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Adolf Hitler 3/30/12

Period 6 Regan Sonny An Adolf Hitler (born 1889) Was Hitler part Jewish? o No o This rumor originated during Hitlers dictatorship, intended to portray Hitler in an even more inhumane light This man! Hes part Jewish! Regans reenactment Klara Hitler (mother) and Alois Hitler (father) o Fathers original last name: Schicklgruber

Early History* Abusive father dies when Adolf is 14 o Strange relationships with fathers were evident in all three dictators Adolf Hitlers beat constantly him, mother tries to protect him Hitler loves his mother deeply Mussolinis neglected him but intoxicated young Mussolini with ideas of revolution, fighting against oppression, etc. Stalins was a drunkard who constantly beat his mother Loving mother dies when Hitlers 18 o Rumor: Operating doctor, Jewish, couldnt save his mother Drops out of high school Applies to Vienna Academy of Fine Arts twice o Gets rejected twice o Rumor: Evaluators were Jewish Becomes a drifter (homeless bum), angry and depressed

Hitler Video Notes Young Adolf was raised a Catholic, was fascinated and was top of his class at the age of 6 Joined the chorus (I think) and felt a sense of purpose Adopted the swastika symbol he saw in his church (symbolized peace) o Hitler as a dictator flips the swastika and uses for the Nazi Party

Anti-Semitism Origins Started centuries before Hitler People tend to blame others o Jewish were targeted by pogroms Jews dont have homeland, Israel was conquered 1|Page

Adolf Hitler 3/30/12

Period 6 Regan Sonny An o Jew = religious & cultural term o Stuck out, always outsiders Jews are taking our jobs o Hitler rises to power, exploits the pre-existing anti-Semitism in Germany

The Great War (WWI) Hitler, bum, joins military o Finds direction, structure, meaning, fighting for something glorious o Earns 2 Iron Crosses (medals of bravery) o Shocked at Germanys surrender Joins Nazi Party after WWI o Consists of 20 or so people = angry, racist o 1921-1923, Hitler, great orator, Nazi party is now of thousands 6 million unemployed in Germany

Bear Hall Putsch (1923) Hitler & thousands of supporters planned to take over local government in Munich Fails. Hitler gets arrested o Media, interested by the large movement, acts as a speaker/forum for Hitler There is no such thing as bad publicity Talks against judge, government, Treaty of Versailles, etc. o Sentenced to 5 years in jail, only serves 9 months Rudolph Hess, fellow cellmate and devoted follower, writes down Hitlers Mein Kampf in these 9 months Outlines what Hitler intends to do, including wiping out the Jewish population of 9 million Hardly anyone took him seriously

The Big Lie The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler (1925) o Jews were behind the Treaty of Versailles to earn money They were also supporters of Communism Joseph Goebbels, Hitlers Minister of Propaganda o Rules for Propaganda Make a lie, and make it a big one Repetition is key 2|Page

Adolf Hitler 3/30/12

Period 6 Regan Sonny An Accuse others of the crimes youre committing

Gets out of jail, 10 years to build popularity o Nazi Party is now the largest political party in Germany o 1932, Hitler is elected a position in power-sharing (coalition) government of 5 Can outtalk other 4, tells Parliament that they are just slowing him down o 1933, Parliament signs Enabling Act, allows for Hitler to be dictator Hitler offers stability in a time of chaos o Militarization = more jobs Hitler almost eliminates German unemployment, 6 million almost 0 o Establishes Gestapo, secret police Terror, the weapon of dictators o The SS (Schutzstaffel) & Heinrich Himmler, leader of SS Hitlers Elite Military Guard

Propaganda & Indoctrination under Der Fhrer The God of the Jews is money. They do the greatest crimes to earn it. The Jews cry, We dont care about Germany the main thing is that things go well for us. A man was waiting for me at the station. He smiled and tipped his hat out to me, but I could immediately tell that he was a Jew. o You must be careful! Jews may act friendly, even tip his out to you, but once you turn your back on them, theyll stab you. Regans reenactment

Hitler Youth How to tell a Jew, childrens book o Anti-Semitic, identifying Jewish characteristics League of German Girls o Girl Scouts of Hitler Uniformity o Young Nazis learn the goosestep, a military marching procedure Friedrich Nietzsche (1884-1900) o Hitler was fascinated by this philosopher o God made the heavens and the earth, went of a vacation and died. Regans reenactment We are all then left to fend for ourselves. Those who rise above all else become the bermensch. Regans reenactment 3|Page

Adolf Hitler 3/30/12

Period 6 Regan Sonny An Translated, overmen. Roughly translated, supermen. Hitler promoted the idea that the bermensch were the Aryans Aryans were an ancient conquering race that, over time, intermixed with the other races they conquered Definition of Aryan was not blond hair, blue eyes, but anything Hitler wanted it to be Certain Aryans possessed different features than other Aryans depending on their birth location What luck for rulers that men do not think Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler