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1. Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War. 2. U.S. efforts in the Vietnam War 3. Cease fire agreement in Vietnam and its impact on South Vietnam. 4. Who was Ngo Dinh Diem? 5. How did the U.S. fund WWII? 6. What was the U.S. strategy in the pacific campaign? 7. Why was Guam important in the pacific campaign? 8. How effective were German U-Boats at the outset of the war? 9. What were the results of the Battle of the Bulge? 10.What was the first thing the US had to do at the start of WWII? 11.Identify the role of African Americans during WWII. 12.What impact did WWII have on the American economy? 13.What impact did WWII have on labor unions? 14.How did the US involvement in NATO alter the US view about international relations? 15.What impact did involvement in NATO have on the U.S? 16.What was the Marshall Plan? How did it work? 17.How was the United Nations different from the League of Nations? 18.What was the key failure of the United Nations after WWII? 19.Population after WWII followed a pattern of segregation in metropolitan areas. What proportion of Americans lived in metropolitan areas in 1960. 20.Why did the US generate synthetic rubber during WWII? 21.What was distinguishable about Japanese immigrants prior to 1930? How were they impacted after Pearl Harbor? 22.How did Americans view the US role in WWII in 1941? 23.Why was the US eager to have the Soviet Union participate in the invasion of Japan? 24.What did the Allies agree about regarding Germany after defeating Germany? 25.What was the great migration? 26.What did Americans fear at the end of WWII? 27.What was the Taft-Hartley Act? How did affect labor unions? 28.Which group benefited most from the prosperity of post-WWII? 29.What was the Servicemens Readjustment Act(GI Bill of Rights)? 30.What geographic area of the country (not city) has seen the greatest population increase since WWII? 31.What conditions led to the mass movement to suburbs? 32.When did the baby boom reach its peak? 33.How did the role of women change immediately after WWII? 34.What were the origin of the Cold War after WWII? 35.What was George Kennans strategy during the Cold War? 36.What was President Trumans response to the Berlin Blockade? 37.How did recognition of Israel affect US policy in the Middle East? 38.Profile President Harry Truman 39.What was the Truman Doctrine?

40.Profile Senator Joseph McCarthy. What led to his downfall? 41.How did the US respond to the launching of Sputnik? 42.How did President Kennedy react to the Soviets attempt to install missiles in Cuba? 43.What was the ruling in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka? 44.Identify Stokely Carmichael. What was SNCC? 45. Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965 46.March on Washington 47.How did John Kennedy respond to attacks on the Freedom Riders? 48.Civil Rights Movement 49.Who was Phyllis Schlafly? What is the ERA 50.Profile the Womens Movement. What was the second wave?