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Code: R5 210304

(Mechanical Engineering)

B.Tech II Year I Semester (R05) Supplementary Examinations, May 2012

Time: 3 hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks ***** 1 (a) (b)

Max Marks: 80

Explain about temperature stresses in bars. A round steel bar 20 mm diameter and 300 mm long is placed concentrically within a brass to be which has an outside diameter of 30 mm and an inside diameter of 22.5 mm. The length of the tube exceeds that of the bar by 0.12 mm. Rigid plates are placed on the ends of the tube through which an axial compressive force applied to the compound bar. Determine the compressive stresses in the bar and the tube due to a force of 50,000 N, E steel 0.21 MN/mm2 E brass = 0.1 MN/mm2. Derive the relationship between shear force, bending moment and rate of loading. Draw the SF and BM diagram for the beam shown in fig.1 200 N/m 4m 8m 4000N 2m

2 (a) (b)

3 (a) (b)

Derive the bending equation and assumptions the theory of bending. A timber beam 100 mm wide x 300 mm deep loaded and supported as shown in fig 2. The maximum flexural stress is 8 N/mm2. Determine the maximum uniform load W such that the zero shear will be under the point load P. What is the value of load P? A WKN/m PKN C 6m 1.5m B

4 (a) (b)

Explain about shear stress variations in (i) Rectangular section (ii) I section. For a circular section of a diameter D, determine formula of shear stress at a distance a from neutral aris at a section of a beam where. Shear force is F. Hence find the ratio of 2 max/2avg. Show that the ratio of max. Shear stress to mean shear stress on a section of hallow circular beam is where D = external dia. d = Internal diameter. Contd. in Page 2 Page 1 of 2

Code: R5 210304 5 (a) (b)


Explain about analysis of for as in members of a simple trusses by method of joints and method of section. Find the forces in members F 2 B 2 , B 1 B 2 , F 1 B 2 and F 1 F 2 of the tower loaded as shown in fig.
10,000 N F4 10,000 N F3 10,000 N F2 10,000 N F1 40,000 N F0 B4 6m B3 B2 B1 B B0 6m 6m 6m

8m 75,000 N 75,000 N

6 (a) (b)

Draw and determine deflection and slope for simply supported beam with add and simply supported beam with uvl (uniformly varying load). Find the slope and dylection at the free end for the cantilever as shown in fig. W/unit length d By moment area method. a

7 (a) (b)

Derive the stresses and change in volume in thin spherical shells. A cylindrical thin drawn 80 cm in diameter and 3 m long has a shell thickness of 1 cm. If the drown is subjected to an internal pressure of 25 kg/cm2, determine (i) Change in diameter (ii) change in length (iii) Change in volume, take E = 2x106 kg/cm2 poissons ratio =1/4. Explain about compound cylinders. A steel cylinder with an internal diameter of 20 cm has to withstand an internal pressure of 40 N/mm2. Calculate the thickness of metal necessary considering: (i) The maximum principal stress theory. (ii) Max shear strain theory. (iii) The max principal strain theory. (iv) Max strain energy theory. Neglect the effect of longitudinal stress. Max. Allowable stress = 120 N/mm2, 1/m = 0.3. *****

8 (a) (b)

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