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LibraryH3lp Training

About LibraryH3lp: LibraryH3lp is an integrated web chat/IM platform written specifically for libraries. It allows multiple librarians to receive chats from its native chat widget or Meebo Me widgets as well as IMs from patrons on other IM networks such as AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, and Google Talk. While it routes messages to multiple librarians, only the first one to respond "wins" the chat and becomes connected with the patron. How is it different from what we are doing now? Allows multiple librarians to staff simultaneously & receive chats at the same time Allows for Text messaging (using Google Voice SMS gateway.) Allows for FaceBook integration Mobile device friendly Transfer IMs to any other LibraryH3lp queue or operator How does this work? Questions appear on your screen in a new pop-up box Messages flash red, and make a noise if your computer has sound Only first librarian to respond to patron gets connected. 1. All librarians on a queue can tell which librarian answered the chat. 2. ALL chats on queues, IMs, and text messages can be transferred! 3. Librarians can buddy and IM each other directly. 4. Librarians can send files to patrons: includes all IM patrons too! To use LibraryHelp & monitor the service: 1. Log on to LibraryH3lp web interface go to: & log in with your assigned username: and password: library 2. Select the queues you wish to monitor (select both queues): askalibrariancolumbia textmessagecolumbia 3. You are now logged on to Ask-A-Librarian and monitoring the queues you selected 4. To change your password click on Change Password link in the upper right corner. (only have to do this once- or keep your original password) 5. If one or more users assigned to a queue have Available status, the queue is online. Users with Away or Do Not Disturb/Busy status will not bring a queue online. To use LibraryHelp & and be available for referrals only, i.e. not monitor any queues: 1. Log on to LibraryH3lp web interface go to: & log in with your assigned username: and password: library

2. Do NOT select either queue; click OK. 3. Make sure your icon is set to available so that those monitoring the queues for their hour will know that you are available for referrals. 4. To stop monitoring the queues after your scheduled hour and just be available for referrals: a. Click on the Action button on the top right hand side and then choose Select Queues. b. Unselect the askalibrarian and textmessagecolumbia queues and click OK. Change your icon from the smiley face available for chat to the green available icon. Answering questions: All librarians with available status on a given queue will receive each incoming chat or IM. Only the first to respond will become connected with the patron. The librarians that do not "win" the chat will become disconnected from the patron, and they will receive notification of the librarian that successfully answered the chat. 1. To help a patron type your response in the box at the bottom of the pop-up box with the question; and hit enter to send your response (repeat as necessary) Transferring patrons: Any chat originating from a queue, including IMs and text messages from gateways, can be transferred to any other online queue or individual user that is part of the same administrative domain. The recipient of a transfer will see the full roll-back of the chat up to the point of transfer. This means that the patron does not have to repeat their story to the person they were transferred to. It is a good practice to tell the patron when they are going to be transferred and to encourage them to hold on while the transfer happens. The transfer actually goes through instantly, but there may be a wait while the transferee picks up the chat. It is also a good practice for the recipient of a transfer to give a quick "hello" to the patron before reading over the entire history. Both of these things help prevent the patron from losing patience and wandering away. 1. Click on Transfer Chat + Select the queue or individual to receive this chat Sending Files: Librarians can send files to any patrons that arrive through a queue, whether the patron is on a web chat widget or using their own IM account with AIM, Yahoo!, or whatever kind of gateways are integrated with your queues Files sent through the system will appear for the other party as a link in the chat. Clicking the link will start a download. Files sent can be a maximum of 1 MB per file; files of any type can be sent. Files will stay on the server for 2 days and then are automatically deleted.

1. Click on the Send File link in the chat box 2. Browse to the file you want to send + click OK 3. You get a notice in a new tab letting you know if its successful or not 4. Patron will receive a link to the document: ex. 4:39 textmessage download from Email Transcripts: enter the email you want to send the transcript to (whole address) Tag for Follow-up: sends an email to account administrator for follow-up. For admin access: Use your username and password to access Transcripts, Reports, Usage Stats, and Help documentation. Use the Help Docs tab to find out more about LibraryH3lp. Use the Monitor Activity tab to: o Monitor real-time activity on the system. o Download a CSV (comma separated values) file of your call histories to manipulate using Excel. o You can perform any of these actions over a range of dates and queues using the calendar page view. Use the View Reports tab to: o View table and chart versions of your traffic. o Get reports over any date range and on one, all, or several of your queues. o Export a CSV file of your tables. o Generate a stable URL pointing to your charts. o Save images of charts (right-click, save as...)

Example question box:

Example of question box (From text message)

Lets Practice! To Log in as a librarian click on : To Log in (practice) as a patron click on:
Or send a text message to: (215)TextCUL or (215) 839-8285 Or access from your mobile device: &theme=gtalk&title=Ask-A-Librarian+-+Columbia&identity=librarian
At the end of this training, you will be able to: 1) Login to your web chat interface and change your password 2) Select the queues you wish to monitor 3) Answer questions and send messages through the question box 4) Transfer IMs and text messages to any other online queue or individual user that is part of the same administrative domain. 5) Send files to patrons 6) Send transcript to an email account

7) 8)

Send an email to account administrator for follow-up Access Transcripts, Reports, Usage Stats, and Help documentation through Admin Access

Important Reminders: This is live software and it will interfere with our current Meebo system dont practice when that is *live* (Mon-Thurs 1-9pm; Fri 1-5pm) The system is *live* when one person is logged on Please remember to log-off when you are un-available Once we go live with LibraryH3lp (end of May) feel free to log on and be available as much as you like!