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The Universal Web of Creation is the foundation of all that is currently physically animating itself in the Universe. The Universal Web of Creation is like a brain; it contains neural networks, which connect together to form the intelligence of the Universe. A Planetary Matrix is a part of the Universal Web of Creation. A planetary matrix is a node of energy in the brain of the Universe. It is intelligence gathering together in one place, to define itself as a certain aspect of intelligent creation.

Every planet in the physically animated universe has a Matrix. Without the Matrix it would be impossible to experience a physical reality. The Matrix functions similar to a computer, a computer that is generating and projecting physical realities. Every planet has a sentient being at its core. This being programs its own matrix with a predetermined set of rules, which defines the kind of realities, which can be experienced there. This base program allows the development of a certain kind of reality. Souls then can choose a certain planet to visit, in order to experience different lessons and challenges. This base program is the general consensus, on how the reality of a particular planet is experienced.

For example: there is a planet which orbits a star in the Orion system, which defines its reality through a base program which determines that souls visiting there, experience a kind of reality which allows them to be in their shadow selves. Souls choosing to experience both light and dark, would find this planet useful in their overall development. It is only possible to navigate the lower dimensions if you are aware of yourself being the Creator and you are conscious in both the light and the dark. You as a soul would have to experience yourself as both light and dark, in order to know your self entirely. So you would choose this planet in Orion in order to embrace your dark side. The matrix of the Orion planet has a base program of holding dark energies and thus all that visited this planet, would experience realties, which were dark. There are also planets, which are entirely of the light, where you would visit to embrace your light side. And so the journey would go on.

The earth is unique, as beings can come here and do what they like. It is a place of intense definitions of both light and dark, a planet locked in polarity. It is the most densely animated planet in the universe, due to its ability to act as a library, housing all the compacted intelligence of the universe as one sphere or node. Beings from all over the universe and from all dimensions can come here and animate themselves in one physical form or another to experience what the earth has to offer. Earth is a place of intense learning due to the fact that it is the most densely compacted bundle of universal neurones in the physical universe.

The matrix of earth has been manipulated from outside beings. The reason that this can occur is because the base program of earth is all about “Allowance and unconditional love”. Gaia the sentient being at its earth’s core of existence has chosen as her base program unconditional love and allowance of all. This allows all sorts of beings to come here in one form or another to manipulate, affect, influence and control the matrix for their own ends. Those of us who are currently living on the earth in human physical bodies are under all these influences and manipulation. This is because we are living inside a reality, which is generated by a controlled matrix.

The matrix of earth is not under the influence of only one race of beings, but many. However these beings do not have control over all layers of the matrix, but seem to have influence over certain layers. The matrix of earth is extremely complex and intricate in design; it is the weaving together of many different energetic influences. All

these layers have been redesigned, modified and reprogrammed by the beings from other planets and dimensions.

by the beings from other planets and dimensions. I have come from a very high dimension

I have come from a very high dimension to be here on the earth, but my travelling was not easy, passing through the matrix to land here on the earth was the hardest part of the whole journey. Looking down from above it looked like the earth was surrounded by a huge metallic electric blue sphere. I could see what looked like lightening, flashing blue running along the metallic lines of energy. The whole thing buzzed and hummed. I did not like what it was doing to my soul body. I could feel the energy drawing me closer, I could feel myself compacting.

As a soul I was not defined to be in one place or space, I was everywhere. To be able to experience myself as being somewhere else, all I had to do was project a small part of my universal consciousness, into the aspect of myself, which resided on the dimension I wanted to visit. As I felt the influence of the earth matrix, I became aware that I was beginning to bring all of myself together as one. My atoms which made up my body and which were in fact scattered throughout the whole multidimensional universe, were coming together as one. I felt like I would suffocate, I could feel the very beginnings of becoming third dimensionally physical. For a soul such as myself, this was the scariest and at the same time the most exciting thing I had ever experienced.

