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Minero Gonzalez Jose Orlando 6B Second Partial The change of creation, signification and perception of art.

After the evolution the Homo sapiens, began to comunicate with a more complicated system. This system is called language, and inside of the term have various types, who determinate the way of expresin. At first the oral language permits us elaborate things and conform societies, but the wrtten language permits us to have a record of the history. The first griten language is called jeroglific. This was representations of words that are similar to the drawings and Express something that someoneelse infers. Apart the human made some instruments to do life easier. Alter that the human began to use the language and the posibilitis of his mind, one thing turns important, the expresin of emotions, feelings, ideas and critics. The capacity of the human mind to create things is called creativity and is impulsed by a personal thing inside us. When the human wants to show his real condition and wants to go outsider of his body began to do art. But the limits of the creation are not imponed by their mind, they are imponed by the society, equal the limits of the interpretation are imponed by the personal beliefs, the personal library in our minds and the morality. Because of this the expresin is censured. But he things that we censure are changing with the passing of time, this is because the creations are changing too and the generations have different

things who want and different ways to think. Other thing is that every day have more history and we learn more, because of this the people want to experiment something new or something different. These are a few explications of why the things who a continuation I will narrate happening. The things that are considered art change in time and in the times change in minds. Now are more things that can be considered art than in the past, though there has the one who assures that art has died. Art begins when the first human wants to do something esthetic or communicative to transmit his ideas, emotions, or points of view. The clasification of art arises with the Greeks, and there are 2 clasifications for those. One is the superior art and the other minor art. The superior art incluyes all that be percibed by the eyes or the ears, who are the fine arts, there are 6, and now we put one more the cinema. The minor art incluyes the things who are aprciate with the other senses. But before of this exist art, science the stone era, and with the civilizations begin the ancient art. The began a period called medieval who are more dedicated to the religion and then starts the art of the modern age with the renaissance. Finally surges the modern art or contemporaneous art who began with the avanti garde, then to the postmodern art and now there are some new things like the Internet art that are incluye in modern art.