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Yakuza 2: Cabaret Girls Guide by ViperMask Version 1.

00, Last Updated 2009-11-06 View/Download Original File Hosted by Game FAQs Return to Yakuza 2 (PS2) FAQs & Guides Liked this FAQ? Click here to recommend this item to other users. ======================================================== ==============Yakuza 2 Cabaret Girls Guide============== ======================================================== == == ==By: ViperMask == ==Version: 1.00 == == == ==System: Sony PlayStation 2 == ==Publisher: SEGA == ==Developer: SEGA == == == ==Creation Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2009. == ==Completion Date: Friday, November 6, 2009. == ==Last Update: N/A == ======================================================== ======================================================== ======================================================== ============ ==Contents== ============ 1. Revision History 1.1. Author's Note 2. Introduction 3. The Girls of Jewel 3.1. Yuma 3.1.1. Cost-Efficient 3.1.2. Questions 3.1.3. Side Quest 3.2. Natsuki 3.2.1. Cost-Efficient 3.2.2. Questions 3.2.3. Side Quest 3.3. Anna 3.3.1. Cost-Efficient 3.3.2. Questions 3.3.3. Side Quest 4. The Girls of Shine 4.1. Karen 4.1.1. Cost-Efficient 4.1.2. Questions 4.1.3. Side Quest 4.2. Kaede 4.2.1. Cost-Efficient 4.2.2. Questions 4.2.3. Side Quest 4.3. Maiko 4.3.1. Cost-Efficient 4.3.2. Questions 4.3.3. Side Quest 5. The Girls of Prime 5.1. Jun 5.1.1. Cost-Efficient 5.1.2. Questions

5.1.3. Side Quest 5.2. Madoka 5.2.1. Cost-Efficient 5.2.2. Questions 5.2.3. Side Quest 5.3. Ayano 5.3.1. Cost-Efficient 5.3.2. Questions 5.3.3. Side Quest 5.4. The Bonus Girl: Nana 5.4.1. Cost-Efficient 5.4.2. Questions 5.4.3. Side Quest 6. Host Club Adam 6.1. Supporting Takaya 6.2. Akko 6.3. Iori 6.4. Tamao 6.5. Ayumi 7. Copyright

======================= ==1. Revision History== ======================= 11/03/09 - 11/06/09 - Work completed. Initial release. 1.1. Author's Note ================== Yup, me with another guide. Except I didn't do the work. HeeroXXXG-01W and ThePatrick did. Well mostly Heero anyways. Heero was planning of putting all of his work that he posted on the GameFAQs forum into a guide, but I never saw it show up. ThePatrick didn't update his guide in over 2 years either. So I'm putting it in a guide before that stuff on the forum gets deleted. I DO have the permission of both Heero and ThePatrick to use their work in this guide, so full credit to them for their hard work. Only work I did was sorting it into a guide and writing a few things like the introduction. But anyways, hope you all can enjoy it.

=================== ==2. Introduction== =================== Since you're reading this. I'll assume what you know what the cabaret girls are and how it usually goes. And I'll assume that you know that you need to do this to get 100% in the game with a benefit of 2000 XP per girl. Now then, with that out of the way, let's get on with the guide. The way it was written, there will be a list of the best items for a girl, regardless of price, thanks to ThePatrick from his guide. However the most cost-efficient way of getting a girl to 10 hearts will be listed here, which was posted by HeeroXXXG-01W on the GameFAQs board. So you'll have an option of what to use. Most people aren't using a Gameshark or Action Replay for this game, so most people will be using Heero's method.

I've also included the answers for the Host Club Adam missions, provided by HeeroXXXG-01W again. Since it is somewhat the samething, just different roles. Now with that out of the way, let me post two notes. ThePatrick written more notes, but considering most people will use Heero's cost-efficient guides, what ThePatrick written sometimes contradicted Heero's guides. So I'll post two things: 1. Be sure to wear the popularity bracelet/casanova ring and a non-fighting oriented item. You can try both the ring and male musk. But it's debatable if using both have a bigger effect or not. Wearing fighting items will really screw up your chances of having successful dates with girls. 2. Unless you're insanely rich, or cheating, DO NOT go to Le Marche.

========================= ==3. The Girls of Jewel== ========================= 3.1. Yuma ========= Drinks: Champagne Gold +1.5, other Champagnes +.5, House Bottle (no penalty) Foods: Assorted Fruit +.5, Chocolates +.5 Presents: Italian Ring +.5, French Women's Perfume +.5 After-Hours Date: Le Marche: Italian Women's Perfume +1 Sushi Gin: Fatty Tuna +.5 Kanrai: -.5 Escort Date: Bowling: Beat her +.5 Le Marche: Italian Women's Perfume +1 Kanrai: -.5 3.1.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: House Bottle Food: None Present: None Extension: Yes (First and second visits only) First date: Sushi dinner (Otoro) Second date: Bowling (Win for 0.5 points or lose for 0 points) 3.1.2. Questions ================ Do you go to a lot of other clubs? Only this club, because you're here. Do you like animals? I like dogs.

