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Splash Corporation View all jobs Company Address: 5F W-Office Building, 11th Avenue corner 28th St.

, Bonifacio Global City Taguig City 1112 Industry: Manufacturing / Production OVERVIEW The Splash Corporation was established in 1985 by the husband and wife team of Drs. Rolando and Rosalinda Hortaleza, MD. As a backyard enterprise with an initial capital of P 12,000, it produced fast- moving beauty salon products such as hair spray, cold- wave lotion, acetone, cuticle remover and benzalkonnium chloride.With the vision, dynamism, focus and entrepreneural zeal of its OWNER, splash quickly grew to become a major player in the Philippines personal care industry. IN 1998, Splash joined the ranks of the top 500 Philippine corporations. By year 2000 it became the 248th on the list. Today, it is the largest Filipino-owned company that competes strongly in an industry that has long been dominated by big multinational corporations. Splash products are sold at leading retail outlets in Indonesia and Malaysia. The company, together with its distributors, is on an aggressive distribution expansion blitz to penetrate all retail distribution outlets in these two countries. In 2003, Splash shall open a distributorship in Thailand, notwithstanding the fact that its products are already being sold in stores near the Thailand- Malaysian border. Splash continues its international expansion while maintaining the Philippines as its production hub. The erection of the new Valenzuela plant, the infusion of state- of- the- art information technology and the constant evolution of manufacturing processes will allow Splash to strengthen its competitive position and maximize its advantage in breaking down tariff barriers of the AFTA. With multinational companies relocating, Splash shall remain in the land of its birth and show the world that the Filipino can excel and triumph. WHY JOIN US? Currently no information has been provided by the company. COMPANY BACKGROUND History: What started as a small enterprise that specialized in supplying hair spray, cuticle remover, acetone, & cold wave lotions to beauty stores has now grown into the largest Filipino-owned manufacturer of cosmetics & personal care products in the Philippines. With careful planning, strategic decisions, & the help of loyal friends, the small backyard industry known as Splash Cosmetics established in 1985 has evolved into the Splash Corporation today. Now housed in state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with a modern warehousing facility, Splash Corporation employs over 800 personnel, each one of them providing specific service, all of them members of the Splash Family. The products themselves have also grown in scope. Today, the company is involved in the manufacture and marketing of world-class baby care products, personal hygiene items, facial & hair care items, facial & whitening solutions.

Product and Services:

Face Exfoliants Hand and Body Lotion Soaps Creams Facial Cleanser Colognes and Sanitizers Hair Care Baby Care Face Powder Under Arm Care Skin Care Sets Cultures and Values: SENSE OF BELONGING "It's a 2-way relationship among individuals in the organization based on genuine caring, understanding & righteousness." PIONEERING & INNOVATIVE "By driving opportunities & challenging the status quo,we are able to come up with breakthrough,1st in the market,value adding products and services." PRODUCTIVITY & EXCELLENCE "We practice productivity & excellence by doing things right every time,working smart producing more with less time,utilizing world-class practices that has positive impact on costs." CUSTOMER SATISFACTION "People who use our products are our reason for being.We aim to always exceed their expectations." SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY "We commit ourselves to social responsibility by giving something back." FAITH IN GOD ALMIGHTY "We all believe that our success was made possible with the infinite goodness & guidance of God.All triumphs therefore,are dedicated to His greater honor & glory."

SPLASH CORPORATION: Making waves in the global beauty and personal care industry If there is one Philippine company that best exemplifies the pioneering spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship, it is Splash Corporation. The company was founded in 1985 by Rolando and Rosalinda Hortaleza as RBH Cosmetics, a backyard business that packaged and distributed acetone, cuticle removers and cold wave lotion in neighborhood beauty parlors. It was from these humble beginnings that Splash Corp. rose to become one of the countrys leading manufacturers of personal care products. The phenomenal growth of the company (it became Hortaleza Cosmetics in 1986, renamed Splash Cosmetics in 1987, and became Splash Corp. in 1991) mirrored the emergence of the lucrative personal care market in the Philippines. But where foreign companies used to dominate, Splash Corp. not only engaged foreign competitors it established differentiated products that redefined the market, successfully positioning itself for international penetration. In 2007, Splash Corp. posted a net income of P271.23 million on sales of more than P3 billion. It was the year the company went public, boosting further its reputation as a strong market player. Its 25% growth in sales, which translated into a 32% growth in net income, was a result of the strong performance of its Naturals products that include the popular brands Extract and Biolink. The companys Hair Care products, which include the brands Kolours and Vitress, likewise posted revenue growth, as with Skin Care brands SkinWhite, Maxi- Peel, and Extraderm. As of end-2007, the market monitoring firm AC Nielsen reported that Splash Corporations products held market leadership positions in two out of three categories where the company is a major player. These brands were Maxi-Peel Exfoliant (market leader with 81% market share), Extraderm Antiaging (market leader in volume shares (add), 43%), SkinWhite Lotion (market leader, 25%), SkinWhite Soap (market leader, 36%), and Kolours Premium Hair Dye (market leader, 49%). Last years growth was driven by the companys flexible brand and product creation process which allows it to respond immediately to changes in consumer preferences. Splash Corp. launched 14 major products last year which contributed 16% to total sales and continues to develop new products that would meet the growing needs of the personal care market. Splash products are also aggressively distributed. The companys distribution infrastructure is a combination of in-house and third-party distributors. It delivers directly to its National Accounts Group like Super SM (of the SM Group), Watsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons and HBC as well as to other large accounts. These accounts include, Gaisano Group, Ever Gotesco, Puregold, and The Landmark. Splash Corp. also maintains 23 other third-party distributors each assigned a specific territory. The result is a widely available line of personal care products networked all over the country. The company looks at international operations as the new frontier that will further drive growth. Last year, international operations contributed close to 10% of total revenues while providing net returns over 20%. Markets like Southeast Asia, where consumers have a similar skin type as Filipinos, are squarely on Splash Corp.s sights. For Splash Corp., going global was inevitable. With an estimated eight million overseas Filipinos, the company initially targeted this particular market with 100%, honest-to-goodness Filipino personal care products. A sure and steady growth anchored on demand and an ever-growing network of overseas Filipinos as well as local and international consumers. To date, the company has established market presence in over 20 countries through distributors and local exporters. These countries include Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and the US territories of Guam and Saipan.