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ISGEC John Thompson

Sugar Plant & Machinery

Engineering for Excellence

ISGEC John Thompson Office at Noida (a suburb of New Delhi), India.

Main Plant at Yamunanagar (Haryana), India.

New Plant at the port town of Dahej (Gujarat) India. The shop has been set up especially for the manufacture of large equipment for the overseas market.

Cover Picture: 3500 TCD expandable to 5000 TCD with 18 MW Cogeneration Plant executed on a turnkey basis for Daund Sugar Ltd., India

The ISGEC Group comprises the heavy engineering divisions of the Saraswati Industrial Syndicate Ltd., which is a public company. The Group has its origins in the Saraswati Sugar Mills, which was established in 1933, with a sugarcane crushing capacity of 400 Tonnes per day. It has grown into India's largest sugar mill and now crushes 13,000 Tonnes per day. It is today a subsidiary company At the time of the nation's independence, the need for an Indian Capital Goods Industry was recognized and Isgec was established in 1946. The initial activity was the manufacture of spares for sugar mills In the course of its history, the Company diversified into a range of engineering products. In 1964 it established a joint venture with John Thompson of the UK to form ISGEC JOHN THOMPSON. In 1981, it acquired majority shares in U.P. STEELS. Both units were subsequently absorbed into the parent company. Today, the Company has the following business units across various locations in India - the port town of Dahej in Gujarat; Yamunanagar & Bawal in Haryana; Noida & Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. Isgec Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers Isgec Presses Isgec Iron Castings Isgec John Thompson EPC, Boilers, Sugar Plants, Power Plants U.P. Steels Steel Castings

Spread over 100 hectares (250 acres), the Company's manufacturing facilities have a shop floor area of over 95,500 square meters (1,14,200 square yards) with world class manufacturing & testing facilities. Isgec products have been supplied to reputed companies across 74 countries, many of whom have placed repeat orders on us. These include: ABB, Japan Foster Wheeler, China Foster Wheeler, USA GE Hydro, Canada Luk, Germany Siemens, Germany Sumitomo, Japan Valeo, France VA Tech Hydro, USA Wesfarmers Group, Australia

Complete Sugar Plants

(& major expansions)


Cane Crushing Mills Boilers across Countries


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Trinidad & Tobago








Turnkey Solutions
Kibos Sugar & Allied Ind., Kenya, a 1850 TCD Sugar Plant being expanded to 3000 TCD with 23 MW Cogeneration. We have supplied such Plants, on a turnkey basis, to customers in in India, Vietnam and across Africa

King & Queen boltless type horizontal setting mills 'A' Frame design head stocks Pinionless Mills Dewatering Mills for Diffusers Various drive combinations: AC-VFD with planetary gearbox & Rope Coupling DC Motors and Thyristor Panels with Primary Gearbox & Open Gearing Hydraulic Drive Turbine Drives Cane Preparatory Devices Cane Knives Fibrizers / Shredder options - Knifed Cane - Whole Stick Cane Shredder
45" x 90" Mill for Xinavane, Mozambique, under assembly in our Works.

4 Roller Pinionless Mill of size 1067mm (42) x 2135mm (84) for capacity upto 340 TCH driven by 4 Nos. 160 kW AC motors with VFD, working at Jai Mahesh Sugars in Maharashtra, India. The mill has achieved power consumption of 1.12 kW/TCH against 1.5 kW/TCH in a conventional mill. We have executed repeat orders for two more such mills from the same customer.

30.4 MW Complete Cogeneration Plant supplied on Turnkey basis to Zambia Sugar Plc, (a subsidiary of Illovo Group of South Africa) Nakambala, Zambia. We are currently executing / have recently executed 7 such Complete Cogeneration Plant projects for Sugar Mills a various parts of the world.

Exclusive Licensing Agreement with
Chainless Diffusers Whole Stick Shredders Rotary Juice Screens Continuous Pan Direct Contact Juice Heaters Long Tube Evaporators

South Africa

Chainless Diffuser for turnkey Sugar Plant being set up for HPCL Biofuels, India. We are currently supplying, on a turnkey basis, 2 such Diffuser Plants, under licence from Bosch

Process House
Complete Boiling House for producing - Plantation White Sugar - Raw Sugar - Household White Sugar (African standard) - Vitamin A fortified Sugar Syrup, Melt and Filtrate Clarification for producing super white sugar of low ICUMZA Refined Sugar of EU I, II & III; Codex and US Bottlers Grade Ion Exchange System with Brine Recovery System
This Process House was supplied to a sugar factory in India. We have supplied 200 Vacuum Pans, 160 Evaporator Bodies, 180 Juice Heaters and 270 Crystallizers in India and overseas.