-> You must be a good person! I'm a bad person. I'm jealous of your wife. I'm single. I'm pretty good on the piano but I'm too embarassed to play in front of people. I wish I could play the piano. or Can you see the keys? I want to save up lots of money and open my own perfume shop. I'll invite you! Sure, I'm looking forward to it. Isn't there someone who will cook for you? Maybe I'll cook something myself. What have you been getting into recently? Cabaret clubs, of course. Which do you dislike more? Heat or the cold? I can take either one. Are you good at sports? I'm pretty good. -> I'd like to get good someday. I can teach you how. Where are you from? Yokohama. I'd rather know... who you went with. or your chest. I just can't help myself. Will my soul mate ever find me? Absolutely. What is my blood type? Type AB. Do you ever buy lottery tickets? I buy tickets like crazy. or I don't need the money. -> Then order some champagne for me! Sure, why not? (Will give you 1.5 points, but will cost you 48,000 yen) I wonder what I should teach him next. Teach him to pee. What do you think my sign is? Aries. How old do you think I look? 19. I should earn points for being so cute and knowing another language! You're popular with foreigners, aren't you?

Banana stuffed toys are just so cute! I like them too. Have you ever kept a blog? I know of them but I don't have one. -> What if you started one? Maybe I'll upload some hot pictures of you. Because he's a customer, I can't just tell him to get away from me. It sounds like tough work. Do you have fun with me? I feel comfortable with you. If you get the chance, I'll introduce you to him! I'm jealous of him. On the subway, some men try to touch me. To think they get off on doing that! You're cute. Who wouldn't want to touch? 3.1.3. Side Quest ================= She says she'll meet you at the square in front of the theaters after you've dated her twice and you're at 10 hearts, but when you go there, you'll get an e-mail saying that she's in trouble and she needs you to come to the eastern end of Taihei. She's actually not too far east of the Milennium Tower. Seems she's lost her dog, and she needs you to find him. There are some people standing around near the corner to the west of the coin lockers who will say something about Jidou Park, but you can actually just head there immediately because that's where the dog is! There will actually be two dogs there. Yuma wants you to get them dog food, which you can get at Don Quijote. Bring the dog food back and she'll leave to put the dogs away at her house, then she'll come back and play with you for a while. 3.2. Natsuki ============ Drinks: Champagne Gold +1.5, other champagnes +1, House Bottle -.5 Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket -.5, Vegetable Sticks +1, Pickles -.5 Present: Red Rose Bouquet +1 After Hours Date: Le Marche: -.5 (!!) Sushi Gin: Chilled Yellowtail +.5 Kanrai: Stone-Grilled Bibimbap +.5 Escort Date: Bowling: -.5 if you lose Le Marche: -.5 (!!) Kanrai: Stone-Grilled Bibimbap +.5 3.2.1. Cost-Efficient

===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: Vegetable Sticks (First and second visits only) Present: None Extension: No First date: Sushi dinner (Kamburi) Second date: Korean dinner (Dolsot Bibimpap) 3.2.2. Questions ================ I like collecting lingerie. When do you wear something like that? Where do you think I'm from? Nagano. Do you dislike drunk girls? I like them a lot. How do you spend your days off? I watch movies. -> What kind of movies do you watch? Korean movies. I wonder if that day will come for me. You have things you need to do first. What kind of women are you attracted to? Bad girls. -> Do you think so? Totally. or You seem pretty normal to me. What's my real job? Are you a university student? Now you say something! Should I talk about my fighting? What do you think my dream is? To become an interpreter. My boyfriend... is from your hometown, right? You appear to be tough and impassive. But inside, you have a warm heart. Right? No way. -> Then what kind of person are you? I'm a cold person. What part of my body do I like the best? Your pretty fingers. I'm into a certain kind of cooking now. Try and guess it. Japanese?

Do you have any good tips? Work out. Where do you live? I live in this area, too. What kind of music do you like? I like Japanese country. What if you tried to go to school? Maybe I'll give it a shot. What position do you sleep in? Curled in a ball. What flavor of ramen do you get? I like light, Tokyo-style ramen. I'm starting to question whether going to university was a good thing or not. You should be more independent. Is that surprising? That's exactly what you should do. You seem pretty curious and mischievous. Is that what you look for in a man? Go where? How about an underground casino? I feel antsy because I will be studying abroad and I won't be able to see you. Live in the moment. 3.2.3. Side Quest ================= After you date her twice and get her hearts to 10, you'll get an e-mail from her near the coin lockers. Someone's snatched her purse; go to Don Quijote's and talk to her. The guy who took her purse is north, near the coin lockers, wearing a white jersey. Fight him and his friend and they'll give her back the purse. Then, she'll take you to the Hotel District. 3.3. Anna ========= Drinks: Champagne Gold +2.5, Black +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -1 Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket -1, Vegetable Sticks +1, Pickle -1 Present: Women's Underwear +1 After Hours Date Le Marche: Italian Ring +1 Bowling: 0 Kanrai: +.5 Escort Date

