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Proficiency Exam 2BTu sala de clases

We have a new student in our school from a Spanishspeaking country, and the student is visually impaired. The student has asked you to describe the classrooms where the two of you have class together so he/she can find the things he needs. It can be any classroom(not the gym) where you have class, except this one. You must describe the room in detail (where it is in the schoolwhich pod, what its near and the room number), and describe in detail where 8 different items are in the room. You will take at least three pictures, during 8th hour, of the classroom you have chosen to describe and use them to guide your description, as if you were in the room itself describing it. A peer will serve as the blind student who is listening to your description. If your description is detailed and accurate and he or she can easily understand you,youve accomplished the task! You may not use notes. Would you use notes in real life? No! Una sala de clases! Una cmara! divertido!

La sala de clases desconocida

Content ( /22 points):

*Location of classroom (3 items--2 points each) __pod __room number __ relation to other classrooms *location of 8 different items in the classroom (16points-1 for item, 1 for description) ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

How accurate is your description? (

/13 points)

___Accuracy of location descriptions (does it match the picture?) (8) *Variety of location descriptions (at least 5 different ones) ___debajo de ___afuera de ___adentro de ___encima de ___detrs de ___al lado de ___delante de ___en la esquina ___entre

___a la derecha de ___a la izquierda de ___en

Grammatical focus: Use of estar/ de + article (/ __correct use of estar (especially est vs. estn) (8) __distinguishes between de + la AND del (4)

12 points):

Fluency (


4--- flows easily; no English 3---flows nicely, no English, only short pauses 2---halting, no more than 5 words of English, multiple pauses 1painful for both speaker and listener

Comprehensibility (


8no problems understanding you; required no interpretation 6---easily understood except in 1-2 unclear spots 4I can understand you half of the time 2---Im going to have problems finding the classroom and the things in it Visual3 pictures ( /6 points)

Los puntos totales:

/65 puntos


Self-assessment and Exit Interview

Nombre :_________________________________
Please check one box. I can name 10 different classroom items. I can accurately describe the location of each of these items in relation to other items in the classroom. I can describe the location of all 6 of my classes in terms of floor and color of the hallway (if applicable) I can use the verb estar in all 6 forms to describe the location of any person or thing. I know when to use de la and del when describing location. Complete the following statements: After this project, I still need work on. . . S yo puedo. Necesito ayudar.

I can list the forms of estar in the present tense and write what it each one means. .

I can list 4 different phrases to describe location. . .

I can give an example of when I would use del and an example of when I would use de la when describing location:

What I liked about this project was. . .