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Thought Crimes Will Be Punished Only If You Are White

Posted on May 31, 2012 by Tony Dean Rant On UK!

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1984 An interesting round-up of the thought crimes and others getting off with much more serious offences. The stark reality is that if you are a white indigenous person of this British Isle you are a racist if you object to cultural enrichers in your country you will be arrested by the thought police and imprisoned for making unwise remarks about them, or asking what are you doing here? It smacks of George Orwells fictional novel called 1984 where he foresees the future of Britain run by a dictatorship with CCTV everywhere including attached to your tv and in your bathroom. Inappropriate comments will be punished most severely with imprisonment and doing hard labour for your beliefs and your protestations of human rights are paramount are ignored. (Seem familiar?) We have the thought police again at the trial of Emma West on June 11th at Croydon Crown Court this is the racist lady on a Croydon Tram (the video of her on the tram is in the right hand sidebar of this blog.) The prosecution are offering NO WITNESSES and only the uTube video of the alleged offence. Emma is pleading not guilty (clever girl!), and the prosecution will rely solely on the video for prosecution. I wrote a two page letter to the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, outlining this alleged offence and stating that he himself has asserted to every judge in the British Isles that our English Common Law is paramount in all our courts against all other foreign laws from foreign judges ( a clear reference to the EUSSR!). I pointed out that the charge of RACIALLY AGRAVATED OFFENCE does not occur in English Common Law and should be thrown out of court, it is not a recognizable offence. I asked for him to intercede in this case and to liaise with the trial judge, Justice McKinnon to have this travesty of abuse of human rights against a young mother who was imprisoned over Christmas 2011 without bail, estranged from her very young son for

whom Christmas is a magic time of year. This is outrageous and an offence against the British people and when we get the right political party in power in Britain will not go unpunished by the traitors who orchestrate such trials. The uTube video I pointed out to Lord Judge cannot be admitted as evidence in any court in Britain. As we all know that have viewed various videos on uTube, they are invariably Photoshopped about with a different soundbite added, you would believe that polar bears could talk English. This garbage should not be allowed as evidence in any court in the land. There is no movie maker to attest the video is complete from start to finish, and that the soundbite is authentic all the way through. This garbage in our courts is not acceptable, anyone thinking so should be sectioned to a psychiatric unit for assessment. As for compensation for this poor young mother, I suggest 225,000 is not too shabby! See you at the Croydon Crown Court On June 11th 10am.