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University oh Hertingham Administration Department

To Mrs. A. Garner, Head of Administration From: Dezi Yianni Date: Thursday 23rd February 2012 I am writing this letter to you, as I have been asked to research three printed products for this event: posters, invitations for award winners and VIPs and programme sheets for all guests. The requirements are: Posters - should be designed by an art student and reflect the creative nature of the award winners work. Around 30 posters would be sufficient for the university site. Invitations - should have a high quality feel to them, as this is the most prestigious award the department gives each year. There will be 40 award winners and 25 VIP guests.

The programme is only a running order and can be mass printed on A5 paper. 300 should be enough to cover the largest number of guests expected.

Print Technology and Costs

I have investigated five different print technologies, of which four might be suitable. I can recommend the following as the best for each task.

Intaglio - the skills involved in Intaglio is very important, as there has to be a lot of time patience during the making process. The cost of the printing process is very, very expensive and the speed of making is slow. It takes a lot of time, and sometimes you have to stop and start again and again. The aesthetics are indented ink wiped flat across the grooves and the technology needed in Intaglio Printing is ink copper plate, sharpening tools and a rollerpress printer.

Letterpress - the skills involved in Letterpress is also very important as there has to be a lot of time patience for this too and there needs to be precise eye for details. The cost of the letterpressing process is very expensive and the speed of making is slow depending on how

long the machine takes time to place each component on a page. The aesthetics is very detailed and the technology needed in Letterpress is machine letters and printers.

Offset Litho or Digital Printing - its suitable for large numbers because it prints rapidly at a quick pace. It mostly produces writing and text.

Digital Printing is considered as a new technique. Its a cheaper option because you can use less expensive metal plates, which is more suitable for smaller numbers to be created at or around 500 copies. This is a quick and easy method and you can also change the data easily and adjust the blocks of lettering.


On the whole, in my opinion, I think that in the programmes, the technique that will work best would be the offset Litho or Digital Printing as it is the cheapest and works better at a quick speed. This is also suitable for a large number. Photocopiers will quickly print over 400 copies for the programmes at a very cheap price. This will only work on an average of 15.00, which will then leave a fair amount to be able to spend on the invitations and the poster. The amounts for each of these products are a less total, 25 VIP, 30 posters and then 40 invitations. This will help the letterpress for the invitations and the linocut for the poster will work well in the budget. These are quite expensive techniques, however, because we have 485 left over.