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Throughout the normalization process, make certain that you identify the primary key by underlining the field(s)

that constitutes the primary key (when you build new tables, also italicize any foreign keys that you identify -- this will help you verify that you are completing the normalization process properly). It is also important that you show and explain your work and the logic that helps me to understand why you made the changes that you made for each stage of normalization (see the template uploaded). Make certain that you show the progression from lower levels of normalization to the higher levels. In other words, do not jump from an unnormalized table to the highest level of normalization (I want to see the logic and stages that you progressed through in completing the project). What to Return in: Return in documentation showing your work for each step of the process. In other words, show each table at each stage of normalization. Make certain that you label the stage of the process that you are showing. In addition, label each table and provide a description of the assumptions that you made in bringing the table(s) to the specified level of normalization. It is critical that you show not only the tables, but also the description of your assumptions and related logic.

Assignment Questions

Question No: 1 Below is hospital data on staff rotation. Assume that the staff can change wards in oneweek. The charge nurse is unique from the regular staff. Normalize the table below intoits 3 rd normal form. Show all your solutions Sta Name Address ff No . S1 Razia 23 S0 Aslam 98 23AXYZ 24A/zzz TelNo Possitio Shi War n ft d No Ward Name Loc We Cha Char Tel. atio ek rge ge Ext n Beg Nur Nurse inni se No ng

0512233445 052998877

Nurse Nurse

Lat e Lat e

War d1

C a r d i

Blo ck

1/1/ 199

Sun bail


771 1

Question No: 2 Normalize the below table up to 3rd normal form. Student- Specialization Name ID Vu001 Vu001 Vu002 Vu003 Vu003 Vu003 Vu004 Vu004 SE AI AI SE Networks AI SE AI Specialization Semester Semester StartDate Faizan Fall2009 05-07-09 Faizan Spring2010 05-02-10 Zafar Spring2010 05-02-10 Ahmad Fall2009 05-07-09 Ahmad Spring2010 05-02-10 Ahmad Fall2010 05-07-10 Fahad Fall2010 05-07-10 Fahad Spring2011 05-02-11 Semester EndDate 31-12-09 30-06-10 30-06-10 31-12-09 30-06-10 31-12-10 31-12-10 30-06-11 Specialization Supervisor Prof Majid Prof Saeed Prof Saeed Prof Majid Prof Wajid Prof Saeed Prof Majid Prof Saeed

Guidelines / Instructions Understand the scenario on the basis of given data only. The relation is already in 1st normal form and has composite Primary Key. Dont convert the relation in to 3rd normal form directly. Show each step. (First 2nd normal form then 3rd normal form).

Question No: 3 Purchase Order Form P.O . No Date Ite m ID. 01 Item Suppli Suppli Suppli Quotati Paym Nam er ID. er er on No. ent e Name Addres Mode s Tea 013 Tapal Sargod 03 Cash Co. ha Road Inde Quant Uni nt ity ts No. Order 021 0 5 Kg

210 1/1/9 1 8

003 6/1/9 016 Shutt 4 9 le 005 4 Cog


Jamal Irons

Railwa y road



108 6

6 3

Nu m Do z

Guidelines / Instructions Understand the scenario on the basis of given data only. Dont convert the relation in to 3rd normal form directly. Show each step. (First 2nd normal form then 3rd normal form). Question No: 4 The table listed below is designed to store data representing students in a college environment. Make realistic assumptions based upon your experiences as a student and design a set of BCNF relations from this table. The following constraints apply: A student can have only one major. Each adviser can advise many students in the advisers major field, but a student has only one adviser (a faculty member in the students major discipline). Faculty are assigned to departments, each faculty is assigned to only one department. Attribute Name STU_NUM STU_NAME STU_MAJOR DEPT_CODE DEPT_NAME DEPT_PHONE COLLEGE_NAME ADV_NAME ADV_OFFICE ADV_BUILDING Sample Value 289343 James D. Smith Computer Science CS Computer Science 7644 Arts and Sciences Evans Adams 201 Noble Hall Meaning Unique identifier for a student Obvious Obvious Unique identifier for a department Obvious Department Secretarys Extension Administrative Unit for a department Name of students adviser Room Number of students adviser Building of students advisers office


7211 2.88 96 Junior

Students advisers phone extension Students Grade Point Average Credit Hours Completed Students Classification

You will be handing in the following:

A set of normalized data table definitions illustrating 3rd normal form. Also create the resultant tables by using SQL. A file containing SQL schema also submitted. A SQL table description is fine, or create the table by using SQL description as above (denoting primary and foreign keys) Ensure you note table names, field names, data types, primary/foreign keys, auto increment fields, etc. as part of your design clearly.