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KK SUPER MART is the flagship business of the Group. Established since 2001 and was Founded by Dato Dr KK Chai who viewed retailing in daily essentials and necessities as an evergreen means for a livelihood then. Development in our country hastened sophistication within our discerning society, created a hectic lifestyle and lengthened wakening hours in the push for material gains and emotional pleasures so much so the only time left for family life is the weekends but sad to say most of which are spent at departmental stores or hypermarket shopping for grocery instead of taking them to the open and enjoy family intimacy with Mother Nature. Visionary Dato Dr KK Chai took on the social responsibility in availing such time for the rakyat and their family by creating long 24-hrs grocery shopping hours in the form KK SUPER MART that are conveniently accessible even in the wee hours of the morning. Shop at your leisure without having to squeeze through traffic jams or trying to beat the other for a parking lot.

2.0 ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND 2.1 KK Super Mart Background The first KK SUPERMART & SUPERSTORE SDN BHD (KK SUPER MART) has its humble beginning in June 2001 occupying only the ground floor of a shophouse in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama in Kuala Lumpur. By the end of 4th quarter of 2010, KK SUPER MART has established 62 outlets and mainly located at the center of Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley and also expanded to other states like Malacca and still growing and expanding rapidly.

2.2 KK Super Mart Logo Our logo illustrates our foundation and focus. KK is the name of the Founder. KK is conspicuously placed in the central position emphasized with box embossed effect lends prominence and easy brand recognition. The three-band wings on either side of KK serves as a visibility trap attracting attention from afar. The color of RED in the letter of KK symbolizes warmth and friendliness of our shop assistants. The color itself is eye-catching causing the brand to stand proud as a beacon beckoning welcome. For the Chinese, red also symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. The color of ORANGE in the three-band wings is outstanding with elegance. The brightness in its tone enhances visibility to directionally focus convergence towards its location while the color of earth GREEN denotes eco-friendliness in a safe and stress-free participation.

2.3 History of KK SUPER MART


KK SUPER MART grew with seven additional outlets within Klang Valley. The conferment upon our Founder / CEO the DARJAH INDERA MAHKOTA PAHANG (DIMP) which carried the title DATO The award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in areas of Business Management that carried the title Dr upon our Founder / CEO The recognition with the KERIS AWARD 2007 in The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Awarded EXCELLENCE BRAND in The Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2007


The stable expanded with thirteen more KK SUPER MART in jubilation with the adulation SME RISING STAR AWARD 2008


Exploded with nineteen KK SUPER MART more ending the year with a total population of fifty ( 50 ) KK SUPER MART. Awarded EXCELLENCE LEADERSHIP in The Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2009.


Set aside as the year of consolidation but yet as at the last quarter the KK SUPER MART family grew with eleven more outlets making the KK SUPER MART family to threety-one (61) strong.

The acquisition of our very own WISMA KK. Expressed the desire of sharing the KK SUPER MART success story with the appointment of professional franchise consultancy for the development of the KK SUPER MART Franchise Program to avail and share entrepreneurial opportunities to budding entrepreneurs wishing to seek financial freedom and also to complement our countrys visionary belief that the future of our beloved country is in the hands of the SMEs.

KK SUPER MART is also awarded the MRCA-8TV ENTREPRENEURS AWARD and also the ACHIEVER recognition in the MRCA Achievers Book that only offered recognition to fifty (50) top qualified entities.

2.4 Achievements of KK SUPER MART Year 2007 ENTREPRENEUR EXCELLENCE AWARD 2007 for EXCELLENCE BRAND in the Asia Pacific International category of Entrepreneur Excellence Award organized by the Entrepreneur Development Association of Malaysia; endorsed by the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development, the Ministry of International Trade & Industry, the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affair and the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. KERIS AWARD 2007 as the 6th Asia Pacific International HONESTY ENTERPRISE. Organized by the Entrepreneur Development Association of Malaysia; endorsed by the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development, the Ministry of International Trade & Industry, the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affair and the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. Year 2008 SME RISING STAR AWARD at the SME RECOGNITION AWARD 2008. Organized by the SMI Association of Malaysia. This recognition is award to young SMEs which possessed a unique and competitive business concept and strategy that displayed great potential to become a successful business player in local and international marketplace.

