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Republic of the Philippines National Police Commission Philippine National Police TALISAY CITY POLICE STATION Talisay City,

Cebu Tel # 273-3636/272-8872 MEMORANDUM FOR FROM SUBJECT DATE

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CPPO BALIK ESKWELA 2012 LOI 44/05 (SANG-INGAT-UPDATED) Map of Cebu province, Scale 1 : 50,000

II. SITUATION: The opening of classes for school year 2012 anticipates the influx of students flocking to different learning institutions. Criminal elements might take advantage the vulnerability of the students and residents. Traffic problem also is expected to become worse giving due consideration to past experiences. The situation is getting worse because the PNP will provide a very extensive security coverage from the banking other business and financial establishments and schools in the city. These circumstances will give opportunity to criminal elements and other threat groups to carry out their evil design. III. MISSION: The Talisay City Police Station with the coordination of CT-TODA (City of Talisay Traffic Office) , Barangay Tanods of different barangays, PTCA and School Principals will provide public safety and security services during the school days to ensure the safety of every students and pupils. IV. EXECUTION: a. Concept of Operation: BEFORE Coordination Starts on May 21 to June 3, 2012, coordination to the different school officials, PTA Presidents,school security guards, barangay officials and tanods re security and safety preparations before the opening classes. Talisay PNP also during this period the continuous conduct of Pre-emptive measures like; Saturation Drive,Mobile, Beat Patrols, Checkpoint operations and other Police Interventions. During - Actual Operations Phase (Opening of classes). On June 2 to June 8, 2012, this period Talisay City PNP will conduct information drive to different schools, conduct security survey and make some corrective measures if necessary to secure the students, Mobile Patrol must observe also their standby points

and roving area particularly in schools.PNP personnel shall be deployed to different schools to secure the students/ pupils especially in the morning and after class. SEE ANNEX A After - Post Operation Phase (After the opening of classes) Assessment/Debriefing on the result of the operations adjustment/improvement. Preparation and submission of reports to higher headquarters. . b. Tasks 1) COP of Talisay City Police Station will act as over-all supervisor. 2) Chief Admin Section
Issue orders for those personnel who shall be posted at the different schools Supervise proper wearing of uniform Perform other tasks on orders.





4) Opn PNCO

Monitor implementation of this IMPLAN. Dispatch augmented personnel Monitor conduct of checkpoints Coordinate with DEPEd for identification of critical areas Provide Sitrep for PD, DPDO Perform other tasks on orders.

5) Intel a. Constantly monitor the den of criminal elements for the conduct of saturation drive b. Make raids , search and seizure to targets suspects of robbery and illegal drugs c. Conduct Intel monitoring re presence of robbery group,kidnap for ransom groups in AOR who might take advantage of the situation d. Conduct covert operation and Intel monitoring to different place of convergences and arrest criminals e. Perform other tasks on order. 6) Traffic Section a. task to maintain the flow and control of traffic in all schools and other major thoroughfares in coordination with tanods of respective barangays. b. Performed other tasks on order. 7) PCR a. task to provide photo coverage and render report to higher Hqs attention PCR and Opn Br. b. task to conduct information drive to the students c. task to provide lecture materials like power point and distribution of leaflets (safety tips) d. Performed other task on order. 8) Invest a. task to conduct investigation of all apprehended violators of law. b. assists the PCR in conducting info drive b. Performed other task on order.

9) Supply a. task to provide vehicles to transport the PNP pers to the different schools. b. Performed other task on order. V. Coordinating Instructions: 1. All personnel assigned in school shall coordinate with their respective principal and office their contact numbers 2. Areas Supervisor shall inspect their assigned schools as well as security detail for their operational preparedness. 3. Any untoward incident happened in your area of assignment immediately informed the Police Station. 4. Personnel committed/detailed shall be in a proper uniform. 5. All apprehended violators must be brought on time at the Station for proper disposition. 6.Radio Operators on Duty are advised to relay the situational report every 2 hours starting on June 4, 2012 and every five (5) hours on June 5-8, 2012. Duty drivers shall ensure that all vehicles in good conditions and road worthy during opening of classes. 7. Conference will be on 010900H June 2012 at this Police Station for final

8. All duty personnel must be in their post one hour before the schedule opening of classes. 9. Observe uniformed of the day. 10. Lateral coordination is encouraged. VI. Service Support: - Current supply in effect - Organic vehicles and respective firearms are to be

a. Supply b. Service utilized. VII.

Command Signal: a. Signal b. Command - current SOI in effect - Talisay City Police Station 273-3636/272-887