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Re: ABAP-HR Interview questions.

Posted: Feb 15, 2011 8:46 AM in response to:

Chinna T

Hi Experts, Please answer these SAP HR ABAP interview FAQs. 1) What is the difference between ABAP and HR ABAP 2) What is logical data base 3) What are logical data bases used in hr module 4) What is the difference between PNP and PNPCE 5) Explain GET PERNR concept when we use logical data base 6) Explain the program flow when we use logical database PNP or PNPCE 7) What are the program names for logical database PNP and PNPCE 8 ) What is report category and for what purpose do we use report category 9) What is Infotype and how it is different from tables 10) Why do we require Infotypes for HR module 11) What are the transaction codes to create the Infotypes 12) What is the process to enhance the Infotype 13) Importance of PA20, PA30 and PA40 14) How can we decide weather we can enhance the standard Infotype or not 15) What is PAKEY structure, PSHD1 structure and what type of fields it contains 16) What is PS structure 17) What are the payroll related Infotypes 18) What are the time related Infotypes 19) What are the personnel administration related Infotypes 20) What are the organizational related Infotypes 21) What is Macro 22) What are the standard macros do we use in HR ABAP 23) What is PNP-SW-FOUND 24) What is the difference between select statement and provide statement 25) Which function module reads the data for particular Infotype 26) What is repetitive structure and for which Infotype do we have 27) How do you retrieve the data for repetitive structures 28) Can we develop program without logical database for hr module data retrieval 29) By using which FM we can upload data into Infotype 30) If yes then why do we require logical database 31) What are advantages and disadvantages of logical data base 32) What is the transaction code to display the payroll results 33) What is payroll driver 34) Where the payroll results are stored 35) Explain the concept of clusters in payroll 36) How do you read the data from clusters 37) What is retro active accounting 38) In which cluster time results are stored 39) What is wage type 40) What is personnel area 41) What is personnel sub are 42) What is payroll area 43) What is the difference between semi-monthly and Bi-weekly payroll area 44) What is sequence number

45) What is For-period and In-period 46) What is off cycle payroll run 47) How do you execute the payroll 48) What is schema and transaction code 49) What is functions and transaction code 50) What is features and transaction code 51) What is the transaction code to modify the hr form 52) What are the FM do we use in OM 53) What is object in OM 54) Which FM do you use to find out who is reporting to whom 55) What all are the differences did you find in hr module between 4.7 and ECC6 versions