Year 2009 ENTREPRENEUR EXCELLENCE AWARD 2009 for EXCELLENCE LEADERSHIP in the Asia Pacific International category of Entrepreneur Excellence Award organized by the Entrepreneur Development Association of Malaysia; endorsed by the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development, the Ministry of International Trade & Industry, the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affair and the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. Year 2010 MALAYSIA RETAILER CHAINS ASSOCIATION ACHIEVER AWARD. Recognision as one of the 50 most outstanding by the retailing fraternity.

2.5 KK Super Marts Objective, Vision And Mission

OBEJECTIVE The company main objective is to provide services in management consultancy in real estate services, sale and marketing, which include provide training and seminar services on the targeted products. The company takes pride of their strength with experience personnel and always be committed to their obligations to the highest performance standard. Besides that, KK SUPER MART has set up the company objectives which are: i. To be the best and successful Marketing company in Malaysia and Trusted company in Malaysia ii. To empower the appreciation towards cultivating core competence and innovating sustainable competitive advantage. iii. To build up an integrated marketing operational function as one of the core competency. iv. Developing a special marketing, customers and market intelligence unit that supports strategic decision making. v. vi. Developing a team of well trained an aggressive sales and promotional taskforce. To enhance branding position as one of the core competence.


To Provide Consumer Convenience Universally

MISSON There are a lot of mission for KK SUPER MART to achieve.

Continue to procure and widen product range from reputed vendors & suppliers Continue to develop proprietary product range Maintain competitiveness through better value-for-money for our product range Instill customers confidence through professionalism in our service delivery Pursuance in fulfillment of our social obligation as a responsible corporate citizen through adherence to professional ethics in all areas of our business dealings Establish a strong corporate identity and image Form a lasting partnership with our Business Partners, Associates, Vendors and Suppliers Forge close team spirit amongst all staff and across all levels

2.6 Products And Services There are departments in KK SUPER MART. These departments are Event Department, Sales & Marketing Department, Education, Human Resource Department, and Food & Beverage Department .All department are well corporate with each other and supports the companys operation. Even,s ome of the department such as Food & Beverage and Recruitment Department(under HR) now shut down because of poor performance.

Summary of Each Department 2.6.1 Food and beverages KK Kopitiam KK Kopitiam boasted a chain of three (3) Kopitiam since its first establishment in August 2007, each with a business floor area of not less than 3,000 square feet. They are located at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Rampai Business Park and Alam Damai in Cheras. They are not the Lifestyle Caf but a down-to-earth haunt where one can still enjoy a favorite Hainan Kopi for less than RM2.00. Each one of the KK Kopitiam is a thoroughfare and comprises a variety of stalls serving your favorite local beverages and food spangled with touches of Thai and Myanmar and even Western food. They are great places for a quick lunch bite and great for evening meals as well as for family gatherings. You can even surf cyberspace in the WiFi enabled surrounding. Further, the KK Kopitiam chain operates 24 hours every day! KK Food Court As the name suggests this is a big court. It is a replication of a KK Kopitiam but more than twice the size. It is a whopping 6,000 square feet of well-lit business floor area with a Karaoke stage! Once again, one can enjoy the thoroughfare of favorite local beverages and food to tickle your taste-buds. In addition you are welcomed to relax and unwind and perhaps unleash your latent talent and croon your favourite songs of yesteryears into memory lane. Sri Anandan Villas an Indian Restaurant Located at the Alam Damai, Cheras, Sri Anandan Villas caters to all walks of life and serves a fusion of North and South Indian cuisine. Yes, one can savour the fine taste of fine dining but yet at fair prices. House favorites include Chicken Warual and Lamb Shanks to satisfy your lunch and dinner cravings. This restaurant offers a touch of old world charm. It maintains the tradition of serving food on banana leaf. The affordable menu does not mean quality and service are sacrifice, as the staff are friendly and always on stand-by. We even provide a spice guide for guests who fear getting too exotic with their taste buds. Try the Nasi Briyani in herbs and spices or the savoury Rafam (sour soup) as an appetizer. Try Lassi fused with different fruit flavors for dessert. You can even have it sweet or salted; warm or cold. A great experience that is value-for-money. Reservations recommended.


