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CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK Manila BUSINESS B1B1 Standard Zuckerberg weds Vol. XXVI No. 80 Vol.


CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK Manila BUSINESS B1B1 Standard Zuckerberg weds Vol. XXVI No. 80 Vol. XXVI
Manila BUSINESS B1B1 Standard Zuckerberg weds Vol. XXVI No. 80 Vol. XXVI No. 80 16
Zuckerberg weds
Vol. XXVI No. 80
Vol. XXVI No. 80
16 Pages, 3 Sections
16 Pages, 3 Sections
MONDAY, May 21, 2012
MONDAY, May 21, 2012

A hug to ease the pain. Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona holds on to his granddaughter during a Mass at the Supreme Court two days before his testimony at the Senate impeachment court. DANNY PATA

Acceptance of illegal evidence to convict CJ may spell chaos

By Maricel V. Cruz

AN opposition lawmaker on Sunday warned of chaos and a government breakdown if the Senate impeachment court ac- cepted the prosecution panel’s evidence that has been widely criticized as being illegally ac- quired. Siquijor Rep. Orlando Fua,

a member of the House com- mittee on justice, said the im- peachment battle being waged by the prosecution against Chief Justice Renato Corona showed “a despicable pattern of grand deception.” “The impeachment proceed- ings by itself is a dangerous misadventure of government

that could explode on its face. It

is an explosion that could practi-

cally destroy the government,” Fua told the Manila Standard. “It will explode and destroy all structures of government, pri- marily because there is somebody who claims to be a superman and who seems to be beyond the Con- stitution and the law. “Now if the Senate impeach- ment court would agree to the

theory of the prosecution that spurious documents and ille- gally acquired and inadmissible evidence make up its alleged strong case against the chief jus- tice, then the government will be destroyed.” Corona is expected to appear before the Senate impeachment court on Tuesday to answer all the allegations against him.

Maguindanao Rep. Simeon Datumanong, an opposition law- maker, said Corona’s testimony would be his best defense. “He can fully and ably rebut the issues leveled against him,” he said. But Fua said he feared the way the Aquino administration was going after its perceived enemies and the state agencies’

singular effort to pin down Co- rona by all means. Fua said the dangerous path being taken by the impeachment trial was strewn with “illegally acquired evidence and a moun- tain of spurious documents.” Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano said he was convinced there was a grand deception foisted on the

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P15b of smuggled pork meat bared

87 million kilos flooded wet markets in 2011

By Christine F. Herrera and Alena Mae S. Flores

THE hog raisers on Sunday demanded that President Beni- gno Aquino III order a crackdown on smuggling syndicates after some 87 million kilograms of pork worth P14.79 billion entered the country and flooded the wet markets last year.

They made their demand even as the meat importers sought the President’s intervention to stop the increase in the reference pric- es of pork and chicken. The importers turned to Presi- dent Aquino after they got re- buffed by Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, who stood his ground and imposed increases in the reference prices of pork and chicken. They dared the hog growers to name the smugglers.

Abono chairman and Swine Development Council director Rosendo So demanded that the Agriculture Department and the Bureau of Customs purge the list of importers after the coun- cil found that only 14 percent or 15.03 million of the 102.14 mil- lion kilos of offal that came into the country last year were legiti- mate importation. “The rest of the 86 percent or 87 million kilos of purportedly of-

fal that flooded the wet markets in 2011 magically turned into prime cuts of pork and were passed off as fresh meat,” So said. “This outright smuggling has resulted in the killing of 20 per- cent of the backyard industry.” Jesus Cham, president of the Meat Importers and Traders As- sociation Inc., Felix Tiukinhoy Jr., president of the Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc., and Anthony Dizon, presi-

dent of the Cold Chain Asso- ciation of the Philippines, Inc., jointly wrote the President to pro- test the increase in the reference prices from 80 cents to $2.97 per kilo for swine and from 50 cents to $1.23 per kilo for chicken. “The upward increases in the reference values of imported pork and poultry will indiscrimi- nately penalize legal business and [allow] smugglers to contin- ue their illegal trade,” the meat importers said. So said that of the 142 ac- credited meat importers, only 29 were meat processors and two were meat integrators allowed to import offal. “The 111 traders that ille- gally brought in the bulk of the

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Reds claim Aquino plans to scuttle peace talks

By Joyce Pangco Pañares

THE Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front have accused President Benigno Aquino III of planning to terminate peace negotiations next year if not earlier. In an e-mailed statement, NDF panel spokesman Fidel Agcaoili says it is the Pres- ident who is blocking the regular track of the peace talks and the special track that the communists have been offering for an imme- diate truce.

Meanwhile, Malacañang has ordered in- tensified intelligence gathering in the areas where the New Peoples’ Army is known to operate following the attack on the interna- tional airport being built in Daraga, Albay. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the companies that had been receiving extortion letters from the communists should coordinate with security officials to prevent similar attacks. Two soldiers were wounded in the attack as the communist rebels attempted to torch some P70 million worth of construction

equipment owned by Sunwest Corp., which is said to have refused to pay “revolutionary taxes” to the rebels. Lacierda said such attacks “indicate lack of sincerity” on the part of the communist group. Agcaoili accused the President of being a “hypocrite” about the peace negotiations that have remained stalled for almost 15 months. “We have already received reliable in- formation from Palace insiders that Aquino plans to terminate the negotiations with the NDF next year or earlier, especially if he

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Disguised toilet. A korean-owned floating restaurant in the middle of Taal Lake has no septic
Disguised toilet. A korean-owned floating restaurant in the middle of Taal Lake has no septic tank. It
also lacks waste disposal facilities for its garbage (inset).
Taal floating restaurant demolished

THE government has ordered

a Korean-owned floating res-

taurant demolished for using Taal Lake as a giant toilet, dumping its waste directly into the water. Armed with a writ from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, the Environment De- partment gave Jung Ang and Lei- sure Inc., which owns the restau- rant in the middle of the volcano crater, five days to demolish the structure or the authorities will do it for them. Agham Rep. Angelo Palmo- nes sought the courts’ interven- tion against the restaurant to resuscitate the lake. The Envi- ronment Department In its closure order, the Com-

munity Environment and Natu-

ral Resources Office listed nine violations, including the restau- rant’s lack of waste segregation and disposal facilities. “The resort, which has a main building, a swimming pool, an open area and a floating restau- rant that caters to foreign and local tourists, was constructed in 2008, and is sitting literally in the lake water,” Laudemir Salac, the agency’s chief, said. “As observed during the in- spection, all toilet facilities in the resort, particularly those for urine and the washing area, were not connected to septic tanks and directly drain into the lake.” Salac said the restaurant’s op- erators did not present any busi-

ness permits during an inspection of its facilities. The Koreans also reclaimed some portions of the lake without clearance. “Taal Lake is a protected area but the floating Korean restau- rant-resort got away with the crime and had been in operation for the last four years,” Palmo- nes told the Manila Standard. “The owners should be made to pay for abusing the lake and aggravating the fish kill prob- lem.” Palmones said the people raising pigs in the area had been ordered to put up their own treat- ment plants. The Supreme Court had also ordered the demolition of the fish cages around the lake, he said. Christine F. Herrera

Unioil rolls back prices

UNIOIL Philippines on Sunday rolled back its pump prices by P0.70 per liter of gasoline and P0.40 per liter of diesel, and the Energy Depart- ment said it expected the other distributors to fol- low suit. Unioil’s price newest price cuts are its third this month, and Energy Department director Ze- naida Monsada attrib- uted those to the “weak demand for oil products by the US and China and

the high stocks of the big consuming countries.” If the other distribu- tors follow Unioil’s move, gasoline prices will go down to P49.45 to P56.97 per liter and die- sel to P42.10 to P44.10 per liter. Including the recent price rollbacks, the cuts in the pump prices in May have reached P3.10 per liter of premium gasoline, P3.20 per liter of regular gasoline, P2.50 per liter of

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Mindanao to face another round of power shortage

THE Energy Department warned Sun- day that Mindanao will face a new round of power outages next sum- mer with a projected shortage of 200 megawatts because its reserve power remain thin. Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almen- dras told reporters there was no supply- related power shortage in Mindanao, but the island’s reserves were going down to as low as 34 megawatts during peak periods. “You can imagine how thin the re- serve really is. It’s good we have the [power] barges to take up the slack,” Almendras said.

He said the power outlook in Min- danao next year would depend on the

amount of rainfall the island would be getting as the region was largely de- pendent on hydroelectric plants. “I’m looking at at least 100 mega- watts---almost 200 megawatts of shortage,” Almendras said. “It also depends on the rainfall next


Over and above that, you have

to prepare for the additional demand next year.” Datafromthedepartmentpreviously show that only the 8-megawatt Cabulig hydro power plant of Cagayan Electric

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Unseen threats, prospects from the China crisis

By Francisco S. Tatad

WHAT began at Scarborough Shoal as a purely maritime problem with China has now migrated to certain areas of the country’s economy and trade. It has shot up, and the end is not yet in sight. The good news is that no hostilities have bro- ken out over any endangered marine species be- ing removed by the Chinese from disputed Philip- pine waters. The bad news is that Beijing’s travel advisory on the Philippines and its new sanitary measures on Philippine bananas are already hurt- ing the country where it hurts the most. At risk too is the fate of tens of thousands of Filipino Workers in Hong Kong and Macau. Beijing has said nothing about it, but the Filipino workers’ position could become precarious if China continues to play hardball and nothing happens to break the impasse. Yet the more se- rious problem could come not from China itself but from how the local Chinese finally respond to a prolonged Philippine-Chinese crisis. The local Chinese are a minority, but their im- pact on the nation’s economy far outweighs their number. They are loyal to the Philippine republic, but their deep feelings as Chinese could find radi-

cal expression if the crisis begins to fester instead of being solved. Racial tension could arise, and that could tear the nation apart as it has torn other

multiracial societies.

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MAY 21, 2012

A2 M MONDAY M MAY 21, 2012 Manila StandardToday News Saudi now


A2 M MONDAY M MAY 21, 2012 Manila StandardToday News Saudi now top oil producer

Saudi now top oil producer

SAUDI Arabia boosted crude produc- tion close to a 31-year high in March, overtaking Russia as the world’s larg- est oil producer for the first time in six years, according to the Joint Organiza- tion Data Initiative.

Saudi crude exports rose 3 per- cent in March, reaching the high- est level in five years as Iran cut shipments, according to govern- ment statistics posted today on the initiative’s website. Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s largest producer, increased daily output to 9.923 million barrels in March, up 0.7 percent to the second-highest

level since at least 1980, according to the initiative. That topped out- put from Russia, which pumped 9.920 million barrels a day, for the first time since February 2006, ac- cording to the data. The initiative, known as JODI, is supervised by the Riyadh- based International Energy Forum and compiles data provided by mem-

ber governments. The IEF is a group of nations accounting for more than 90 percent of global oil and natural-gas supply and de- mand, established as a forum for producing and consuming coun- tries to discuss energy security. Russia’s energy ministry esti- mated the country’s output at 10.36 million barrels a day in March. JODI calculated a different barrel-per-day figure for Russia using data in metric tons that the country submitted to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and comparing that with in- formation from four other sources. The figures for Russia include crude and condensate, JODI said. Vladimir Putin, who was this

year elected to a third term as Rus- sia’s president, called in October 2008 for the country to pump more than 10 million barrels a day for at least the next decade. Saudi production numbers com- piled by JODI are based on data the Saudi government submitted to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude exporter, boosted shipments to 7.704 million barrels a day in March from 7.485 million bar- rels a day in February, JODI data showed. Exports from Iran, the second-largest producer in OPEC, fell by 4 percent to 2.242 million barrels a day from 2.338 million

barrels a day in February, accord- ing to the data. Importers in Europe, Japan, and India are seeking new suppliers as a European ban on purchases of Irani- an crude takes effect on July 1. Saudi Arabia currently produces at elevat- ed levels in a bid to curb prices. The Saudi oil minister, Ali al- Naimi, said on March 13 in Ad- elaide, Australia, that he wants to see the price for Brent crude at around $100 a barrel. Brent oil for July settlement declined 35 cents on May 18 to $107.14 a barrel on the London- based ICE Futures Europe exchange. The European benchmark closed at the lowest level since Dec. 20. Bloomberg




THE National Shrine of the Sa- cred Heart in San Antonio Vil-

lage, Makati City, will be the center of festivities for the sol- emn feast of the Sacred Heart that falls this year on June 15. The theme of the celebration is The promises of the Sacred Heart. Luis Antonio Tagle, Arch- bishop of Manila, and Gaud- encio Cardinal Rosales will be the main celebrants for the festivities. Tagle will preside over the Eucharistic celebration launch- ing the Novena-Masses in hon- or of the Sacred Heart at 6 p.m. on June 5, and Rosales will pre- side over the Feast Day Mass at

6 p.m. on June 15. From June 6 to June 14, guest Church dignitaries will cel- ebrate the traditional nine-day Novena-Masses. The feast day Mass celebrants will be Bishop Bernardino Cor- tez at 12:15 and Rosales at the 6 p.m. Mass. The traditional nine-day no- vena-Masses to prepare for the solemn feast day starts on June 5 to June 14. Two Masses at noon and 6 p.m. will be said daily at the Shrine on Sacred Heart. Bacani will give the annual recollection talk on the Sacred Heart at 10 a.m. on June 9,

while the traditional Procession will be held on June 14 after the

6 p.m. Mass. All over the country, many parishes this June celebrate the centuries-old great feast of the Sacred Heart. Vic Apacible, is the rector of the National Shrine, where the continuing program of Formation includes Novena- Masses to the Sacred Heart on all Fridays of the month, 24 -hour Vigil and Communion of Reparation by all Church organizations, ministries and communities and ending with the dawn procession for Mary.

communities and ending with the dawn procession for Mary. Up north. Devotees join a procession in

Up north. Devotees join a procession in Obando, Bulacan, marking the Feast of San Pascual Baylon devoted to fertility. DANNY PATA


Senate impeachment court and the Filipino people. Navotas City Rep. Tobias Tiangco, a former administra- tion ally who split with Mr. Aquino over the impeachment,

on Sunday denied reports that the Iglesia ni Cristo was seek- ing to influence the impeach- ment court by meeting with the members of the United Nation- alist Alliance of Vice President Jejomar Binay and former pres- ident Joseph Estrada. “There is no truth to that ru- mor,” he said. “No emissaries from the [Iglesia] have sent feelers to the senator-judges belonging to UNA for the purpose of plead- ing for [the acquittal of] the chief justice,” Tiangco, UNA

secretary general, said in a statement. “It is disappointing to read of an ‘anonymous’ source trying to besmirch the reputation of both [the Iglesia] and UNA.” Meanwhile, the prosecution’s spokesmen warned Corona that he would get deeper into trouble if he invoked his right against self incrimination dur- ing his testimony. “In the face of [the] over- whelming documentary and tes-

timonial evidence

have to face the matter of [his] deposits squarely,” prosecution spokesman and Marikina Rep. Federico Romero Quimbo said. “He cannot simply state a general denial.” Another prose- cution spokesman, Rep. Loren- zo Tañada II, said Corona could not hide behind his right against self incrimination.

