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Britain Most Overcrowded Place In Europe

Posted on June 21, 2012 by Tony Dean Rant On UK!

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Fuck Off We're Full According to the Office for National Statistics, the numbers squeezed into the most crowded parts of Britain have soared by 10 per cent since 1997. Multiculturism propagated by the One World Order of the European Union, has overpopulated this small island nation to the extreme. In London 5,000 people are crammed into every square kilometre and the overcrowding is only getting worse. The wimps of Downing Street have no answer and keep on the same track as Bilderbergers do. Every prime minister since Douglas-home has been a Bilderberger including Cameron, Osbourne, Clegg, Clarke and others on the opposition benches. No wonder they say: We are all in this together. Hundreds of thousands who are living here without declaring themselves to the authorities it is said, is an understatement, by my reckoning there are at least 5 million who should not be in this country. The Visitor Visa overstayers alone count for maybe 800,000 and the Student Visa overstayers count for many more, some get involved in sham marriages to stay here permanently, with the Bildergers of Europe making laws we should abide by or else, that we cannot deport people for they have a right to a family life. To dominate a country you first ruin its cultural identity by flooding foreign culture into the country to become the majority in 20-30 years time to take over the country politically, and economically. This is the One World Order of the Bilderbergers. Critics blame the population surge on the last Labour governments policy of encouraging large-scale immigration for whatever reason they thought it was necessary, for the indigenous population dont want any foreigners living here permanently at all. Did they get a referendum on whether or not they want their small island nation a multicultural island? Intolerable pressures on transport, housing, water and energy supplies are just a few things that happen because of overpopulation. The hosepipe ban should have been unnecessary for we most times have enough rainfall and therefore water supplies to keep this island satisfied, but because of overpopulation we did not. The idea that more people coming here would lead to more tax paid into the treasury is pie in the sky, most foreigners came here for the welfare not to work and pay tax. The Office Of National Statistics has stated that 3 million foreigners were allowed to settled in Britain permanently under the last Labour Government, and they clarified that by stating 86% did not come for work purposes. So what do you think they came for? Do the words Blood sucking parasites come to mind?