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Special Issue: Anniversary Edition

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Beowulf: The Battles that Defined a Man

January 15, 1584

In association with the premise of our newspaper, Elegiacally Speaking

memorializes the millennial anniversary of Beowulfs martyred death. He, a man of veracity and an honorable Scandinavian hero, defended the Danes, Frisians, Geats, Heathoboards, and the Swedes from the wrathful annihilations of disdained, evil entities whom had begun to raze the demesnes. Legends have been orated in his appellationa muddle of truth and fiction nevertheless, dedicatory of his endeavors; he slew malevolent creatures and ensured so in the name of the Lord. Slaying beasts, Beowulf alleviated the woes of the people, which sourced his demise; however, he died a valiant vanquisher and his praiseworthy conquests saved many, both spiritually and physically, metaphorically and literally. We are an honored publisher, and we take great pride in commemorating the lives of brave citizens of our lands, and today we will venerate an intrepid and onerous man.

The Conqueror of Darkness

By Associated Press

Beowulf was born in Geatland,

to Edgetheow, in 495. In his entire life, he was reputed as a great Geatish warrior. He gained title from the slaying of sea-beasts and patriarchal lineage. He sought to assuage the tribulations of the world, similar to a Scandinavian hero, his uncle, Hygelac. Upon hearing of the havoc and terror brought forth by Grendel, an evil descendent of Cain, in Hrothdars infant kingdom, he [Beowulf] and 14 of his most courageous men set out on a ship intent on defeating the monster that caused mayhem in

Heorot for 12-years; killing countless men. Upon arrival Beowulf and his men were warily greeted; anon they were granted privileges into Hrothgars kingdom. Hrothgar would become one of Beowulfs most trusted confidant and a man whom offered Beowulf words of wisdom. After an exhilarating and indulgent night in the mead-hall, all the kinsmen comforted and slept, while Beowulf and his men lay-inwait. Grendel crept in the halls expecting to subdue and

swallow up the men as he had done for a decade, but that night his match was made. Beowulf gripped the predator, and he was cleaved vehemently by the kinsmen. A hero was fated in those hours of darkness.

Grendels Mother Avenges His Death

By Grendels mother sought vengeance in her sons death and slaughtered Ashere for recompense; Hrothgars dearest comrade was inauspiciously murdered. Beowulf was summoned once again to rid Heorot of their demons. Beowulf blazingly traveled to the depths of hella place of

Special Issue: Anniversary Edition

murkiness and gloomto seek out the wicked. With him was a hardened sword which he had used in countless successful battles; he swam to the depths of the lake to encounter Grendels mother. The sea-witch charged and the mle began, and to no avail his sword was futile. In those crucial moments he attempted to wound without a pierce and finally he triumphant ly arced his sword and decapitated Grendels mother, which settled the score and too retaliated for a death; an eye for an eye. before the serpent was able to bite with venomous anguish into Beowulfs neck; life relinquished in the battle of doom and wyre, fate. Credits for this months Special Issue: Anniversary Edition: Osborn, Marijane. Beowulf: a Verse Translation with Treasures of the Ancient North. Berkeley: University of California, 1983. Print. Image Rights: Images made available Google Image Search

The Myth and the Man: An Editors Reflection

By Associated Press Almost seven centuries after the rise of Christianity the tale of Beowulf emerges as a cultural representation of ideals and entrustments. An emblematic man, who conquered the malevolence that defined the deepest concerns of a kingdom, a people and a culture, manifested from the stories of humanity and creative narrative. Allegorically, Beowulf tests the value systems of the kingdom in which he shields and martyrdom for and in the same breadth epitomizes the humility in heroism, as did Christ. Beowulf is clearly identified as a man of great potential and feat, yet reminiscent of the same doings of Christ for a people of indulgences and inept ability to slay their own demons and responsibilities as people and as a society. The epic tale of Beowulf has neither been reputed nor validated, but his significance trickles into the disparity between fact and fiction and fills it with a narrative of marauding ambiguities between faith and deception of compatriots; Judases and the St. Peters of life.


The Wyre
By Beowulf was extolled and his deeds were recognized within the kingdom. Beowulf commanded and melds to the likes of God; instead of taking conceit in his actions as a liberator, he recognized his feat through God in the communal understanding of peace and justice. His supreme challeng e of all was found in a fiery dragon, which would inexorably escort him to his death. Again, Beowulf only yields a sacred sword in his battle and his only cohort, amongst a band of men, was Wiglafwho would become his ultimate successor in tributaries. The sword snapped, and with a standby in his belt he sends a mortal blow to the dragons abdomen, but not