Corona will

“The more he invokes his right, the more the Senator- Judges and the people will be- lieve he is hiding the truth,” Tañada said. The Palace on Sunday said Corona could not use the For- eign Currency Deposit Act to justify the non-disclosure of his alleged dollar accounts. “When you declare your as- sets, you declare both peso and dollar deposits,” presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said. “The law does not make any distinction and when the law does not make any distinction, we, the people, should not make any distinction also.” Corona’s supporters, mean- while, are expected to gather at the Supreme Court today to demonstrate their continued support for the chief justice.

Judges and court employees will join Corona and his family in a Mass to be celebrated by Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa City in the Supreme Court quadrangle at noon. Jojo Guererro, president of the 3,000-strong Supreme Court Employees Association, confirmed that they will hold an inter-faith and send-off prayer for Corona at 10 a.m. Tuesday before accompanying him in a motorcade to the Senate to face the charges against him. “We will have Masses on Monday and Tuesday during our lunch break so there will be no work stoppage,” Guerrero said. “Those who will attend the hearing will have to file their leave as earlier instructed by our court administrator.” With Rey E. Requejo and Joyce Pangco Pañares

With Rey E. Requejo and Joyce Pangco Pañares In town. American actor Ian Joseph Somerhalder, star

In town. American actor Ian Joseph Somerhalder, star of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, arrived in Manila on Sunday to endorse the clothing brand Penshoppe. JULIE FABROA


total 102.14 million kilograms of offal did not even have the facility to process offal. So said the traders declared their imports as offal and not prime cuts to avoid paying the right tariff. Offal is taxed only 5 percent, while prime cuts are levied 40 percent. Cham, Tiukinhoy and Dizon say their frozen meat imports are now being subjected to 100-percent inspection following the hog growers’ complaint, but the growers have not proven that meat is being smuggled in. Still, So has urged President Aquino to order a crackdown on smugglers that he claims are com- posed of corrupt Customs and Agriculture staff and dishonest importers. “We call on President Aquino to declare an

all-out war against smugglers not only to pro- tect the local industry but to safeguard the pub- lic from possible health problems,” he said. “We believe a top-to-bottom revamp is in or- der because the smuggling syndicate could not have done this illegal act without the conniv- ance of [Customs and Agriculture] officials.” So also took exception to Customs Commissioner Rufino Biazon’s claim that his men did not have the expertise to classify meat. “We don’t believe that [Customs] person- nel don’t have the expertise to undertake a thorough inspection of imported meat when they have been doing it for many years al- ready,” he said. “We do believe that experience can teach them how to effectively deal with the technical smuggling, [false] declaration or undervaluation of imported meat if they really want to.”


Power and Light Co. is expect- ed to come on stream this year, and in December. Green Power Bukidnon’s 35-megawatt biomass project is slated to start operations next year, the only plant expected to begin commercial operations for the en- tire 2013. “Definitely, if we do not have additional generation in Mindanao by next year, during the dry sea-

son we will lack power. We are appealing to everyone to transfer generation to Mindanao,” Almen- dras said. He said his department was still waiting for the Audit Commis- sion’s decision on the sale of the 102-megawatt Iligan diesel power to the Alsons Group. “COA is reviewing certain things. There is documentation that needs to be completed,” Al- mendras said. He said Mindanao needed the power from the Iligan die-

sel plant soonest.

“Our target is for the takeover

within the year

ally need that plant running at full 100 megawatts by February next year in time for the dry season in Mindanao,” Almendras said. “We must not be complacent. We must continue to acknowl- edge the urgency of increasing the generation capacity in Min- danao. We must accelerate new

because we re-

power generation projects, both traditional and renewable ener- gy.” Alena Mae S. Flores

Filipina’s case riles lawmaker

OPPOSITION lawmaker on Sunday accused President Be- nigno Aquino III of being a pas- sive spectator to a Filipina’s rape by a foreigner. Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano said the government failed to protect its own citizen in the case of Erick Bairnals Shcks, a Pana- manian who claimed diplomatic immunity to leave the country despite the rape charges filed against him by the Filipina. “Aquino should not be passive all the time. Filipinos are gener- ally friendly and hospitable, but they can be drastic when pushed against the wall,” Albano said. Shcks, a member of the ad- ministrative and technical staff of the Panama Embassy, was allowed to board a Royal Dutch Airline flight to Amsterdam last week after the Panamanian gov- ernment declined to waive his diplomatic immunity. The For- eign Affairs Department then declared him persona non grata. The A 19-year-old Filipina had complained that Shcks raped her in his condominium on April 23. She sought help from the Justice Department but was turned down because of the Panamanian’s diplomatic cover. Immediately after the Panama- nian’s departure, Gabriela party- list Rep. Luz Ilagan filed House bill 6170 seeking to expand the coverage of rape or sexual harass- ment against women and provid- ing assistance to rape victims. “Rape destroys a persons’s dignity and words can barely approximate the trauma,” Ilagan said. Maricel Cruz


succeeds in controlling all three branches of the government and in making a peace agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front,” Agcaoili said. He did not elaborate on his claim that Mr. Aquino is out to control all three branches of government, which is presumed to be related to the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. “[PresidentAquino] exposes him- self as the hypocrite who pays lip ser- vice to peace but is in fact obsessed with carrying out a brutal war under the United States-instigated Oplan Bayanihan,” Agcaoili said. “He is not at all interested in seri- ous peace negotiations but only in demanding the surrender and paci- fication of the revolutionary forces and people.” Agcaoili’s accusations comes at a time when the government has ex- pressed openness to the special track being offered by the communists. Government chief negotiator Alexander Padilla said the stalled negotiations might resume in June, and that the administration might allow the creation of an advisory group composed of CPP-NDF members. Padilla said an alliance with the communist group was acceptable as long as it did not mean a coalition government or the offering of Cabi- net posts to key CPP-NDF officials. In a recent interview with Bom- bo Radyo, Mr. Aquino said the communist group should show sincerity in the peace negotiations, citing the continued attacks in the countryside by the NPA. The President also questioned the special track being offered by CPP founding chairman Jose Ma- ria Sison, saying there were too many conditions being attached to the proposal.


diesel, and and P2 per liter of kerosene. Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras earlier said that “There is a possibility [that oil prices] will get lower” in the firsts two quarters, “but late this year winter demand will kick in,” Energy Secretary Jose Rene Al- mendras said earlier. “Once the demand from China and India goes up, we will again have an imbalance.” Almendras said he was wor- ried the public might forget the need to pursue alternative fuels if world oil prices kept going down. Alena Mae S. Flores

if world oil prices kept going down. Alena Mae S. Flores CYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYANCYAN








MAY 21, 2012


Justice clears judge in murder case

By Rey Requejo

THE Department of Justice has dismissed the criminal charges filed against a regional trial court judge who erred in sentencing former Occidental Mindoro Rep. Jose Villarosa to death for his supposed involvement in the 1997 murder of the two sons of his political rival Ricardo Quintos.

I Justice Secretary

Leila de Lima reversed and set aside the resolution issued by her predecessor, former Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera,

directing the Quezon City Prosecutors Office to file criminal charges against Judge Theresa dela Torre-Yadao. De Lima stressed that Yadao

was denied due process when the former justice secretary resolved Villarosa’s appeal without giving her the opportunity to file her comment or to be heard on the issue. Based on her scrutiny of the records of the case, de Lima said, there was no evidence presented by Villarosa that showed “bad faith, malice or corrupt purpose” on the part of Yadao. “We are one with the investigating prosecutor that ‘there is nothing in the record, documentary or testimonial, aside from complainant that Villarosa’s causal connections, and nothing from the assailed decision itself and the Court of Appeals decision, that would

convince us that Judge Yadao was personally animated by some malicious desire, hatred or vendetta to send complainant Villarosa to jail,” the DOJ chief said. De Lima added that Villarosa failed to present any witness to prove that Yadao wanted to convict him, regardless of how weak the evidence against him were. The investigating prosecutor is directed to move for thewithdrawal of the information filed in court, if one was filed,” de Lima ordered. Upon his release, Villarosa filed a complaint before the DOJ against Yadao for unjustly and deliberately disregarding the testimonial and documentary evidence he

presented to disprove his alleged involvement in the crime. According to him, he was convicted despite the absence of any witness who could testify that he had conspired with the other accused in committing the twin murders. Navera dismissed Villarosa’s complaint and held that Yadao acted in good faith in finding Villarosa and several others guilty of the murders of the Quintos brothers in February 3, 2006. In reversing Navera’s findings, Devanadera stressed that the prosecutor was “too trusting and sweeping in nature” in accepting Yadao’s “good faith” argument and the defense of denial.

IN BRIEF Angat River re-greens SAN MIGUEL Brewery has donated P2- Million for the rehabilitation
Angat River re-greens
SAN MIGUEL Brewery has donated P2-
Million for the rehabilitation of the Angat
Bridge and eco-tourism project of the
municipal government of Angat.
SMB president Roberto N. Huang handed
the check for P2-Millon to Angat Mayor
Gilberto Santos in the office of Gov. Wilhelmino
M. Sy-Alvarado Friday afternoon.
Huang said the donation was part of
SMB’s commitment to local government
units under their nationwide corporate
environmental program dubbed “Buhayin
ang Kalikasan”.
Angat Bridge is a vital infrastructure
that links the poblacion to the vegetable
farms along the Angat river where Huang
and SMB’s “green army” planted 5,000
Bamboo cultivars and Mahogany saplings
in the riverbank in Bgy. Laog last year.
The “re-greening” site chosen by San Miguel
served as quarrying sites for rampant illegal
extraction of gravel and sands in past years. The
all quarrying operations in the area when he
assumed as governor in 2010.
The area was programmed by the
provincial government to be converted
into an Eco-Water Park.
The bridge links Angat to the mountain
town of Dona Remedios Trinidad and the
nearby municipality of San Rafael
“The rehabilitation of the bridge will
definitely brings more development in the
area and will help boost the agriculture
and eco-tourism program of the local
government,” Huang said. Orlan L. Mauricio
Wage hike. Workers press for a P125- increase in their minimum pay although the regional productivity board has decreed
that a P30-increase
will suffice for now. SONNY ESPIRITU
PHA convention slated
THE Philippine Heart Association 43rd
Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting
is slated on May 23-25, 2012 at the
Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Quezon
City. The theme is “Bringing Global Trends
in Cardiology Closer to Home”.
The event will showcase the latest
international cutting-edge modalities and
therapies under diverse and peculiar situation
in the current practice milieu. Ultimately,
the knowledge and experience gained from
the convention would lead to the efficient
delivery of better cardiovascular care with
reduced costs for every Filipino.
“Join us as we bring to you the principles
of new interventions while confronting
our limitations as a developing country
and the sad fact that healthcare agenda
and initiatives lack government support.
We hope that this change will bring new
By Joel E. Zurbano
dynamism and excitement for exchange
of knowledge and experience, which the
cardiologists can also bring home to their
patients, as well as serve as a wake up
call to the national government,” said Dr.
Eugene Reyes, PHA secretary and over-all
chairman of the convention.
THE Customs bureau will carry out next
month a new system to automate the
processing of export documents.
Commissioner Ruffy Biazon said the
Automated aExport Documentation
System said that majority of the
stakeholders were willing to comply
with the new scheme.
“There are those who expressed
reservations about the the scheme but
this is long overdue. Everyone knows
that this is coming,” Biazon said.
TheAEDS would complement the E2M
system for importers, he said. Those who
want to transact with the agency needs
to comply with the new documentary
requirements, he said. So.
For one, only customs brokers and
exporters registered with the client profile
registry system would be allowed to submit
export declarations with the agency.
The implementing rules of the new
export system were placed under Customs
Memorandum Order No. 49-2010 for the
One-Stop Export Declaration Center and
CMO No. 54-2010 for the AEDS.
The order, however, did not state
the exact date of the mandatory
implementation of the AEDS.
Biazon signed a supplemental order
on AEDS on May 4, but also did not
state when the new scheme would
be implemented, a measure that is
important to the third party service
provider of the agency.
“The Deputy Commissioner for
MISTG [Management
Information System Technology
Group] shall subsequently issue
corresponding AEDS Memoranda to
clarify implementation guidelines and
procedures on AEDS, for the appropriate
guidance of stakeholders and others
concerned,” according to the May 4
order of Biazon. To date, the bureau still
has to issue a new order.
The MISTG under the supervision
of Deputy Commissioner Ma. Caridad
Manarang was still fine-tuning the
processes vital to the implementation of
AEDS nationwide.
Issues include the exports from
economic zones, which could take
longer due to some procedural concerns
such as those exports from Customs
bonded warehouses.
The agency met with the stakeholders
last Wednesday to decide whether or
not to push through with the mandatory
imposition of the AEDS on June 1.
Meanwhile, representatives from the
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
chose Manarang as the new Asean Single
Window Steering Committee chair.
The Steering Committee Meeting and
election of its Chair was held last April
24-26, 2012 in Singapore.

