet we're told that giving children 26 vaccines within the first couple years of their life, couldn't possibly cause autism (a neurological damage related disease). It doesn't even make sense.

Conclusive link now admitted: swine flu vaccine causes chronic nervous system disorders

Flu jab gave our six-year-old son narcolepsy: Boy slept upto 19 HOURS a day after reaction to vaccine.

Bill Gates to use vaccinations to kill a billion people

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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Believe it or not, Bill Gates, whose father was head of Planned Parenthood (a eugenics organization) recently announced during a speech at TED that vaccines can be used to kill approximately one to one and a half billion people. He said,

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Forgive me for believing that vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services were about preserving and extending life - unfortunately, I would be wrong. Bill Gates casually states that our population is headed for nine billion people, and if we do a good job in those health related fields, we can reduce that number by "10 or 15 percent."

Now if we take a second to do the basic math, we find that 10-15% of 9 billion, is roughly 900,000,000 to 1,350,000,000 (900 million - 1.35 billion). Now I understand this is almost beyond belief, a prominent billionaire blatantly calling for vaccines and "health services" to kill roughly a billion people, and that's why you should take a minute to hear it from the horses mouth - full video of Bill Gates comments here.

No recourse against vaccine manufacturers

In 2009, immunity was granted to vaccine manufacturers against liability from adverse reactions caused by their vaccinations. Since 1988, the Government's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) paid families of affected children $1.2 billion in damages.

It all began with the deadly swine flu outbreak, which gripped almost every major news channel across the planet for weeks at a time. The World Health Organization even stated it was a full-fledged pandemic and all steps and precautions possible must be taken.

But was it really that bad? Swine flu in its first year caused several hundred deaths in the United States alone, and based on this fact, the Government decided to offer immunity to the vaccine manufacturers in order for them to rush production on a vaccination for H1N1. A fact that is often left out of this equation, is that the seasonal flu that happens each year according to the CDC kills roughly 30,000 people. In other words, the seasonal flu is approximately 100 times more deadly than the swine flu.

That didn't matter though, every news station was repeating what a dire situation we were in, and how we were experiencing a deadly pandemic, and thus, immunity was granted. This now meant that anyone who received a vaccine and experienced an adverse reaction has no legal recourse against the manufacturer of the vaccine, even in cases of permanent disability or death.

With this new immunity, and the heavy lawsuits and penalties drug manufacturers have paid out on with their prescription drugs, drug manufacturers are now working to turn everything into a vaccine because of this legal immunity. Additionally, although the childhood vaccination programs are extremely lucrative, it is felt by the drug manufacturers that they are missing out on sales opportunities for teenagers and adults. This is why we have witnessed the birth of teen immunization programs like Gardasil discussed previously in this article, and its also why as the years go on, more and more vaccinations will be pushed on the public. Increasing the yearly revenues by additional billions, without the liability of legal recourse from injured, disabled or dead victims of the vaccinations.

How to effectively prevent and treat viruses and disease

The definition of a vitamin is something which is needed to prevent disease, when we are deficient in certain vitamins our body immediately starts to disfunction. This was most significantly noticed when sailors on long voyages would come down with scurvy, a debilitating disease that is a direct result of Vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy is a disease, and the 100% cure, is Vitamin C. Today, according to Governments heavily influenced by the pharmacuetical industry only drugs can treat or prevent disease, and even saying that Vitamin C cures scurvy is effectively against the law. Humans are one of the few mammals that are unable to naturally produce Vitamin C, most mammals produce a human equivelant of 5-15 grams of Vitamin C per day. Recommended Vitamin C doses according to the Government are between 90-200mg

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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depending on your country. That's 25-75 times less than most mammals produce themselves. Vitamin C is incredibly safe, and any excessive dose is excreting through urine and feces. Vitamin D is another vitamin which most people are severely deficient in. Vitamin D is not produced naturally by humans, and is primarilly gained through sun exposure forcing our body to produce it. It is no coincidence that "flu season" just happens to be in the winter time, when humans are more often than not cooped up inside, with little to no sun exposure. During the winter months it is neccessary to supplement with Vitamin D to ensure that we do not become deficient, particularily if we spend no time outside. Vitamin Recommendations to avoid the flu: Vitamin C: Daily maintence doses of Vitamin C should be 3-5 grams, spaced out across the day to ensure maximum absorbtion. Doses upto 15 grams can be taken if trying to battle a flu that has already taken hold, but to ensure effectiveness it must be taken in small doses throughout the day. Vitamin D: 5000iu of Vitamin D is an effective daily dose, but as much as 10,000 could be taken to fight an already established flu.

These two vitamins are not only exponentially more effective at preventing and fighting the season flu, but they are exponentially safer than any vaccination.

In conclusion
In this day and age, everyone is trying to sell you something, we live in a world of marketing. With marketing, comes bold-faced lying, cover-ups, and pay offs to hide the truth. As such, it is your responsibility, and only yours, to investigate what you allow to be put into the body of you and your children.

It is an absolutely proven fact that the primary driving factor for a massive (90%) decline in childhood and other diseases, was better hygiene and sanitation practices, which were adopted from 1850-1950. Additionally, not only is it proven that vaccinations provide no statistical advantage to eliminating diseases versus un-vaccinated populations, but also that mass vaccinations can actually trigger outbreaks. Furthermore, and most importantly, adverse reactions including death are reported daily all across the planet due to vaccinations, in many cases as noted with Pertussis (whooping cough) the vaccine is actually more lethal statistically (100 times more deadly) than the disease.

If this is the first time you have heard about the ineffectiveness and dangers of vaccinations please take the time to do more research, and do not subject a new born child to vaccinations that can harm, disable and kill them, without fully understanding the risk you are taking while also understanding the very minimal implied protection that these vaccinations may grant. Vaccinations are a multi-billion dollar industry a year, and with one billion dollars (one thousand, million) you can fund a lot of studies, pay a lot of doctors, hire a team of lawyers, and produce the most stunning marketing campaigns to convince people that poison is good for them.

Please remember that doctors are practitioners because they are practicing medicine, it is an ever evolving field. For 2000 years doctors cut people open and "bled them" to heal them, which we think is ridiculous now, but how ridiculous will our current medical system which kills millions per year look in a century? Just because a doctor has a degree, and wears a nice white coat, does not mean that they know what they are talking about. In fact, Doctors are not legally allowed to caution parents against vaccinations - because doing so they risk revocation of their license to practice medicine.

The decision is yours, please take the time to visit our additional links, sources, documentaries and articles provided below - it's your health at stake, not mine.

Additional links and articles:

7 Week Old Baby Dies After 9 Vaccinations In One Day

Polio Vaccines Now the Number One Cause of Polio

16-06-2012 - Vaccines

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Vaccine Risk Awareness Network (VRAN)

Top 10 vaccination myths

Vaccinations - The Hidden Facts, by Ian Sinclair - Vaccination information resource - Legal guidance for people effected by dangerous vaccinations

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