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Cloud alternatives for Adobe Master Collection!

Cloud alternatives for CS5: master collection If you're a creative professional, this probably isn't for you, but go ahead and read it anyways! Here's a list of how you could get by without spending the $2k on Master Collect ion, and without installing anything on your computer except a browser and Flash ! Granted, these "alternatives" are dumbed-down versions of the full CS5 equivalen ts, and even of their OSS counterparts (of which a post may be forthcoming), but come on! They're in the cloud! I do not claim these are the only alternatives, and maybe not the best. In some cases, this was the first time I had heard of them, but it is clear that it is possible to anything Master Collection does online (with one exception). 1. Flash Professional and 1a. Flash Builder Write ActionScript code and create Flash (Flash Builder is aimed at RIAs) - I don't think I've seen anything like it. Browse flash pr ojects, and if you see an interesting one, create a fork and edit it - Live. Co mpile it - in the cloud. Don't be intimidated by the large amount of Japanese t ext and development, or by the all-Japanese EULA. Do you even read them when th ey're in English? 2. Photoshop Digital Imaging I haven't really had a need for much online image editing, but there are a few u pload-then-edit tools that I've heard of, with picnik and pixlr the ones that so und the most familiar. I can't imagine either being up to par with a desktop to ol, but for red-eye reduction and some simple doodling, they're probably pretty fun to use. Aviary's "Phoenix" Also, Adobe itself has an online version of photoshop at m. It's pretty slick. 3. Illustrator Vector Editing - designers use vector editing for t-shirts, posters, etc., to ge t designs that scale well. Aviary's "Raven" is a pretty nice tool for a web-based editor. Exports PNG, EPS , and SVG. Built with Flash! 4. InDesign "Design professional layouts for print and digitial publishing" is a nice shared document/publishing site. And documents are easy to share.

While it's a word processor not a DTP tool, again Adobe's own is one of the nicer online sites. Create word processor documents online, with nice l ayout features that you might expect in a simple desktop tool. Also saves as pd f (duh), and has some sharing features, as well as a presentation tool and a spr eadsheet. One more mention, if you are going to order some special prints anyways (ie not printing your own), try - upload photos, choose a template, e dit information, and order. We used Prints Made Easy in 2007 to order save the date postcards. If we had a digital address book at the time, we could've even ordered addresses pre-printed on the postcards. Short runs are reasonably price d for full color glossy, and the interface is simple to use. 5. Acrobat Pro Create PDFs - upload word docs (or spreadsheets or presentations), edit them, do wnload pdfs. I've tried to find sites that promise to email you a word doc from a pdf file that you've uploaded, but it usually mangles it too bad to be useful . 6. Dreamweaver Design websites If you're serious about having building websites, you probably aren't using drea mwaver anyways. If you're not too serious about it, you probably just want to m ake a little blog somewhere. The easiest place to make a blog is You just send whatever media you have to it in an email, and it does a really nice job generating slideshows, embedding videos, etc. You can even forward you r domain to a site, so your blog has a real address. For the more serious web devs, try google sites for some decent front-page type pages, again free hosting and you should be able to redirect your domain to ther e. 7. Fireworks Rapid prototype for mobile Something I've never had a need for, so I haven't looked at any of the related s ites. But, googling "wireframe sites online" gave me some decent looking pages - inclu ding - which was the first listing. 8. Contribute "Simple Website management" A account can be set up to allow multiple users to contribute to t he same url blog. If that fits your needs, then it is the easiest route. Otherwise, google apps for your domain has online managed web hosting, and users can share documents through google docs (which, like has word proc essor, spreadsheet, and presentation tools). Setting up your group as admins of a shared Facebook fan page may also work. 9. Premiere Pro Video Editing - sign up for an account, then edit your movies in flash. Pub lishes to Youtube. Pretty clean, simple interface. youtube and photobucket both use Adobe Premiere Express (called remix on youtube ) to allow you to do some minimal editing and clipping of your uploaded videos. 10. Soundbooth Audio editor Myna from Aviary and Soundation's Studio both look extremely promising, although admittedly I haven't tried either. I can tell you that both load in my browser . Aviary's Myna Soundation Studio SiON SoundObject Quarted is a really nice little beat machine found on wonderfl 11. Encore DVD authoring Remember when I said there was one exception? This is it. Really, though, do you need to author DVDs when your videos are in the cloud?