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Ancient Greece Unit Pre-Test ID#

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

A. Monarchy

H. Democracy

B. Hellenistic

I. Odyssey

C. Phalanx

J. Labyrinth

D. Drama

K. Oligarchy

E. Polis

L. Helot

F. Barbarians

M. Philosophy

G. Epic

N. Tyranny

1. Another name for a Greek city-state.

2. The Greeks viewed all non Greek people as this.

3. A serious play or theatrical event.

4. Means rule by kings and queens.

5. Means rules by many or the common people.

6. Means rule by a few.

7. The period between Alexander’s conquest and the rise of the Roman Empire.

8. A one-man rule; when one man seizes power by appealing to the people.

9. A great work written by Homer.

10. Greek battle formation where soldiers formed rows close together.

11. A complicated structure in which it is easy to get lost in; a maze.

12. The study of meaning and knowledge of life.

13. A Spartan slave.

14. A long poem that tells the story of a hero.

Multiple Choice: Circle the best answer.

1. In Sparta, which was not a physical skill?



b. jumping

c. ice skating

d. wrestling

2. What was the only occupation a man could have in Sparta?



b. blacksmith

c. fitness instructor

d. soldier

3. Who could be a citizen of Athens?



a slave

b. a woman

c. a male

d. anyone

4. The type of Greek play where a man was brought down by a flaw in his character.

a. comedy

b. mystery

c. tragedy

d. horror

5. A battle where the Persians were defeated and the name of a 26 mile race.

a. Marathon

b. Salamis

c. Plataea

d. Thermopylae

6. The Minoans built elaborate palaces that contained what?

a. running water

b. indoor plumbing

c. elaborate mazes

d. all of the above

7. According to Greek mythology, the home of the gods was?

a. Marathon

b. Troy

c. Mount Olympus

d. Thrace

8. Those in Sparta who did not belong to the ruling class were called?

a. oligarchs

b. tyrants

c. Helots

d. Aristocrats

9. What is the name of the ruler of the Ancient Greek Gods?

a. Cronos

b. Zeus

c. Hera

d. Poseidon

10. In Greece, a prediction or the name of a place where a prediction was told is called…

a. Athens

b. Olympus

c. Eleusis

d. Oracle

11. The ancient civilization that lived on the island of Crete was known as…

a. The Trojans

b. The Minoans

c. The Mycenaeans

d. The Lakers

12. The greatest thing we gained from the Athenians was…

a. a monarchy

b. a democracy

c. Olive Trees

d. The Parthenon

Label the following areas on the map located on the next page.