Sushi Gin: Sweet Shrimp +.5 Le Marche: Italian Ring +1 Kanrai: +.5 3.3.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: Vegetable Sticks (First and second visits only) Present: None Extension: No First date: Bowling (Win for 0.5 points or lose for 0 points) Second date: Sushi dinner (Ama-ebi) 3.3.2. Questions ================ If I told them now, maybe they'd understand. Your father probably goes to cabaret clubs. I'm thinking about getting something new pierced, but I don't know what yet. Tongue? What kind of girl do you dislike? A girl who has a strong smell. So when do you think it becomes cheating? If you sleep together. Isn't that hilarious? Good thing you weren't arrested. Fake nipples are nipples that you wear to enhance what you already have. Isn't natural better? Do you know how to freak? You rub up against each other wildly while dancing. I'd probably hurt myself. When I see kids, I just want to squeeze them and give them candy! Squeeze me. At this rate, my February will be a dry one. I dry up when I'm alone, too. Crows are really scary. I always think they'll come after me. I'll come after you first. You've been staring at me this whole time. What is it? I'm just admiring you. Where's the weirdest place you've ever done it? At a hospital. What kind of bathing suits do you like? Sexy bikinis. I want a dangerous love! Something thrilling and fun.

You're into some weird stuff. I'm really glad I do this kind of work. I get to meet a lot of guys. You must really like guys. Where would you take me on our first date? Maybe a fetish club. When you're talking with a girl, when do you think she wants you? When she keeps touching my arm. Yoga is great when you're detoxing and you sweat a lot, so it's very slimming. You look pretty flexible. Do you still have a boyish side? When I see a dog, I have to pet it. I use baking soda, honey and salt. It makes your skin soft. I'll have to touch you to find out for sure. I just can't throw a dart straight. Maybe your grip is wrong. What kind of costumes get your blood pumping? A receptionist girl. I went to a cosplay photo shoot and did all kinds of poses! No one acted out of line? I like to wear costumes and walk around town. You wouldn't know it's me. I'd spot you, no doubt. 3.3.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her hearts up to 10, she'll invite you to play a fun little game. She's into "cosplay," so she'll dress up like different people and she wants you to find her. First, she'll be dressed up like a worker at a fast food joint at the intersection of Taihei and Tenkaichi. Next, she'll be a bunny girl. Where are bunny girls, she asks? Why, at the casino in the Dragon Palace! Go there, talk to all the girls, then go back outside and talk to the one on the street. Finally, she's dressed up like a kogal at the square in front of the theaters. Talk to the santa girl and the office lady girl, then you'll see her in front of the Club Sega. Apparently, that really turned her on, because you're done with her story.

========================= ==4. The Girls of Shine== ========================= 4.1. Karen ==========

Drinks: Champage Gold +2.5, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -1 Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Chocolates -.5 (??), Pickles -.5 Presents: French Wallet +.5 After Hours Date Le Marche: French Wallet +.5 Sushi Gin: Sea Urchin +1.5 Kanrai: -.5 Escort Date Bowling: Beat her +.5 Le Marche: French Wallet +.5 4.1.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: None Present: None Extension: Yes (First visit only) First date: Sushi dinner (Uni) Second date: Bowling (Win for 0.5 points or lose for no penalty) 4.1.2. Questions ================ When I come across them, it's like I'm under their spell. I become enchanted! Don't make the other fish jealous. I wonder why they don't make it a little brighter in here. To keep the electric bill down. I lived right by the beach in Hawaii. That's why I'm good at water sports. I'm sure you're better than me. Do you want to go to Hawaii someday? Sure. Do you use aromatherapy too, Kazuma? I'm not interested. -> Maybe you just don't feel stress like the rest of us. I stress out a lot. A lot of the girls here wear them because it frees them from shoulder straps. Is it really that different? Someday I want to become somebody's bride and wear a wedding dress made by me. Are you trying to say something? There are some foods I'll probably never try again. Can you guess one of them? Oysters? or Sea urchin? Don't you know what cosmetics are? It's makeup, right?

I've started using ochre mud. They say it's good for your skin. Want to try it? I don't need it. What kind of bag do you like, Kazuma? A strong aluminium suitcase. Wouldn't you like to know! You're not seeing anyone, are you? Sometimes a scary guy will show up to influence a girl's decision. When that happens, call me. If something doesn't go your way, you've got to get over it and move on! Exactly. -> My friend told me that I didn't have any tact. She was so cruel! Yeah, that wasn't nice. Can you tell what's different about my makeup? Lip gloss? There are times when it can take hours for just a couple shots! That sounds rough. At this rate, tourists will keep increasing. Soon Hawaii won't be the same! No one wants their hometown to change. Do you like your girls to be skinny, Kazuma? I like slender girls. You've got a strange aura about you. When we're together, I feel healed. I'll heal you anytime. Kazuma, do you think I've had work done? I don't think so. There's a strange guy following me after work. What do you think he's thinking? He sounds like a freak. Whenever I see clothes I like, I have to buy them. So I run out of money a lot. You'd look better naked. Kazuma, which do you like better? Dresses or suits? Dresses, no doubt. -> Do you like me in this dress? I do. or I prefer suits. -> Do you like me in this dress? I do. or If you're wearing it, then either will do. -> Do you like me in this dress? I do. I recently quit being a model. Why do you think? You weren't suited for the modeling world? 4.1.3. Side Quest =================

