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Barangay New Visayas, Sto Tomas, Davao del Norte


Press Release

April 27, 2012

Mangguangan and Debabawon Communities Benefit Government Health and Social Services 1003RD (RAPTOR) BRIGADE, NEW VISAYAS, Sto. Tomas, DDN About 1,280 residents of Barangay Camansa, Asuncion, Davao del Norte, received basic social and health services, livelihood and other assistance as the Provincial Government of Davao del Norte, AFP/ PNP, and the Municipal Government of Asuncion had brought the government right to the premises of the barangay from 8 am to 5 pm this day, April 27, 2012. The Convergence for Peace and Development had reached out to the remote area of the said barangay and extended Medical and Dental, X-ray, ECG, Minor Surgery, Malaria Case Finding, Tutok Kubeta, Nutrition Feeding, Skin Kutis Kilatis, Red Cop, Free Lugaw, Slippers for Day Care children, Educational Materials, Libreng Gupit (PSWDO and AFP), PNP Consultation and Issuance of Police Clearance, Distribution of Vegetables Seed, Animal Health Services, Legal Consultation and the services of Local Civil Registrar. The 1003rd (RAPTOR) BAND rendered musical entertainment as backgrounder of the program. Simultaneously, a Barangay Forum was conducted at the Barangay Hall where the concerns of the barangay were the concern on water system, farm to market road, completion of multi-purpose hall, basketball court, ambulance and proposed Palm Oil farm were deliberated. Governor Rodulfo del Rosario declared outright approval and instructed the offices heads concern, except the basketball court farm-to-market road that required appropriate land area and pertinent papers to be complied first, as well as the land requirement of Palm Oil farm of at least, a total of ten (10) hectares to be concentrated at KAMADE (Kaimonan Camangguangan Debabawon) area. Kung makompleto na tanan, isubmit ninyo sa opisina ni Engineer at, gaganda na yang kalsada ninyo, mgka basketball court na kayo ug suportahan mo sa pagtanom ug Palm Oil para maasenso ang panginabuhi ninyo dire sa Kamade! Governor del Rosario added.

COL LYSANDER SUERTE, Commander, 1003rd Brigade, expressed the unfading commitment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as partner of the LGUs, LGAs and all other sectors in helping the people. He further assured to exert all efforts and help in securing peaceful atmosphere for other stakeholders to have smooth implementation of developmental programs and projects that widen avenues alang sa kalamboan ug kalinaw, COL SUERTE added. During the program proper, Hon. Rene S. Hingone, Sr., Barangay Chairman, Camansa, expressed his gratitude in behalf of his constituents for the free services given to them, especially the pledges of support by the Provincial and City Government, AFP and PNP on the concerns of his barangay. Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, expressed his appreciation of the untiring work attitude his government employees, stakeholders, reiterated his support and called the people to strengthen the unity in the continuing quest for peace and development. We are all brothers and sisters, we must love ourselves because we are Filipinos. We must help each other and God will help us, the governor added. The program proper culminated with the Ceremonial Distribution of Slippers and Educational Materials to Day care Children and Elementary Pupils, Turn-over of Certificate of Ownership of Cow Dispersal, distribution of 17,000 Tilapia fingerlings. A Wheelchair to a disabled Mr. Ricardo Bangquegu and a pair of crutches was given to Richel Concing, a one-legged girl. An Oath of Office for the organized Barangay Health Teams was administered by Governor Rodulfo del Rosario. Then, the musical entertainment portion by 1003rd Brigade continued, augmented with the amusing Magical Show of Cpl Julius Bulotano while the services went on.


Contact person: CPT NATHANIEL H MORALES (INF) PA OIC, 3RD Communication and Information Company 10CMOBn, 10ID, PA Cell number: 09175966772

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