Bagasse & Biomass Fired Boilers

Travelling Grate Dumping Grate

95 TPH, 62 kg/, 500 Deg.C, natural circulation, bi-drum, single pass, balanced draft, top supported, continuous ash discharge Travelling Grate Boiler designed for firing bagasse at the sugar plant at Mid Siam Sugar Co. Ltd., Thailand supplied and commissioned in 2009.

4 Nos. 150 TPH, 70 kg/ (g), 510 Deg. C, Bagasse & Biogas Fired Boilers for a Greenfield 28,000 TCD Cane Sugar Plant with 90 MW Cogeneration facility at Khon Kaen Sugar Power Plant Co. Ltd. (KSL), Thailand.

170 TPH, 105 kg/sq. cm. (g), 540 Deg. C

natural circulation, single drum, balanced draft, top supported, continuous ash discharge Travelling Grate Boiler. This Boiler for a 30 MW cogeneration plant at Dhampur Sugar Mills, Asmoli, India has been designed for firing bagasse, rice husk and coal. This Boiler is capable of generating up to 45 MW in condensing mode. We have supplied a Boiler of the same size to Chadha Sugars, India.

Energy Saving
Power Saving Devices - VFDs - Planetary Gear Boxes - Antifriction Bearings - Energy Efficient Motors - Rope Couplings Steam Saving Devices - Direct Contact Heaters - Condensate Flash Recovery - Molasses Conditioning by waste heat of noxious gases - Sugar melting by 4th Effect Vapors - Super heated wash water of centrifugals from condensate flash vessel - Eliminating use of live steam from Process House - Use of Falling Film Evaporators for extensive bleeding

Condensate Flash Recovery System for 2-3% reduction in Steam consumption at Evaporator Section.
Mills with AC VFD, Planetary Gear Boxes & Rope Couplings.

Sugar Plant Process House at 35% Steam Consumption


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4000-1 217-1







in partnership with leading ethanol plant suppliers

Milling / Diffuser Plants for Feed Stock Sugar Cane and Sweet Sorghum Clarification Plants Raw Syrup Concentration Plants Fermentation and Distillation Plants Boilers and Turbo Sets

125 KLPD San Carlos Bio Ethanol Plant, Philippines set up by Bronzeoak Philippines Inc. (a subsidiary of Bronzeoak, U.K.). We have supplied Milling, Clarification and Raw Syrup Concentration Plants as well as multi-fuel fired Travelling Grate Boiler for this Project. Poyry, UK were the Project Engineers. We are currently supplying a 16 MW Cogeneration Plant to JGC, Philippines (a subsidiary of JGC, Japan) for Green Future Innovations Inc., a 150 KLPD Greenfield Cane Juice to Ethanol Plant being set up in Philippines..

Control & Automation

Complete automation of sugar plants, power plants, sugar refineries and ethanol plants - Centralized control - DCS based - Individual stations - DCS based - Individual automations PLC based

Control Room at Kenana Sugar Co., Sudan. We have replaced stand alone Control System for 8 Boilers with state-of-the-art DCS. We also set up a stand by Control Room.

Centralised Control Room for Sugar Plant with Cogeneration facility at Daund Sugar, India.

A Centralised Control Room for a Cogeneration Plant in Kenya.

Major Customers
Compagnie Sucrerie Senegalise (CSS) , Senegal San Carlos Bioenergy, Philippines BISCOM, Philippines Butali Sugar, Kenya Transmara Sugar, Kenya Kibos Sugar & Allied Industries, Kenya Consolidated Farming Ltd., Zambia Wonji Shoa Sugar, Ethiopia Sudanese Sugar, Sudan Kenana Sugar Co., Sudan Phung Hiep Sugar, Vietnam Bien Duong Sugar, Vietnam Medine Sugars, Mauritius Xinavane Sugar, Mozambique Lopez Sugar, Philippines SONEDCO, Philippines Caroni, Trinidad & Tobago

HPCL Biofuels Daund Sugar Core Green Sugars & Fuels Bajaj Hindusthan Dwarkesh Sugar Haidergarh Chini Mills Akbarpur Chini Mills Dhampur Sugar Ramgarh Chini Mills Mawana Sugar Works EID Parry Triveni Sugar Empee Sugars & Chemicals Titawi Sugar Mankapur Chini Mill Jai Mahesh Sugars Vishwanath Sugars

170 TPH, 87 kg / (g), 515 Deg C Bagasse Fired Travelling Grate Boiler supplied by us on a turnkey basis to Mumias Sugar Co., Kenya for their 34 MW Cogeneration Plant. We have supplied / are supplying 30 such boilers to customers across various parts of the world.