After you date her twice and get her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her at Sushi Gin. Go there and talk to her; she'll be harrassed by some guys, but Kiryuu will chase them off. Then, it's go time. 4.2. Kaede ========== Drinks: Champagne Gold +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -.5 Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Chocolates +1, Pickles -.5 Presents: French Prete-A-Porter +.5 After Hours Date Le Marche: French Prete-A-Porter +.5 Sushi Gin: Roe +.5 Kanrai: Bulgogi +.5 Escort Date Le Marche: French Prete-A-Porter +.5 Kanrai: Bulgogi +.5 4.2.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: Chocolate (First visit only) Present: None Extension: No First date: Sushi dinner (Ikura) Second date: Korean dinner (Bulgogi) 4.2.2. Questions ================ I wonder if I'll be alone on Valentine's. How about we spend it together? What do you look for in a woman's body? I mean, what do you notice first? Pretty legs. There's something I always obsess about, clothes-wise. What do you think it is? You always wear a belt with jeans. Japanese people work too hard, don't they? I never have to work. What do you think the other number one is all about? Drink sales? My hairstyle isn't very elaborate, so it's pretty easy to manage. Your hair is very pretty. I recently bought an apartment in the city. You should fill it up with nice things. To be honest, it does cost a lot to come here, but we think that's reasonable.

The value isn't always there, though. I think it's classier to focus on keeping entertaining conversation. I think good conversation is better. Do you think you can tell if an email from a hostess is genuine or not? It's never genuine. I get sculpts put on. It's more fun to have them put on in the shop. Scalp? I'd think someone like you would be surrounded by women. I like the atmosphere here. I don't mean to be immodest, but I'm actually a pretty good cook. I want to try your miso soup. In places that accept credit, you don't have to worry about handling money. Trusting the customer is everything. Can you drink a lot? Like a fish. I'm always on the lookout for products that beautify the skin. You've put a lot into being beautiful. Maybe I don't belong in Kamurocho. It's a good town if you get to know it. What do you think, Kazuma? Is that what you're looking for too? That doesn't sound so bad. Do you have any superstitions, Kazuma? If I get all green lights, it's a good day. To be entertained myself, I used to go to host clubs a lot with my friends. Are you stressed out? You don't talk much about yourself. You're kind of mysterious. There's nothing to talk about. The waiters sometimes act as counselors to us women. Is there something troubling you? There are some customers who constantly try to grope me. I'll take care of it. The owner of the club I used to work for asked me to come back. You should stay and work here. 4.2.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her at Alps Tea Shop. Go with her to the Third Park and talk a while, then she'll leave. After a bit, she'll e-mail you, asking you to meet her at the Yoshida Batting Cages. She'll be in front of them, waiting to go into some hotel nearby.

4.3. Maiko ========== Drinks: Champagne Gold +1 Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket +.5, Vegetable Sticks +.5, Shrimp Fillet -.5, Chocolates +.5, Pickles -.5, Nothing -.5 Present: Plush Toys +1 After Hours Date Le Marche: 0 Sushi Gin: Egg +.5 Kanrai: +.5 Escort Date Bowling: +.5 4.3.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: House Bottle Food: Chocolate Present: None Extension: Yes (First visit only) First date: Sushi dinner (Tamago) Second date: Bowling (Win or lose for 0.5 points) 4.3.2. Questions ================ What about now that you're grown up? Do you still do that? I've outgrown that behavior. When you're short, no matter how stylish you dress, you still look like a kid. Shorter is sweeter. We had to cancel my paragliding lesson. I was looking forward to it so much. That's too bad. Did you ever do stuff like that, Kazzy? Just once. The other day, when I was singing karaoke, a music producer gave me his card. Do you think you can be a singer? Kazzy, I want to be taller. They don't sell fashionable clothes in my size. They don't sell them anywhere? You jump into the air and it swooshes you up and you float away. Sounds fun. Do you go to karaoke too, Kazzy? I'd go if you came. Hey Kazzy, what are your hobbies? Bonsai trees.

