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Dear_________ As the country embraces itself for typhoon season beginning this June this year, the role

of military is once again in the forefront to respond in time of calamities.

In the recent survey of the International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Philippines was ranked as the __th most disaster prone countries of the world. Because of countrys susceptibility to natural calamities, focused efforts are being made reduce the adverse impact of these recurring disastrous events on the social and economic life of our country and people. RA 10121 also known as ______________was enacted by a legislative in May 2010. This congressional action has put prime efforts to build peoples capacities and create a community which is ready to respond to all hazards and is resilience to emergencies and disasters. The office of Civil Defense, as the designated executive arm of National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council or NDRRMC has established several strategic goals to attain resiliency: a) Reducing the disaster risk by Community-based policy driven sustainable development policies by planning and programming it all levels b) Continuous development and strengthening of institutions and mechanisms to prevent, prepare and time respond to calamities and build back better after the emergency. c) Systematic incorporation of science- based, best practices to approaches into the design, and operationalization of DRR activities especially in Hazard Identification and Mitigation Emergency Preparedness Response and Recovery

Programs of affected regions and communities This efforts to reduce the risk and vulnerabilities of our communities, it entails the active involvement and participation of everyone along the concept of all of nation approach. Foremost in the all of the community approach is the role of military establishment particularly in security concerns and capacity to respond at once during disasters. In western Mindanao, the Western Mindanao Command under your leadership has been dependable and reliable, all weather and major partner. In order to effectively enhanced the stakeholders partnership with the uniformed and military units, the Office of Civil Defense with General Benito Ramos (Ret) as Administrator, has adopted the Incident Command System (ICS) as a framework and model for emergency response involving multi agencies ( local and international in time of emergencies). The ICS was formally adopted by the Philippines, together with other Asian countries. The ICS aims to facilitate the joint disaster multi agency participation during emergency response and inter operability among the

emergency responders. We are pleased to inform you that OCD,DND, through OCD BASULTA (ARMM) offers assistance and training on the principles and practices concerns Incident Command System, with this letter is a memorandum CIRCULAR 04 5.2012 of NDRRM Council your reference. We wish to suggest to meet you at your convenient time to discuss further the ICS concepts and seek your guidance on the schedule of ICS training for Wesmincom. We take this opportunity to thank you and your personnel for the continued support to OCD BASULTA and wish your all great success in the service of our people. Sincerely, RGS