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List of PACUCOA Exhibit Records: Area II Faculty PACUCOAREQUIREMENT/STANDARD A. Academic Qualifications A The school has a policy on recruitment.

. The percentage of faculty members w/ earned graduate degree is satisfactory A Faculty members teach courses in their field of specialization. Deficiencies in graduate degrees of faculty members Exhibit Record Faculty Manual Updated Faculty Profile (standard template) Faculty Information Sheet (standard template) List of faculty members w/ graduate and post graduate degrees(standard template) Faculty Specialized Subjects Faculty Tabulated Class Schedule Per Manual Remarks





Faculty members A.5 assigned to Practicum Courses and Field Trips have at least 3 years of experience. B.PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE The faculty members: B.1 Endeavor to implement the purposes and objectives of the institution. Follow the syllabi and enrich them through additional readings Show mastery of the subject.




Show evidence of preparedness for classes. Are aware of recent educational trends and problems. Make creative use of library resources and other instructional aids.



Course Syllabi Compilation of Instructional Materials/Lecture Notes Updated Faculty Profile Faculty Specialized Subjects Class Record Certificates of Seminars/Trainings/ Svmposia attendance/participa tion of faculty members Records on Faculty usage of Library Resources Consultation Schedule Consultation Monitoring Form


Show evidence of professional growth through research activity outside the classroom. Devote time to students in formal and informal consultation


C.T EACHING ASSIGNMENT C.1 A policy of determining teaching assignments is adopted and followed. The percentage of faculty members employed on fulltime basis meets accreditation requirements. Faculty members are given teaching assignments only along their major or minor fields. Teaching loads of faculty members allow sufficient time for preparation of classes The quality of teaching performance is considered in assigning faculty load. Provision is made for equitable distribution of extra-class responsibilities among faculty. Student-Faculty ratio is generally satisfactory. SPG on assignment of Teaching Loads Faculty Manual Updated Faculty Profile Faculty Tabulated Class Schedule Faculty Specialized Subjects Faculty Ranking and Evaluation Essentials Class list







D. RANK, TENURE,REMUNERATION AND FRINDGE BENEFITS D.1 The criteria for promotion in rank and salary includes the following: D.1.1 Teaching ability D1.2 Research and/or publication D.1.3Academic degrees earned D.1.4 Continuing professional education D.1.5 Teaching/experience D.1.6 University/School/college/services D.1.7 Community services D.1.8 Others D.2 In the application of the criteria, recommendation of the following are considered: D.2.1 Administrators D.2.2 Department Chairman D.2.3 Students D.2.4 Peers D.2.5 Others D.3 The salary rates are adequate in meeting the economic and social demands of the profession. The benefits of tenure are clearly stated in the faculty manual Faculty salary scale Faculty ranking and evaluation Essentials SPG on Evaluation of Faculty Faculty Performance Evaluation Instrument Faculty Manual Comparative evaluation of salary with peer institutions SOP on Retention and Termination of faculty Compilation of Accomplished leave forms Report on leave availment per faculty member per type of leave



There are definite policies for termination of employment Fringe benefits are enjoyed by faculty members such as: D.6.1 Sick Leave D.6.2 Maternity Leave/Paternity leave D.6.3 Sabbatical leave D.6.4 Study Leave without pay D.6.5 Study Leave with pay D.6.6 Others


E. FACULTY DEVELOPMENT E.1 The faculty development program of the college gives provisions for the following: E.1.1 Scholarships/fellowships/study grants E.1.1.1 Local E.1.1.2 Foreign E.1.1.3 Others E.1.2 Sabbatical leave E.1.3 Faculty loans for professional growth E.1.4 Research grants E.2 The institution positively encourages: Appointment papers of FDO Officer SPG on Scholarship grants Approved faculty Development ProgramInstitutional Approved Faculty Development ProgramDept. Level Faculty Manual Records of research grants

E.2.1 Attendance in faculty meetings E.2.2 Participation in faculty committees E.2.3 Attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences E.2.4 Active membership in professional organizations E.2.5 Research or publication of papers E.3 Provision is made for in-service development such as: E.3.1.1 Within the institution E.3.1.1 Workshops E.3.1.2 Colloquia E.3.1.3 Conferences E.3.1.4 Seminars E.3.1.5 Others E.3.2.1 Outside the institution E.3.2.1 Workshops E.3.2.2Colloquia E.3.2.3 Conferences E.3.3.4 Seminars E.3.2.5 Others

Summary of loans granted to faculty for faculty development Summary of faculty membership in Professional Organizations Research Journals Proceedings of faculty Conference, Research Colloquiums Copies of published and unpublished researches List of faculty members with research output Summary of trainings/ Seminars/Workshops Conducted for faculty development Attendance sheets and sample copies of training certificates issued Pictures of trainings/seminars/work shop Attendance sheets for faculty meetings Agenda and Minutes of faculty meetings List of committees vis-vis Names of faculty as members

H.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/EXHIBITS A. Description of the institutions Policy and procedures Description of basis for rating of faculty performance and copy of criteria for qualification Copy of written policy on the giving of teaching assignments Copy of the faculty development program Faulty training needs analysis Description of ranking system and copy of evaluation form Copy of schools salary scale Names of faculty members pursuing graduate or post graduate degrees List of faculty members, their classification, years of teaching experience Accomplished copy of faculty academic profile form Bound copies of accomplished individual faculty information sheet Faculty manual Faculty Journals Other relevant data




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L. M. N.

Faculty manual SPG on evaluation of faculty SPG on assignment of teaching loads Approved faculty development programinstitutional Faculty Salary Scale Updated faculty profile Faculty statistics Faculty information sheet Approved outreached program-institutional Approved outreached program-dept. level List of faculty members involved in the outreach Attendance sheets Outreach program documents Pictures of outreach Approved research trust Research journals Recorded proceedings of faculty conferences, research colloquiums Copies of published and unpublished researches List of faculty members with research output/approved research proposals