2.6.2 KK Home Deco Kk Home Deco, established since April 2007 prides itself as specialist in the niche of ceramics and fine porcelain home-deco products; products that will comfortably blend and enhances the grandeur of all homes and compounds. They present themselves as excellent gifts too, lending the presenter an air of superior taste. Full Range of Home Deco Products Our vast range of product included 3D Sets of Roses and Fruits, Figurines, Decorative Ornaments, Wedding Gift and even Designer Furniture! All of which are uniquely crafted and carry decorative motifs of Malaysian and International flavour ranging from being richly gold-trimmed to being romantically Victorian. Quality Service In KK Home Deco, we build our business (both in wholesale & retail) upon honestly, integrity and in partnership with our customers. And most importantly we are dedicated to anticipating their needs and strive to exceed their expectations. At our KK Home Deco centers where products are not only retailed, we cater to wholesale as well. In this we listen to provide the very highest quality service by sharing and suggesting the most optimum product mix in their bulk purchase decision. Further we are capable to cater to tailor manufacturing with designer motifs to suit their needs. We trust this will certainly simplify their search and assist them in their quest for improve return in their business investment.


2.6.3 KK Motorsports Auto Performance Enhancement Specialist KK Motorsports is an experienced auto performance enhancement specialist who also retail car auto parts and accessories. We are dedicated and committed to quality service, high level of professionalism, product dependability at competitive prices. These are reasons that garner client loyalty and underline our success in the auto industry. We carry with us our own-brand products, as well as retailing some more the notable brand in the market. We have a team of skillful and experienced professionals who are fervently working to give our client a complete and most competitive line of automotive parts as well as the best customer support. Our vision is to become one amongst the top automotive customizing, maintenance and body repair shops and lead the Malaysian automotive industry through expertise, innovation, competitive pricing and outstanding service to our valued customers and business partners. Our team of expertise is specialized in the installations of auto stereo system, lamps, alarm system, body kits, performance parts, accessories and wiring services. They are also experienced technicians fully equipped to meet all our clients automotive needs.


2.6.4 K2 Corporation Security Solutions & Surveillance System Provider K2 Corporation is a Malaysian owned company servicing the security needs of various industries e.g. retail, education, government sector, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, as well as your home. K2 Corporation is actively engaged in the import, whole sale, distribution, consultation and installation of commercial and residential surveillance system and security solution. We remains dedicated to providing our client with the most reliable and responsive service possible while maintaining our product integrity.


Members of KK Group of Companies




3.0 SUMMARY OF THE JOB FUNCTIONS Throughout the three months of my industrial training, I have experience real industrial working condition which developed and improved my functional and soft skills in several aspects.


Computer Skills Project Management Process Evaluation Analyses Quantitative/ Analytical Abilities Adaptable Problem Solving Decision Making Ability


3.1. Functional Skill 3.1.1 Computer Skills Undergone training at KK Super Mart give me opportunity to use websites and also a few websites which are restricted only for KK Super Mart employees. Among them are KK Super Mart employee portal and also KK Super Mart customer website. I also introduced to the train and place scheme online system the system quite complicated; it allows order tracking, monitoring enrolment of employees in the KK Super Mart department. I also learned using the company internal network to share or transfer information and data. My typing speeds also have been improved. 3.1.2 Project Management For now I only involve or assigned on a few minor project. The project I have done with assist by supervisor are on enrolment of employees. I also become right hand for my supervisor where he handle over his important task to be done daily. Other than that I have been assigned on handling the payroll calculation. It was the most challenging task as it must be calculated carefully . From this project I have learned how to organize, plan project and control it. 3.1.3 Process Evaluation Analyses Working under production complex condition, I have able to study the enrolment of employees process flow whereby the first stage we have to organized the working schedule for employees. Secondly, I recheck the shift scheduled which amended before could be viewed by the whole floor. Followed by, the swap request by the employees which approved by my supervisor. From this project I have learnt how to work in pressure if there are time constraint and finish the work by the given time.


