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Green Industry Innovation Programme in Lithuania LT09

Dr.Almantas Danileviius

Director of Innovation and Knowledge Society Department Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania 17 April 2012

Programme foundation

Programme Budget 9,4 M EUR (8 M EUR Norwegian contribution)

Programme Operator Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

Assistant for Programme Administration Central Project Management Agency Assistant for Communication Science, Innovation and Technology agency Donor Programme Partner Innovation Norway

Priorities of the Ministry of Economy

Development of innovative economy Increase of transparency and accountability in public procurement process Reform of State-owned enterprises for higher quality in public services Development of favorable conditions for business Promotion of investment Promotion of export and tourisms

Lithuanian Innovation Strategy for 20102020

Build a creative society, create the conditions for the development of the entrepreneurship and innovation
Accelerate Lithuanias integration into the global market (Lithuania without borders) Build a creative and innovative society Develop broad-based innovation Build a systemic approach to innovation

The programme is developed in accordance with Lithuanian innovation strategy and goes in line with national priorities

Foundation of Innovative Economy

Traditional Innovative Industry - Engineering - Chemicals and plastics - Food - Wood-furniture and textile

The Potential of Innovative Economics - Biotechnology - Lasers and light technologies - ICT - Optoelectronics

A Vision for the Future - Future energetic - Clean tech - Creative industry - Well-being and healthcare

High value-added services

GII Programme objectives and focus areas

Programme for Increasing competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing industries, green innovation and green entrepreneurship Expected outcome Realization of the business opportunities of greening the European economy

Focus areas Development or improvement of green materials and products

Development or improvement and/or implementation of innovative green technologies

Project Promoters and Partners

Eligible applicants Small and medium sized enterprises established in Lithuania
Eligible project partners Norwegian entities enterprises, research organisations and private sector organisations (with regular activities related to green industry innovation and being established in Norway) Lithuanian entities small and medium sized enterprises, research and higher education institutions.

Technology readiness level

Innovation, business

Mass production placement on the market


Actual Technology qualified through successful operations Actual Technology completed and qualified through test and demonstration Technology prototype demonstration in an operational environment Technology model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment Technology basic validation in relevant environment Technology basic validation in laboratory environment Analytical & experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof-of-concept Technology concept and/or application formulated Basic principles observed and reported Applied Research Technological development

Basic Research

The most common definitions which are used the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and European Space Agency (ESA)

Passing Valley of Death in innovation cycle

A European integrated initiative to pass the KETs "Valley of Death,

High-Level Expert Group on Key Enabling Technologies, Final Report, European Commission, June 2011

Support schemes

Grant Assistance Scheme For Development or improvement and/or implementation of environmental technologies in the industry Programme budget allocation70,5% Bilateral partnership mandatory Grant rate: from 50% to 70% Support per project: 200.000-1.000.000 EUR Project duration: from 12 to 36 months final date of eligibility 30 April, 2016

Support schemes

Small Grant Scheme For Development or improvement of green product or material in the industry Programme budget allocation 18% Bilateral partnership voluntary Grant rate: from 50% to 70% Support per project: 50.000-200.000 EUR Project duration: not more than 24 months final date of eligibility 30 April, 2015

Bilateral activities planned

Programme level

Cooperation Committee
Selection Committee - DPP participation in Project evaluation and selection processes

Project level
Networking: Assistance for partner search and partnership building

Matchmaking events

Training seminars Assistance on preparation of applications Best practice sharing events

Tentative Timeline

? 2012 April Approval of GII programme proposal 2012 April-August Information and training seminars for applicants

2012 June-December Assistance in partner search, partnership building and Preparation of Project proposals
2012 September-December Call for applications under Small grant scheme 2012 October-January Call for applications under Grant assistance scheme 2013 April-May Training for Project Promoters

Contact persons

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuanian in Oslo Mr. ALEKSANDRAS LAURINAVIIUS Commercial Attach

Tel.: +47 46 26 99 90 E-mail:

Innovation Norway Ms. RITA BOGUAIT Associated Consultant for Lithuania

Tel.: +370 68 73 07 75 E-mail:

Ministry of Economy Ms. INDR KLIMANTAVIIEN Chief official

Tel.: +370 70 66 46 92 E-mail: