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Page 8 • The Advocate News (Wilton-Durant, Iowa) Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Area June 5, 2012 primary results

B y now, we’re less than six months away

from the national election and due to

Iowa being considered by many to be a

“battle ground” state, the TV ads and mailings have already begun. In the last couple weeks, our mailboxes were also full of more localized propaganda, as area primaries were held June 5. Therefore, I thought I’d devote my column space this week to area polling results. Statewide, Iowa Congressional Second District Democratic incumbent Dave Loeb- sack defeated Joe Seng, receiving nearly 80 percent of the vote. His Republican adversary will be John Archer, who received nearly 61 percent of the vote over fellow challenger Dan Dolan. After recent redistricting, Sen. Shawn Hammerlinck, a former Davenport alderman elected to the Senate in 2008, defeated Sen. Jim Hahn in a GOP primary for State Sen- ate District 46, 1,476-947 (61 percent of the vote). Hahn has served in the state house for 21 years. District 46 includes areas of Scott and Muscatine counties. Hammerlinck will face Democrat Chris Brase, a Muscatine fire- fighter who ran unopposed, in the November election. In the race for Iowa House District 73, a seat that will be vacated due to incumbent Jeff Kaufmann’s (R-Wilton) decision not to run for re-election, Democrat Dick Schwab of Solon defeated David Johnson of West Branch,

receiving 57 percent of the vote. Schwab will face Jeff’s son, Bobby Kaufmann, in the November election. Kaufmann ran unopposed on the Republican ticket. In Cedar County, GOP voters narrowed

their list of candidates to three in a primary for those wishing to attain

a seat on the board of

supervisors. Jeff Kauf- mann led the way with 752 votes, followed by Wayne Deerberg (632) and Jon Bell (482). Donald Young received 254 votes. The three Republicans will

face Democrats David Shinker and Douglas Simkin in November.

In Muscatine County voting for the board



Kaufmann (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote; Democrat David Johnson over Dick Schwab 64-36. Board of Supervisors—Republican Jeff Kaufmann received

37 percent of the vote,

followed by Wayne Deerberg (26), Jon Bell (24) and Donald Young (13); Democrat

David Shinker received

47 percent of the vote

while Douglas Simkin received 46 percent.

County Auditor— Republican Cari Gritton (unopposed) received 99.7 percent of the vote. County Sheriff—Republican Warren Wethington (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote.

Case in Point By Derek Sawvell
By Derek Sawvell


supervisors, Scott Sauer won the GOP nod


District 3 with 802 votes, followed by Jeff

Lange (372), David Watkins (362) and Matt Fowler (160). Sauer will face Democrat Stu Willitts, who ran unopposed. Republican Gary Allison and Democrat Kas Kelly both ran unopposed in District 4 and will face off in November. From county perspectives, results are as follows:

Cedar County:

U.S Rep. District 2—Republican John Archer over Dan Dolan 52-48 (percent); Democrat Dave Loebsack over Joe Seng 90-

Muscatine County:

U.S Rep. District 2—Republican Dan Dolan over John Archer 66-34; Democrat Dave Loebsack over Joe Seng 86-14. State Sen. District 44—Republican Brad Bourn (unopposed) received 99.6 percent of the vote; Democrat Thomas Courtney (unop- posed) received 100 percent of the vote. State Sen. District 46—Republican Jim Hahn over Shawn Hammerlinck 60-40; Democrat Chris Brase (unopposed) received

100 percent of the vote.


Kaufmann (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote; Democrat David Johnson over Dick Schwab 58-42. State Rep. District 88—Republican Tom Sands (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote; Democrat Sara Sedlacek (unopposed) received 100 percent of the vote. State Rep. District 91—Republican Mark Lofgren (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote; Democrat John Dabeet (unopposed) received 98 percent of the vote. Board of Supervisors—In District 3, Republican Scott Sauer received 47 percent of the vote, followed by Jerry Lange (22), David Watkins (21) and Matt Fowler (9) while Democrat StuWillitts (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote; In District 4, Republican GaryAllison (unopposed) received 99 percent of the vote while Democrat Kas Kelly (unop- posed) received 99 percent of the vote. County Auditor—Republican Leslie Soule received 99.7 percent of the vote and will run unopposed in November. County Sheriff—Democrat Dave White received 99.2 percent of the vote and will run unopposed in November. The county results I’ve just given are available online at and

Why relive 2001-2009?


Could someone please explain why we would want to relive the years 2001-2009 by going back to those same programs? The Republicans are proposing to do just that and I think we deserve an explanation of what was so good about that period. Was it the large tax cuts for the wealthy (the job creators) which resulted in the weakest eight-year growth in jobs on record and the loss of 2.6 million jobs in 2008 alone. Perhaps it was the two unfunded wars (one unnecessary) which added over a trillion dol- lars to our debt and will add another trillion over the years as we care for our wounded veterans. Maybe it was the Medicare drug plan which was also not funded and left seniors with seri- ous health care needs caught in the “doughnut hole”. Could it have been the lack of regulation,

the lax enforcement of regulations or the inattention to the “casino” being operated on Wall Street with hard working Americans’ mortgages?

