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Past Exam Questions

The exam you will sit can be seen as two halves: an unseen comparison with questions for Section A, and a longer essay question for Section B. Below are some essay questions from previous years about new media. As you will see, the questions are written to allow you to apply your own material, hence the importance of research. 1. Discuss how new media technologies are changing the ways that audiences are consuming the media.

2. To what extent are new media technologies advantageous for audiences?

3. How important are size and design to audiences using new media technologies?

4. How far is competition amongst media industries dependent upon new media technologies?

5. To what extent are new media technologies more interactive for audiences than traditional media technologies?

6. What benefits do media industries hope to gain from the introduction of new media technologies?

7. To what extent do new media technologies deliver new experiences for audiences?

8. Why do media industries regularly introduce new media technologies?

9. To what extent are new media technologies changing the way that audiences consume the media?

10. Discuss the way media industries develop and promote new media technologies.

Exam Questions June 2010 1. Developments in new/digital media mean that audiences can now have access to a greater variety of views and values. To what extent are audiences empowered by these developments? or 2. Why and with what success are traditional media institutions adapting to the challenge posed by new/digital media? Exam Questions January 2011 1. New and digital media offers institutions different ways of reaching audiences. Consider how and why media institutions are using these techniques. or 2. To connect, to create, to share creativity or thought, to discuss, to collaborate, to form groups or to combine with others in mutual interests or passions. If you cant see the point of any of those things, you will not see the point of Facebook. ( What opportunities and/or disadvantages do new and digital media have for audiences? Exam Questions June 2011 1. The world first heard about the death of Michael Jackson from the online gossip website TMZ. How has new/digital media changed the ways in which information reaches audiences and what are the implications? or 2. New and digital media erodes the dividing line between reporters and reported, between active producers and passive audiences: people are able to speak for themselves. ( Have such developments made the media more democratic, with more equal participation by more people? Exam Questions January 2012 1. Although new and digital media may promise audiences more freedom, it doesnt give them more power. Discuss. or 2. New and digital media is creating one global culture. DO you think that this is true?