Recto pitches for farmers

By Joel E. Zurbano

SENATOR Ralph Recto urged the government to invest in agriculture that would benefit all sectors, such as hog-livestock raisers, fruits and vegetable farmers, fishermen and other producers and not just for rice sufficiency. “The goal of achieving food security should not be pegged alone on attaining rice sufficiency. There are other sectors of agriculture that are equally important in delivering adequate food supply to our people,” Recto said, urging the Department of Agriculture to rethink its plan to invest in more post-harvest facilities and irrigation systems to attain sufficiency in rice by 2013. “While the rice sector will post surpluses next year, let’s not forget the livestock sector,” Recto said. “More neutral investments would benefit everyone.”

A more “neutral

investment,” Recto explained, means building additional farm-to-market roads that would benefit the sub-sectors as well as food haulers who

will bring in their products to the nearest market. “The high prices of livestock and other fresh produce is largely blamed on lack of logistics like roads and transport, that it has become cheaper to import than to haul fresh produce from Mindanao to Metro Manila,” he said. Meanwhile, former senator Juan Miguel Zubiri also asked the government to help coconut farmers diversify and build viable cooperatives. “Diversification is key to the economic survival of small growers facing severe hardship, with the farm-gate price of copra now down to as low as P15 per kilo from P40 a year ago,” said Zubiri.

Zubiri urged the state-run

Philippine Coconut Authority to help planters expand their sources of farm income via intercropping.

Customs sets export system automation

ASW is a component of the progressive schemes on customs development shared by nations within the ASEAN perimeter of responsibility. Among its role the formulation and implementation of rules and procedures for trade facilitation. Representatives meet regularly to brief their ASEAN counterparts on the business arrangements on the adoption of their chosen agenda. Activities and work program of the ASW Steering Committee are tackled as proposed by the ASEAN Secretariat and thresh out the terms of reference on regulatory matters, standardization of data and documentation, business process and work flow and its application. Other areas of concern are the capacity building program and pilot projects to be conducted where member countries may wish to discuss implementation of pilot projects of ASW with the support of ASEAN dialogue partners.

P8-wage hike okayed in Cordilleras

THE Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board in the Cordillera Autonomous Region on Friday approved an P8- adjustment in the daily basic wage of private sector , Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said. Labor regional director Henry John Jalbuena said that the Board adjusted the minimum wage level of workers, “consistent with the government’s policy of achieving higher levels of productivity to preserve and generate jobs and augment the income of workers without necessarily impairing the growth and productivity of business and industry.” “The decision of the latest wage order lives up to the policy reform called the two-tier wage system and was also meant to restore the purchasing power of minimum wage earners in the region,” Baldoz said. Wage Order No. RB-CAR-15

provides for an increase of P8.00 on all private sector workers and employees receiving the mini- mum wage in the CAR regard- less of their position, designation, or status and irrespective of the method their wages are paid. The new wage order takes effect fif- teen days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. The wage order also maintains the Cost of Living Allowance ranging from P22.00 to P37.00 granted under Wage Order No. 14. Baldoz pointed out that the wage board has not received any petition for a wage hike, but it resolved motu proprio, or on its own, to initiate and conduct evaluations and studies aside from undertaking public consultation throughout the region. Upon effectivity of the wage order, the daily minimum wage rate of workers in the non- agricultural sector in Baguio

City, and the municipalities of La Trinidad, Tuba, Itogon and Sablan (BLIST) in the province of Benguet shall receive P280 per day; while those in the agricultural sector shall receive P262 per day. Outside these areas in the region (Mt. Province, Abra, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Apayao provinces), the minimum wage for non- agricultural sector workers and agricultural workers shall be P263 and P246, respectively. On the other hand, workers in retail and service establishments employing more than 10 workers in the BLIST areas shall receive P280 per day, while those outside the BLIST areas shall receive P263. Those establishments in the BLIST areas employing 10 workers or less shall pay their workers P260 per day, while establishments in other areas of the region shall pay their workers P239 per day. Vito Barcelo

region shall pay their workers P239 per day. Vito Barcelo Futile search. Navy personnel scoured the

Futile search. Navy personnel scoured the high seas in search of the bodies of two pilots who crashed

near Corregidor Island.









MAY 21, 2012

ManilaStandardToday Adelle Chua, EditorOpinion

21, 2012 Manila StandardToday Adelle Chua, Editor Opinion E DITORIAL Nervous markets


Nervous markets

PHILIPPINE stocks and the peso suffered another beating last week, weighed down by fresh concerns that Europe’s debt crisis will dampen the global economy. The peso dropped below 43 to the dollar on Friday, while the stock market lost 5.4 percent to 4,879.42 points at the end of last week. Local stocks have tumbled 421 points, or 8 percent, since May 3, when the market index surged to an all-time high of 5,300.41 points.

Foreign and local investors have been dumping the peso, Philippine stocks and other Asian assets as Greece’s debt problem and the overall financial picture in Europe may eventually cause the global economy to stumble. A weaker Europe and the likelihood that Greece will drop the euro as its currency will produce a contagion in Asia. Foreign fund managers and investors notably view Asian assets as risky. They predictably get away from the region on the

first signs of economic trouble and shift their money to less risky assets such as the US dollar and gold. Asian currencies depreciate against the US dollar while stocks crash as a result of the shifting of investment portfolios. Asian exporters are the first to feel the brunt of a weaker European economy. Reduced demand from Europe will lower Asian exports and eventually weaken the currencies in this part of the world. Asian tourism

receipts will also suffer a decline as Europeans tighten their belt amid the financial crunch in their region. Asian assets such as bonds, currencies and stocks lose their appeal to investors once perceptions that the economies

in the region, including those of

China and Japan, are bound to slow down or contract following the turmoil in Europe.

But the threat from external

factors can be neutralized by

a strong domestic economy.

Asia and the Philippines, with their huge populations, for one, can turn inward through efficient production. Keeping the regional economy afloat will be key to surviving the crises bedevilling Europe and the US. President Benigno Aquino III can take the initiative to widen the country’s intra-Asian trade ties to develop the regional market instead of wasting his energy on political issues that do not advance the economy.

energy on political issues that do not advance the economy. Thirty years in the Thirty years
Thirty years in the Thirty years in the priesthood priesthood of of the the Graduate
Thirty years in the
Thirty years in the
priesthood priesthood
of of the the Graduate Graduate School School of of Law Law of of San San
Beda Beda College, College, an an office office I I treasure treasure and and
of of which which I I am am proud, proud, to to very very interesting interesting
involvement involvement with with the the Cagayan Cagayan State State
University, University, to to the the lovely lovely Monastery Monastery of of St. St.
Clare Clare for for five five years years as as resident resident chaplain, chaplain,
to to the the wonderful wonderful and and inimitable inimitable parish parish
WAS ordained to the priesthood on
WAS ordained to the priesthood on
of of St. St. Rose Rose of of Lima Lima at at the the outskirts outskirts of of
May 20, 1982.
May 20, 1982.
I did not want to be
I did not want to be
Tuguegarao Tuguegarao City, City, to to the the rectorship rectorship of of the the
ordained on that day because I wanted
ordained on that day because I wanted
oldest oldest church church in in Tuguegarao Tuguegarao City, City, the the
be ordained on my mother’s birthday
be ordained on my mother’s birthday
Ermita Ermita de de San San Jacinto Jacinto and and its its splendid splendid
week later, on May 27.
week later, on May 27.
But old
But old
people people —and —and very very dear dear to to my my heart, heart, to to
leading leading a a choir choir that that is is also also a a closely closely knit knit
received the Anointing of the Sick some
received the Anointing of the Sick some
community, community, the the Coro Coro de de San San Jacinto Jacinto for for
days earlier because of a severe bout of
days earlier because of a severe bout of
the the last last seven seven years! years!
emphysema and warned me that if I did
emphysema and warned me that if I did
Were Were I I to to live live my my life life all all over over again, again,
not agree to an earlier ordination date, I
not agree to an earlier ordination date, I
would would I I still still choose choose to to be be a a priest? priest? Yes, Yes,
might have to shop around for another
might have to shop around for another
and and I I am am not not saying saying that that it it is is always always
bishop willing to ordain me in case of
bishop willing to ordain me in case of
walk walk in in the the park. park.
But But to to live live in in the the
his demise!
his demise!
So I decided on a week’s
So I decided on a week’s
conviction conviction that that what what you you do, do, no no matter matter
advance—and it was a stormy day the
advance—and it was a stormy day the
that that you you may may be be ridiculed, ridiculed, shamed shamed
day I was ordained.
day I was ordained.
Processions at
Processions at
or or ignored ignored for for it, it, is is done done in in response response
Ordination Masses in Tuguegarao City
Ordination Masses in Tuguegarao City
to to a a summons summons higher higher than than one’s one’s self- self-
interests, interests,
that that
is is
fulfillment without
measure. measure.
And And
the “ordinandus” a
the “ordinandus” a
through through it it all, all, I I am am
I It is not always a
t is not always a
see and
see and
most most
thankful thankful
to to
walk in the park.
walk in the park.
wa al
God God for for the the family family
have have
that that
has has
the the Cathedral. Cathedral. But But in in
always always
supported supported
fact fact I I was was denied denied that that
me. me.
Grandpa Grandpa and and
stroll stroll of of glory glory since since it it
Grandma Grandma who who were were
seemed seemed that that the the heavens heavens were were launching launching
always always so so proud proud of of me me have have passed passed on on
last-minute last-minute protest protest of of my my ordination. ordination.
since, since, but but my my parents, parents, and and my my brother brother
Not Not
only only
did did
my my
folks folks
from from
and and sister, sister, my my sister-in-law sister-in-law and and my my
Camiling, Camiling, Tarlac, Tarlac, daddy’s daddy’s town town and and my my
nephews nephews
and and
niece niece
have have
been been
my my
birth-place, birth-place, drive drive all all the the way way from from the the
unfailing unfailing support, support, each each in in his his or or her her
Central Central Plain Plain to to Northern Northern Luzon. Luzon. Two Two
own own way. way. True True indeed indeed it it is is that that a a priest priest
my my professors professors from from the the Immaculate Immaculate
cannot cannot be be claimed claimed by by his his family, family, so so that that
Conception Conception
School School
of of
Theology Theology
in in
he he can can be be claimed claimed by by all, all, but but it it makes makes a a
Vigan—the Vigan—the Rector, Rector, Fr. Fr. Michael Michael Padua, Padua,
lot lot of of a a difference difference that that one one has has a a family family
SVD, SVD, and and my my favorite favorite professor—the professor—the
he can
can count on to stand by him: at
count on to stand by him: at
Political lame ducks
moderator moderator of of my my master’s master’s thesis thesis in in
times times even even to to bring bring him him rice, rice, when when his his
philosophy philosophy
—Fr. —Fr.
Frederik Frederik
Scharpf, Scharpf,
cooks cooks have have nothing nothing left left to to cook cook for for him! him!
SVD SVD braved braved storm storm and and wind wind to to make make
One One thing thing that that has has dawned dawned on on me me
Over lunch Estrada, was told by
to to Tuguegarao. Tuguegarao.
I I asked asked Monsignor Monsignor
the the realization realization that that the the priesthood priesthood is is
least two reporters that Keh had
Domingo Domingo Mallo, Mallo, who who was was always always my my
not not so so much much what what you you do do as as it it is is what what
defender, defender,
even even
when when
defending defending
me me
you you are. are. So So it it is is that that I I have have felt felt equally equally
before before the the Priests’ Priests’ Council Council proved proved to to be be
comfortable comfortable
occupying occupying
positions positions
in in
more more difficult difficult than than defending defending the the chief chief
the the Judiciary Judiciary (through (through the the Philippine Philippine
justice, justice, to to deliver deliver the the introduction introduction to to the the
Judicial Judicial Academy), Academy), in in academe academe and and
liturgy. liturgy. It It was was a a long long introduction, introduction, but but
even even as as a a fact-finding fact-finding commissioner commissioner
SENATOR Jinggoy Estrada earned
was was typically typically “Malloesque”: “Malloesque”: lucid, lucid,
both both in in the the so-called so-called Alabang Alabang Boys Boys and and
the admiration of many people when
persuasive, persuasive, oratorical oratorical and and theological! theological!
the the Subic Subic Drug Drug Haul Haul cases, cases, because because one one
Because Because of of an an ordination, ordination, he he said, said, there there
and and should should be be a a priest priest in in all all that that one one
was was no no need need for for man man to to struggle struggle to to
does. does. This This has has to to do do with with the the reason reason you you
heaven, heaven, for for through through a a priest, priest, God’s God’s care care
do do things, things, the the way way you you consider consider people people
came came down down to to earth! earth! It It was was a a proud proud day day
and and treat treat them, them, the the standards standards by by which which
for for my my family, family, and and a a truly truly unforgettable unforgettable
you you judge judge yourself yourself and and the the measure measure
and and unparalleled unparalleled one one for for me. me. Since Since that that
by by which which you you determine determine whether whether your your
day, day, so so many many things things have have happened happened to to
have have succeeded succeeded or or failed. failed. In In these these and and
my my life: life: sad sad and and glorious glorious occasions, occasions, but but
myriad myriad other other situations, situations, after after all, all, there there
none none can can match match in in intensity intensity as as well well as as in in
will will always always be be need need for for one one whose whose
contacted them and asked if they are
interested in the documents that Keh
claimed was sent to him anonymously
that were damning to Corona.
The reporters Keh contracted were
present at the impeachment hearing.
This is the reason why Estrada was
confident to tell Keh that he was
ready to present the journalists he
contacted if he continues to insist on
his prevarication.
Keh must have seen the reporters
too and realized that Estrada was not
Kaya Natin is supposed to be
the the fulfillment fulfillment with with which which it it floods floods the the
ministry ministry it it is is to to be be the the bearer bearer of of the the
he put Kaya Natin lead convenor
Harvey Keh in his proper place and
publicly called him a liar.
Estrada, whom people initially
dismissed as just one of the showbiz
senators, has gained the respect
by both the public and his senate
peers with consistent intelligent and
well prepared participation in the
chamber’s work.
His questioning of Keh was
classic Jinggoy. Estrada exposed
Keh’s deliberate effort to peddle
his unsubstantiated, unverified, and
questionably sourced documents on
alleged foreign currency deposits
of Chief Justice Renato Corona to
It’s good that Keh, who was evasive
and trying to lie his way out of the
movement for good governance
and ethical leadership. Keh’s
Machiavellian machinations to use
spurious documents which source and
soul soul how how one one is is overcome overcome on on Ordination Ordination
image image of of the the Good Good Shepherd. Shepherd.
Day. Day. And And when when the the time time came came for for me me to to
But But as as I I recite recite Vespers—the Vespers—the Evening Evening
speak, speak, I I told told the the congregation congregation that that had had
Prayer Prayer of of the the Church—when Church—when dusk dusk falls, falls,
filled filled the the Cathedral: Cathedral: “You “You cheer cheer for for me me
I I always always confront confront myself myself with with the the painful painful
now now that that I I am am ordained. ordained.
I I hope hope you you
fact fact that that mirrors mirrors distort distort as as much much as as they they
will will still still cheer cheer for for me me when when I I do do that that for for
mirror, mirror, and and often, often, I I distort distort the the image image of of
which which I I was was ordained ordained to to do: do: Proclaim Proclaim
the the Good Good Shepherd. Shepherd.
There There is is nothing nothing
God’s God’s truth truth whether whether in in season season or or out out of of
more more I I can can do do than than ask ask for for forgiveness forgiveness
season.” season.”
and and beg beg for for the the strength strength to to be be a a more more
It It has has been been 30 30 years years since since that that day. day.
resplendent resplendent and and more more faithful faithful image image of of
That That long long time time has has taken taken me me to to Aparri Aparri
Eternal Eternal Love Love when when the the morrow morrow comes, comes,
veracity he does not even know, raises
questions on the ethical standards
followed by his group.
Customs Commissioner Rufino
“Ruffy” Biazon appears to be not
too happy with the announcement
for eleven years, where I founded a
for eleven years, where I founded a
and and for for the the remaining remaining days days of of my my life. life.
President Benigno Aquino III that
collegiate seminary, to short stints at
collegiate seminary, to short stints at
Join Join me me in in prayer prayer on on May May 27. 27. I I have have
questions of Estrada, realized in the
end that he could not fool Estrada. In
San Pablo Regional Seminary and the
San Pablo Regional Seminary and the
endeavored endeavored to to correct correct by by celebration celebration
the end he had to admit that he indeed
University University of of Santo Santo Tomas Tomas as as Vice-Dean Vice-Dean
what what should should have have taken taken place place in in history. history.
contracted some reporters to “sell”
the the Graduate Graduate School, School, to to a a post-doctoral post-doctoral
And And since since it it will will be be Mommy’s Mommy’s birthday birthday
the story on Corona’s $2 million bank
fellowship fellowship at at the the Catholic Catholic University University of of
too, too, please please pray pray for for her her too. too.
Louvain, Louvain, to to a a very very unlikely unlikely engagement engagement
The problem of Keh is that before
he would be one of the senatorial
candidates of the ruling Liberal Party
(LP) in the mid-term elections on
May 13 next year.
Biazon should have been elated
with with the the Supreme Supreme Court, Court, to to spells spells of of law law
study study in in Halifax, Halifax, Canada Canada and and Australia, Australia,
the impeachment trial that day, Estrada
the the coveted coveted position position of of pioneer pioneer dean dean
had lunch with reporters covering the
Senate and the impeachment.
being chosen as one of the four
candidates whose inclusion in the
LP ticket have already been decided
since, as Pres. Aquino pointed out,
“There are a lot more applicants than
Mr. Aquino explained that “there
are at least 24, probably 32, that are
applying for the 12 slots.”
Biazon reaction was less than
enthusiastic. He told reporters: “I
need to talk to him (the President)
first to discuss the details before I say
yes or no. I want to clarify first if it
is a preference that he has or it is a
decision on his part.”
Apparently Biazon wants to
stay in the Bureau of Customs and
sources are apparently correct in
saying that if Biazon had his druthers
he’d rather that his father incumbent
Muntinglupa Representative and
former Senator Rodolfo “Pong”
Biazon ran as senator under the LP
ticket, his wife run in the seat to be
vacated by his father, and that he
remains as Customs chief.
Biazon has indeed basis for
his fears that the President’s
announcement has made him a
lame-duck commissioner. With no
less than President Aquino himself
confirming that Biazon is on the
way out and will be replaced when
he files his certificate of candidacy
in October, a power shift away from
Biazon is expected to happen.
The President’s announcement
of Biazon, who ran and lost in the
2010 senatorial elections, as one of
the “sure” candidates of the ruling
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Editor Opinion


