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Monday, February 27, 2012


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Delta Pioneer Jody Hill, sophomore guard, is currently the leading scorer in the Michigan Community College Athletic Association with 26.1 points per game. Recently covered in The Saginaw News, he knows his scoring ability can carry the team. I just try to make the best play, rather than scoring or passing, Hill said. Hill has noticed the team has came together throughout the season. We have grown as a team. We are making the extra pass and helping each other on defense more. The team decided to come together and not play as individuals anymore, said George Smithers, who agreed that team morale has improved. The Pioneers have won three out of the last four games. Delta is currently tied for seventh in the

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Staff Writer
Student support can mean the difference between a win or lose situation, especially for home games. A home crowd who is an electrifying crowd can give extra energy to the home team, hence the term sixth man, said Athletic Director Michelle Raube. Raube believes lack of promotion is one of the main reasons for Deltas waning student support. I plan to work with the student engagement center to try to get the students more aware of our sports at the school, Raube said. Raube plans to have student activites and giveaways during the games and at halftime. She also plans to make Deltas home basketball games more family-oriented in the future. This would include fun camps and clinics prior to each game.

Being a former player in high school and at a college level, Lady Pioneers Head Basketball Coach Kelly Miller knows how important team chemistry is. Team chemistry is vital, said Miller. It also makes up where you lack in talent, but you one unit. Photo by Ronny Latimore makes Due to team chemistry, Sophomoreguard,JodyHill,rushingdownthecourt. the communication between the players has conference at 7-8 and stand talented exciting team at 11-15 for the season. to watch, said Grant gotten better on the court. girls are It is important for Delta Foley, freshman guard. Our communicating more to hold the seventh spot, Freshman Tyler Dwyer, Miller said. because the top seven from Arthur Hill High natural, She believes this is the teams qualify for the School and averages regional tournament. 11.0 points per game reason for their success Our goal is still to and 8.0 rebounds per in the conference thus far. The Lady Pioneers are make the tournament game. He says that he currently tied for 4th place and I believe we have the misses home crowds. in the conference at 11-4 talent to do it, said Hill. Im used to playing in Many players on front of big crowds in high and their overall season the team want more school. The crowd can record stands at 14-12. students in the bleachers. give us that extra spark They had lost three straight We have a very we need, Dwyer said. games before winning on the road against Wayne County Community College on Feb. 18. Before the three game losing streak, the Lady Pioneers had won six in a I also want to see more aging 27.1 points per game. row. Freshman point guard, faculty members support Deltas men nearly pulled Taylor Schwellenbach student athletes, since they off an upset against Mott knew the team had interact with them on a Community College, the to get back on track. daily basis, Raube said. number one team in the We couldnt lose focus country. 12)% -("3% !4'+)% 5"!% on what got us this far, Womens basketball As74-79. The crowd surely said. sistant Coach Jason Brown gave the extra energy to Schwellenbach The Lady Pioneers have believes more students the Pioneers, who nearly overcome many obstacles might show up more for overcame a 12 point lead during the current season, home games during the by Mott, late in the game. such as roster changes. week, versus games takThe Lady Pioneers are ing place on a Saturday. As I was once a student tied currently number one here at Delta, I understand in the conference along Mahow hard it is to get here comb. Both teams are 10-1 on a Saturday, Brown said. in the conference. The Lady He believes if students Pioneers have currently won are not already on campus, 10 of their 11 games and they may not be able to af- "+)% '(% "% 46++)(7% -8)% 9"/)% % ford to make the extra trip. winning streak at home. We got a good prodWe need all the energy uct here at the school, in the gym we can get, !"#$% &'((#)% *+#,-(.% /)(0!% said Courtney Neiderhead basketball coach. quill, sophomore center. Deltas men basketball team They are very important has the leading scorer in the to a successful season. conference and NJCAAs All Deltas home games are second leading scorer, Jody free to all students and faculHill. Hill is a sophomore ty staff members who bring a KellyDineengoesforabasket. from Ferndale and is aver- Delta student ID.

Coach Miller understands this the most, because it made her job more difficult. We have been having players in and out all season, because of injuries or grades, but we have overcame all those challenges, Miller said. Not just teammates, becoming friends off the court has made the Lady Pioneers closer as a unit. Krystal Hernandez, sophomore guard, will be missing those times spent off the court after the season is over. This year s team is a lot closer, than last year s team,, Hernandez said. Credit can be given to Assistant Coach Jason Brown, a former player at Delta, who recommended the girls become closer off the court. He was the one who told the girls a team who hangs together, plays better together. The Lady Pioneers will have to keep focus heading into the post season. Nationals is still our number one goal, said Kayla Spohn, a player who is leading with nearly two blocks per game. Coach Miller wants the Lady Pioneers to head into the post season on a positive note. You want to be playing your best basketball heading into tournament play, because its one and done, Miller said.

Photo by Ronny Latimore

2012 Michigan Community College Press Association Judging Form

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Category: Sports feature Headline/title of entry: Empty stands spell less support Contestants name: Brandon Harris College name: Delta College Judges comments: I liked this story! a look at how students who aren" t athletes can make a difference in Delta" s athletic program. I would have liked to see you do just a couple of things differently, though. I would have rewritten the lead to get the lack of student support in the first graf! maybe something like: Student support can mean the difference between a win and a loss, especially at a home game. But with student support dwindling, Deltas athletic teams are losing an important edge against their competitors. A home crowd who is an electrifying crowd I would have also liked to see you move the quote from Courtney Neiderquill up higher in story, as it supports the entire premise of the story. For example, you could have placed it just after the first quote from Raube with a minor transition: Delta athletes agree that student support can help them win games. We need all the energy in the gym we can get Otherwise, a nice job. pcm