Do you go to karaoke, or sing in the shower or anything? I sing at karaoke bars. With a technical license, you can paraglide in other countries, too. Why would you want to go to another country? Do you like Japanese country music, Kazzy? I don't want to talk about it. Do you like girls with big boobs? More than a handful is a waste. I'm not pretty good at a lot of things, but I'm a pretty awesome baker! Marry me. Do you think these clothes look good on me, Kazzy? Sure. Before I knew it, my lunches were the most popular. You'd make someone a good wife. Isn't the selection of food here kind of limited? Yeah, there isn't much of a selection. Hey Kazzy, if I were an animal, what do you think I'd be? Kind of like a cat. I'm gonna sleep through the New Year! But I will make some New Year's food. You can make traditional New Year food? I always fall for people like my brother. What do you think of that? Whatever makes you happy. When I went to the movies, they asked me if I was a middle school student! Did it hurt? No, I can't live with my family... Did something happen at home? A year ago... My brother got into a bike accident on his way to pick me up. It wasn't your fault. Now there's no one to eat what I make... You should make me something. 4.3.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her for a "real" date. Meet her in front of the Club Sega on Nakamichi and then she says she has a whole night planned. First, YF6. Then, bowling. Then, you'll enjoy her bentou! It doesn't matter how you fare at YF6 or bowling. When it comes time for the bentou, gang members show up and harrass you guys. Beat them up. She'll think it's cool, even if the bentou were destroyed. Then, it's hotel time.

========================= ==5. The Girls of Prime== ========================= 5.1. Jun ======== Drinks: Champagne Gold +1.5, other champagnes +1, House Bottle (no penalty) Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket +.5, Vegetable Sticks +.5, Shrimp Fillet -.5, Chocolates -.5 (!!!!??), Nothing -.5 Presents: Italian Women's Watch +1.5, French Muffler +1.5 After Hours Date Tsuboraya: Tempura Pufferfish Course +.5 Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu: +.5? Jinmian: +.5? Escort Date Tsuboraya: Tempura Pufferfish +.5 Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu: +.5? Le Marche: Monogram Bag +1.5 5.1.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: House Bottle Food: Vegetable Sticks (One time only) Present: None Extension: Yes (First visit only) First date: Okonomiyaki dinner (Pork Okonomiyaki) Second date: Okonomiyaki dinner (Pork Okonomiyaki) 5.1.2. Questions ================ What sports do you like, Kazzy? I like boxing. Celebrities look so tired in real life. They must be pretty stressed out. I'm stressed out. There's a part of a guy I get a little hung up on. What do ya think it is? The Adam's apple. Why do ya think I changed? You were rejected by a guy. There was a white light floating around. It flew into the air and disappeared! Maybe it was a UFO. I went to a taping of my favorite stand-up comedy show. It wasn't very funny. If you were on stage, it would've been good. If you wanted to let someone know ya liked em, where would ya do it? Behind the bleachers at school. Is there anything ya wanna try while you're here?

Mixed juice. Wanna buy me a beer? Yeah, sure. (Will cost you 1,200 yen) Do you like stand-up comedy? I like it. They spent lots of money on the interior, and all the gals are cute. Not as cute as you. D'ya know any good ways to turn them down? Just give me a call. When you clean yourself, what's the first thing ya wash? Down there, I guess. Yesterday when I lost a contact, all the guys around me helped me look for it. It's because it was you. If you were an animal, what kind would ya be? A powerful gorilla. What kind of work do ya do? I work in film. Do ya have a favorite comic, Kazzy? Not really. Yeah, that's true, but... what if you tried some stand-up comedy? Ya could bring a kid to tears with that face. Look at yer face in a mirror. Whoa! Yeah! I totally could! People say girls from Kansai have gaudy hair, makeup and clothes. You're pretty gaudy. or There are a lot of showy people here. Ya really wanna know? I've been a host before. Ya gotta at least go to Tsutenkaku Tower. It's got an old downtown feel to it. Tokyo Tower is good enough. How about you and me get married? Sure, let's get married right away. Can I sit a little closer? Yeah, sure. 5.1.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her at Tsuruhashi. Go up there and met her, then eat, talk, and hotel time.

5.2. Madoka =========== Drinks: Champagne Gold +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -.5 Food: Assorted Fruit 0 (!), Chicken Basket -.5, Vegetable Sticks -.5, Shrimp Fillet +.5, Pickles +.5 Present: Lacquer Plate +1 After Hours Date Le Marche: ?? Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu: Modern'yaki +.5 Jinmian: Hannari +.5? Escort Date Tsuboraya: Tempura Pufferfish +? Jinmian: Hannari +.5? Le Marche: French Muffler -.5 5.2.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: None Present: None Extension: Yes (First and second visits only) First date: Okonomiyaki dinner [Fugetsu-yaki (Modan) Second date: Kyoto cuisine dinner (Yubazashi or Sazae Tsubo-yaki) 5.2.2. Questions ================ Have you ever been to Kyoto, Kazuma? I've been to Kyoto. A scout from a hospital gave me his card. I'm not sure what to do. It might be a good opportunity. Have you ever been to a shrine in Kyoto? I love walking around Kyoto shrines. I'd like to go. In Kyoto, every month there's a festival somewhere, so it's never boring. Festivals are a lot of fun. I love the book, the Tale of Genji. I think the protagonist is a lot like you. Flattery will get you nowhere. I use the veranda to grow flowers now. But I can't do it very well. What kind of flowers are you growing? I feel more at ease in a kimono than in a dress. It's easier for me to relax... Most people can't relax in kimonos. or I'd like to see you in a kimono. I do oil painting as a hobby. Still lifes? or