Adelle Chua,

Editor Opinion Manila StandardToday Adelle Chua, MONDAY M MAY 21, 2012 A5 A Corona on the



MAY 21, 2012


Manila StandardToday Adelle Chua, MONDAY M MAY 21, 2012 A5 A Corona on the stand PASTOR

Corona on the stand


TOMORROW, the chief justice can swagger into the Senate and hector the 23 men and women who will decide on his fate if they “can handle the truth.” And then proceed like a mason to lay the bricks that will entomb it. Or he can use the witness stand as

a confessional where he would tell all, knowing that a nation sapped by impeachment fatigue and hungry for candor can only have appetite “for the truth and nothing but the truth.” After months of mostly slick, sly, superficial antics from both sides, our head magistrate should

realize that it is time for straight talk. He should

junk the cue cards and jettison the cheat sheets. He should tell it as it is. If he dithers and ducks, the


know it. If he buries the truth in the intricate embroidery of lies, the people will detect it. If he resorts to technicalities, the people can see through his


Of course, the Corona can blast away at the Palace project to oust him. He can fire at will at the questionable way

in which his deposits were unearthed

from some banking catacomb. He can rail that all his troubles are the payback by a riled haciendero clan dispossessed of its latifunda by a decision penned during his watch. Like a victim of a gang up, Corona can show the welts he has received. And who knows , the bigger jury

out there might just lend him a sympathetic ear. Unfortunately for him, these are not the only explanations the people would want to hear from him. They want him to answer the charges levelled against him by the prosecution They want him to rebut, point- by-point, the ABCDs of his indictment—assets, Basa Guidote, condominiums and deposits. The chief justice can no longer milk the conspiracy theories he has conjured for drops of public

pity. This trial has gone beyond that point He has to go to the meat of the matter. And that is the wide gulf between the assets he declared in his SALN and the trove of properties and bank deposits, attributed to him, discovered so far. The truth may hurt but telling it

is the only way to salve his pain and

save his reputation. It can also be liberating . It will set him free. *** There is an adage that says “politics stops at the waters’ edge.” Many mature politicians honor it

as a rule in political warfare. It means that while politicians may quarrel and quibble over domestic issues


that divisiveness should not hound foreign policy. More so when the country is at odds with another over territory The logic here is that when the country is embroiled in a boundary dispute, its position could be undercut by disagreement at the homefront. Thus there is a need to rally around the stand as expressed by the President, who is the diplomat- in-chief, and whose actions are grounded on the best information that is not available to every Juan. That position is then projected as the national sentiment. It, however,

loses its force if it is met with dissent domestically . Thankfully, in our row with China, the country has presented

a united front. No errant voice has

made our government lose face .This one has galvanized our political












mundane matter is de rigueur.

















of our























is universal that even Little Red The entire nation is awaiting Chief Justice Renato
is universal that even Little Red The entire nation is awaiting Chief Justice Renato

The entire nation

is awaiting Chief Justice Renato Corona’s testimony. He must answer all the charges against him by the prosecution. Only the truth will liberate him.

him by the prosecution. Only the truth will liberate him. Book-touting local Maoists have ranted against
him by the prosecution. Only the truth will liberate him. Book-touting local Maoists have ranted against

Book-touting local Maoists have ranted against Beijing’s intransigence . By calling for unity against China’s territorial grab, I am in no way advocating an absolutist “my country, right or wrong” stance. In many instances, like many Filipinos, I have expressed displeasure over the way government handled issues beyond our shores, like the way it kowtowed to Beijing in boycotting the awarding ceremonies of the Nobel Peace Prize to a Chinese dissident. But on standing up to Sino bullying, the government has made the right moves. Initially, it may have committed clumsy maneuvers, like the saber-rattling that accompanied the scrambling of a hand-me-down Navy cutter to shoo away Chinese poachers, when a Coast Guard boat, without official rah-rahing, would have done the job, without giving China the opportunity to cry provocation. These, however, pale in comparison to the unreasonable stance China is displaying on the Scarborough squabble, one that seems to border on a “might is right” doctrine.

Malacañang is right in pursuing a diplomatic track out of this mess, like arbitration or litigation which China is allergic to. Our voice may grow hoarse in echoing our just position and may occasionally be drowned by Beijing’s loud shrieks but a shouting war is always better than a shooting war. Locally , there are “two China policy” proposals contending for support. One calls for gunboats and the other for genuflection. But between appeasement and confrontation, there

is a better way: diplomacy.


From A4

party has tied his hands. All his actions in the bureau will be scrutinized and he is now open to accusations that he is using the Bureau of Customs to promote his candidacy.

*** Another one of the four LP senatorial candidates in next year’s elections named by Mr. Aquino is Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Director General Joel Villanueva. Like Biazon, Villanueva is a lame duck and he should be conscious that he is now vulnerable to accusations that he is using Tesda to promote his candidacy. Villanueva, however, is apparently not bothered by the possible issue that he is using the resources of Tesda to promote his senatorial bid. On the contrary it seems that in the time left for him before he leaves Tesda, Villanueva is maximizing the exploitation of his agency’s resources to promote himself. His pictures, under the guise of promoting Tesda programs, are on billboards, Tesda vans, and other materials. His giant billboard at the North Luzon Expressway leaves no doubts that he is running for senator—and that he is using Tesda money to promote himself.

