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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012

Protestors announce guerilla garden

Neighbors skeptical; police warn that they will enforce trespassing laws
CVS location, the philosophy of private property, and the chemical company Monsanto in a Guerilla Gardening Day. Participants will enter the fenced-off lot and plant seeds in an effort to improve the space and court a police response. According to town officials, anyone who crosses the fence sur rounding the proposed building site will be committing trespass, which the police plan to enforce. Mayor Mark Chilton said that unlike the protests on Feb. 4, protesters will be prevented from entering the proper ty, which will create a dif ferent dynamic than last time, when town officials also entered the proper ty and spent several hours talking to protesters before the police ordered them to leave or face arrest. Were planning on enforcing the trespassing laws, and if theres anyone whos unclear on that, well inform them, he said. Guerilla gardening, which gained traction in the 70s in the United States and Europe, aims to reclaim unused spaces through planting gardens. Some groups, including the Commune, use seedbombs, which are balls of wet dirt with seeds in them that are thrown onto the property. Maria Rowan, the press contact for the Commune, said she


CARRBORO A little more than one month after Occupy protesters were ordered by police to leave the planned CVS building site in Carrboro, a group of demonstrators known as the Carrboro Commune will gather at the same site in a protest. The Commune is inviting the community to protest the

hoped the seed wouldnt immediately be removed. I think its important for the community to recognize that theres a neglected, atrociouslooking lot [and] that CVS isnt inclined to plant anything or make it look better or more useful while their plans are being protested by ever yone in the community, she said. Heres a community attempt to

Council backs opposition



Frank Porter Graham Elementary 4th grade students Brynn Holt-Ling is getting make-up and hair done by Amanda Keller (L) and Caitlin Belcher (R) for her role as Paul Luther in the play A Beautiful Place : The Story of the Green City Wednesday March 14, 2012, at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School.

The Herald-Sun | Bernard Thomas

Students showcase art


CHAPEL HILL The Town Council on Monday made quick work of a resolution in opposition to the controversial Amendment One, a constitutional amendment that would recognize marriage between a man and woman as the states only legal marital union. It took the council less than 30 seconds to unanimously approve the resolution against the proposed amendment, which will be on North Carolina primar y ballots May 8. For the council, the resolution was an affirmation of a position taken last year when it asked the General Assembly to not put the amendment on the ballot. With primary election nearing, Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said some community members asked the council to restate is opposition to the amendment. As you know, we asked the legislature not to put it on to begin with, Kleinschmidt said.


Alton Tisino wiped the sweat and tears off his face. Behind him, a sea of fourth-graders in brightly colored matching T-shirts cheered. In front of him, a cluster of camera-holding families clapped loudly despite the lack of air-conditioning in the standing-roomonly gymnasium at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School. After 15 weeks of hard work, my heart is filled with admiration and joy for your children. Let me calm down

and take a breath, said Tisino, director and choreographer for North Carolina Arts in Action at FPG Elementary, after the final performance ended. Tisinos tears were sparked from the high-energy modern dance performance executed by the entire fourthgrade class of 86 students at FPG elementar y school. For the past five years, the fourth-grade class at FPG elementar y has par ticipated in NC AIA. The program aims to inspire children to develop self-confidence, discipline, a desire to achieve excellence

and a lifelong love of the arts. NC AIA as an independent affiliate program of the National Dance Institute (NDI) of New York. It serves four other elementar y schools in Durham and Chapel Hill Public Schools. Arts in Action breaks down barriers, said Lisa Van Deman, executive director of NC AIA, which is one of 12 independent affiliate programs across the nation. AIA was founded more than 30 years ago. Through this program

Two pled to weapons charges



Selling, renovating, buying: Restaurants on the move

f you missed out on said hes been trying to the Hes Not Here sale, sell it since 2010 in order and youre in to have more time to the market for a pursue a career as a casual bar with lots videographer. Like of history, Mouse the seller of Hes Not Mock has a deal for Here, Mock said hes you. For $65,000, interested in finding the furnishings and a buyer who will reputation of The preserve the legacy of Cave can be yours. the bar that opened 43 NANCY Using Craigslist years ago. OATES to advertise the The Cave, at 452 sale of a bar worked W. Franklin St., so well for Hes Not Here occupies the basement that The Cave has put up a below Uniquities, next to listing, too. In 2000, Mock West End Wine Bar. Since bought what is touted as 1968, the cash-only bar Chapel Hills oldest bar and has showcased live local

bands almost every night for a few dollars cover or on a pass-the-hat basis. The Cave does not serve food, exempting it from certain sanitation restrictions, so patrons are welcome to bring their dogs. Ten years is long enough to travel the Silk Road. Spice Street, a mid-mall anchor at University Mall for the past decade, has trimmed its square footage and changed its menu to become an entirely new restaurant City Kitchen. The new menu will feature all-American comfort foods.

Owner Giorgio Bakatsias, whose empire consists of more than 25 restaurants, including Bin 54 in Chapel Hill, will close Spice Street the last week in March and begin minor renovations. (The black tables will be resurfaced with brighter colors, for instance.) He still is working on the new menu, but expects prices to be about the same as Spice Streets and maybe a little lower. He plans to reopen as early as April 1. Studio Supply owners Jim

HILLSBOROUGH - Two men who were allegedly involved in the shooting of an Orange County sheriffs deputy in 2010 have entered pleas to federal weapons charges in U.S. District Court. Lamarr Pate Murphy, 29, also known as Bandana Red, entered a plea of no contest to possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon. His sentencing is scheduled for June 11 in Greensboro in the U.S. Middle District. Sammy Lee Mebane Jr, 28, pleaded guilty to a similar charge, and his sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 10 in Greensboro. In Orange County, Murphy and Mebane face charges of attempted murder and assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm. They are scheduled to appear in Orange County Criminal Superior Court in April. According to a motion to suppress filed by Murphys attorney

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