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1. The Spiritual Realm
Spiritual Matter The Throne Room


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The Good Guys

Angels Your Basic Angel Stuff Misconceptions about Angels Praise Angels Angelic Messengers Beefing Up, Bolstering, and Boosting Rescuing People Warrior Angels Angels of Judgment Archangels The Incredible Cherubim Seraphs The Angel of the Lord Satan Falls Big Time Next Stop, Hades Satan's Evil Game Plan



The Bad Guys



Battle in the Spiritual World

Warrior Angels vs. Demons The Ultimate Battle The Battle Today


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Armed for Battle Eternity

Hell: The Lake of Fire 5 Heaven and Eternity

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News Flash!
We are not alone in this universe. Dont panic. Were not talking about being invaded by aliens. Were not talking about aliens from other planets zipping around the galaxy in flying saucers. Were talking about powerful beings whom God created. They are not human and do not live on earth. These fantastic beings dont live up in the stars, either. And they dont live on other planets. They live in another dimensionthe dimension of the spiritual. That spiritual dimension or supernatural realm is the real world. The water-covered rock we walk on and call Earth is just a shadow and copy of that spiritual world. Even our bodies are just houses for our spiritthe eternal part of us that fits in that other dimension. One day we wont need our physical bodies any longer and we will live forever with God in his fantastic spiritual realm. In that world lives a Being so awesome, so super-intelligent, and so powerful that he is beyond our comprehension. Were talking about God, of course. He is a spiritual being and he lives in the spiritual dimension. In fact, he created this people-populated planet and the physical universe from the spiritual dimension.

God also created all kinds of amazing beings that now populate the spiritual dimension. Some of them, like the cherubim, have unimaginable power and appear to act as Gods ceremonial bodyguards and his private worship team. Others called just plain angels exist to serve mankind. Now understand this: angels are not drifting around like some kind of limp feather dusters. They are very powerful creatures with blazing eyes and superhuman intelligence that is sometimes downright scary! The spiritual realm is not only full of amazing beings, but its also full of mind-blowing things and places. This spiritual dimension is not confined to one little planet such as the world we knowPlanet Earth. The spiritual world has a bright side and a dark side. The bright side has lands and scenery like nothing youve ever seenlike nothing you could even imagine. The dark side includes places you would not want to go to, such as the Lake of Burning SulfurHell. And speaking of hell, the dark side of the spirit world is also populated by horrible beingsthe devil and his demons (angels that were evicted from Gods presence). In Bible Angels & Demons, we plan to take a look at what the Bible says about the whole amazing spiritual realm and the mind-boggling beings that populate it.

SpirituAl MAtter
Things in Heaven Some people think there are no dimensional objects in the spiritual world just because what exist are not physical objects. People have this picture of heaven as a place with spirits floating around in the mist with clouds and fog banks rolling around them. Huh? Thats heaven? I dont thiiiink so. If there are no real things in heaven, what are angels clothes made of? What about the chariots they cruise in? And did you know Jesus is going to return to earth riding a horse? Even though things in the spiritual dimension are not the physical things we know, they are still real. They are real and they are solid though not to human eyes and hands. We were created to see and touch and experience physical matter. We were not built for the spiritual dimension. But to spiritual beings, spiritual objects in that other dimension are very real. Colossians 1:16 says, For by him [God] all things were created: things in heaven and on earth. Whats Up There? There are hints in the Bible about what heaven is like. If you really want to get a big download of information, read the last two chapters of Revelation. Streets of gold! A River of Life and the Tree of Life! Mind you, we dont know if some of these descriptions are literal (like what

Al heritu t pi m s eAl r

you read is exactly what you get) or whether theyre symbolicthe writer is trying to describe things that we dont have words to describe. These two chapters in Revelation tell us what heaven will be like after Jesus comes back to earth. When we read it, we can see that God was trying to give us a glimpse of a place thats beyond phenomenal. We can also tell that heaven is not one big huge cloudbank like a bad day at the wharf in Seattle or Vancouver. Heaven is not just fog and smoke. It is a real place. When Jesus was saying goodbye to his disciples, he told them, In my Fathers house are many roomsI am going there to prepare a place for you (John 14:2). Cool! So just what kind of place is he preparing for us? A lot better than your present bedroom, thats for sure! First Corinthians 2:9 says, No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. We cant even make it up because it is way better than anything we can imagine. The Bible gives us glimpses of what heaven is like now. Lets take a look.

The Throne Room

The most important place in all of heaven and the supernatural world is the place where Gods throne is. The Bible says its a very crowded place. Lets imagine you are out on the edge of the crowd. Well let you work your way inward. Out on the outside edge are many angels. Revelation 5:11 says there are many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. It would take you a while to get past 100,000,000 or more angelsand youd probably need a compass so you wouldnt get lost in the angel crowd. When you finally broke through youd find that the angels encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders (Revelation 5:11). Huh? Creatures? Elders? Who are they? Lets move in and have a closer look. Revelation 4:2-3 says that immediately surrounding the throne of God are twenty-four other thrones with twentyfour elders sitting on themyou know, old guys with long white beards. Actually, the Bible doesnt tell us who these guys are or what they look like, except that they are wearing crowns of gold. And directly around the throneheres where it starts getting really wildare these fourwellall you can call

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