There are layers to the matrix. The first layer is programmed by what we know as the spiritual hierarchy. This is a group of very high dimensional angelic frequencies, which come together for the purpose of spiritually guiding the evolution of the planet earth. Every planet has a spiritual guidance team that supports the planet from the angelic realms. The first layer of the matrix is one of soul development. The programs that run on this level are responsible for the karmic clearing which earth is famous for. Let me explain. Beings from other planets and places in the universe, also from other dimensions, can come to the earth, incarnate into the human story and move into an intense healing process which this first layer of the matrix offers. In a human body, it is possible to bring all other aspects of self from all other places in the universe and all other dimensions as one. It is possible in a human body to anchor all of these selves as frequencies in the cells of the living body. Each cell of the physical body acts as a hard drive, allowing the anchoring of all higher frequencies. Once this anchoring or integrating is complete, i.e. you have all of the frequencies, which represent all of the other dimensional selves, and their information inside the cells of the body, you then can trigger the next phase which is karmic clearing. Through aligning yourself with the unconditional love of Gaia, you can forgive, heal, balance and release all karma. Thus you can clear all your karma as not only as your human self, but also as all of your other selves. You can clear the karma of your Pleiadian, Orion, and Angelic selves etc. As everything is connected as you clear the karma of your other selves, you can also clear the karma for the race that you are representing. Those of us, who are star born, are here to do just that, we are here to clear the karma of the various races we represent and have as part of our multidimensional makeup. As I passed through the first layer of the matrix I was aware that I was beginning a long and maybe painful healing process. Over the next few years I experienced all of my karmic past, as my multidimensional identity was cleared of all karmic debt.

The programming of the first layer of the matrix was in alignment with my overall soul intent and therefore I choose to move deeper into the matrix. I began to feel Gaia for the first time, though it was hard to distinguish her voice above the others. Once inside a little deeper than before, I was aware that the matrix was a very busy place, a

mass of different energies and voices all wanting dominance over the other. This layer of the matrix was a cloudy place of illusion. I looked and saw spheres of light passing beneath me. When I looked closely I could see inside them beings, some who were in bodies of light, instructing newly passed over souls in the ways of heaven. I saw inside the spheres cities of light, the palaces of the ascended masters. I saw Sirian ships stuck in dimension due to some experiment, which had gone wrong, harvesting souls to feed themselves energetically. I saw ancient gods and goddesses which man had worshipped along its journey on earth. All illusions, all manipulated realities, some of the light, some of the dark, yet all not truth, not heaven at all. This was the place, which human souls mistook for heaven.

Humans create immense amounts of energy on this level. Yet they are too busy riding the waves of heavenly desire and reverence, which is artificially created by these other beings, to notice that they are becoming energetic food for others. I watched the energy of the newly decreased souls being siphoned off by other beings, which saw the souls of man as food. I passed through this level unharmed as I was still aware of who I am in truth, I did not buy into the illusions and the promises of heaven. I did not follow the instructed way of ascension that many others did, as I had seen the trapped souls of those still living inside energy prisons which other planetary beings had set up in this layer of the matrix. I saw how the manipulation of the Merkabar vehicle was in fact misinformation and was not designed to aid ascension. It was designed to unplug the soul from the body and trap it inside an energy prison in this layer of the matrix. Once inside this prison, other dimensional beings would use the light inside their soul bodies as food.

Why you may ask?

Many different kinds of beings have visited the earth in one form or another. All have had their influence. The spiritual hierarchy set up a program in the first layer of the matrix which basically stated “ that all who had ever had any interaction with the earth what so ever, would have to return in one form or another to enter the first layer of the matrix and would not be able to leave until all karma was cleared. “

Many beings in their ignorance or arrogance, did not heed this warning in the program. The spiritual hierarchy set up this program and thus all beings connected with the earth were trapped in this layer of the matrix and were unable to leave. They were given the choice they could either heal their karma, which meant that they would have to incarnate into a human body. Or they could choose to not heal and stay trapped in this layer of the matrix. Many chose to stay trapped. They were quarantined from the rest of the universe, and unable to access the universal power and energy in order to exist. Therefore they began to starve. They needed a food source. So they looked to man.