The moralist crusade certain: Many of our institutions have been scarred badly from the brazen
The moralist crusade
certain: Many of our institutions have
been scarred badly from the brazen
ways in which we have twisted laws and
civil society want us to believe, moral
dilemmas cannot be reduced to simple
black and white categorizations. But
the rush to judgment has rendered any
effort to expand or contextualize the
norms for the sake of furthering the long
and winding narrow path. As a banker,
for instance, I am stupefied at how easy
it is the manipulate bank secrecy laws
issues as futile. This is a moral fight,
we are told. Period.
TOMORROW, the chief justice of
the Supreme Court shall walk up the
steps of the Senate Building and swear
before God and country to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the
truth about his bank accounts and the
circumstances around his Statement of
Assets, Liabilities and Networth. He
will face the current incarnation of the
fates—Drilon and company, Defensor-
Santiago and company, and Enrile and
There are people in this country
who see his appearance at the Senate
tomorrow as the final act that will seal
his doom—his inevitable fall from
grace. And because we are a country
hopelessly divided, there are also
people who see his appearance as an
opportunity for him to vindicate himself
and to rise from the ashes like the
proverbial phoenix.
Tomorrow will be a historic event.
It will be the first time that a high-
ranking official of this country is made
to account—in a very public way—for
the many sins he has been accused of. It
remains to be seen if the moment will be
a testament to civility and statesmanship
or reduced to just another mud wrestling
bout complete with screaming and
I hold that the real value and
significance of the event is not
something that cannot be divined
immediately. Whether what happens
tomorrow strengthens or corrodes
our democratic system is up to future
historians to judge. But of this I am
after all!
Sure, we are all intrigued about
how Renato Corona will explain the
supposed discrepancies in his SALN
and the truth and the circumstances
around his bank accounts. It will make
for riveting drama.
But I doubt very much if what
happens tomorrow will bring about
the closure that we all need. We have
toyed with the impeachment process
for quite some time and we desperately
want to see a success story played out
to its logical end. We failed many
It is, I think, important for all of us
to have a sense of righteousness, to
subscribe to certain tenets of morality
or ethics. But to be a moralist is an
entirely different thing. We must
leave room for the perspectives of
others because no one in this world
has a monopoly of what is right or
wrong. I hold the view that to be a
moralist constitutes license to demonize
others. Our democratic systems were
supposed to safeguard individuals from
excesses, particularly from the crusade
of moralists. Everyone in this country
times in the past. Sadly, this particular
impeachment process is not going to
be it. We have staked so much for this
particular crusade and I am not sure it is
all worth it.
What worries me so much about
how this impeachment process has been
played out is the way in which it has
seemingly pushed a moralistic bent to
our culture. I am aghast of the many
ways in which morality (translated
into the metaphor of the straight and
narrow path) has been used lately to
was supposed to be presumed innocent
until proven otherwise; everyone was
supposed to have the right to his or
her own opinion and beliefs even these
were contrary to that of the prevailing
order. Our legislators, media, and our
elders were supposed to live up to the
ideal propounded by Voltaire: “I may
not agree with what you have to say but
I will defend to the death your right to
say it.” But not this time around and I
cut corners, judge or ridicule others,
or suppress freedoms. This has been
evident in the actuations of the critics of
Lady Gaga, the reproductive health bill,
the issues of sexual minorities, and by
many advocates of various ideologies.
There is no doubt that the Corona
impeachment has been used as the
centerpiece of the moral crusade. It
has been reduced to a simple moral
dilemma. Unfortunately, contrary to
what the members of the so-called
am not sure this bodes well for all of us.
Malacañang talking head Abigail
Valte pretty much indicated last week
the irrelevance of whatever Corona will
reveal tomorrow when she said that “it
doesn’t matter whether there’s three,
whether there’s four, whether there’s 82
(bank accounts).” As far as Corona’s
persecutors are concerned, it also
doesn’t matter how much money he has
in his bank accounts, either. The bottom
line is that the gods have deemed him
unfit for the role of chief justice and it’s
too late in the game for explanations.
Unseen threats and prospects
Continued from page 1
top career diplomat or statesman to
That is neither imminent nor
predestined, and must be avoided
at all costs. But it needs a less
dysfunctional government that knows
what it is doing and sees beyond the
obvious, and a coherent and credible
policy that allows the government
to assert its position on the Spratlys
while fully energizing its pursuit of
The dispatch of a couple of small
boats to fly the Philippine flag at
Scarborough is not incompatible
with such pursuit. Those who know
the difference between a blue water
navy and a reconditioned coast guard
frigate will know that such maritime
presence is merely symbolic. China
knows it represents no threat.
But the nation’s political leaders
will have to avoid trying to give the
impression that those two small boats
out there are the advance units of the
US Seventh Fleet. They will also
have to avoid trying to get the US
State Department and the Pentagon to
commit to an automatic US military
response, if the Philippines figured
in a naval clash in the Spratlys, and
looking disappointed when told it is
not in the treaty document.
The 1951 RP-US Mutual Defense
Treaty (MDT) does not permit the
US to get involved in the Spratlys
territorial dispute, and contains
no “automatic retaliatory clause”
similar to that in the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization (NATO) treaty
document. The Philippine secretaries
of foreign affairs and defense therefore
were shooting from the hip when they
suggested that the US supports the
Philippine claim and action on the
Because there is no economic or
military parity between the parties,
China is not likely to start a war
with its virtually unarmed neighbor
without provoking international
opprobrium and outrage. If there is
to be war, it may have to start from
the Philippine side, if it knew how
to start a war, and if it desperately
needed one. But the Philippines
renounces war as an instrument of
national policy. It does not need—
and it cannot afford—war.
The stress on diplomacy is healthy
and refreshing. But the government
must know when its diplomats are
performing or not, and it should
be able to take the first basic steps
in diplomacy before attempting
anything complicated. There is
no valid excuse why the post of
Philippine ambassador in Beijing
should remain unfilled just because
the Commission on Appointments
will not confirm a nominee who may
know more about making money
than basic diplomatic etiquette. If
the President is serious, nothing
should prevent him from sending a
Beijing as a sign of high respect for
China’s status.
With the proper foreign policy and
national security structure in place,
the government should engage China
in all seriousness. It could pick up
a 12-year-old proposal to negotiate
a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation
and Good Neighborliness with China,
equivalent to what the French call
Traite d’amitie, de cooperation et de
Mauritania agreed to settle their
dispute over Western Sahara, a colony
administered by Spain but claimed by
the two other countries, following an
advisory opinion from the World Court
on the legal status of the territory.
While China is opposed to a
World Court settlement, the Western
Sahara model might prove acceptable
to the Chinese. In that model, the
bon voisinage, and start a new era in
Philippine-Chinese relationship.
In 2000, as Senate Majority Leader,
claimants did not ask the World Court
to adjudicate the conflict. Instead,
they asked the UN General Assembly
to request the World Court for an
advisory opinion on the legal status
proposed the treaty idea in a speech
of the disputed territory.
Based on
the Senate on the 25th anniversary
that, the General Assembly asked the
of the establishment of relations
between the Philippines and China.
The declared purpose was to update
and replace the joint communiqué
signed by President Ferdinand
Marcos and Prime Minister Chou En
Lai in Beijing on June 7, 1975 on the
establishment of those ties.
Under the communiqué, Chinese-
Philippine ties, under the “One-
China” policy, were to be governed
by peaceful coexistence, mutual
respect for each other’s sovereignty
and territorial integrity, mutual non-
aggression, non-interference in each
other’s internal affairs, equality and
mutual benefit, and the peaceful
settlement of disputes. Some of those
principles have since come under
A new treaty should cover the
whole gamut of Philippine-Chinese
relations—political, economic,
trade, investments, tourism, air
Court to say 1) whether at the time of
Spain’s colonization, Western Sahara
(Rio de Oro and Sakiet El Hamra) was
a territory that belonged to no one
(terram nullius); and 2) whether legal
ties existed between Western Sahara
and the Kingdom of Morocco and the
Mauritanian entity, and if so, what
were they?
Spain opposed the Court’s
intervention, saying the territorial
dispute could not be put to the Court
without its consent. The Court
replied that the request for an advisory
services, maritime, shipping, cultural,
scientific, technological, agricultural,
fisheries, forestry, environmental
protection, mining, offshore minerals
and petroleum exploration, and
industrial joint ventures. Above all,
should provide for a mechanism
for the pacific settlement of disputes
accordance with the UN charter as
well as customary international law
and treaty law, beginning with the UN
Convention on the Law of the Sea.
Although China insists on a purely
bilateral approach to the Spratlys
issue, the Philippines should continue
accessing the help of the UN and other
friendly parties in trying to persuade
its giant neighbor to submit their
dispute to a peaceful settlement. In
1999, President Joseph Estrada tried to
do that in his talks with UN Secretary
General Kofi Annan in New York. No
effort should be spared to persuade
China to consider doing what others
have done to resolve their territorial
There are notable examples.
Malaysia and Indonesia allowed the
World Court to resolve their territorial
dispute over Ligitan and Sipadan
islands. Botswana and Namibia did
opinion did not call on it to adjudicate
the conflict, and that no state could
prevent it from giving an opinion to
the UN, which was the requesting
After due examination of the facts,
the Court concluded that at the time
of colonization there were legal ties
of allegiance between the Sultan of
Morocco and some tribes living in the
territory of Western Sahara, but these
did not establish ties of territorial
sovereignty between Western Sahara
and the Kingdom of Morocco or
The advisory opinion did not
end the conflict. But influenced by
this process, Spain, Morocco and
Mauritania agreed on Nov. 14, 1975
to the partitioning of Western Sahara
between Morocco and Mauritania, in
exchange for the award of mineral
and fishing rights to Spain. This
agreement was then confirmed by the
In like manner, the claimants to the
Spratlys could request the UN General
Assembly to ask for an advisory
opinion on the le gal status of the
Spratlys. That could go a long way in
tranquilizing the South China Sea and
the Asia Pacific.
A far-seeing Philippine government
should be able to lead in this process.
the same thing with respect to their
dispute over the Kasikili/Sedudu
island. And Spain, Morocco and
Atty. Jimeno’s column will resume
next week.
News A6 MONDAY MOND MAY 21, 2012 MAY 2 ManilaStandardToday Noynoy appoints 13 judges Ride
News A6 MONDAY MOND MAY 21, 2012 MAY 2 ManilaStandardToday Noynoy appoints 13 judges
MAY 21, 2012
13 judges

Ride through time. A horse carriage carrying tourists passes through the entrance to Fort Santiago, the military headquarters of the Spanish colonial government for over 300 years, in Intramuros district in Manila which has been undergoing repair and renovation the past few years.

Cameras to be installed in Intramuros

By Macon Ramos-Araneta

A TOTAL of 13 security cameras will

be installed at key points in the walled, 69-hectare Intramuros district in Manila after the Intramuros Administration, headed by Jose Capistrano, launched its “It’s More Fun in Intramuros” campaign. Capistrano said the cameras will help the existing 107-man security force that


deployed in the area round-the-clock


ensure the safety of local and foreign

tourists who are expected to flock to the Walled City due to the administration’s new promotion campaign. “We want to make nights in Intramuros more fun and entertaining,” Capistrano said. “We plan to extend the operating hours in Fort Santiago, stage

performances and cultural shows in the open-air Rajah Sulayman theatre.” Capistrano said the security cameras will be part of a contract that will be executed between IA and a qualified security provider. “[The contract is] now open for bidding. The installation of cameras were included in the new terms of reference,” noted Capistrano. With the restoration works at the Walled City, Capistrano said they expect an influx of local and foreign tourists this year, adding to the regular 500,000 visitors who frequent Intramuros each year. “We would like to regain the old glory and spunk of Intramuros. We are here to encourage visitors to experience other activities here in the Walled City, aside

from learning and understanding the rich and colourful history of the Philippines,” he said. “This is the reason why we have come up with a new tourism package to promote our own Intramuros. We believe that through this campaign, we would be able to surpass the numbers and targets that we have set yearly,” Capistrano added. He said the IA has almost completed the redevelopment of Maestranza Park, including the Puerta Real portion in front of the Bureau of Immigration, which has already proven commercially viable in the past. The restoration of Baluarte de Herrerias, between the Intendencia (Old Customs House) and Fort Santiago, is ongoing and is expected to be completed soon.

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said over the weekend the Chief Executive signed the appointment papers of the 13 judges on May 11. Judge Juvencio Gascon was named presiding judge of the Pasig Regional Trial Court Branch 68. He earned his bachelor of laws degree from the

University of the East in 1984 and served as San Fernando City (La Union) RTC Judge since 2009. Judge Gregorio Vega Jr. was appointed to the Pasig RTC 157. He obtained his bachelor of laws degree from the University of the Philippines in 1971. Prior to his appointment, he served as Siniloan (Laguna) RTC judge since


Also appointed to the Pasig RTC was Judge Jennifer Albano Pilar who will move to the bench of Branch 164. She earned her bachelor of laws from the San Sebastian College in 1993. She graduated salutatorian. She served as Agoo (La Union) RTC Judge from 2007. Judge Romeo D. Tagra was also named to the Regional Trial Court Branch 273 in Marikina City. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the




section must be b r o u g h t t o o u r attention the very day the advertisement is published. We will not be responsible for any incorrect ads not reported to us immediately.


We note that you have abandoned Unit D54B Villa Regina Condominium, F. Antonio St., Bambang , Pasig City for more than thirty (30) days. You have failed to contact the registered owner, Melquiades Lagarde, to inform him of your whereabouts or your intentions re:

your furniture and possessions within the premises.

publication date of this notice to remove all your possessions inside said unit. Should you fail to pick up your possession, the same will be sold or auctioned to pay for rentals and Association dues

By MA. VICTORIA A. SUAREZ, Counsel for Melquiades Lagarde Jr, Unit D54B Villa Regina Condos, F.Antonio, Pasig City.

(MST-May 21, 2012)

Republic of the Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways Laguna 1 s t Santa

Republic of the Philippines

Department of Public Works and Highways

Laguna 1 st Santa Cruz, Laguna


The Department of Public Works and Highways-Laguna 1 st District Engineering invites contractors to bid for the following contracts:


b. Contract Name

d. Scope of Work

a. Contract ID


: Concreting of Farm to Market Road

: Concreting of farm to market road






120 c. d



Contract ID



Farm Php6,402,000.

f. Duration


120 c. d


a. Contract ID



f. Duration


210 c. d

accordance with the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184. listed therein chargeable against

examination of bids.


until 2:00 p. m.

Unregistered contractors, however, shall submit their applications for registration


Prospective bidders may download the Registration form from the DPWH website Laguna 1 st the DPWH website shall pay the said fees on or before the submission of bids.

The DPWH-Laguna 1 st

(MST-May 21, 2012)


University of San Carlos in 1992. He served as judge of the Calbayog City RTC in Samar since 2010. Also appointed was Judge Joseph A. Elmaco was appointed to Dumaguete City RTC Branch 36. He obtained his bachelor of laws degree from the Siliman University in 1982.

For fast ad results, please call 659-48-30 local 303 or 659-4803

PRESIDENT Benigno S. Aquino III has appointed four new judges to the Pasig and Marikina Regional Trial Courts and nine others to various courts in the country.

He served as 2nd Municipal Circuit Trial Court, Bindoyoayungon-Manjuyod in Negros Oriental since 2006. Judge Cenon Voltaire B. Repollo to the RTC Branch 38 in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. He obtained his bachelor of laws from the Xavier University in 1997. He served as presiding judge of the Municipal Trial Court in Cities Branch 2 in Dumaguete City since 2006. Judge Sisinio C. Virtudazo to the RTC Branch 4 in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. He obtained his bachelor of laws from the University of Bohol in 1982. He served as executive judge of the Municipal Trial Court in Cities Branch 1 in Tagbilaran City. Judge Alexader Nicandro V. Acosta to the RTC Branch 9 in Cebu City. He graduated bachelor of laws from the University of the East in 1996. He worked in the National Prosecution Service in Cebu City as prosecutor. Judge Ma. Lynna Pacamalan Adviento to the RTC Branch 58 in Cebu City. She obtained her bachelor of laws from the University of San Carlos in 1991. She worked as attorney in the Securities and Exchange Commission and legislative consultant of the Cebu City council and partner in Tanco & Partners Law Offices. Judge Constantino F. Esber to the RTC Branch 37 in Caibiran, Biliran. He obtained his bachelor of laws from the Leyte Colleges in 1986. He served as clerk in the Commission on Elections, trial attorney in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, public attorney and later prosecutor, all in Leyte. PNA

N O T I C E Notice is hereby given that INDO PHIL TEXTILE MILLS,





Notice is hereby given that INDO PHIL TEXTILE MILLS, INCORPORATED is applying annual capacity of 12,410 Metric Ton on a Non-

days from the date of this publication.