Portraits? Trains are quite convenient. Unlike cars, you can predict arrival times. Have you ever flown in a plane? I can't sleep without my teddy bear. It's a habit I've had since I was little. I'll be your teddy bear. Do you ever go to plays? Do pole dancers count? I thought that onions grew on trees. I really don't know a lot. How about I teach you some stuff? My parents didn't allow natto. But now that I live alone, I eat it every day. I eat it, too. I've heard that in Tokyo, food is seasoned even more than in Osaka. Is it true? In Tokyo, noodle broth is black. or I don't worry about it. What kind of music do you listen to? Classical. Many people still think the center of Japan is Kyoto. That's just the spirit of the old capital. What are people watching these days? The ones in the curtained-off area. The undigested coffee beans civet cats excrete are the best beans in the world. Have you ever tried it? or Does it have to be a civet cat? I gave my father homemade chocolates but he didn't like them. It's the thought that counts. I've ridden horses since I was little, so I'm quite good at it. Can you teach me how to ride a horse? My parents didn't allow me to go to a co-ed school. I've never had a boyfriend. Your parents were too strict. I moved out on my own. But I'm worried that I can't keep this up. How about moving in with me? I just can't make myself appealing to men. Your technique is lacking. Isn't it strange to be 20 and never have had a boyfriend before? I'll be your boyfriend. 5.2.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, you'll be asked by Madoka to meet her at Jinmian. It's about her arranged marriage, apparently. Fight

the servant, then let her go and talk to her parents. They'll try to understand her crazy, modern ways (which are really still quite traditional), and she'll give you an e-mail to meet her in front of Gandhara. "Am I being bad...?" she asks, taking you for a little nighttime fun. 5.3. Ayano ========== Drinks: Champagn Gold +1.5, other champagnes +1, House Bottle -.5 Food: Assorted Fruit +.5, Chicken Basket -.5, Vegetable Sticks +.5, Chocolates -.5 Presents: Red Rose Bouquet +1, Li'l Bear +1 After Hours Date Tsuboraya: Tenzen Pufferfish Hotei Course +.5 Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu: +.5 Jinmian: -.5 Escort Date Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu: +.5 Jinmian: -.5 Le Marche: Italian Muffler +1.5 5.3.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory (Not fighting-oriented) Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: Vegetable Sticks (First visit only) Present: None Extension: No First date: Fugu dinner (Globefish Tempura) Second date: Okonomiyaki dinner (Yakisoba) 5.3.2. Questions ================ Before I started doing this work, what do you think I did? Night work? A long time ago, I used to hate my face. But then I grew to love it. Was it magic? I sang and danced when I was on TV. But I always made my choreographer mad. Was there some dance-related problem? If I ever make a comeback, will you be my manager? I'm not interested. What kind of trips do you like? Anywhere that I can relax. Did you have a dream when you were little? I wanted to be a superhero. What made you choose me? You're glamorous.

I feel like there's sort of a wall between me and the other girls here. You're too self-conscious. I'd like to make myself a little more marketable to the opposite sex. Let's get married. Tomorrow. I've been in one of those before. What do you think I was in there for? A police investigation. What do you think? You'd look great naked. Do you ever go to hookup parties, Kazuma? It depends on who else goes. I've even cried because of those pictures. Why do you think I cried? You were asked to strip? I don't like being professionally recorded. Are you claustrophobic? They took my face and put them onto pornographic pictures. Don't worry about it. What do you think led me to that kind of job? Your family applied. What do you like best about me? I mean, physically. Your fingers. You must have never written a fan letter before. I have. What kind of costume do you like? Nurse uniforms. How much do you think my photo book cost? You're popular, aren't you? What kind of dramas do you like? Romantic dramas. At one time, I was actually quite popular. I had groupies, even. I understand how they feel. I've gotten some pretty amazing things from a fan. What do you think it is? A house. I'm being followed around by a fan. He started harassing me. What should I do? Go out with me. 5.3.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her at Don Quijote. As you head up there, you'll get an e-mail to your phone from her, saying she's in trouble and needs you to save her from her stalker up on the north bank of the Soutenbori River. Go, fight off her stalker, and then

she'll get all lovey-dovey for such a big, strong man. 5.4. The Bonus Girl: Nana ========================== IMPORTANT: You'll need at least 10 million yen for her side mission. If you don't, then her side mission will finish in failure. However, you'll need more to cover her hostess and dating expenses. For her to show up, you need to SUCCESSFULLY complete the other 9 girls' side missions. She'll be at the bottom of the Prime list. So you'll have to scroll down. And yes, you can get over 10 million yen without cheating and without gambling. Drinks: Champagne Gold +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -.5 Food: Assorted Fruit +1, Shrimp Fillet -.5, Pickles -.5 Presents: Fried Octopus Balls +.5? After Hours Date Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu: +.5 Jinmian: +.5 Escort Date Tsuboraya: +.5 5.4.1. Cost-Efficient ===================== Accessory: Popularity Bracelet + Another accessory Drink: Orange Juice, Cassis Grape or Beer Food: None Present: None Extension: Yes (First visit only) First date: Okonomiyaki dinner (Pork Okonomiyaki) Second date: Fugu dinner (Globefish Tempura) 5.4.2. Questions ================ If I ever get the chance, I think I'd like to live in Kamurocho again someday. I like it there, too. What'll ya wear when ya come to my birthday party? I'll wear what I always wear. When I have free time, I like to go on trips by myself. I'd like to go with you on a trip. There's one thing that always keeps me going. What do ya think it is? The people you work with. What's the matter? You've been staring at me. Is there something out of place? Your eyes are so lovely. You've seen your fair share of bloodshed, haven't ya? I lost my youth. What kind of girl do ya think makes a good cabaret girl? A girl with refined tastes.

