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CLASS XI Social 2009/10 (60 minutes) Instruction: Choose the best answers
TEXT 1: What is torch? a. A kind of knife used to slice meats. b. A portable battery-powered electric lamp. c. A modern equipment inside a radio or a recorder. d. A cylinder of wax to produce light as it burns. e. An apparatus for cooking or heating by burning fuel. 10. George heard the noise and came downstairs quickly. What is the synonym of the underlined word? a. hurriedly d. slowly b. gradually e. bit by bit c. leisurely

Do you like stories? I want to tell you a true story. It happened to a friend of mine a year ago. While my friend, George, was reading in bed, two thieves climbed into his kitchen. After they had entered the house, they went into the dining-room. It was very dark, so they turned on a torch. Suddenly, they heard a voice behind them. Whats up? Whats up? someone called. The thieves dropped the torch and ran away as quickly as they could. George heard the noise and came downstairs quickly. He turned on the light, but he couldnt see anyone. The thieves had already gone. But Georges parrot, Henry, was still there. Whats up, George? he called. Nothing, Henry, George said and smiled. Go back to sleep.
1. Where did the story happen? a. at the kitchen d. in Georges house b. in a building e. in Georges room c. in the writers house 2. When did the story happen? a. last year d. a month ago b. last decade e. a long time ago c. few years ago 3. What was George doing when the thieves broke into his house? a. He was sleeping d. He was eating b. He was reading e. He was laying c. He was sitting 4. Who said, Whats up? a. George d. The thieves b. a parrot e. Someone c. The writer 5. Who did George see in the downstairs? a. a thieve d. The parrot b. Two thieves e. No one c. The writer 6. Who is Henry? a. The parrot d. George b. The writer e. Georges friend c. Georges other name 7. The characters of the text are: a. George and Henry b. Henry and the thieves c. George and the thieves d. George, the thieves, and Henry e. The writer, George, the thieves 8. What kind of text is that? a. Anecdote d. Descriptive b. Report e. News Item c. Procedure 9. It was very dark, so they turned on a torch.

TEXT 2: Spiders are predatory invertebrate animals. They are not classified in the class of insect. A spider has eight legs while an insect never has more than six legs. Spiders have a body with two main divisions, four pairs of walking legs and two other pairs of abdominals spinnerets for spinning threads of silk. This silk can be used to aid in climbing, built egg sacs and catch prey. Spiders kill so many insects, but they never do the least harm to mans belongings. Spiders are busy for at least half of the year killing insects. It is impossible to find out how many insects they kill, since they are hungry creatures which cannot be content with three meals a day.
11. What is the purpose of the text? a. Retell story about spiders. b. Amuse the reader with spiders. c. Explain how to breed spiders. d. Describe spiders in general. e. Persuade readers to catch spiders. 12. Which paragraph told us the description of spiders appearance? a. 1 d. 1 and 2 b. 2 e. 2 and 3 c. 3 13. Why are spiders unclassified as insects? a. Spiders have eight legs. b. Insects have eight legs. c. Spiders have more than eight legs. d. Insects are predatory. e. Spiders are predatory animals. 14. Which part of body is used for spinning thread of silk? a. Two main divisons. b. Four pairs of legs.

c. Two pairs of abdominal spinnerets. d. Egg sacks. e. Climbing aids.

15. What is spiders use to catch prey? a. Legs d. Sacks b. Abdoment e. Silk c. Poison 16. What do spiders eat? a. Eggs. d. Grains. b. Spiders. e. Other insects. c. Vegetables. 17. How many insects do spiders prey in a day? a. More than 100. b. More than 1000. c. Not more than 100. d. Not more than 1000. e. Uncountable 18. The main idea of paragraph 3 is . a. Spiders main consumptions. b. Spiders main bodies. c. Spiders enemies. d. Description of insects. e. Description of meals. 19. spiders are busy for at least What it the synonym of busy? a. quiet d. eventful b. empty e. inactive c. hushed 20. Find in paragraph 2, a word means twosome. a. Main d. Other b. Pair e. Aid c. Leg Number 21 40 have no relation with the text. 21. Ali : What do you think about my song? Bob : Well, Its not too bad. From the dialogue we know that . a. Ali gave his opinion. b. Ali asked Bobs opinion. c. Ali asked his opinion about Bob. d. Bob gave his opinion about his own song. e. Bob asked Alis opinion about his song.

a. what d. which b. who e. whose c. whom 28. The lady bag is brown is my aunt. a. what d. which b. who e. whose c. whom 29. A man is expert in the Biology is called a biologist. a. what d. which b. who e. whose c. whom 30. My father a sun flower in the garden now. a. plant d. is planting b. plants e. planted c. planting Vocabulary 31. In study, the students are asked to in on language and how to construct it. a. focus d. conduct b. repeat e. continue c. control 32. Avril Lavigne is a popular singer. a. kid d. aged b. teenage e. toddler c. elderly 33. She drove so that she got an accident last week. a. carelessly d. beautifully b. watchfully e. attractively c. completely 34. In the days when Aryo Menak lived, the island of Madura was still covered with thick forest. What is the synonym of the underlined word? a. thin d. bushy b. skinny e. slight c. skeletal 35. She rarely found one who will accept her suggestions. The antonym of accept is . a. admit d. receive b. recognize e. disallow c. consent -o0o-

22. A : How about eating now? B : One of these answers is not correct: a. All right d. I mean that b. OK e.Thats a great idea c. I agree
23. You can come here Sunday. a. in d. at b. on e. with c. as 24. Last night I watched TV home. a. in d. at b. on e. with c. as 25. A : Where do you live? B : I live Jl. Arum 25 Malang. a. in d. from b. on e. with c. at 26. Indonesia got its Independence Day 1945. a. in d. by b. on e. with c. at 27. The book he bought yesterday is lost.

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