So these other beings set up artificial false realities bubbles, which deceased souls would go to when they died, following preset belief systems, which had been filtered down into their minds, whilst they were alive on the earth. People experienced their preconditioned versions of heaven and hell, generating immense amounts of energy and feeding their hosts. Now in our modern times, deceased souls are not going to flowery versions of heaven; they are entering ships of light guided by ascended masters. They were ascending into cities of light, or were they? These ships, these cities are illusions, false realities were set up by other dimensional trapped beings, who needed those who followed the ascension path, as food. These other dimensional beings are feeding us here on the earth, false information, which is designed to control and use, and abuse our energetic bodies. The manipulation of the Merkabar body is one way of achieving immense amounts of light in the cells of the body, which is then used as food for these so called ascended beings. Lots of beings in the universe have the ability to shape shift, they can appear as anything or anyone they like. They are using the images

of the revered in the collective consciousness of man to create forms to show us, that trigger trust and worship. So man follows, blinded by his own images to see the truth.

So who are these other dimensional beings?

Well there is more than one race of being, some are from higher dimensions and some lower. Some are having an influence over the others. There is a group of angelic frequencies, dark and fallen that are having direct influence over the Reptilian races, which there are many. The Reptilian beings seem to be predominant, and there are many cross breeds. There are beings from Orion, seven different races, all reptilian. There is one race of beings from the star Orion itself, they appear as dark holes sucking energy inside themselves. They are the D’Naar; they are responsible for most of the poisoned energy in this sector of space. There are two races of Pleiadian beings, one reptilian, one humanoid, both failed experiments. They are original visitors to earth and therefore are called back into the matrix to clear karma, yet are so imbalanced, they are unable to incarnate and thus complete their directive. They are in the process of aligning with Gaia and therefore we will see many more incarnated Pleiadians in the next years. There is a Sirian / Pleiadian alliance which is currently working within the matrix to aid those who are stuck there. They are helping their trapped Sirian brothers by trying to align them once again with Gaia.

N.B this is a whole other story, which I do not want to go into now, but at a future date I will tell you more about the trapped Sirians.

The only way that they can successfully clear their own karma and the karma of their own race is to incarnate into the human story and body and live a human life under the influence of the matrix. A Reptilian being does not want to live under the vicious, cruel controlling programs that he himself has set up in the matrix. He will not want to incarnate as a human, one he considers below him and a drop in consciousness. So therefore in his pride he chooses to stay locked in the fourth dimensional prison, that the spiritual hierarchy has set up. The spiritual hierarchy by blocking the escape from the earth’s matrix, by setting a program running which holds them in karmic binds, have created an energy prison for these trapped beings. They will remain trapped until they move down a dimension and incarnate into a human body. Time is running out for them, they will have to incarnate soon, because when the universal shift in consciousness comes, this level of the matrix will evaporate and everyone in it will be recycled back into the Source. They will no more and neither will their race.

As I travelled through this level of the matrix, I was aware their were aspects of myself trapped there too. Souls aspects that I would have to retrieve and integrate into my oneness, if I as a whole being, was to then move down into the lower layers of the matrix. I would have to retrieve the different lost aspects of myself, which were trapped inside the various bubbles, that I saw floating below me.

I retrieved a Pleiadian self, a female scientist who had visited the earth many thousands of years ago. She walked the earth in her Pleiadian body, during a time when the earth was not as yet third dimensional. It was in the very early times of Mu, the time before Lemuria. When a shift in dimension had occurred on the planet earth, she was unable to move into the higher fifth dimensional frequencies that her kind vibrated at. When the ships of fifth dimensional light from the Pleiades, came to rescue her, they were unable to, as she had dropped so far down in frequency, she was unable to hold her energy - fifth dimensionally. They could not access her and thus she was abandoned on the earth in a fourth dimensional body. She shape shifted her body, as this is possible when you are in a fourth dimensional body, into the body of a dolphin.

