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Statement of the Problem With the manual system of Mactan National High Schools library, the researchers had discovered that the said library was experiencing the following problems: 1. Inaccuracy and time-consuming of 1.1 Searching and locating for library materials; 2. Unavailability of an automated system that accurately monitors and permanently keeps records on borrowing and returning of library materials; and 3. Inaccessibility of data as an effect of not giving much regard in updating and keeping track of on library materials records.

Statement of Objectives The objectives of this study were as follows: 1. To provide accuracy and efficiency on 1.1 Searching and locating for library materials; 2. To develop a well-organized library system that properly and accurately monitors the borrowing and returning of books; and 3. To properly and accurately monitor and update materials records.

Significance of the Study The automation of the library system offered benefits to the entities which were involved in its processes. Mactan National High School. The institution benefited from this study because it gave them a chance to render a more reliable and efficient service not just to their external users but also to their employees. Developers and Researchers. It also let them apply their knowledge and skills to acquire their platforms and become competent in this field. Students. These were students who may wish to develop the study for it gave them its clearer picture.

Scope and Limitation of the Study The system covered the following: 1. Providing system maintenance 1.1 Adding and updating library materials; 2. Displaying the essential information and the location of a certain library materials; 3. Enabling the user to input details in searching for library materials; 4. Allowing the user to view information of the library materials; and 5. Keeping track of the borrowing of library materials.

The following were beyond the system scope and may not give the user the intended output: 1. Unavailability of a library material on its exact location when it is improperly returned or when it is currently in use; 2. Keeping track of readers or visitors; 3. Displaying the transactions on a certain date.


It consists of a body of methods, rules, procedures, and techniques used to collect and analyze data and process them to become useful information.

Research Environment Mactan National High School is a school located at Mactan Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. It is a haven where generation is molded to become an individual competence, emotional stability and spiritual strength. The school provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.

Figure 2.2 Location Map of Mactan National High School

Sources of Data Data gathering was done through researching from different related reading materials, surfing the Internet, and distributing questionnaires and conducting an interview with the people who are involved in the system transactions.

Methods and Techniques The researchers made use of UML (Unified Modeling Language) to illustrate the notation techniques and to create abstract models of the system analysis and design.


Tools The system was implemented using an object-oriented programming language which is Visual C# Windows Form Application, SQL Server Management Studio Express for the database management system and Adobe Photoshop C3, and C5 for the illustrations and graphics.

Research Instruments Data were gathered from the questionnaires distributed and the interviews conducted with the research respondents.

Development Process The study employed the following phases to develop the system: planning, analysis, design, development and documentation. Although the said phases were followed, necessary changes were made early in the process as possible.


Gantt Chart A Gantt chart shows project planning period for each activity of the development of the system.

Figure 2.3 Gantt Chart



Data. It is a representation of raw facts. Documentation. It is a set of instructions shipped with a program or a piece of hardware; it usually includes necessary information about the type of computer system required, set-up instructions, and instructions on the use and maintenance of the product. Gantt Chart. It is a matrix which lists down the vertical axis of all the tasks to be performed each row contains a single task identification which usually consists of a number and name; the horizontal axis is headed by columns indicating estimated task duration. Graphics. It is anything that is visually displayed on a computer that is not a text. Information. It is the meaningful and processed data as a result of data processing. Library Material. It refers to any library reading material. Methodology. It is the way in which information is found or something is done and it includes the methods, procedures, and techniques used to collect and analyze data. Objects. These are the basic run-time entities in an object-oriented system. Programming problem is analyzed in terms of objects and nature of communication between them. When a program is executed, objects interact with each other by sending messages. Different objects can also interact with each other without knowing the details of their data or code. Rationale. It is the logical basis or a reason for something.


Readers. They are the people who come to the library to do research or to simply just read. They are not necessarily card holders. Software. It is the non-physical portion of the computer; the part that exists only as data; the programs. System Analysis. It is the process of understanding and specifying in detail what an information system should do. System Design. It is the process of specifying in detail how the parts of an information system should be implemented. Tool. It is any application software which can be used to develop and implement an automated system. User. He is the one who operates the computer.