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PETITIONER BRETT KIMBERLINS RESPONSE IN OPPOSITION TO AARON WALKERS MOTION FOR EMERGENCY STAY Now comes Petitioner, Brett Kimberlin, and moves this Court to deny Aaron Walkers Motion for Emergency Stay of Petitioners final Peace Order issued on May 29, 2012 for the following reasons. 1. First, there is no emergency, at least for Mr. Walker. He has continued to speak about me in many ways since the Peace Order was issued. He is using others connected to him through his Twitter feeds and blog who email him or he emails to send questions or instructions to others to continue his harassment. For example, Mr. Walker, on March 31, 2012, used Twitter to send readers to another blog called and has been giving the publisher of that blog back channel information to publish on that blog. Exhibit A. Moreover, right at the very top of Mr. Walkers personal blog, he has the following notice: THE BRETT KIMBERLIN SAGA: Follow this link to my BLOCKBUSTER STORY of how Brett Kimberlin, a convicted terrorist and perjurer, attempted to frame me for a crime. That sounds like an incredible claim, but I provide primary documents and video evidence proving that he did this. And if you are moved by this story to provide a little help to myself and other victims of Mr. Kimberlins intimidation, such as Robert Stacy McCain, you can donate here. And I thank everyone who has done so, and will do so. No. 8526D

He has also sent emails to other people about Petitioner so they would continue blogging about Petitioner, and he has been in constant contact with the National Conservative Bloggers Club, which is run by a convicted felon, about this matter and that club has urged its members to declare WAR against Petitioner based on Mr. Walkers false narratives. 2. Petitioner has continued to receive many death threats and had people stalk him on behalf of Mr. Walker since the Peace Order was issued. In fact, Petitioner had to file criminal charges against one man named Martin Maher who called Petitioner and said that he had a swat team that was going to take care Aaron Walkers problems. See Kimberlin v Maher, #. 3D00279429 Mr. Maher called Petitioner, Petitioners 13 year old daughter, Petitioners elderly mother, and all of Petitioners neighbors making alarming and threatening calls on behalf of Mr. Walker. 3. On June 15, 2012, Petitioner found a stalker lurking outside his home taking pictures. Petitioner called 911 and the police identified the man as John Firman Norton, and he lives in Fairfax, Virginia, very close to Mr. Walkers home. Mr. Walkers client, Seth Allen, posted at least one of the pictures taken by Mr. Norton on a blog. Exhibit B. On June 22, 2012, Petitioner filed for a Peace Order against Mr. Norton. 4. Second, this case is not about free speech or First Amendment activity. Instead, it is about Mr. Walkers conduct. Specifically, Mr. Walker was unsatisfied with the decisions of the Montgomery County Courts and the States Attorneys so he resorted to criminal harassment of Petitioner by

creating a false narrative that Petitioner forged medical records and photos to frame Mr. Walker for an assault that three judges have found occurred and then posted that defamatory information on the Internet to incite extremists to cause Petitioner physical harm, serious alarm, harassment and annoyance. Defamation is not protected speech. 5. Mr. Walker, contrary to what he says in his motion, did, as Judge Vaughey found, contact Petitioner directly in order to harass him. In his blog posts and on his Twitter page, he addressed Petitioner directly. He knew that his posts and tweets would end up in Petitioners email box, and taunted Petitioner to turn off his Google alerts. This is akin to telling someone to shut off their phone or stop their mail service if they did not want to receive harassing calls or mail. 6. In a post on May 20, 2012, Mr. Walker blogged the following: And yes, Brett Kimberlin will pay for the crimes he committed against me the justice system will catch up to him again. Thats not a threat, thats a promise. But wow, it has been really impressive the way this has kicked up a hornets nest of trouble for Kimberlin. The Army of Davis is out in full force and it is awesome. .Of course, I had warned Kimberlin that this would happen a few months ago when he claimed that he just wanted to be left alone. 7. Petitioner received dozens of threats, many threatening death, if Petitioner showed up in court against Mr. Walker or talked to the police. Exhibit C. Several of those threats specifically stated that they were being sent on behalf of Mr. Walker. Id. Several others discussed using weapons against Petitioner. Exhibit D.

