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System Requirements for "Tidy's Physiotherapy, 14th Edition" This DVD will run on both PC and Mac: --------------------------------Microsoft

Windows Users --------------------------------To function properly, your computer should support at least an 800 x 600 pixels screen resolution, 256 colors, 128 MB RAM, and operate on the Windows 98 SE, 200 0 or XP operating system. Additionally, be sure your browser has "Show pictures" enabled. For Internet Explorer users, you will find the "Show pictures" option by selecting the following from your menu: Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Mu ltimedia. If the "Show pictures" box is not checked, do so. This software is designed to run with Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7 or later and Firefox 1.x. Instructions -----------------1. If your system does not support Autorun, click on Start.exe to begin. 2. To use the Search and Export feature, install the Java Runtime Environment, v ersion 1.4.1 (available in the Software folder). You should have administrator p rivileges for this installation. After installation, start the application by cl icking Start.exe. 3. Export feature a. PowerPoint Selected images can be exported and saved in Microsoft PowerPoint, if yo u have the full version of PowerPoint on your operating system. This feature is only available in the Microsoft Windows operating system. b. HTML If you do not have PowerPoint, selected images can be saved as HTML dire ctly on your hard drive. These files will reside in the following directory: C:\ CL\Porter\HTMLshows\. Note: The Search and Export features requires that the DVD-ROM Server to run in the background. The Server can be started manually by selecting server.exe in Wi ndows, MServer9 application in MacOS 9.x and in MacOS X. You can open the homepage by entering "" in the ad dress bar while the Server is running in the background. 4. Slide Show feature To view the Html Slide Show click on the slide show link. The last 25 HTML prese ntations are listed on the page. Clicking on the link opens the HTML presentatio n in a new window. The user can also view a specific HTML presentation, by selec ting the index.htm file in the C:\CL\Porter\HTMLshows\ directory. 5. For Windows 98 users the Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 5 Run-Time Redistribut ion Pack (VBRun60sp5.exe) is provided on the DVD. Install it from the Software f older. 6. Acrobat Reader can be installed from the Software folder of the DVD. -------------------------Macintosh Users -------------------------Your computer should meet the following minimum requirements: 800 x 600 pixels s creen resolution, 256 colors, 128 MB RAM, and MAC OS 9.1 or later, operating sys tem. Netscape users: Before starting, ensure that "Automatically load images and othe r data types" option is checked. If not, click on the images button to load when needed, which is available under menu option Edit, Preferences, Advanced. This software is designed to run with Safari 1.x or later, Internet Explorer 5.1 .5 or later, Netscape 7 or later, and Firefox 1.x. Instructions -----------------1. With autoplay running, the DVD will begin once inserted. If you have not enab led autoplay, click on the DVD icon that appears on your desktop, then select St art to open the application. 2. The DVD requires the installation of MRJ 2.2.5 in order to use the Search. If

manually installed, start the application by clicking on Start. 3. Acrobat Reader can be installed from the Software folder of the DVD. Minimum Software Requirements ---------------------------------------Adobe Acrobat Reader / Acrobat Reader Some of the content in this product is available in PDF format. To view these co ntents you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader / Acrobat Reader or any othe r product that can read the PDF file format. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -------------------------------------------------1) Do I need to have an Internet connection to run this program? No. The program is designed to run entirely from the DVD-ROM, independent of the Internet. 2) When I launch the application, I get messages after Netscape starts. What do I do? TCP/IP is required to run any browser-based application. TCP/IP is included with Windows 95, 98 and NT. To add TCP/IP, go to Network in the Control Panel, click the Add button, click the protocol option and click Add. Under Manufacturers, s elect Microsoft, and under Network Protocols, select TCP/IP and click OK. Click OK again, and Windows will start to install TCP/IP. Once, finished you must rest art your computer. 3) What should I do if my ISP starts to dial out when I launch the application? This application will run with or without an Internet connection. If your ISP be gins to dial out, cancel this and the program will still run. Many ISPs will aut omatically dial out when a browser is launched; you may be able to cancel this o ption in the properties menu for your ISP. 4) The Search function is not working properly. What should I do? The Search feature requires the DVD-ROM Server to run in the background. The Ser ver application requires the installation of the Java Runtime Environment. The S erver can be started manually by selecting Server.exe in Windows, MServer9 in Ma cOS 9.x, and in MacOS X. 5) The selected slides are deleted when I close and open the program? The selected slides are available only for the current session. You need to sele ct the slides each time you run the program to create a presentation. 6) I see other product images and files when I run the product. What should I do ? If current information does not appear in your browser, you may need to clear yo ur cache. Internet Explorer: Windows: Select Tools > Internet Options > General tab and click Delete Files In the Temporary Internet files area. Macintosh: Select Edit > Preferences > Advanced and click Empty Now and select t he option as Update pages Once per session. Netscape: Windows: Select Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Cache and click Disk Cache and s elect the option as Once per session. Macintosh: Select Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Cache and click Disk Cache and select the option as Once per session. Firefox: Windows: Select Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache Option > Click Clear button. Macintosh: Select Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cache Option > Click Clear b utton. Safari: Macintosh: Select Safari > Empty Cache Option > Click Empty button. Known Issues: --------------------1. The HTML Slide Show opens in the same window with the following browsers: Int ernet Explorer 5.x on Windows and Macintosh and Netscape 4.x on Macintosh. 2. If Active Content warning is displayed while running the product, please do t he following:

On Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > in Security > Select 'Allow active content from DVDs to run on my Computer'. 3. While using Netscape 8, ensure that "Open requested Pop-ups in New Tab" optio n is deselected. If not, select the Site Controls icon on the tab and deselect t his option. Technical Support ----------------------------Technical support for this product is available between 7.30 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. CST, 8.00 a.m. and 1.00 a.m. UK, Monday through Friday. Before calling, be sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run this software. I nside the United States and Canada, call 1-800-692-9010. Inside the United Kingd om, call 0-0800-6929-0100. Outside North America, call +1-314-872-8370. You may also fax your questions to +1-314-997-5080, or contact Technical Support through e-mail: