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Pulau Pangkor / Pangkor Island Exotic Escapade Pulau pangkor is located in perak, malaysia.

Pulau pangkor is the perfect place for your personal beach holiday & tropical holiday paradise in malaysia. Pulau pangkor is 40 minutes by ferry from lumut on the west coast of malaysia and 40 minutes flight from subang airport in kuala lumpur. Pulau pangkor, a town that has a big naval base is situated about 90km southwest of ipoh town . The island is largely inhabited by fisherme living in scattered fishing settlements along the coast especially across the eastern side, facing the town of lumut and teluk batik, and their catch comprises mainly cuttlefish and anchovy. One of cozy resort is teluk dalam resort in a spot on the north side of the island. The resort features chalets around a cove that has a superb take off on the north. There is a mountain trail from pasir bogak beach to the sungei pinang town. Pulau pangkor welcomes visitors with its serene, golden beaches, crystalline blue water and cool, refreshing breezes. Two islands predominate within the terms of accessibility, infrastructure and development, the largest island pulau pangkor as well as the smaller considered pangkor laut. They have a population of over 20,000. Pulau pangkor is a mountainous island having a all weather paved ring road circumventing the island. This ring road is 25 kilometers long, a heaven for mountain bikers though certain stretches created precarious by on-coming traffic. The highest "peak" around the island is 800 feet. The pangkor island is famous for its 'ikan bilis' (anchovies) and squids. The real attraction here however are the enchanting beaches across the western coastline pantai puteri dewi , teluk belanga, teluk nipah, and teluk cempedak are marvellous for swimming or just basking in the sun, in complete privacy admist tranqull surroundings. Resort here which offers fine beaches with many sun and sea activities such as windsurfing, fishing, and snorkeling. The genuine attraction here however are the enchanting beaches - marvellous for swimming amidst tranquil surroundings. That modern facilities ensure it is an idyllic gateway. Nearby is a smaller privately owned world renowned island resort of pangkor laut. Pangkor is mostly popular destination configured to get very crowded at weekends and also on public holidays, however the beaches are almost empty currently week. The exclusive island of pangkor laut can be described as resort unto itself. Pangkor laut resort (also known as malaysias fantasy island) claims to be an international standard resort also it is noted as among the worlds top luxury resort. With three main beaches, you may make your fantasy come true. The emerald bay is ideal for great swimming and sunbathing. The coral bay is perfect so that you can skin dive to discover the colourful coral and rich marine life under the sea. The royal bay offers you sailing and wind surfing. The resort provides for malay style cottages with modern amenities for all comfort of life. A two-hour boat ride from pulau pangkor is pulau sembilan, a group of nine islands. It will be anglers paradise and perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts. It also includes a spot for pulau sembilan fishing safari that is certainly held annually since 1986 by perak fisheries department to be a tourism event.