As I retrieved and integrated all the lost aspects that were stuck on this level, I was aware of contracts being signed by these aspects. They were saying yes to

integrating into me, and they knew I was going to earth to incarnate into the human body. Many races and levels of beings were wise enough and courageous enough to move into my body and become one with me, as I travelled through and down, deeper into the matrix. I was now whole, all parts retrieved, as one, compacting my selves into one form, one being, one consciousness. I was becoming symbion. I floated down passing the bubbles of illusions, going down into the darkness.

I felt strangely alone; you would think that with the integration of all my

selves, many, which were lost, I would feel complete and content. However I was not feeling content, I felt pulled down, heavy, compacted, suffocated, lost and alone. Like a lead ball falling through space on a collision course with the earth. Gone were my feelings of weightlessness. Gone were the feelings of being made of light. I was no longer everywhere, but everywhere was within me. I was falling as a being made up of universal proportions, compacted into one spark of light, which was becoming strangely heavier the closer it got to the earth. I must say I did not all together like it. Is this what it is to be physically animated? I thought. I was being pulled down to the earth, I was suddenly

aware of her powers of gravity, I could feel its iron arms reaching out to catch me and pull me down to the earth. I went deeper and came across the next layer of the matrix.

My way was barred. I could not pass. Below me was a grey ring of energy that seemed impenetrable. I took a deep breath and dived in. I did indeed pass through to the other side, but what was waiting for me there was horror itself. I was no longer connected to my universal power, I felt small, alone, isolated and above all separate. I had never felt this feeling of separation before in the whole of my existence. I thought this must be hell of which they speak. I began to fragment, looking at the different aspects of my multidimensional identity as being separate to me, outside of myself. I felt as if I had a multiply personality, I began to scatter. Confused and in fear, I dropped even further, and lost consciousness.

The grey ring of energy is what others call the “ring that pass not”.

The “ring that pass not”, is a boundary or frontier within which is contained the consciousness of those who are still under the sway of the delusion of separateness. There are layers upon layers of trapped beings, within this grey ring of energy, who are so fixed in their ideas of separation, that not matter how many times they incarnate and die and ascend they cannot go any further up into the higher dimensions, as their way is barred by their ideology of separation. This belief in separation holds them back from entering the fifth dimension and above. Souls ascending are unable to change their beliefs and are getting stuck against a ceiling in dimension and thus piling up and creating a thicker and thicker boundary for others to hit against. It is now in our times a huge thick, almost impenetrable layer which holds those below trapped and has an extremely negative affect on those of us who are coming from the higher dimensions to be here on the earth.

I lost consciousness as I passed through the “ring that pass not”. It took

many tries to pass through this ring of energy before I could safely pass with all of myself in tact. Many months in human terms passed, whilst I passed up into the higher dimensions and got all of myself together as one, and dove through the grey ring, before I could see all of myself there on the other side. It took a long time before I could as my whole self pass through the grey ring totally conscious. You know sometimes in the morning you are aware of yourself waking up in a dream, you are totally in the dream it is vivid and real, but you are also aware you are waking up. You can feel the sheets on your body; hear the birds outside your window. Yet as you become more and more awake the dream begins to fade and you wake up. You know all of the dream one minute then you dip into a valley of unconsciousness and as you surface out of this dip and wake up, you forget your dream. It is as if this dip is the unconscious, is wiping your memory. It is the same when you go to sleep. Have you ever watched yourself falling asleep? One

minute you are aware of yourself still awake but falling deeper and deeper asleep. Then all of a sudden you are either dreaming, or waking the next morning. Again there is a dip in unconsciousness. This is similar to the grey ring, as I passed through I forgot who I really was, and I was put under a spell of thinking I was separate. It took many months of intense training to pass through the ring with full consciousness and memory of who I am intact.

Unknown to me my passing through the ring had not gone unnoticed. The matrix is like a computer it can be programmed. Just as the spiritual hierarchy had programmed the upper levels of the matrix, other beings had also programmed the lower levels. Within this layer of the matrix there were security codes set in place. I triggered these, as I passed through the ring in full consciousness. We think it is us as humans that rule our world. It is not. We are inside of a matrix, which is directly controlled by another race of beings, which have come here to the earth for thousands of years and consider man their slaves. These beings are called the Annunaki.

