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DESTINY Words and Music by JIM BRICKMAN, SEAN HOSEIN and DANE DEVILLER Moderately coh op Amt =e 6 & Gsas (Femate:) What if 1 new *(Male:) want ~ed some - one An? Bs ffs (Female:) But for - 79 ee Original key: D-latmajor. This edition has been transpored down one half-step to be more playable. * Male vocal writen at pitch. eng © oy Maton ne. ran Arnau cre MG Fang, wast cancers ane friar arangeram Ane ‘sani fr wane Mood Or Board Mane anne by er Be a Neg, ‘temator! Coyne Seared 0 Mghs Nsenes Ctada2) (Male:) How did this come— ever was jus But from the mo = ment But now you're al - ways in - side my for ev - er, 1 don’t know how you some-thing Ton - ly I saw there for El Joram ms - = (Female: 1 give. my F s @ a 5 (Both) And ws far al = ways meant. to be (Mate:) 1