RUDY B. CAÑA Director Manufacturing Industries Department

Industry & Investments Building, 385 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines Trunkline: 897-6682, (IPG) 896-9212, (MSG) 896-5167, (PAG) 895-3983 (ISG) 890-3056, (FASD) 890-9325 Website: http// P.O. Box 1872 Makati City

(MST-May 21, 2012)

Republic of the Philippines
IV-A, through the GAA RA 10147, FY 2011, intends to apply the sum of Thirty Two
to payments under the contract
now invites bids for the
The scope of work involves
stock belonging to the citizens of the Philippines.
Interested bidders may obtain further information from
Documents at the address given below from
of Letter of Intent is from
Documents in the amount of
It may also be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Philippine
later than the submission of their bids.
Pre-Bid Conference on
open to interested parties.
attend at the address below. Late bids shall not be accepted.
incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.
indemnify any bidder or winning bidders, as the case may be, for any expenses or
process nor does it guarantee that an award will be made.
For further information, please refer to:
Head, BAC Secretariat
Chief Construction Division
Noted by:
OIC, Regional Director
(MST-May 21, 2012)

Office of the President

of the Philippines Malacañang



invites all interested Phil-GEPS registered manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, automotive to wit:




Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC)


Request (PR)


Bid Fees





2. Procurement of Complete Twin Pac Helicopter with Tail No. RP-2000


3. Materials for Delayed Discrepancies RP 2000


above, beginning on May 18, 2012 up to June 7, 2012

pre-bid conference for the purpose will be held on May 24, 2012 at 1:00 PM at the Executive Secretaries Hall and Gallery, 4 th Manila. Only those who have purchased bidding documents will be allowed to participate in the pre-bid conference.

Deadline for the submission June

7, 2012, Thursday at 10:00AM at


opening of bids will be held on the same day, June 7, 2012, Thursday at 10:05AM at the Executive Secretaries Hall and Gallery, 4 th

reserves the right to accept contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.


(MST-May 21, 2012)

incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders. (Sgd.) ATTY. MICHAEL G. AGUINALDO (MST-May 21,
CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK Manila StandardToday Riera U. Mallari, Editor Sports MONDAY M MAY


ManilaStandardToday Riera U. Mallari, Editor




MAY 21, 2012


Thunder rally past Lakers

LOS ANGELES—Kevin Durant stood above the 3-point line and watched the shot clock dwindle in the final seconds of Game 4. When Metta World Peace backed up slightly on defense, Durant hesitated only an instant before launching a 26-footer.

‘’It left my hand, (and) I was think- ing, ‘If this doesn’t go in, it’s going to be a terrible shot,’’’ Durant said. The three-time scoring champ trusts his instincts and his silky-smooth jumper. Neither let him down while he and Russell Westbrook engineered

yet another late comeback that pushed a frustrated Kobe Bryant to the brink. Westbrook scored 10 of his 37 points during a stirring fourth-quarter rally, Du- rant added 31 points and hit that tiebreak- ing 3-pointer with 13.7 seconds left, and the Thunder seized control of their second-

round series with a 103-100 victory over

the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night.

Serge Ibaka scored 14 points and the second-seeded Thunder took a 3-1 series lead with a rally from a 13-point deficit in the final 8 minutes, moving one win away from their second straight trip to the Western Conference finals. ‘’Everybody kept fighting,’’ West- brook said. ‘’We all believed in each

other. It’s the playoffs. You can’t afford

to sit back and wonder about it.’’

Game 5 is Monday night in Okla- homa City. Oklahoma City improved to 7-1 in the postseason with a tenacious rally on

the second night of back-to-back games against the Lakers and Bryant, who scored 38 points but struggled in the fourth quarter of Los Angeles’ fifth loss in seven games. After Durant put the Thunder ahead with his shot-clock-draining 3-pointer, Kobe couldn’t match it with 10 seconds left. With a surge that seemed inevitable to the Lakers’ worried crowd, Durant and Westbrook led the Thunder back with teamwork throughout a 32-point fourth quarter. Bryant was left lament- ing the help he didn’t get—particularly from four-time All-Star Pau Gasol, who made the unforced turnover that led to Durant’s decisive 3. AP

Talatayod, Capadocia sisters win

TOP seed Dheo Talatayod continued to humble his rivals in the 18-under boys’ division, while the Capadocia sisters, led by fancied Marian Jade, sustained their title bid over the weekend in the Toby’s Sports-PLDT SMART Foundation 11th Annual Summer Tennis Festival at the Rizal Memorial tennis courts. After drawing a first-round bye, Talatayod, 17, whipped Kyle Martin Ilagan 6-0, 6-0 and Jeleardo Amazona 6-4, 6-1 to forge a quarterfinals clash with Andrew Joshua Cano. Cano, the No. 8 seed, trounced Mark Ervin Concepcion 6-2, 6-2 and Prince Salvacion 6-3, 6-0 in the Philippine Tennis Association Category 2 tourney that dangles ranking points. Scoring the biggest upset so far in the centerpiece event was unseeded Andre Rodriguez, who pulled the rug from under second-ranked Elvie Lopez Jr. 6-2, 7-6 (5). Rodriguez will take on no. 10 Jeremiah Latorre in the quarterfinals. Clashing in the other quarterfinal pairings are third- ranked Hakkem Cariga against No. 5 Romnee Kyli Joseph and fourth-seed Joel Cabusas versus No. 7 Eric Olivarez Jr.

and fourth-seed Joel Cabusas versus No. 7 Eric Olivarez Jr. Over 400 young tennis players nationwide

Over 400 young tennis players nationwide participated in the 11th Toby's Sports Summer Tennis Festival recently at the Rizal Memorial Tennis Center. Held in cooperation with the PLDT-Smart Foundation, the annual festival is one of Toby's Sports grassroots development programs, the others being the Youth Badminton Championships and Junior Volleyball League. Photo shows (from left) Jean Agra, managing director, Futures Foundation; Atty. Al Agra, president Futures Foundation; Bobby Claudio, chairman, Toby's Sports; Esther Santos, PLDT-Smart Foundation president; Philip Juico, former Philippine Sports Commission chief, and Toby's Youth Sports Foundation board of director, Toby Claudio, president, retail division, making the ceremonial serve.

Juico: Let’s re-direct youth sports

FORMER Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Philip Ella Juico said at the opening of the Philta-Toby’s Juniors Age- Group Tennis Challenge held recently at the Rizal Memorial Tennis Complex that children and youth sports must be influenced by “the principle that sports for children and youth are organized so that they can play as much as they can the sport of their choice in an organized and safety-oriented way.” Juico, former Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform in the administration of the late former President Corazon C. Aquino, stated that youth and children’s sports should essentially be fun, free from unnecessary and excessive stress and pressure that adult organizers of said tournaments often introduce to promote their personal ambition and glory.

Delivering the welcome remarks in the 11th edition of the yearly tennis festival co-sponsored by PLDT-Smart Foundation, Juico said that in taking up sports, children and youth should learn skills and imbibe values that they can use and practice for the rest of their lives. Echoing a similar theme in a recent interview with Investigative Documentaries, which will be aired on GMA News TV Channel 11, on Thursday, at 8 p.m., Juico called on the country’s sports and education authorities to consider re-formatting and re- directing the youth’s Pambansang Palaro so that the annual student games can help promote the attainment of the objectives of the UN Millennium Development Goals Task Force on sports, which called on all nations to use sports in its broader context

in promoting health, education, peace, social development, rather than for just discovering society’s next sports heroes. In the same interview, Juico stressed that had the Philippine Institute of Sports (Philsports), which he established during his term as PSC Chairman in 1996, some 16 years ago, had been seriously pursued by his successors, the Philippines would probably have by now a strong nationwide coaching pool for elite sports. Juico added that the Philsports would have produced the necessary academic experts and the education leaders needed to improve the physical education program of the country, and to establish and develop sports schools and to provide officers, managers, staff, and planners of the proposed Department of Sports.

Lopena leads team to title

THE Philippine State College of Aeronautics Villamor Air Base Bowling Team F leaned on its top gunners to rule the first Philsca President Cup Dr. Bernard R. Ramirez Bowling Tournament on Friday at the AMF Puyat Bowling Lanes, Makati Cinema Square in Makati City. Joseph Lopena (396), Lovel Ralph Fineza (367), Imelda Garcia (304), Estrella Yago (301), Juanita Quijana (291) and Hilaria Datoon (255) spearheaded the Villamor Air Base Bowling Team F to assemble 1699, with an average score of 566.33, and secure the team event gold medal. Lopena and Fineza joined Robert Santillana (353) of Mactan Campus, Gener Guce (337) of Lipa Campus and Felix Alegado (322) of Pampanga Campus in the top five male bowlers plum, while Garcia, Yago, Quijana and Datoon led the top five female bowlers, who included individual topnotcher Marijin Rueca (333) Lipa Campus. Team K of Fernando Air Base in Lipa City settled for the silver medal with total pin falls of 1663, with an average score of 554.33, followed by the Team L of Mactan Benito Ebuen Campus, Cebu with 1655 (average 551.67).

Mactan Benito Ebuen Campus, Cebu with 1655 (average 551.67). Filipino bowling Hall of Famer Olivia “Bong”

Filipino bowling Hall of Famer Olivia “Bong” Coo (left) and Philippine State College of Aeronautics President Dr. Bernard Ramirez (right) roll the ceremonial first bowl to open the first Philsca President Cup Dr. Bernard Ramirez Bowling Tournament Friday at the Puyat Bowling Lanes, Makati Cinema Square in Makati City.

Joper, Alcala top PH Open


JOPER Escueta and Malvinne Ann Alcala proved their worth as national team members as they lorded it over the Open singles field to rule their respective divisions in the Philippine National Open-Ming Ramos Youth Camp Badminton Championships at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall late Friday. Escueta, 18, wore down a fast-fading top seed Paul Vivas to take the men’s crown with a thrilling 21-15, 17-21, 21- 16 decision that lasted for 50 minutes. “I just waited for him to commit mistakes because I know he’s tired,” Escueta, a three-member of the Phl team who finished joint third in last year’s edition of the annual event held in honor of the former Philippine Badminton Association president and now PBA honorary chair former First Lady Amelita “Ming” Ramos. “I know his style of play because I train with him every day (in the national team).” Trading smashes and drop shots late in the deciding set, Vivas forged a 16-all count but lost steam, enabling Escueta to cash in and racked up the last five points and the victory worth P40,000.


limping Alcala, on the other hand,


bested hard-fighting Descka Calimlim of Victor PCOME-Philstar, 28-26, 21- 18, to retain the women’s title in the tournament organized by the PBA, headed by Vice President Jejomar Binay, chair Manny V. Pangilinan and sec-gen Rep. Albee Benitez, and sponsored by Victor/PCOME, Bingo Bonanza, Sun Cellular and the Philippine Sports Commission.