3.1.4 Quantitative/ Analytical Abilities. Some of the task need me to analyze the outcome and conducted some calculation. Example of the task that I conducted is managing the number of employees who enroll each month and those employees move away from the department. Besides that I have to make sure the quantity of employees who doing the on call job and backend job. Other than that I also have to look into the financial aspect such as there are extended hours calculation or can be say as overtime calculation every month. This process taught me how to be more critical and responsible in quantitative matters. 3.1.5 Adaptable Problem Solving Most of the time, when I face problem in my task or work I will try to solve by my self first. However if I cant solve the problem I will ask my senior manager or others officer to help my find solution or solve the problem. Throughout the training period most of the problem arises were technical such as computer and software problem. Others problem include lack of information to perform given task.

3.1.6 Decision Making Ability During the training I have being given opportunities to make some decision that related to my task. Although its just a minor decision, however it gives me motivation to perform the entire task successfully. During my Internship Programme in KK SUPER MART Berhad, they have gives me the chance to handle the main task in the department that is shift schedule and also formula creating for some system which can make easier the work and conduct the report by myself. 2.2 Soft Skill


2.2.1 Interpersonal Skills/ Presence The training has improved my ability in interacting with others people such as peers and superior. It is fun to deal with this people, especially when they were willing to help and explain to me about thing that I didnt understand. Most of the employees are from different race. This allowed me to learn the differences between culture and its relative influence on their perception and behavior. 2.2.2 Teamworks Skill Most of the time during the training, I worked with workforce management where not only my supervisor but there is also many officers who guided me in every task I conducted. Some of the task we perform it together. I was able to contribute my ideas and insights in our works. 2.2.3 Communication Skill During the training, I able to improved my communication skill especially my English languages skill both spoken and written. This is because English is the most used language in the company for every day communication and report paperworks. 2.2.4 Self Management Getting to know what its like to work in the real industry have taught me how to conduct myself properly in a business environment. I am able to improve my time management, more punctual in work and meeting report deadline. I also leaned how to wear appropriate attire to work and manage my appearance well. 2.1.5 Leadership awareness Although I dont have opportunities to lead any project or working group throughout the training, however I am able to gain some useful leadership insight by observing


how some of the company superiors lead their subordinate. From my observation most of the company superiors applied autocracy, coherent and straight style of leadership.

3.0 PROBLEMS AND RECOMMENDATIONS There are some problems faced in Kk Super Mart Network Marketing. This company has their strength as well as weakness. After three months went through with


industrial training in Kk Super Mart, I found out that Kk Super Mart still have some improvement in various areas. I hope that the suggestion that given will be help Kk Super Mart to perform well and be one of the successful company in Sunway and Kuantan. a) Poor Management The companys management is very poor and not in proper way. As we know that Kk Super Mart runs a few businesses such as event organizing, education, modeling, fashion show and recruitment, so they need to standardize their management.CEO of Kk Super Mart always come up with new business even though some times the new business not suitable with Kk Super Marts objective and mission. But, he is still wanted to do it and it will cost a huge amount of money. Once, he focused one business and he will leave others business for a while. KK SUPER MARTs main business is event organizing, but now the company more concentrates on modeling and fashion show. Other departments such as recruitment and education moves slow. The frequent changes in business gives bad reputation to KK SUPER MART and loose customers confident. So, staff also cannot do anything and just follow his instruction. Shutdown the departments lead some financial problem and create misunderstanding among staff. This kind of problems should not be happen in KK SUPER MART. This company is still growing and need time to extend the business in appropriate time. First, CEO has to discuss about business to staff and let the staff give their opinion because they are the one doing the job. Before to extend the business, company is shall to see whether it can afford or not to run the new business. In addition, staff can do survey and collect the information on new business and evaluate it before implemented. Other departments also important so better manage the operation well. If still cannot maintain then only shut down the department.