Surely it was their concern for our children’s education with the ever so popular “no child left behind.” Possibly it was the $700 billion of tax money (remember TARP?) handed to Wall Street to bail them out without any strings attached.

I know, it must be all of the above which

turned the budget surpluses of the Clinton years into budget deficits and added nearly $6 trillion to our national debt. Maybe I missed something so please inform us as to why a Romney/Ryan rerun of the Bush years would be so great. Tell us please because we all long for the “good old days.” Larry Hodgden Tipton

'Your voices were heard'

In response to the numerous comments and

complaints that the US Postal Service (USPS) received regarding Post Office closings, in- cluding the many times I shared Iowans’ and my own strong opposi- tion to their plan, USPS has announced that instead of proceeding as planned with pro- posed closings, they will keep small and rural postal locations open for business. However, some Post Offices will op- erate with reduced

retail hours. Despite

this change, access to retail lobbies and P.O. boxes will remain unchanged, as will towns’ ZIP codes. I heard from many Iowans about the impor- tance of local Post Offices and fought hard to ensure your voices were heard by the USPS. This represents a win for Iowans, especially

by the USPS. This represents a win for Iowans, especially Dave Loebsack for Iowans and small

Dave Loebsack

for Iowans and small businesses in rural areas

who often rely on the Postal Service for timely delivery of things like medication and business items. Keeping our Post Offices open will preserve valuable services for rural residents and allow our small businesses to continue operating efficiently to serve their customers and keep their bottom lines up.

It will also preserve and create good jobs in

our communities. From saving on fuel costs to

preventing the loss of businesses and the jobs they support, keeping our Post Offices open

is key to our rural economies.

My office is here to assist you with any and all concerns you have, so please do not hesitate to contact me whenever you feel that I can be of assistance. I encourage you to visit my website at and sign up for my e-newsletters to stay informed

of the work I’m doing for you. I am proud to serve the Second District, and I am committed to working hard for Iowans Congressman Dave Loebsack Iowa’s Second District

Floodplain issues addressed


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revised rental contracts and rental rules for weddings and non-wedding rentals. Covered were usage times, event scheduling, deposit amounts, payment-in-full time requirements, event finalization timeline, damage charges and other general rules for usage of the com- munity center. Following review, council approved the new contracts. City clerk Deana Cavin reported that she continues to review city ordinances for future amending and approval by council. Codification of city ordinances will need to be completed by fall of 2012. Upon review of the low CD interest rates available, council approved rolling the CD monies coming due into a money market account.

Engineer’s Report

City engineer Paul Loete updated council on the Yankee Avenue lift station project, which he indicated, is “generally complete.” After inspection, it was deemed that the bottom of fencing in the area needs to be lowered. Finalization on cost responsibility of the previously discussed electric service line, which was said to have been moved onto private property during the lift station proj- ect, continues. The line will be moved in the future; responsibility for payment of $840 is to be determined. Council approved a change order for the lift station project that notes a decrease of $6,500 in the cost. This amount was assessed to Haggerty Earthworks due to the project not being completed on the contracted date. Following review, council approved a “mailer” from the city’s engineering com- pany, MSA, that will be included in city bills and provides information on the Wastewater Treatment Facility. It will include why the upgrade is needed, what is being proposed, necessity of an equalization basin, explanation of distance waivers, project financing and the effects on sewer user rates if waivers are not signed.

Floodplain Management

Tim Malott, Cedar County’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) director, ad- dressed council regarding updating of the

city’s current floodplain ordinance. A packet was provided for council review regard- ing updates needed for the city to be in the county’s EMA floodplain management pro- gram. Durant will have to be in this program to quality for the National Flood Insurance Program.

“If you don’t participate in this program, no one in your community can get flood insurance,” said Malott. He also provided an updated Radio Site Lease Agreement between Cedar County EMA Commission and the city of Durant. The agreement covers installation, operation and maintenance of radio system equipment to be utilized for public safety communications and operations.


In other business:

* Council passed resolutions to designate

deposit of certificates of deposit (CD) monies bequeathed to the fire and police departments by the Marjorie Schlapkohl estate. Both de- partments will cash the CD’s, in the amount of $500 each, for deposit into their designated funds. * Council approved closure of Fourth Avenue from Sixth Street to Seventh Street from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on July 12, 2012, for a Gloria Dei Lutheran Church bible school event.

* Council approved a beer garden request

by Geoff Huston, owner of Idle Hour Lanes,

for an upcoming event forAlpen Ford. Coun- cil indicated that there must be two fences set up for the event in accordance with state law. This information will be relayed to Huston.

* Council passed local business cigarette license renewals.

* Council approved a resolution increas-

ing the established fee for rental deposits

for water, sewer and garbage from $150 to


* Council approved membership with the

Iowa U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association at a cost of $150 and purchase of a sign for $75 that designates the city as part of the historical route. The city will also receive a free large sign with its membership.

All council members were present. All votes were unanimous unless otherwise stated. The next meeting is June 25, at 6 p.m.