8. After the Peace Order was issued, the death threats continued. In one, a man wrote on a blog, Dear Brett Kimberlin, with a large photo of the man holding a shotgun. Exhibit E. In another, a person wrote that she was going to snap Petitioners neck to paralyze him. Exhibit C. 9. Not only has petitioner been threatened, but Judge Vaughey has had his private telephone number and address published on various blogs in a move to intimidate him. See Exhibit F. Petitioner has met with both federal and state law enforcement officials about these threats to himself, the judge and others. 10. On May 31, 2012, someone called Montgomery County 311 and told them that Petitioner was engaged in criminal activity at his home address, was engaged in threatening behavior, was a dangerous criminal and to send a team to the home to deal with him. This resulted in a visit from a county official who insisted that he needed to come in Petitioners home to determine if in fact these things were true. When the official determined that the call was a hoax, he told Petitioner that someone was using the county to get back at [Petitioner]. 11. The only emergency in this case, is the emergency of keeping Petitioner and Judge Vaughey safe from Mr. Walker and his associates. Petitioner has called 911 twice and Petitioners wife has called 911 once over the past several weeks to deal with stalkers and threats at his home. Petitioner has had to take measures to provide 24-hour security to him and his family. Petitioner has spent untold hours with federal and state law enforcement officials detailing

threats, parties to those threats, and going over security measures. Petitioner provided those officials evidence of credible threats to Judge Vaughey and to others who have been threatened, including the New Hampshire Attorney General who is investigating associates of Mr. Walker for widespread criminal activity. See Exhibit F, where someone stated that they should take pitchforks to the Maryland Courthouse to target Judge Vaughey, and that they should go to New Hampshire to target the Attorney General and his staff from a grassy knoll. WHEREFORE, for all the foregoing reasons, this Court should deny Mr. Walkers Emergency Motion for Stay the Peace Order. Mr. Walker has appealed that Peace Order and that appeal will be heard on July 5, 2012 at which time Mr. Walker can make his case and Petitioner can respond. Respectfully submitted, Brett Kimberlin

CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that I emailed a copy of this motion to attorney Reginald Bours this 22nd day of June, 2012. Brett Kimberlin



Army Of Davids sent a message using the contact form at 5/26/12 Don't show up in court Tuesday or you are dead. This is your only warning. Ishmeal Cunshot sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12 Brett Kimberlin is done....... the hunter is the hunted Loui sent a message using the contact form at 5/27/12 If Brett does not start to act like a grown up and quit calling the police on people like a little punk. There will be hell to pay. James sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12 I can lie like you. I don't get intimidated & get on my bad side & you'll get the full wrath. Not just from but. I have my own. The extreme wing of the TP has arrived. This message is for Mr. K. It would not suit the best interests of all people involved in your movement to shut the F&*K up & that includes you. I have lawyers, cash & a ready action response team & center. You don't find me on the web. I don't speak with cameras in the room or audio for the world to hear. Just as you operate in darkness as a leftist figure I do the same on the right. We've reached a crucial point. Our members are itchy. Actions are just wating for orders. This is the last time I will communicate with this organization. You have been warned & I will have all the dirty secrets make it on the national scene. Including a certain other inappropriate relationship not mentioned in this article. When you spoke th other night I was in the audience & that's when my "laser" focus came to you. I'm in your ranks & not in your ranks. OWS has no idea who the very high level mole is feeding my information. I've been able to tip off cops multiple times when the anarchists were ready to go black blocing. My tentacles have just reached a little further when soemone else in your organization has agreed to stream info to me. Someone you know of course. I hope you like the email address I created just for this post. Look behind you & that camera that flashes may just be one of our operatives. jamesctheman sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12 If anyone of the minions who do your dirty work even so much as show up around my house which is not likely or subject anyone I know to any sort of intimidation we will activate. Come after one single person I know including me & I will shut you down. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING AND I'M DROP YOU DEAD SERIOUS. Try me. Keep upi your attacks rapist. Keep your attacks terrorist. I don't bow to pressure or tactics. I have friends on the swat team in my town. Pretty sad you're compensating for a small penis size by attacking others. James sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12

Now we know who you've been exposed. cal sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12 Listen here youdicksuckin fag. Don't ever show up in Minnesota mike sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12 KIMBERLIN YOU A-HOLE COME GET ME I'LL BE YOUR DADDY YOU FACKING LOSER HOW WAS YOUR 18 YEARS IN JAIL NOW YOU ARE LIVING AT GRANDMOMS I THINK I WILL STOP BY FOR A VISIT YOU DICK HEAD Your Enemy sent a message using the contact form at 5/25/12 We know who you are. We're coming for you. You will pay.

Liz Rocha, 6/9/12

I'll be bringing the straw for you. It's now not a matter of if. Brett Kimberlin, neck broken by 110lbs Female Marine. Warmly, Liz Rocha
Brett kimberlin sent a message using the contact form at 6/10/12 Hey Brett, prepare yourself! Looks like you'll be going back to prison soon.





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