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Schizophrenia Graphic

Go to under articles then under schizophrenia (in the right column) to download Schizophrenia Graphic. I use this graphic to teach on the subject of double- mindedness.
By, Apostle John Eckhardt,

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The primary strategy of Satan is to divide the soul of a person causing double-mindedness. This division in a believer keeps him or her from receiving anything from God according to James 1:7. Double-Mindedness consists of two demonic personalities represented by two hands. The control demons are Rejection (inward) and Rebellion (outward) seen on the index fingers. These two demons open the door for other spirits that cluster and develop two false personalities while the persons real personality is distorted and hindered from developing due to demonic interference always beginning with rejection usually at a young age, often from the womb. Through rejection the person also develops a root of bitterness which can be seen on the right hand under Rebellion. these are the three major strongholds in the schizophrenic that must be separated, renounced and cast out along with the supporting network of demons over a period of time, giving the person a chance to develop a stable personality through Christ, represented by the small man seen between the hands on the diagram. The biblical picture of a schizophrenic is James 1:8. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. This instability is seen in the diagram by a storm between the hands. The schizophrenic always creates a storm due o instability, and only those who are stable can deal

with the schizophrenic without being caught up in the storm, as seen by the straight arrows in the diagram. The demons in rejection and rebellion reinforce each other and work together (although the personalities are opposites i.e bipolar) like two hands clenched together. Thru must be renounced, pull apart and cast out. Again the deliverance takes time and is progressive because the person must develop a personality, and they have nothing on fall back on. James 1:5-8 Schizo = divided; phrenia = mind. The Bible term is double minded. The Greek word literally means two souls (personalities). The double-minded man (schizophrenic) is unstable in all his ways how he thinks, feels and decides. The real person is neither of the hands. The Real Self is shown in the illustration between the arms, at the bottom. Jesus must start growing in the person, developing that personality, and making it what He wants it to be. This is why the schizophrenic deliverance requires time sometimes several months or even a year, or longer. The deliverance must work in balance with the development of the Real Self. It cannot be rushed, for there is nothing for the person to fall back upon. If every demon in the schizophrenic person were suddenly cast out he would feel totally lost. Identity with the Real Self requires time. As the schizophrenic nature is knocked out, the true personality must come forth to replace it. How does the schizophrenic come out of this tangled mess? The three main areas to conquer are Rejection, Rebellion and the Root of Bitterness. As these areas are conquered the house (life) must be filled by the giving and receiving of love by submission to every valid authority and by forgiveness of all persons regardless of the circumstances. When these three areas are conquered, the other related spirits lose their strength. Determination is necessary. The person who can persistently say I WILL BE DIFFERENT! I WILL NOT LET DEMONS RULE MY LIFE will eventually see victory. Between the hands at the bottom of the illustration is a little, stick figure called The Real Self. As the deliverance takes place over a period of time, The Real Self must rise up (depicted by arrows) and part the false schizophrenic personalities by falling out of agreement with all of their influence and all that they represent. The Real Self must take on the nature of Jesus Himself. Spiritual exercises such as Bible study, prayer, fasting, praise and fellowship with other believers is essential to a successful deliverance. These spiritual exercises will also accelerate the deliverance process as the persons life is filled with the positive things of Christ Jesus.

Deliverance from double- mindedness results in stability and consistency. This should be every believers goal.

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