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CONIPUR 327 Linking single component, solvent free Product Description CONIPUR 327 is a single-component binder, solvent-free, medium

viscosity, without pigments, based on MDI. Scope CONIPUR 327 is intended for the production of elastic layers of carpet as granules rubber during the realization of systems Synthetic sports fields. Depending on the type coating, the mat of aggregate is treated with a finish, a coating of projection or structured a self-smoothing in order to sprinkle systems to obtain weather-resistant and permanently elastic. With its fast cure application CONIPUR 327 is limited to small areas. Properties With its medium viscosity, is CONIPUR 327 mixes easily with the aggregates of and removes the rubber flow of the binder support. The curing time of rapid CONIPUR 327 (approx. 15-30 min) limits the application the binder to the small surfaces, to ensure perfect joints. For larger surfaces, the use of a less reactive binder (CONIPUR 322, CONIPUR 326) is recommended. See data sheets of these products. Under the sunshine, the cured binder changes color quickly, without weakening the properties mechanical. The discoloration is visible including the layers of blue, which turn green and gray colors change to beige. By using the mat aggregate, the thin layer of binder on the EPDM granules is reduced and after a few weeks, the color becomes more intense. To ensure a bright color and stable applying CONIPUR 63 HE is colorful recommended. Yellowing of the binder is rarely visible on the color channels green, yellow, red and black, the application of a finish however is not necessary. Of Preliminary tests are recommended. A slightly opaque CONIPUR 327 does not affect the application and mechanical properties of the cured product. Implementation CONIPUR 327 is a single-component binder, ideally applied at a temperature between 15 and 25 C.

For the installation of layers based elastic SBR granulate, 100 shares of aggregate are mixed in a mixer with 21 shares of CONIPUR 327 for approx. 3-5 minutes. After applying the mixture using a squeegee, the layer is pressed to increase the properties mechanical. The joints are carefully smoothed with a trowel to avoid weak joints, those who leads to cracks in elastic layer. Reducing the amount of binder is not recommended because the mechanical properties depend on a envelope full of aggregates. The use of wet granulate is strictly prohibited because moisture speeds up the reaction considerably and prevents hardening uniform. In addition to the room temperature, the object temperature and above the air humidity are very important. At temperatures low and low humidity, time of use and the curing time is increased. To high temperatures and high humidity the curing time and the time are feasible significantly reduced. If the humidity is below 40%, impregnation Careful of the fresh surface spray of water, ensuring a uniform hardening, is recommended. At low temperatures on site, adding Accelerator # 12 or 10 reduces the time hardening. The added amount is approx. 0.05 - 0.2% on the amount of the binder by considering the ambient conditions. For installation of the elastic layers, we recommend the use of aggregates rubber or EPDM (1-4mm) for quality ensure the reduction of strength, etc. cleaning At the end of work or during a break, all reusable tools must be carefully cleaned with the cleaner # 40 or solvents (butyl acetate). Never use water and alcohols such as cleaning! Substrate Preparation The substrate to be treated must be sound, clean and practicable, free of all parties not adherent fat and oil. In addition, the requirements of standards for slope, the permeability of water and flatness be observed. On concrete, the application of a primer CONIPUR 74 is necessary. The minimum tensile strength of concrete must be 1.0 N / mm . The residual moisture content of concrete is limited to 4%. Substrate temperature must be greater by at least 3 C dew point.

On asphalt, application of primary CONIPUR 70, by no means CONIPUR 74, is necessary. Sample Application Layer of colored EPDM granules (CONIPUR EPDM) Surface Preparation: See data sheet CONIPUR 70 for asphalt and CONIPUR 74 concrete. Consumption: from 0.15 to 0.20 kg/m2. Application of a layer of EPDM. Mix EPDM granules and the binder in a ratio of 100:19 and apply it using a finisher. Consumption for a 13-layer EPDM mm: approx. 12.5 kg / m EPDM (1-4 mm) and approx. 2.40 kg/m2 CONIPUR 327 or approx. 13.0 EPDM kg/m2 (1-3 mm) and approx. 2.50 kg/m2 CONIPUR 327