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Year 7 Religious Studies Exam Summer 2012 Revision Guide You should revise all of the work you

have covered since last September. (This is basically Jesuss Life, Death and Resurrection) For each of the texts covered, you will need to know the story in detail and the context in which it sits (IE Temptations follow Jesus baptism by John and precede his work.) You will need to understand the importance of the story. (IE, what does it teach us about faith, responsibility, being a disciple etc) You will need to be able to comment on the issue in a contemporary setting (IE, Important things are worth making sacrifices for do you agree?) Use your RS for CE text book. Revise the Glossary of terms, stuck in your ex. Books. (See me for a replacement if you have lost it!) The structure of the Bible: Torah, History, Prophets, Letters, Gospels, Acts of the Apostles. Synoptic nature of the Gospels. The Temptations of Jesus (Luke 4: 1-13) (RS for CE Chapter 11). Where? When? How was Jesus tempted? How did he resist the temptations? Why did he resist? Why was this important? The nature of temptation. Jesus appoints the Twelve (Mark 3 / 6, Luke 5: 1-11) (Luke 5Luke 5: 1-11) (RS for CE Chapter 13) Who were the 12? How did Jesus call the Disciples, the story of Jesus in Simons boat. What is a Disciple? What happened when Jesus called the first Disciples? What did it mean to be a follower of Jesus? The nature of faith. The Rich Young Man (Mark 10: 17-31) (RS for CE Chapter 13) Belief about wealth in 1st Century? Conversation between Jesus

and the rich young man? Why could he not become a disciple? What does the story teach about wealth and responsibility towards others? Peter Declares Jesus is the Messiah (Mark 8: 27-33) (RS for CE Chapter 15) What happened? Who was there? What does Messiah mean? What does Son of Man mean? Why did Jesus describe himself Son of Man? The importance of Jesus? The Transfiguration (Mark 9: 2-13) (RS for CE Chapter 15) What happened? Where did it happen? Who was there/ (Why?) Why did Peter say this? Is belief in God important to leading a good life? The Sentence, Crucifixion & Death of Jesus (Mark 15: 1-47) (RS for CE Chapter 18) What happened? Why did the soldiers mock Jesus? Why did the curtain in the Temple rip? The significance of crucifixion? Did Jesus have to die? The Resurrection (John 20: 1-29) What happened? Who was there? Why was Mary there? The experiences of Mary, the Disciples, Thomas? The nature of Sacrifice?

The exam will be in two parts (A & B) Part A: The nature of the Bible. (Short answer questions, testing your understanding of what the Bible is Part B: CE style questions on the texts covered. You will be asked to answer three questions. Each question will be in 4 parts: (a) Understanding of a specific term (2 marks) (b) Describe what happened in that story (6 marks) Explain the importance / significance of the story ( 6 marks) (d) Links to contemporary issues Give your opinion, backed up by references to religion and reasons, argument etc. (7 marks) JR May 2012