IN BRIEF Fil-Italiannetter prevails FIL-ITALIAN Marc Reyes hacked out a 6-0, 6-1 demolition of Malaysia’s
Fil-Italiannetter prevails
FIL-ITALIAN Marc Reyes hacked out a
6-0, 6-1 demolition of Malaysia’s top netter
Aries Deen Hesham in the first qualifying
round of the $10,000 Thailand F3 Futures
Men’s Tennis Tournament in Bangkok.
It was an unexpected win for Reyes,
considering Hesham recently underwent
training in France. The win put Reyes in a
second qualifying round showdown with
6’5” German Dominik Schulz.
On the other hand, Jeson Patrombon,
has been accepted in the main draw of
the singles and doubles, and he has been
doing a lot of hitting, strength training and
physical conditioning to get ready for the
third leg this coming today.
Patrombon will again team up with Bowen
Ouyang of China in the doubles, while Reyes
is partnered with a Thai player. Peter Atencio
Combat sports on Balls
BALLS brings the Ultimate Fighting
Championship battle—UFC 146: Dos
Santos vs. Mir.
The loaded fight takes place in May 26 in Las
Vegas and it will be aired on Balls on May 27,
10:30 a.m. The heavyweight title fight between
UFC Champ Junior dos Santos and former title
holder Frank Mir will be the hottest event this
month on Balls. Dos Santos is set to defend his
belt for the first time and he is determined to win
against the former champ.
Catch it first on Balls where spectacular
fights, awesome knockouts, and an in-depth
look of what happens inside and outside the
octagon take place. UFC will make hearts
pump faster with rousing stunts executed
by professional mixed martial artists.
Balls will also highlight the fights of Donnie
Nietes, Milan Melindo and Genesis Servania
—as they face their respective foes—Felipe
Salguero Salguero of Mexico, Columbian
Jesus Gelez and Genato “Poblanito” Garcia
in the breathtaking Pinoy Pride XIV. The fight
will be on June 2, with live telecast at Balls HD
and in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Milan, London and
Sydney via TFC. It will also be telecast on free
TV via ABS-CBN on June 3, at 9:55 a.m., with
a replay on the same day in Studio 23 at 1:30
p.m., and in Balls on June 8 at 4 p.m.
Bowling elims begin
VETERAN and promising bowlers get a
chance to earn a trip to the World Cup
international finals in Wroclaw, Poland as
they compete in the national competition
which starts today in 13 venues.
Aspirants will have to go through two
qualifying periods, with the top 82 female
and male advancing to the national finals
on Sept. 15 and 16 at Coronado Lanes,
Sept. 18 and 19 at Paeng’s Midtown Bowl
and Sept. 21 at SM Bowling North Edsa.
The three centers will also be among
the qualifying round venues. The
others are Astrobowl, Superbowl,
Commonwealth, Paeng’s Freedom Bowl
Imus, Q. Plaza, Paeng’s Eastwood Bowl,
SM Fairview, SM Mall of Asia, Puyat
Sports Baguio and Paeng’s Skybowl.
The national champions (men and
women) will represent the Philippines in
the 48 th Bowling World Cup international
finals set on Nov. 24 to Dec. 2 at the Sky
Bowling Centre in Wroclaw, Poland.
Blame Lakers; a pitch for Hermie’s son, Andy much to fit in his new environment.
Blame Lakers; a pitch for Hermie’s son, Andy
much to fit in his new environment.
“Andy was eight when he came to
THE Los Angeles Lakers led by seven
THE Los An eles Lakers led b
with seconds left in Game 2 and yet,
they lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Although the Lakers took Game 3
to cut the gap to 2-1, they lost Game 4
yesterday in a virtual photocopy of the
Game 2 setback.
They were up 96-90 with minutes left
to play in Game 4, when they practically
dropped their defenses as the Thunder,
down by 13 at one stage after trailing by
11 points most of the way, struck for an
8-0 blast to take the lead 98-96.
And after Laker star Kobe Bryant tied
it at 98-98 with two free throws off James
Harden at the 1:04 mark, NBA scoring
leader Kevin Durant nailed a three at center
in front of Metta World Peace for a 101-98
Only a miracle now can save the
Lakers from getting eliminated.
excerpts of the heart-rending letter of
appeal from Hermie and Tina Rivera.
Hermie, the manager of former world
boxing champions Luisito Espinosa
and Morris East, used to write a boxing
column in this great paper:
“Dear Al:
“We are writing to appeal for help
concerning our son’s plight.
“Gerardo (Andy) Rivera was one of
the 3,168 illegal aliens and immigrants
arrested in a recent nationwide sweep
by the US Immigration and Customs
Enforcement Officers.
“Andy is a doting father to his children,
a loving husband, and a productive
member of his community. He is a
dependable and hardworking employee,
who works full time to support his family
(wife Stacie, 14 year-old son Nicolus, and
5 year-old daughter Leila).
“Andy participates actively in the
care-giving of his two children, in his
son’s scholastics (straight As) sports
(football and baseball) and in other
aspects of parenting.
“As a young adult, Andy experienced
difficulties, a story of a young and
impressionable immigrant aching so
the US. In his desire to be accepted in
his adopted country, he fell victim to
peer pressure and succumbed to willful
influence of his flawed friends.
“Andy is not violent. Neither is he
mean-hearted. In fact, he struggled to
break away from his crowd after serving
time for non-violent crime (drug use).
“He successfully turned around his
life and is now a respectable member
asking for his father.
“Andy is one caring soul who has erred
in the past, paid for his mistakes and has
since learned from it to lead a responsible
life since his full rehabilitation.
“Ever grateful,
“Hermie and Cristina Rivera, 36752
Burdick Street,
Newark, California 94560.”
A hearing is set on June 28 for Andy’s
case in Arizona. I pray and hope the
Good Judge in the case will give Andy a
of his community.
“He went back to school, finished
second chance. I have faith, as always, in
the American justice system. I also pray
a course, is gainfully employed, got
married and never looked back to a
once-sordid past.
“Andy has no family, no ties left, no home
and no job in a country he left decades ago.
to our Dear God for the Good Judge’s
continued good health.
ALL IN. A warm applause to Josie
Gabuco, the 25-year-old single
mother from Puerto Princesa City, for
crowning herself the world amateur
boxing champion on Saturday in the
Aiba World Women’s Championships,
beating top favorite Shiqi Xu of China
10-9 in the 48-kg light flyweight finals.
Gabuco had to mightily rally from
setbacks in all of the first three rounds
to win the fourth and final round 3-1
and erased a 7-8 deficit in snatching the
win described by boxing official Ricky
Vargas as “a bright ray of hope in our
never-ending dream to score big in the
A swap of points between Harden and
Bryant put Thunder’s final win at 103-
100 after a Bryant trey went wild.
The 1-3 Lakers now face an uphill
climb as the Thunder gun for the
clincher in Game 5 tomorrow (Manila
Time) in hostile Oklahoma.
“Here, he has his children, parents,
siblings, and friends who are all
praying for his freedom, not to mention
a job that is left open for him by his
considerate bosses.
“My wife and I are elderly and
currently not in the best of health. And,
we still have not recovered from the
sudden demise of our daughter, Christine,
who died last year at the young age of 38.
“Right now, Niko and Leila, who
both adore their father, are experiencing
the darkest hours of their lives. Leila
is so depressed, constantly crying and
international boxing arena.” Cheers!
6/49 0-0-0-0-0-0
P11.7 M+
Manila Standard TODAY
Riera U. Mallari, Editor
MAY 21, 2012
Orcollo wins US Open
By Ronnie Nathanielsz
DENNIS Orcollo reinforced
his position as the Philippines’
top pool player and among the
very best in the world when
he won the US Open 10-Ball
Championships at the Riviera
Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,
Sunday morning (Manila time).
Pool patron Perry Mariano,
who heads Bugsy Promotions,
where Orcollo is the star, said
his ward defeated veteran
Django Bustamante, 11-5, in
the finals after earlier ousting
2004 World 9-Ball champion
Alex Pagulayan, 9-8, in the
Bustamante also beat
Pagulayan to force a finals
showdown with Orcollo.
The former fisherman earned
the top prize of $15,000, while
Bustamante settled for $8,500.
Orcollo, whose game was
in full flow in the finals, was
coming off another big win in
the star-studded third Annual
Hard Times 10-Ball Open,
routing American Shane Van
Boening, considered the USA’s
top pool player, 11-3, in the
finals last May 6.
Pacman’s sparring is OK
MANNY Pacquiao sparred 10
rounds at the Wild Card Gym
on Saturday, and according to
strength and conditioning coach
Alex Ariza, “it went relatively
“Every day is not going to be
the best day, but it (sparring)
went relatively well,” Ariza told
the Manila Standard.
Ariza said Pacquiao went
four rounds with Russian
welterweight Ruslan
Provodnikov (21-1, 14 KOs)
and another four rounds with
lightweight Rustam Nugaev
(22-6-1, 12 KOs), plus two
rounds with who the strength
and conditioning coach refereed
to as “the young black kid,
whose first name is Kevin,” but
whose family name he didn’t
Ariza said Pacquiao did not
back off and was physically in
good shape at the end of the
sparring sessions.
“I thought he looked phenomenal
on Tuesday, I thought he looked
phenomenal on Thursday, but he
looked okay today,” said Ariza.
Ronnie Nathanielsz
Rain or Shine’s Jamelle Cornley (right) tries to figure out a way to outwit Alaska’s Jason Forte in the opening game of the 2012 PBA Governor’s
Cup at the Ynares Center in Antipolo City. The Painters won, 106-100.
Ynares Center in Antipolo City. The Painters won, 106-100. Painters rip Aces, 106-100 By Jeric Lopez

Painters rip Aces, 106-100

By Jeric Lopez

A NEW ray of hope looms on the hori- zon for Rain or Shine.

Aching to have a bounce-back conference, the Elasto Painters started their campaign on a positive note, stunning a still adjusting Alaska with a 106-100 victory in the 2012 Philippine Basketball Association Governor’s Cup opening game at the Ynares Center in Antipolo City yesterday. Jamelle Cornley had an

impressive PBA import debut as he tallied stellar double-double numbers of a game-high 27 points and 10 rebounds, while Jeff Chan did a lot of damage in the second half with his outside shooting, finishing with 20 points, including four triples, for Rain or Shine. Behind the blazing guns of the do-it-all Cornley and a

resurrected Paul Lee, Rain or Shine orchestrated a decisive uprising and erected a 23-point cushion, 50-27, with 3:56 left before intermission. They led by a sizeable 53-35 spread at the break. Cornley and Lee combined for 28 first-half points to lead the charge of the Elasto Painters. Lee finished with 17 points. ‘’Overall, masaya naman ako sa performance ng team. We prepared hard for this conference. It’s a short conference so we need to push hard,’’ said Guiao. ‘’I’m happy that our import is the right

fit for us and Jeff (Chan) had a nice game.’’ For new Alaska coach Luigi Trillo, who mentored his first game, it wasn’t that bad of a PBA coaching debut after all, as the Aces, even if they never led the entire game and played catch-up throughout, showed some positive things in several stretches. Alaska unleashed a 24-9 bomb to start the second half and inch to within three, 59-62, at the 4:20 mark of the third, the closest it got, but Rain or Shine had other plans.

The Elasto Painters replied with a 20-4 blast of their own bridging the last two periods to lift the advantage back to a whopping 19-point edge, 82-63, with 11:19 remaining. Chan was scored 17 of his 20 in the last half and made timely baskets to keep Alaska at bay. The Aces were still determined to pursue one final push and finished the game on a 37-24 run, but fell short. The returning Jason Forte also had a splendid game with a team- high 25 points and Cyrus Baguio had 19 for Alaska.

Nationals frolic in badminton

NATIONAL team mainstays imposed their will in the men’s Open and boys’ Under-19, even as Janel Dihiansan shocked third seed Ma. Victoria Vizmonte in the girls’ U-19 in the MVP Sports Foundation-Philippine Badminton Ranking System circuit at the Metro Sports Center in Lahug, Cebu City yesterday. No. 3 Peter Gabriel Magnaye of Philippine-Victor swept past Jose Yason, 21-8, 21-8, to set up a third-round showdown with ninth-ranked Paolo Sunga of Golden Shuttle Foundation, who booted out Joma Castro, 21-9, 21-6, while second seed Paul Vivas beat Brent Wu, 21-12, 21-13, for a Last 16 duel with No. 12 Jose Carlos Benipayo, who dominated Jeff Garcia, 21-7, 21-5. Others, who breezed through in the premier division of the event, sponsored by GOAL Pilipinas, were national pool members Kevin Cudiamat, John Kenneth Monterubio, Christopher Flores, Andrei Babad and Joper Escueta. Cudiamat outplayed Henry Herida, 21-3, 21-8; Monterubio defeated Joseph Patalinghug, 21-9, 21-12; Flores repulsed Sherman Olalia, 16-21, 21- 12, 21-4; Babad held off Clint Armamento, 21-15, 21-19; and Escueta saw off Jie Plaza, 21- 8, 21-10.

21-15, 21-19; and Escueta saw off Jie Plaza, 21- 8, 21-10. Gabuco turns back Chinese for

Gabuco turns back Chinese for crown

QINHUANGDAO, China— Josie Gabuco played deaf to the lusty cheers of the hometown crowd for her opponent Xu Shiqi as she finally upended her foe in the AIBA Women’s World Championships at the Olympic Sports Center here. It took some doing, all four rounds, before Gabuco could pull off a squeaker, 10-9 at the end of the bout. The first three rounds went to Xu, 1-2, 3-5 and 7-8. “It was like fighting thousands of opponents,” said the 25 year- old, single mother of a five-year- old boy. “The crowd definitely got to me at first, so I was very cautious and tried to come up with an antidote to my shifty opponent.” Xu was also wily, tying up the

Puerto Princesa boxer several times and then dropping to the canvass as if she was wrestled down. The lady Hungarian referee, however, was wise to the antics and issued a warning against the Chinese boxer in the third round. Gabuco then started cutting off the exit points of her opponent, allowing her to deliver some damaging straights to the head and uppercuts to the side of her opponent’s body. The fourth round found the Chinese constantly backtracking but getting cornered and hit, thus convincing 4 of the 5 judges to give the nod to Gabuco. The fifth saw the round even. ABAP president Ricky Vargas was euphoric.

the round even. ABAP president Ricky Vargas was euphoric. Olympic-bound Filipino-Japanese judoka Tomohiko Hoshima

Olympic-bound Filipino-Japanese judoka Tomohiko Hoshima (fourth from left) is assisted by Philippine team chief of mission Manny Lopez in wearing the national team jacket during a visit at the Philippine Olympic Committee office yesterday. With them in are (from left) judo president David Carter, Japanese coach Yasuhiro Sato, head mentor Rolan Llamas, Hoshima’s mother, POC secretary general Steve Hontiveros and nine-time Southeast Asian Games titlist John Baylon. Hoshima is one of the seven athletes, who already made it to the PH squad backed by the International Container Terminal Services Inc., Bank of the Philippines Islands and Mizuno.

Zaragosa, Gandioco win titles

CEBU—Local bet Gio Gandionco recovered from

a sluggish start with a fiery

final round, while Rupert Zaragosa survived a last-day

struggle in clinching the titles

in their respective divisions in

the recent second leg of the Frankie Minoza Junior Golf

Circuit at the rolling Alta Vista Golf and Country Club course here. Gandionco showed why he’s the country’s hottest player in his age group, when he bounced back from a 74 in the opening round with a sizzling five-under-par 67 the next day

to race to a five-stroke win in

the boys’ Class A division of


tourney held under the aegis


the International Container

Terminal Services Inc. Junior Golf Circuit, organized by Frankie Minoza Jungolf Foundation and Alta Vista Golf and CC, and sanctioned by Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines. With a 141 total for 36 holes,

the scion of one of the country’s biggest bakeshop chains, finished comfortably ahead of Alta Vista’s David Park (72- 74-146) and Aris Mata (74- 73-147) for his second straight victory in the series. It was a different story, but same result for Canlubang bet Zaragosa, who was just playing in his second event since getting back in the groove from

a freak, but life-threatening

accident at his home club that sidelined him for two months.