b) Current situation of company Now, company is in critical situation and having financial problem. The company is even cannot afford pay staff salary and meet the normal expenses. The problem arises because of poor management. A huge amount of money invested in new business that not suitable for current companys situation. Proper planning will avoid such a problem. Company should emphasize on budgeting and planning before invest and add stock. They should clear all stock first before add new stock. c) No proper guidance for interns The major problem I faced in this company is no proper guidance from staff or CEO to interns to do their task. The management put high expectation on interns and believes that they can do the job independently. But, they did not realize that as a intern, we need guideline to do task because industrial training only give opportunity to study the working environment. Before, none of us working in company and no experience at all do the task. Even, we were tried our best to do the task but the management never appreciates it. They will blame us and keep complaining. This kind of problem makes poor relationship with management. We are new for the task so we need someone guides us in proper way. Such problem will lead miscommunication and misunderstanding with interns and management. Management should understand interns problems and try to help them. They are quite new for this field so that they all need supports, encouragement and guidance to improve their skills. They should not compared interns with staff both of them have their strength and weakness. Interns come here to learn about working environment and this is a different from their study life. If KK SUPER MART practice this should not be a problem in future and they will have a good relationship with interns.


Recommendation I recommend the company to create more structured training program. I understand that the person responsible to supervise the practical student is already busy with their work burden. However I believe that they can spend small portion of their time to plan more comprehensive, structured and organized training for the practical student. The supervisor in charge should list and arrange the training task which will be performed by the trainee. A training schedule also should be made in order to optimize the training period. In arranging and assigning the training task, the supervisor also should try to fill in the training period with task that significant in developing the trainee knowledge, skills and experience for its future career. In overall I am quite satisfied with the Management of KK SUPER MART effort in making the program perform smooth and successfully. However there were some parts that need to be improved, such as the department and bank information and preference channel related to the industrial training program, which now are not quite satisfying. For example I am having some difficulty to get my supervisor name because the bank website which the name list posted cannot be excess.

4.0 SUMMARY OF THE EXPERIENCE GAINED I judge my three month spent at Kk Super Mart as being one of the most interesting, productive and instructive experience in my life. Although as a student that majoring in business, I expect to involve more on business related work or task, however much of my training time were focusing more on operation aspect. However this didnt affect my excitement and focus on the ongoing training period. On the contrary I am happy to have been able to take this valuables opportunity to explore and experience new dimension of


work in education sectors which I never experience before. During my placement I had the practical work experience under professional supervision. I try to apply what I have learned in the lecture class at faculty to actual work setting. My English language skills both spoken and written also were developed. I also able to get a better understanding about the operation process in a bank especially related to direct employees in various deparment. From the task and project given by my supervisor and manager, I able to understand education related aspect such as operation flow and much more. This training has exposed me to the invaluable experience that I can't gain from the lecture hall or classroom. Furthermore, the industrial training is not only the knowledge outside the classroom but it also opens my world view wider.


In conclusion, there were many things that I have experience and learned during the three month period of my Industrial Training at KK SUPER MART. The whole training period was very interesting, instructive and challenging. Through this training I was able to gain new insights and more comprehensive understanding about the real industry working condition and practice. The three month placement also has provided me the


opportunities to develop and improve my soft skills and functional skills. All of this valuable experience and knowledge that I have gained were not only acquired through the direct involvement in task given but also through other aspect of the training such as work observation, interaction with colleagues, superior, and others third party related to the company. From what I have gone through, I am hundred percent agree that the industrial training program have achieve its entire primary objective. Its also the best ways to prepare student in facing the real working life. As a result of the program now I am more confident to enter the employment world and build my future career.


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3. Author, by Nicholas Tan Title Improve Communication Skills


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