How should I deal with the pain? Eat more fiber. I'd like my club to be the best in the country! If anyone can do it, you can. Half of my body is made of takoyaki. That's why you reek of takoyaki sauce. When I get really tired, I go to the hospital and get a garlic injection. Wouldn't something like that kill you? Tell me about the stuff ya used to do back when ya were bad. I fought with my friends. My neck and shoulders get really stiff. On my days off, I always get a massage. Shall I give you a gentle massage? I get the feeling that ya know yer way around a cabaret club. I can hold my own. I have a weakness for desserts. I know I'll get fat, but I just can't stop. I love them, too. -> I laughed so hard I'm hungry. Can I order something to eat? Eat whatever you want. (Will cost you 6,000 yen) When ya saw me, what was your very first impression of me? You've got a nice rack. Try to guess what the best present I've ever gotten was. A homemade lunch. I've been workin' at lotsa clubs lately, but I'm so happy I came back here. You're really popular, aren't you? Kazuma, what do ya think it takes to make a gal happy? Isn't bravery everything? I can't get enough pro wrestling. It's the ultimate entertainment. If you were gonna ask Billiken for something, what would ya ask him for? I'd ask him to make me popular with girls. There's a rumor that all men that I meet go on to advance in their careers. Then advance me in my career too. If ya love someone, would ya forgive them their past? What's past is past. Kazuma... What do ya think of me? Answer truthfully. Please. I wish you were my woman. 5.4.3. Side Quest ================= After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, you'll get a promise to meet up somewhere for a "real" date. After a while, however, you'll get an

e-mail to your phone saying that she can't meet with you, after all. On the western part of Shoufuku (the north-south street with the Riichi Mahjong Parlor on it), a guy will run up and tell you that he saw Nana with some famous guy in the Saionji family (a powerful, famous family in Japan). Go south from there and an old lady will tell you she saw Nana, and you'll also hear about Nana's 10 million yen debt. Run towards Gandhara and you should see them standing around there. Talk to them and offer to pay Nana's debt. Of course, Nana repays you with some hotel action.

===================== ==6. Host Club Adam== ===================== I'll just cover the questions you'll be asked when being a host. Everything else, you can just check ThePatrick's guide since it covers it pretty well. 6.1. Supporting Takaya ====================== Conversation answers: It's like you're emitting this healing aura. That's so hackneyed. When I'm with you, it's like a breath of fresh air. Sounds like pheromones. Do you know where I worked before that? As a teacher? I saw you with a woman. Who was she? That was me. What do you like to do on your days off? I do volunteer work. I've been thinking about getting on a diet. You're pretty enough as you are now. I'm thrilled even if it's not an expensive present. The price doesn't matter. Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend? Cheating is part of our culture. Will you come to our club's event? You have plans with your boyfriend? I don't feel very well all of a sudden. Shall I run and get some medicine? I'll do anything to make sure you stay number one. You must really be into Takaya. Today is the 30th day you've chosen me. Now that's an outstanding memory.

What do you think of costumers from the countryside who come here? That's all they talk about these days. Your ears are pretty. May I touch them? Are you a heavy drinker? Show me what kind of a man you are. No problem. I got scouted but I turned them down. Wow, what a waste. You seem preoccupied. It must be because of your beauty. There's people on television who are over 40, but still radiant. In the end, it's what's inside that counts. I ran into you at the station but you completely ignored me. He's as blind as a bat. Can I rest my head in your lap? You two sure are close. Drinking answers: All this talking is making me thirsty. The champagne white is chilled. It's winter but it's so hot today, what should we have? Champagne is sort of watery. 6.2. Akko ========= Conversation answers: Silence is bad, I'd better say something. You've got great fashion sense. What do you like to do on your days off? How about we see a movie together? Why do you think I first started going to host clubs? To see some good-looking hosts. A host can't do his job if he can't drink, right? Can you drink? I can drink all day long. I do like the strong, silent type. I can never say no to them. Don't be afraid to say no to me. What are some signs that tell you a man is cheating? He never lets go of his cell phone. It's my first time working as a host. I want to be the number one host here. What are your favorite kind of customers?