13000 TCD Sugar Plant, Mawana Sugar Works, India.

12000 TCD Sugar Plant, Bajaj Hindusthan, Uttraula, India

2500 TCD Sugar Plant, Consolidated Farming Ltd., Zambia.


Design Capabilities
AUTOLISP for auto generation of drawings and bill of materials SUGARS for sugar process design STAAD PRO for structural design Solid WORKS for 3D modeling COSMOS for finite element analysis (FEA) CAESAR-II for piping stress analysis PRO STEEL for 3D Modeling of structure VIEWING Navsio Works Viewer PLM for Document Control CFD for Flow & Combustion Study International Codes for design and fabrications PD 5500 : 2003, BS, IS, NEMA, etc.

12000 TCD Sugar Plant with ZERO Discharge


FEA analysis of 45" x 90" Mill assembly showing permissible displacement.

3D Sketch of a Travelling Grate Boiler. Such computer aided simulation of boiler construction and assembly helps us to identify and avoid potential fouling of boiler parts and structural members, confirm easy accessability to boiler parts and eliminate reworks during construction.

This picture represents the computer aided flow modelling technique used by us to predict the flue gas flow pattern, velocity and temperature profile inside the boiler.



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by: Dr. R.K

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2008 April 3732 5469t No.


We get our designs validated by independent experts such as IIT, Delhi and Sugar Research International, Australia.


Quality, Health & Safety

Approvals: ISO 9001:2000 Marking for Gap Frame Presses

ASME U2, U & S Stamps National Board, USA R Symbol National Board, USA NB Mark Lloyds Approved Class-I Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels Lloyds Approved Foundry Department of Transportation (DOT), USA approval for Liquefiable Gas Containers Manufacturing License for Boilers and Pressure Vessels, China (SQL)

Testing Facilities: Radiography upto 200 mm thickness Helium Leak Testing Mechanised Ultrasonic Testing Positive Material Identification (PMI) Metallurgical Microscope of 2000x with photography facility 22 Channel Spectroscope Impact Testing up to -1960C (-320.80F)

Site Activities
Mill & Process House under execution. Boiler under execution.

A Vacuum Column weighing 575 Tonnes and an Atmospheric Column weighing 390 Tonnes were fabricated at site and installed by us for the Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit of the Indian Oil Panipat Refinery. One Column was of 10 m (33) diameter and the other had a length of 70 m (230).


Manufacturing Facilities
Coastal Plant at Dahej (Gujarat) India Yamunanagar Plant (Haryana) India

Shop Area Maximum Crane Capacity Maximum Weight of Job (Single Piece) Maximum Size of Stress Relieving Furnace Maximum Size of Boring Machine Large Floor Type Boring Machines

: : : : : :

95,500 sq. m. (10,28,000 sq. ft.) 300 Tonnes 750 Tonnes 20m x 8m x 8m 16m x 4.5m x 2.4m 11 Nos.

Shown here is a picture of one of the 10 Pressure Vessel Bays, across 2 locations with a crane lifting capacity of 300 Tonnes. We have 14 Bays for building Mechanical Equipment and 5 Foundry Bays at 3 sites.


Project Management & Training

We use dedicated teams for Project Management. These include specialists across various functions. We use centralised ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution from BaaN and MS Project to control all project activities.

Operational & maintenance personnel from customers end undergoing training. We hold training sessions for our customers, both on site as well as in our office.

EPC Power Plants Oil / Gas Fired Boilers: Field Assembled & Package Type Atmospheric Fludised Bed Combustion Boilers Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers Deaerators

Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers Presses: Mechanical & Hydraulic Castings: Steel & Iron Contract Manufacturing
Offices India : ISGEC John Thompson, A-4, Sector 24, Noida - 201 301 (U.P.) India Tel.: +91-120-330 10 00 to 20 Contact: Yogesh Marwaha E-mail: (overseas) (India)

Chennai Pune Mumbai USA : ISGEC John Thompson North America Office 5125 Cochrane Ave., Oakland, California, CA 94618 USA Tel. : +1-510-922-9815 Contact: Ashi Malik E-mail: ISGEC John Thompson Europe Office Kreiten Strasse 25, 40470 Dusseldorf, Germany Tel.: +49-211-271 63 00 Contact: Viren Chadha E-mail: Across 72 Countries For Country specific contact details please write to

ISGEC John Thompson



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