As I passed through the "ring that pass not" I triggered an alarm system, which is programmed into the matrix on this level. The beings the Annunaki programmed the matrix to pick up on the arrival of high dimensional beings, entering earth’s energy body. Soon as a high dimensional being enters and passes through the "ring that pass not", the matrix would be aware of it. The matrix is not really alive in the way we perceive to be alive, but it is conscious. It therefore can become aware of you, as you as your higher self enters earth’s sector. Also it is becoming aware of who you are on a human level too, though this takes longer.

It took some time before I realized that strange being watched feeling was the matrix becoming aware of me. I could feel it searching for me, trying to home in on my frequency. However being a super hybrid, multidimensional consciousness, I have many, many frequencies. It is hard for the matrix to home in, on the signal when it is like this. However it was not difficult for me to pick up on the energy signature that the Annunaki had programmed into the matrix on this level. The Annunaki were no longer operating on the earth in person, so to speak. They had set up what they thought were fail-safe programs inside the matrix, and had left the earth. However even without their actual presence, it was easy to feel their energy and influence.

The Annunaki program on this level is one of separation. Their consciousness is one of “I am “; they are totally in their power in their solar plexus and have developed over inflated ideas of who they really are. They have built up incredible egos, which are into “Control”, one of the most severe of cases. With this kind of consciousness is it any wonder that they have set up security alerts inside the matrix, which trigger when a being of a high energy comes to earth. A being of high energies would be a threat to the control that the Annunaki have over the earth and her inhabitants. They thus have set up alarm systems, which activate when a being of high energies is incarnating. I was not fully anchored into my physical third dimensional body, so therefore my signal was hard for them to detect, but once I was earthed in my body, they would be able through the matrix, to find where I was on the earth. This is a totally automated system set up in the matrix. Like I said the Annunaki are not present on the planet at this time but have set up an automated control system in the lower layers of the earth’s matrix, in their absence. The matrix was aware that I was coming to earth and was aware of my energy signature.

In order that the matrix could not home in on my energy signature I brought my seventh dimensional self, my Zeta self into predominance in my consciousness. Whilst in my Zeta energy I was no longer of an “I am “consciousness, but a seventh dimensional “we am “consciousness. The matrix was fully aware that the Zeta were present but because of the level of consciousness it was unable to hold, control or anchor

my energy as I moved closer and closer to the earth. In other words, the Zeta helped me navigate my way through the maze, which, were the programs of the Annunaki. The Zeta taught me the language of codes; there are codes throughout the whole of the lower layers of the matrix. Through using down loaded energy frequencies directly from the Zeta consciousness I wove new programs within the matrix, which would pave a way for my arrival. On a human level, I danced to high-energy techno and danced, weaving strange patterns with my arms and hands. I could see and feel the Zeta all around me, aiding me by channeling energy to me. The energy was a stream of consciousness, which held new codes to be programmed into the matrix. The codes that the Zeta brought to me, where beyond an intelligence that I can understand with my human mind, but to my human self felt strangely ecstatic. I began to see the matrix.

One night I was dancing on a small stage at a techno party and I could see the crowd below me. I saw the matrix; it was like a spider’s web that attached itself to the head at the nape of the neck. It was a cold consciousness and rigid and mechanical in appearance. I was dancing and weaving new codes into the matrix with the aid of the Zeta. I could see how I was detaching the attachments for a short time from each person’s head and then dropping new codes into their energy body and then reattaching them once again. This was my job for many years, the redesigning, the modifying and reprogramming of the matrix.

What I was doing was, programming the matrix to create for me a form on the earth in order that I as my whole higher self could anchor and incarnate here in full consciousness. Through the downloaded codes of the Zeta I was creating for myself a form that could hold all the frequencies of all my multidimensional selves in physical expression. As I said earlier it is impossible to experience any physical reality without the codes inside the matrix. It would be impossible to be able to have a physical form, without the codes that Gaia herself programmed into the matrix many eons of time ago. She programs all forms into the matrix and thus it is created. She programmed the human form into the matrix and then humans manifested. The Zeta wanted to give me the program, which I could use to create for myself a form, which was capable of holding all of my multidimensional selves and their frequencies.