The fun ones. If I keep this up, I'll grow to become a lonesome old lady. Isn't that scary? Don't worry, I'll be here. I never have problems with clothes sizes. Can I hold you? I've gotten into stocks lately. You'll gain more by investing in me. You've been watching me closely all this time. What's wrong? You have a nice face. What kind of movies do you like to watch? I love thrillers, too. There's a contest to choose the number one host. What if you entered? I don't need awards, just your company. I haven't been asked out in quite a long time. I'll ask you out. What's your ideal type of woman? A smart woman who gets me. I live in a nice apartment in the city. The view at night is incredible. I'd like to see that view. You should try playing dirty. Quit hassling me and order something! My husband and I got a divorce. Now I can have time to myself. Please use some of that time on me. You look especially good from behind. A man wears his life on his back. Drinking answers: We talked a lot, so my throat is dry. I think champagne would be nice. Would you like something to drink? I want to see you drunk. 6.3. Iori ========= Conversation answers: What kind of cars do you like? Bright red sports cars. I thought it would be nice if you could help me decompress a little. Isn't this doing it for you? How about next time you come see me at my club? It'd be nice if it wasn't work-related.

Are you spending next Valentine's Day working? Or are you off? It depends on my girlfriend situation. I got my hair cut by a well-known stylist. You'd look good with short hair. What's your dream for the future? To be your husband. What do you wear when you're sleeping? It depends, I guess. You wouldn't like me if I got fat, would you? Depends on how much we're talking here. If you came over to my place, we could have coffee together. I'd rather have champagne. My parents want me to go back home. I don't know what to do. You should just go home. What kind of little things do you like in your women. It depends on the person. Have you ever cheated on anyone? It depends on circumstances. This middle-aged businessman kept looking at me. He was so vile. Don't be so paranoid. Can you tell what's different about me from the last time we met? I don't know. How old were you when you had your first crush? I don't really remember. What's your favorite kind of sushi? I like cucumber rolls. What sort of role do you play when you're working here at the club? Aggressive? I don't play any roles. Since then, I haven't stopped thinking about you. So I changed my selection! Do you switch around a lot? What do you do on your days off? I hang out with my friends. I'd like to get married sometime soon. Would you have me? Not just yet. Drinking answers: Are you thirsty? Show me what you think of me. Man, I'm so thirsty. Let's get to know each other better.

6.4. Tamao ========== DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!! Conversation answers: You're the strong, silent type, aren't you? Strong men are really the best. You can't seduce me that easily. I was proposed to so many times, I've lost count. Can I propose too? To you, I'm just an ugly old lady, aren't I? Stop with the crying. How do you determine a woman's value? By our compatibility level. You're the spitting image of a man I dated five years ago. Well, how about I take his place then? A thief broke into my house and took two million yen from my safe. The important thing is that you're safe. When I saw your picture, I felt a spark, electricity. I knew it was destiny. You make your own destiny. I'd like to fall asleep with that powerful chest against me. I'll gently wrap myself around you. Do you want an allowance? Please just keep choosing me. I used a method to make it this far on my own. Try and guess what it is. Your castration techniques. What makes you say that? Your smooth skin. I'm still a single woman, even after many eligible years. You've got a discerning eye for men. How should I introduce you at my company's party? What about as your boyfriend? I want romance like in Korean romance dramas. How would you make that happen? Kiss you in the falling snow. If you sign a contract to be my lover, I'll give you anything you want. We don't need a contract. I'm looking forward to seeing how much I'll spend on you. I'll make sure you're satisfied later. If we were to go out on a date, where would you take me? To a hotel suite. What's your hobby?

Golf. If I put one million yen on the table right now, what would I get in return? My warm embrace. How much would it cost to spend a night together? It depends on what services you require. Drinking answers: Aren't you thirsty? I think the gold would suit you well. How about we order another bottle? Let's have a toast. 6.5. Ayumi ========== Conversation answers: I got into a big fight with one of my hostesses. Not everyone can get along. They say a good club is built on a foundation of good customers. Host clubs are the same way. First-time customers think I look too young to run the club. Isn't that funny? You don't quite look like you run the place. When you look at me, what kind of a woman do you see? I think you have a hard time saying no. I once fell in love with one of my customers, but it didn't work out. Everyone has regrets. When I'm in a sports car, I love the rush of speed. What kind of car do you have? I'd like to be a normal woman. That wouldn't be hard to do. There's something I've wanted recently. What do you think it is? Time? This kind of work is tough, isn't it? It's really taken a toll on me. You can't let that happen. When I was young my parents disappeared, so I was raised at a relative's house. Your heart must crave stability. Tell me what kind of women you like. Honest ones like you. When I was a girl, I wanted to grow up to be a nurse. Isn't that funny? That doesn't surprise me. Why did you become a host? I just sort of fell into it.

Say a woman you were in love with had a huge debt, what would you do? Dump her at once. Have you learned anything from this job? How to read the atmosphere in a room. I went through a lot to get here. But there's still more to come. What's your hobby? I guess it's being a host. Animals can be so loving. Maybe it's because of you. If you could be reincarnated, who would you like to come back as? A fisherman in the countryside. Does my skin look okay? You're emotionally drained. Drinking answers: Aren't you thirsty? Please have the gold! Please let me win this competition. Please.

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