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Jane Hogan Director K-12 Art & Franklin Arts Academy April 24, 2012

K-12 Art Program Goals

Develop the creative minds, art skills, & problemsolving abilities of all students Connect to world cultures & artists across ages Implement robust arts curriculum to meet MA Curriculum Frameworks & integrate arts into other

fields Prepare students for highest level art college study Teach 21st century skills & technology connections Celebrate student creative abilities with community and state-level events

Eager & Imaginative

Elementary Artists
All students 1 period/week

Curious & concerned with real-world

Middle School Artists

All Students 1 Trimester/year

Desire for individuality & innovation

High School Artists

1315 Course Enrollments in 2012

27 different electives: Visual Arts, Video, Theatre, Architecture/Engineering, FAA Cross Arts

World Artist Connections through Technology

Famous Artist Inspiration QR Code-Enabled

GRADE: 8th Grade SCHOOL: HMMS MEDIA: Oil Pastels TEACHER: Ms. Pichette

See Van Gogh

K-12 Skills Progression & Curriculum Sequencing

Robust Art Curriculum to meet MA Standards

Example: Observation Drawing
Grade Level Expectations By end grade 4 By end grade 8 MA Framework Standard 3.1 Students will create 2D and 3D artwork from direct observation 3.4 Students will create 2D and 3D representational artwork from direct observation in order to develop skills of perception, discrimination, physical coordination, and memory of detail

By end Grades 9-12

3.8 Students will create representational 2D artwork from direct observation and from memory that convincingly portrays 3D space and the objects and people

By end Grades 9-12 with extended study

3.11 Students will demonstrate the ability to portray emotions and personality through the rendering of physical characteristics in 2D and 3D work

Developing K-12 Progression of Skills

Self Portraits Features & Shapes

2nd Grade

5th Grade

Developing K-12 Progression of Skills

Self Portraits Likeness & Realism

8th Grade

11th Grade

Developing K-12 Progression of Skills

Self Portraits Advanced & Expressive

12th Grade

12th Grade

9-12 Art forging Technology Connections - STEM

Contemporary Media & Technology

Embracing popular technology and technology/

engineering in arts curriculum:

3 levels of CAD/Engineering courses 3 levels of Video Production/Film courses 3 levels of Graphic Design/Photography

Integrating technologies between arts curriculum areas

Live Video and Animation Graphic Design & Music Videos ( planned for 2012-13)

Self-instruction technology CAD & Engineering Classes

K-12 Art Accomplishments 2011-12

New Curriculum via SMARTGOALS piloting Common Lessons &

Assessments New art teacher successes Many art shows including new venue @ Patriots Place 5 Theatre events to-date strong attendance; MA Dramafest Awards in Acting High student achievement in visual arts:

33 MA State awards - Scholastic (Gold, Silver, & HM) 41 in Worcester Art Museum Show 4 to Congressional District Show 15 in AP Studio

Very strong college acceptance results for FHS art students

Strengthening Curriculum & Instruction

K-12 Art Professional Development

1 full-day & 2 half-days MFA world artists connections MFA-inspired Common Lessons &

2012-13 Plan
2 full-days Common Lessons & Assessments

Launch in all schools & collective

Assessments PILOTS (SMARTGOALS): Grade 5 Nevelson sculpture Grade 8 Van Gogh Fantasy Grades 9-12
Mehretu & Miro Symbolism - Herrera Consumerism - Ceramic Vessels

teacher reflection

DANFORTH Faculty Workshop

K-12 visual arts faculty New lesson plans

School visits
Video & Engineering programs
Theatre arts

K-12 Art Extension Activities

2012 Summer Art Institute through Lifelong Learning: 6 courses (MS & HS levels) Art Clubs MS & HS levels Empty Bowls Community Service Program Visiting Artists Jefferson, HMMS, FHS

Visiting College Representatives MICA, Univ Hartford, etc.

Educational Field Trips DeCordova Museum MA Scholastic Art Awards Show, Boston

Class of 2013

Franklin Arts Academy

FAA is currently a two-year Program at FHS

FAA Vision & Goals

Franklin Arts Academy Program Goals

For Students to:

Develop skills & build academic & artistic growth Actively engage in own learning

Teach 21st century skills of collaboration & communication

Provide a creative learning environment that meets college

entrance requirements

Introduce work experience and community connections

through internships, capstones, & professional engagement opportunities

Create a thriving art scene

FAA Goal is to increase academic engagement & success of students

Characteristics of FAA Educational Model

Small Learning Community High Student-Engagement Design Highly-Qualified Instructors Uniquely-built Core Curriculum
Meets MA State Standards

High Academic Standards - same expectations as FHS

Open Honors Project-Based

Arts-Integrated lessons

FAA Video How Students Like to Learn

Project & Interdisciplinary Lesson Examples

How FAA Students Demonstrate their Knowledge

FAA US History Industrialization: Rap Song Video

FAA English 11
FAA Algebra 2 Parabolic Motion Video

FAA Year 2 Where Do We Stand?

Growing, Building & Refining Enrollment

120 100 80

Seniors 60
40 20 0 2010-11 2011-12 Planned 2012-13 Juniors Sophomores

FAA Year 2 How are students doing?

Classes of 2012 & 2013

Showing Significant GPA Improvement once in FAA
25.0% 20.0% 15.0%

5.0% 0.0% -5.0% -10.0% Class 2012 GPA Improvement Class 2013 GPA Improvement 9th to 10th GPA % Change FAA 9th to 11th GPA % Change

FAA Profile 2012 College Acceptances

Very Strong Year for FAA College Acceptances

Arts-Focused Colleges/Universities:
Massachusetts College of Art &

Liberal Arts & Major Colleges/Universities:

Boston University Northeastern University Loyola University WPI

Design Berkeley School of Music Pratt Institute of Art & Design (NYC) Maryland Institute College of Art School of Visual Arts (NYC) Art Institute of Boston New England Institute of Art & Design

University of Hartford
Concordia University UMASS Amherst, Dartmouth,

Lowell MA State Universities: Framingham,

Fitchburg, Bridgewater, Worcester

Strengthening Fundamentals, Communication & Community

FAA Program Accomplishments 2011-12

Launched 4 new courses for FAA senior class Advanced & refined project curriculum & interdisciplinary lessons Established Good Academic Standing Policy Developed Professional Engagements & Community Connections MASS College of Art Workshop Dean Nimmer @ FHS (FEF Grant) Completed successful Senior Capstone event Junior Capstone planned for June 5 25 FAA Seniors in Senior Project (Term 4) Strengthened parent communication & engagement (FAAB) Weekly HW email Scholarship fund for graduating FAA seniors

Strengthening Curriculum & Instruction

FAA Professional Development

6 full days Curriculum Development for

2012-13 Plan
3 full-days Interdisciplinary Lessons for

New FAA courses:

Chemistry (Grade 10) English (Grade 10) US History 1 (Grade 10) Geometry (Grade 10) Arts Management (Grade 12) Statistics (Grade 12) Inter-Related Media (Grade 11)

FAA Curriculum
Contemporary Topics in Music &

Arts (Grade 12) Arts Management Freelance & Entrepreneurship Business models (Grade 12) Chemistry & Ceramics (Grade 10) English & Arts (Grade 10)


Experiences in FAA



Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. ~Leo Burnett