Whilst vibrating in a Zeta frequency I became aware of the matrix with my human eyes. I began to wake up in the matrix. It began with the numbers on the digital clock, 11.11, 12.12, 13.13 etc. The Zeta taught me how to read the numbers. Now it is very hard for me to explain this completely but I will try the best I can. My human mind did not understand anything only felt the strange eerie feeling when I saw these numbers. But if I focused on my Zeta self I was aware that the numbers were signs to me, that there were windows in both time and space, which the Zeta were using to access my reality. I saw images that they put in my mind, I saw the Zeta navigating their way through a complex maze of both time and space, moving through parallel realities to access my time line here on earth.

Once the Zeta were totally present here in this reality, they were able to totally wake up in my awareness. I would lose all identity as a human being, and would move totally into my Zeta consciousness. Through Zeta eyes I was able to suddenly see the matrix in all its glory. I could see it on several different ways. I saw the bare foundation of the matrix, which resembled a spider’s web. It was silvery in light and was very cold and automated. It was like a giant cold automated computer. I saw that all of physical reality was made up of this matrix foundation, this spider’s web.

The Zeta showed me how this level was part of Gaia’s consciousness. This level is totally automated, creating thoughts into physical reality, even our bodies were originally thoughts programmed into the matrix and then manifested in physical reality. Through channelling the Zeta energy was able to manipulate and redesign the reality around me. It was possible to weave a new design into the matrix in an empty seminar

room; programmed within this new design would be the possibility to perceive the Zeta. People attending my seminars would then come into the room and instantly feel something was different within the room; they could feel the set up of the energy. Then I would invite the energy of the Zeta into the room and everyone would feel or see or perceive them in one way or another. Without this initial setup of energies within the matrix the Zeta consciousness would not be able to move into their reality and the people on the seminar would not experience them.

Through the interaction with the Zeta I learnt how to help other people unplug the implants that the Annunaki had set in their brains and allow them to begin to have multidimensional awareness. Over many years I have seen this implant; it connects at the place where the head sits on the neck. It connects in the place, which is called the Hypothalamus. This implant controls your ability to raise your consciousness. It allows you to move up to the higher realms of the fourth dimension but no higher. It is the main program within the human body, which governs your perception of yourself. It programs you with the concept that you are separate to the rest of the universe. This implant connects you directly to the controlled Annunaki layer of the matrix. Through this layer you are influenced to only think in rational ways and never use your imagination, and connect with your soul. Through this implant you are controlled by your inner Annunaki, your rational mind. Your are programmed to doubt the spiritual information that sometimes manages to get through the maze and drop into your conscious awareness. Your are influenced to feel fear when there is nothing to fear, to doubt yourself and think you are crazy when you experience something multidimensional.

Most people exist in consciousness below this level of the matrix. There are others who are reaching up into the higher levels of the matrix and are experiencing themselves as the multidimensional beings they are in truth. However whilst they are incarnated on the earth they are under the influence of the matrix. When they reach up in consciousness they experience the influence of this program in the matrix. Have you ever had direct connection with your soul, or experienced other beings who you know are you on higher dimensions, have you ever had an inspired thought or a spiritual realization, only to fall immediately into doubt, confusion and fear. Your mind works over drive, tells you lots of reasons why you are crazy, insane, childish and foolish. You go on to believe what your rational mind tells you about yourself, which is never positive and inspiring. Your emotional body reacts to this constant thought pattern and feels confused and fearful. You drop in frequency and move back below the” ring that pass not”.

It takes a great soul who can continually pass through the “ring that pass not”, into the higher dimensions and then bring down the energy from those levels to anchor them here on the earth. This is your mission as a star being here on the planet. It is important to reach up into the higher dimensions, but as you do so, you must always ask for your truth, as you move up you too will encounter the false reality bubbles. It is only when you can look down on the matrix can you know for sure you have made it out of a programmed and controlled reality.

Keep reaching up and ask for your truth and I will see you on the other side.