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Technology Commercialization
The Technology Commercialization Office at the University of South Carolina is dedicated to bringing University Inventions and Technologies

to the commercial sector for the benefit of the University community and the public.

Specific Goals and Initiatives for Research

How do we sell what we have? Promote Faculty Entrepreneurship & Knowledge-based Economy
A course for faculty on entrepreneurship taught by Business School, Law School and Technology Commercialization Office. Training in SBIR, STTR grants, etc.

Specific Goals and Initiatives for Research How do you buy from us? Promote Media Relations and Development Activities:
A Clear, Consistent Value Proposition Publicize faculty research accomplishments Promote Development Activities Educate Stakeholders in SC about the importance of research in academia and in the SC Economy

USC Innovation Model

Innovate at USC?

Pursue Commercialization? we can help you

Share proprietary information with outside parties Receive and share materials Send information or materials outside of the U.S. Identify conflict of interest


Create a Startup? we can help you

Receive training to plan for the new startup Manage legal paperwork to start your company Fund and launch the new venture

USC Technology Commercialization Office Define your Opportunity

Navigate the licensing process

Secure Funding? we can help you

Land Sponsored Research Submit Grant Proposals/SBIRs

Share proprietary information with outside parties

USC Innovation in the Market Place

Technology: Desalination for Sea Water Reuse

USC Inventor: Dr. Tom Davis

Licensed by: Chief Executive: Jean-Michel Herrewyn

Highlighted USC Faculty Start-Ups

SysEDA Commercial Power System evaluation and performance

Parallel Permeation - Evaluating the permeability of plastic films (Ploehn)

iTekka Information technology for billing time tracking and

management Carbonix Sterilization and Disinfection technology (Matthews)

Nitek deep UV leds and other novel materials (Khan)

Ice Dragon Cooling Novel Cooling Fluid (McCants) Advanced Sensor Flex Research Wireless Sensing and

Communication (Ali)
Sens4 Gas Sensing Technology (Koley)

Highlight of SBIR/STTR and SCLaunch Funding

SBIR/STTR Proposals and Awards To Date
Grant Type Number of Awards

SBIR Phase I 21

STTR Phase I



TOTAL Award Amount: $2,136,438

5 14 4 TOTAL Award Amount going to USC Research: $452,992

SC Launch Contributions To Date

Funding Type Awards to Date Prototype $375,000 SBIR/STTR Match $175,000 Investment $600,000

TOTAL Contributions: $1,150,000