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Ebb and Flow Metis Withdrawal from Treaty

Application of: Robert Sanderson Jr. #45 Fairford; Alexander Campbell Sr. #6; John Campbell Jr. #11; Louison Campbell #8 and Charles Campbell son of Alexis Campbell #5 all of Ebband Flow Lake Band.

MANITOWAPAH AGENCY - NOTIFICATION OF WITHDRAWAL FROM TREATY 2 OF HALFBREEDS OF THE EBB AND FLOW LAKE BAND. fuseaction=genitem.displayEcopies&lang=eng&rec_nbr=2059185&title=MANITOWAPAH %20AGENCY%20-%20NOTIFICATION%20OF%20WITHDRAWAL%20FROM%20TREATY %202%20OF%20HALF-BREEDS%20OF%20THE%20EBB%20AND%20FLOW%20LAKE %20BAND.&ecopy=e007846387&back_url=%28%29