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Setting-up Objectives: Conduct Commonwealth Games in a manner that would encourage sports development and physical recreation and promote the shared values of integrity, fair play, competence, team work, commitment to excellence. To inculcate sports consciousness and culture in every Indian. Deliver the Best Commonwealth Games Ever Build state-of-the-art sporting and city infrastructure for the facilitation of the Games Create a suitable environment and opportunities for the involvement of the citizens in the Games Showcase the culture and heritage of India Project Delhi as a global destination Project India as an economic power Leave behind a lasting legacy

Developing strategies Venue Selection Delhi Looking for facilities available (Stadiums, Accommodation for players etc.) and facilities to be built as per the game events, participants, officials, spectators etc. Make checklist

A checklist provides a step-by-step guide to organizing and executing the event. Budgeting The objective is to provide event planners with a financial blueprint. The budget should be specific, and include revenue opportunities (sponsorship, ticket sales, donations, concession sales) as well as expenses printing, permits, insurance, speakers, food supplies, security). Networking & Scheduling Draw the network chart by arranging all activities and assigning time duration to each activity. Find out the critical path and start the activities to finish all within projected time. Monitoring all activities and the work flow by setting up periodic review reporting time.

Promotional Activities Involving different types of media (like TV, Internet, Print, outdoor, transit etc.) to promote and create awareness of the event. To create awareness about the event. To get sponsors and clients for the events. To thank you your sponsors and clients

DURING EVENT Continuous checking or monitoring the execution. Remove and back-up faults within very short span or on the spot.

POST- STAGE Evaluate the event Take time to evaluate right after the event while the details are fresh. Filling up questionnaire by participants to find out feedback. Some general evaluative criteria include:

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Did the event fulfil its goals and objectives? Why or why not? Identify what worked and what needs fine-tuning. Which vendors should be used again? What items were missing on the checklist? Was the event well attended? Was informal and formal feedback about the event positive? Given all that went into staging, was it worth doing?

Finally, it is important to remember to celebrate the successes and to thank all those who contributed (starting from media people to participants, spectators, govt. officials etc.).

Wind up Clean up and make the stadiums, games village etc. as it was before the event. Returning hired items to the concerned authorities etc.

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