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MBA July 11-13 Batch

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

(3 Credits)

Prof Reema Mohanty


Instructors Profile: Soni M. Karekar Instructors Profile: Prof.Reema Mohanty Ms. Reema Mohanty comes with over 11 years of experience in developing and managing talent across leading organizations in India like Infosys, Goldman Sachs and Mphasis. She has functional expertise in the areas of talent and leadership development. Over the last one and a half years she has been into education, as a visiting faculty in the area of HR and OB. Ms. Reema has an MBA from University of Pune , Diploma in Labour Law and Labour Welfare from Symbiosis and is a Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst from TTI, USA.

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Subject Description

This course focuses on developing writing skills that meet external as well as internal reporting standards while also producing documents that are accessible and understandable to non-business audiences. Explore different ways of writing for different audiences with an emphasis on targeted messaging. Sharpening writing skills and grammar and also honing the presentation skills. Provide inputs to managerial decision making by enhancing the proficiency level of students in areas such as selfanalysis, communicating decisions across functional areas, analysis of business scenarios, case study analysis, customer-centricity, and stakeholder communication. The case-study method and learner centric approach is used to impart the knowledge. The subject matter expertise of students enrolled in this course is evaluated and assessed on the basis of project work that includes case studies, group assignments, book reviews, media interviews, speeches, and company reports. Learning Objectives After going through the course, the students shall be able: 1. To demonstrate proficiency in the critical written skills of business communication. 2. To articulate and also assimilate basics of communication as an important tool in all businesses.

Teaching Pedagogy Pedagogy for teaching will be a mix of lectures, class discussions, in-class exercises and case analyses.

Subject Structure Essential Readings for Communication & Interpersonal Skills

1 session - 1 hr 45 mins

Henning, K. (2003). Brevity Isnt Enough - You Need to Write Tight. Harvard Management Communication Letter, 6(2), 3-4. Keith Harell Attitude is Everything

COMMUNICATION & INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Session # 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Topic to be covered Attitude-Meaning & Implications Attitude-Emotions & Values General Introduction to Communication & Interpersonal Skills Self assessment Exercises: Analysis of Individual Strength and Weakness. Attitude-Presenting of the assignment of the interview taken by the student Attitude-A Visual Experience of Attitude-by showcasing a movie Pursuit of Happyness followed by a review. Listening Skills-Two audios to be played in class, one American Accent, another British/Indian and get students to summarize what they heard. Report Reading Vs Sharing info as an experience Class Test-Basic Written English Role Plays relating to Industry assignment to be given for presentation in the next session. HB case studies class room videos. Questioning Skillsrelating to audios that will be played. Types of Questions & ideal usage. Role Play presentation (allotted in session 10) Feedback on presentations of previous class. Theory class on presentation skills & importance. Follow up by showcasing a video on some of the great presenters. Showcase a presentation in font 30, with 4-5 lines with five words in a line. Stop in between and identify the skills required to create a presentation which has impact, is interesting, understandable and exciting. Bring out the wow factors in the presentations you have just seen. Theory session on Reports, Proposals, Memos, Business Letter, Ecommunication. Ask students to bring the names of four to five books that they have read or would like to read to the next class.



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Importance of Written English-students to write an autobiography and read aloud in class. 11 books to be shortlisted and allotted to the groups for book review (to be presented in session 18). Complete autobiography reading & give feedback to students. Discuss what makes a written piece of work impressive. Reading Practice & Precis Writing Academic Books Students to present their book reviews, all team members should participate, this is an extempore presentation and NO ppts will be allowed. A hard copy of the presentation should be given to the faculty in the form of a report. Book review presentation will fall through to this session too. Feedback to be given. Importance of Research & acquiring knowledge of leading Corporates & Reporting by a ppt. Corporates presentation by teams Corporates Presentations will continue in this class too. Communication through Media-Role Plays to Promote a product Brand awareness, positioning, etc. Showcase a movie & review it Summarize Communication & Interpersonal skills. Discuss term end examination & types of questions students can expect in it.


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