Quevedo, Dolar rule sports aerobics COMEBACKING Christopher Que- vedo and national team mainstay Char- maine
Quevedo, Dolar rule sports aerobics
COMEBACKING Christopher Que-
vedo and national team mainstay Char-
maine Dolar showed lots of verve and
class in topping the senior men’s and
women’s sports aerobics event at the
close of gymnastics competitions of the
Philippine Olympic Committee-Phil-
ippine Sports Commission National
Games at the GAP gym last Saturday.
With less than a week’s practice,
Quevedo, who bowed out of the sport
to complete his teaching course at
the Philippine Normal University,
showed he still had the right stuff in
topping the men’s division with a
winning score of 18 points.
Former teammate Lester Go settled
for runner-up honors and bagged the
silver with 17.3 points, while Marikina
City’s John Boy Amangas got the
bronze (16.8) in the meet backed by
the Philippine Sports Commission
and organized by the Gymnastics
Association of the Philippines.
“I thought I would not have a
chance since I had not been practicing
for so long because I wanted to finish
by teaching course at PNU,” said the
21-year-old Tandag, Surigao del Sur
native. “I’m just happy to have joined
and surprisingly still won it.”
Dolar, who was the best Asian
performer in the recent Suzuki Cup
world sports aerobics championships
in Tokyo, Japan, lived up to her
billing as the top favorite in winning
the women’s division gold with 23.15
points for her second straight triumph
following her victory in last year’s
event held in Bacolod City.
Teammates Lynette Moreno (20.65)
and Jhennylo Gacula (20.6) copped the
silver and bronze medal, respectively,
in the competition witnessed from start
to finish by GAP president Cynthia
Carrion, who holds the sport dear to
heart having been the previous head of
the sports aerobics association.
GAP president Cynthia Carrion (right) poses with the winners
of the senior women’s division of the sports aerobics
competition of the POC-PSC National Games, led by gold
medallist Charmaine Dolar (center).


CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK Business Manila Standard TODAY Ray S. Eñano, Editor
Business Manila Standard TODAY Ray S. Eñano, Editor Roderick T. dela Cruz, Assistant
Manila Standard TODAY
Ray S. Eñano, Editor
Roderick T. dela Cruz, Assistant Editor
MAY 21, 2012

Facebook founder weds day after IPO

SAN FRANCISCO—A day after the historic Facebook IPO, founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg updated his status Saturday to “married.” Zuckerberg wed 27-year-old Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend of nearly a decade, according to a guest authorized to speak for the couple. The person spoke only on the condition of anonymity. The couple married at his Palo Alto, California home in front of fewer than 100 stunned guests who thought they would be attending

a party to celebrate Chan’s graduation from medical school. Zuckerberg gave his new bride a ring he had designed with a “very simple ruby” to end an incredibly eventful week, according to the guest. On Monday, Zuckerberg turned 28 and Chan graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where she’d studied pediatrics. Then on Friday, Zuckerberg took his blue-and-white Web behemoth public in one of the most anticipated stock offerings in Wall Street history. The seemingly well-coordinated timing was largely a coincidence, the guest said. The wedding had been planned for months and the couple was waiting for Chan to finish medical school, but the date of the IPO was a “moving target” not known when the wedding was set. Attendees, including Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, were told after they arrived that they were not mere party guests but wedding guests. “Everybody was shocked,” the guest said. The person would not discuss the names of others who attended to protect their privacy. Ditching his trademark hoodie and sneakers, Zuckerberg sported

a dark blue suit and tie with a white shirt for the ceremony, while Chan wore a traditional white wedding dress with veil and lace. Food was served family-style and included dishes from the couple’s favorite Palo Alto sushi restaurant. AP

By Lailany P. Gomez

THE government and the private sectors assured that the tension over the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea will have no significant impact on the country’s tourism industry and trade relation to China.

Board of Investments and Trade Assistant Secretary Felicitas Agoncillo-Reyes said in an interview that the row between Manila and China had the respective investments in the two countries. “Honestly, there’s no negative impact. Although, China’s investments here are not that large, I think they are number eight in terms of total direct investments. In fact, Manila has more investments in China. That is one of the reasons the Chinese trade department sent

an investment advisor. This is

the first time

sign of friendship, goodwill,” Agoncillo-Reyes said. Of the country’s total foreign direct investments of $850 million in the first two months of the year, equity capital infusion came mainly from the United States, Australia, Japan and Kuwait. The sectors that benefited from these inflows were the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, real estate, financial and insurance services, mining

This is really a

Big Dubai oil firm set to relocate to Bataan

By Alena Mae S. Flores

PNOC Alternative Fuels Corp.

is set to sign a lease agreement with a foreign company

that will put up a petroleum

facility at its industrial park in Bataan, Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras said over the weekend. Almendras declined to name

the foreign company or the

project it agreed to establish at the industrial park. The park is a fully- integrated industrial complex,

where around 180 hectares of land have been developed for midstream plants. “There are very serious discussions with investors, who will bring investors to

put up resources so we can

have more crude oil in the


use,” Almendras said. He said the company was

a Dubai-listed petroleum

company but did not give details. “We’ve signed non-

disclosure agreements and we will make the announcement

at the appropriate time,”

Almendras said.

It’s for their regional

He said the agreement did not involve a joint venture with PNOC Alternative Fuels. “It’s just to lease the land at the industrial park The property is good for a refinery. It is also good for petrochem.” Almendras said the foreign company was looking at initially utilizing 100 hectares of the industrial park. The industrial park’s facilities include raw and fire water distribution, a road network and drainage system, power distribution, and a 1.3-kilometer feedstock pier/ jetty with 12-meter deep seas berth. “They are bringing in a concept. Central America

has this concept. The lawyers

are finalizing the contract.

[They are investing] because of our geographic location,” Almendras said. PNOC Alternative Fuels, meanwhile, has put on hold

its plan to forge a joint

venture with Cavite Biofuels

Producers Inc. for its P3.2- billion bioethanol plant in Magallanes, Cavite.

its P3.2- billion bioethanol plant in Magallanes, Cavite. B1B1 Impact of China-PH dispute downplayed and quarrying,

Impact of China-PH dispute downplayed

and quarrying, and information and communication. Agoncillo-Reyes also noted that China’s stringent regulations imposed on shipment of bananas from the Philippines were bloated by the media. “It’s not as much as the press would say. It’s just a question of regulation,” Agoncillo-Reyes said. University ofAsia and the Pacific professor and economist Victor Abola was optimistic the tension in Scarborough Shoal would have no impact on the country’s tourism and trade sectors. “Let’s face it. At present, the Chinese tourism to the Philippines is still very small. They will cancel it for a while, that’s the growth that we lose. So, I don’t think that is significant,” Abola said in an interview. Data from the Tourism Department showed that visitor arrivals to the Philippines hit an

all-time high of 1.148 million in the first quarter, up 16 percent from 989,501 year-on-year. Chinese arrivals comprised over 8 percent, or 96,455 visitors, making them the fourth-biggest generating markets for the local tourism industry. “The potential is that we will lose an X percent, but that’s the way it goes. We just have to prefer for the worse-case scenario,” Abola said. Philippine Travel Agencies Association president Aileen Clemente said there was no clear assessment of the extent of the cancelation of several Chinese travel agencies and airline yet. “The factors include current bookings, forward bookings, if bookings are considered canceled or suspended. So far, we know four chartered flights per week and China Southern’s reduction of flights are what we are aware of,” Clemente said in an e-mail.

METRO Pacific Tollways Corp. said net income in the first three months of the year rose 37 percent to P549 million from P399 million a year ago on the back of higher vehicle traffic at the North Luzon Expressway. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, MPTC said consolidated revenues rose 4 percent to P1.67 billion from P1.6 billion in 2011, due to the 2 percent traffic volume growth in the North Luzon Expressway. Average daily traffic along NLEX reached 162,329 vehicle entries in the first three months, up 2 percent over the same period last year. “Despite the increase in fuel prices, traffic volume was maintained due to the continuous efforts to make NLEX a better and safer travel route than alternative free roads,” MPTC said. Sales of transponders and magnetic cards, however, declined 85 percent due to the outsourcing of the supply, sales and marketing of transponders to Easytrip Services Corporation. MPTC’s consolidated expenses fell seven percent to P1.03 billion. Lailany P. Gomez

Pepsi’s profit jumps

PEPSI-COLA Products Philippines Inc. posted an operating profit of P316 million in the first quarter of 2012, up 635 percent from P43 million year-on-year. PCPPI also booked P5.21 billion in gross sales revenues in the first quarter of the current year, mainly due to “aggressive expansion of the use of returnable packaging format.” The performance was driven by strong revenue growth of 17 percent and a reduction in sugar and other key input costs. PCPPI’s gross profit reached P1.21-billion mark, up 69 percent on year. Gross profit margin rose 8 percent. Net income stood at P225 million, up 606 percent over same period last year. “We are off to a great start. Without doubt, we are bound to attain a very strong performance for 2012. We expect to maintain higher profitability throughout the current year due to lower sugar prices, increased marketing efforts and industry growth turnaround,” PCPPI president Partho Chakrabarti said.

IN BRIEF MPTC nets P549m
MPTC nets P549m

cannot consume all our products we have to export the product outside,” Chawalitanon said. He said most of the new stations would be located in the Luzon area. The company is also investing in two depot terminals at a cost of more than P250 million to support the gas station expansion. Alena Mae S. Flores

to support the gas station expansion. Alena Mae S. Flores Facebook founder and chief executive Mark

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are shown at their wedding ceremony in Palo Alto, California. Zuckerberg updated his status to ‘married’ on Saturday. The ceremony took place in Zuckerberg’s backyard before fewer than 100 guests. AP

Tetangco sees BoP booking a surplus

By Elaine Ramos Alanguilan

THE Bangko Sentral may adjust upward its balance of payments surplus this year despite a deficit in two straight months,

on expectations of higher remittance and investment inflows and recovery in export earnings. The balance of payments incurred a shortfall of $79 million in April after the government settled its maturing foreign currency debt. The BoP deficit in April

was a reversal of the $1.08-billion surplus recorded in the same month last year. The BoP incurred a deficit of $209 million in March. Bangko Sentral Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. said monetary authorities were reviewing the BoP target for the year. “[It’s] being reviewed…. [we’re still looking at a] surplus,” said Tetangco in a text message. Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo

said the Bangko Sentral might revise the target upward. “We are confident the months ahead will be much better. We’re looking at adjusting it upward but it’s still too early to disclose. Will let the Monetary Board approve it first,” said Guinigundo. The deficit in April cut the country’s BoP surplus in the first four months to $116 billion, less than a third of the $458- billion surplus reported a year ago.

PTT spending over P1b in five years to expand gas network

PTT Philippines Corp. , a unit of PTT Public Co. Ltd. of Thailand, unveiled a five-year retail network expansion program costing over P1 billion, a company official said over the weekend. Wisarn Chawalitanon, PTT Philippines Corp. president and chief executive, told reporters at the sidelines of an event that

the company aimed to put up around 120 stations at the end of 2016. “We plan for 15 gas stations a year for the next five years. We would like to have the best volume for the gas station, around 120 at the end of next five years. We plan to allot P250-million to P300-million

[investment] a year for gas

We plan for about

P1 billion for next five years,” Chawalitanon said. The PTT official said the company expects to put up as much as 20 gas stations this year, “which is over our expectations.”


PTT currently has 50 stations in the country today.

“We’ll have around 125 in the next five years. With the network

of 125 is good for the future of the business,” Chawalitanon said. “We are on the first year,” he said. “We will go big in



saw the opportunity. We have refinery in our country and we



FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATE PSE COMPOSITE INDEX Currency Unit US Dollar Peso Closing May 18, 2012
US Dollar
Closing May 18, 2012
United States
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
0.266667 11.4435 137.60 Brunei Dollar 0.784314 33.6573 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Friday, May 18, 2012
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Friday, May 18, 2012 P780-P895.00 PESO-DOLLAR RATE LPG/11-kg L tank OIL
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Friday, May 18, 2012
LPG/11-kg L tank
Indo nesia
0.000108 0.000108
0.0046 0.0046
Closing MAY 18, 2012
Thailand Thai
Unleaded Gasoline
Euro Euro
Korea Kore
China Chin
India India
P52.34-P57.85 P52.34-P57.85
Malaysia Mal
New New Zealand
Taiwan Taiw
P38.50-P39.20 P38.50-P39.20
HIGH P43.060 LOW P43.270 AVERAGE P43.181
Source: PDSBridge
Auto LPG
VOLUME 922.200M
VOLUME 922.200M


Business B2 MOND MONDAY MAY 21, 2012 MAY 2 ManilaStandardToday
MAY 21, 2012
Share prices likely
to falter this week
MAY 14-18, 2012
MAY 7-11, 2012
Banco de Oro Unibank Inc.
Bank of PI
Bankard, Inc.
China Bank
BDO Leasing & Fin. Inc.
COL Financial
Eastwest Bank
Filipino Fund Inc.
First Abacus
First Metro Inv.
By Jenniffer B. Austria
declined because of negative
developments overseas,
I-Remit Inc. M
Manulife Fin. Corp.
Maybank ATR KE
SHARE prices will likely track a narrow
range with a downward bias this week due
to uncertainty over the market turmoil in
the Eurozone.
particularly in Europe, and not
really because of the standoff
between China and Philippines
over the Panatag Shoal.
AB Capital Securities said
the current correction in the
market could provide investors
Natl Reinsurance Corp.
Phil Bank of Comm
Phil. National Bank
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