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Peachy Words and music by MISSY HIGGINS Uptempo pop rock «= 132 (i-th Dm Am7 .S. if 3 Dm am? Eom Am 1 its not_ my fault, it can't be my fault 2 And it's not your fault, it can't be — your fault ze < 7 {© Copyright 2007 Missy Higgins Productions ‘Ad print rights acmiistered by Sasha Music Publishing Publication © Copyright 2007 Sasha Music Publishing ‘Adiision of All Music Publishing & Disinbuion Py Lid ACN 079 628 434 ABN 79.079 628 434 a peat yap cai eager “ole erg ehh. es aed pidadg * = Ame om Now, m__ split, in two, Im half me and halt you 0s now you know my plac- es, and you know. that__—_face, = SS 7 o> 2 SS = = — ie - eae ae hate us hate this 13 Dm Am7 Gs f Km Amz No, of course you don't, don’t, you say ‘Sasha Music Publishing 3rd time to CODA 19, Bb(add2) Amz Om Bb(add2) SSo oS = course you don't of course__ you don't. you say life___._ is peach - y a a a Dm 6 GIA os. on FFA FIC 37 Dm oma oom) OE OB F c fault, it’s that 52 Sasha Music Publishing om Am? + os gee and you. on me, That's = 2 > #72 ==: : bo — k 6 * ] 22S SSS = a == fo ou 4 Dm Amz o fay BEG D.S, al CODA x think we can't, cr) Am? c