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Lokpal Bill is not a new word for Indian people. It is frequently used against corruption.

Anna Hazare creates a new history for the demand of Jan Lokpal Bill in the year of 2011. There is a discussion about a struggling history of Jan Lokpal Bill and important of Lokpal Bill in India in the context of corruption. What is Jan Lokpal Bill? Jan Lokpal Bill is a proposed anti-corruption law drowns up by prominent civil society activists to deter corruption effectively. Word of Jan Lokpal Bill derives from Lokpal which means ombudsman (Legal Representative) in India. Lokpal word has been derived from the Sanskrit words "loka" (people) and "pala" (protector/caretaker). So Lokpal is meant as the 'protector of people. Jan Lokpal Bill is referred as citizens' ombudsman bill also in India. Ombudsman would create the law called the Lokpal Bill. It would be an independent body similar to the Election Commission of India. The Lokpal will have a three-member body with a chairperson. The chairperson will be a chief justice or Supreme Court judge. Other two members will be high courts judges or chief justices. Importance of Jan Lokpal Bill: It is being expected that Lokpal bill will reduce corruption in India. The Jan Lokpal bill provides powers to of filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister, other ministers and members of parliament with the ombudsman. The Lokpal Bill gives us a right, except for a public servant, to file a complaint and the Lokpal has to complete the inquiry within six months. History of Lokpal Bill: There is a struggle for Lokpal Bill of last 42 years. First time, the bill was presented during the fourth Lok Sabha in 1968. It was passed there in 1969. Lokpal Bill was revived in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2008. In 2010, Lokpal Bill, awaits an okay from a select committee. According to former chief justice of Delhi high court and rights activist Rajinder Sachar, Lokpal Bill is "shamefully toothless and meant to give a false reassurance to the people that the government is serious in its fight against corruption". But former chief justice of India M N Venkatachelliah said that the PM must be out of its purview. Statement of M N Venkatachelliah was supported by Rahul Gandhi also. A Role of Anna Hazare in Jan Lokpal Bill:

Kisan Baburao Hazare aka Anna Hazare went on hunger strike "unto death" on April 5, 2011 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. He gave a statement that the government must treat the Lokpal Bill as the people's 'right and not a largesse'. The movement for Lokpal Bill of 72year-old Gandhian Magsaysay award winner - Anna Hazare inspired people of India. Lokpal Bill movement took a new shape and more than six crore people supported it. Anna Hazare appealed to the youth of nation to come forward for Jan Lokpal Bill 2011, this is the second freedom struggle of India. After the JP movement, this is the first people's movement. I'm delighted to see the youth's participation in this movement. I look up to them with lots of expectations. Differences between Governments Lokpal and Jan Lokpal Bill: Lokpal Bill: Government will not have any power: To initiate action suo motu in any case To receive complaints of corruption from public To register an FIR Police powers To investigate any case against PM in foreign affairs, security and defence To jurisdiction over bureaucrats and government officers Jan Lokpal Bill 2011: The Jan Lokpal Bill will have power: To initiate investigations suo motu in any case To complaints from the public To initiate prosecution after completion of investigations Police powers To register FIR, proceed with criminal investigations and launch prosecution To jurisdiction over politicians, officials and even judges To merge the entire vigilance machinery into Lokpal

Recent Updates about Jan Lokpal Bill: Once again, Anna Hazare has announced to fast unto death at Jantar Mantar from August 16 if the government doesnt pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. It will be the second battle of independence for him. He suggests his followers to opt the path of non-violence. About Jan Lokpal Bill: The Jan Lokpal Bill 2011 is a draft anti-corruption bill. The bill is drafted by Justice Santosh Hegde (former Supreme Court Judge and present Lokayukta of Karnataka), Prashant Bhushan (Supreme Court Lawyer) and Arvind Kejriwal (RTI activist). The draft Bill predicts a system where a corrupt person would go to jail within two years if he found guilty. It seeks power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without government permission. Features of Jan Lokpal Bill: LOKAYUKTA in each state will be set up in the centre of LOKPAL Lokpal will be completely independent body like Supreme Court and Election Commission from the government Investigations in any case will have to be completed in one year against corrupt people Trial should be completed in next one year to send jail within two years Lokpal will impose financial penalty on guilty officers if any work of any citizen is not done in prescribed time A person can approach Lokpal if his ration card or passport or voter card is not being made A person can approach Lokpal if police is not registering his case or any other work is not being done in prescribed time A complaint against any officer of Lokpal shall be investigated and the officer dismissed within two months Lokpal will provide protection to those who are being victimized for raising their voice against corruption Drafting Committee of Lokpal Bill: Drafting committee of Lokpal Bill was officially formed on 8th April, 2011. The drafting committee would have 10 members including 5 from the government and five from the civil society.

What is the need of Lokpal Bill in our society? Do you think Lokpal Bill is really needed in our society to make an ideal state? Government has already CVC, departmental vigilance and anti-corruption branch of CBI to stop corruption. What would be moral line of Lokpal Bill? Why a person will not be corrupt where money is everything? How an anti-corrupt society or state will fulfill the basic needs of people? Can a capitalist state be anti-corrupt which motive is nothing but profit? How a profit oriented society can serve basic need of people? How the difference between rich and poor will be filled? Government has already exposed the power of STATE demolishing strike of Ram Dev Baba at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi. We have seen the monopoly of Indian government in union budget 2011 also. In this context, people should think about the future of Lokpal Bill.
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Jan Lokpal Bill in India and its effects

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In this article, I have mentioned the meaning of Jan lokpal bill. I have added the features of Jan lokpal bill. I have added information about Anna hazare's fast.

Jan lokpal

What is Jan Lokpal bill?

Jan lokpal bill means Citizen's Ombudsman bill. It is a new anti-corruption bill which creates an independent commission which has the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without the permission of the government. Ombudsman refers to a person who acts as an intermediary between an organization and a constituency for the scope of constitutional interests.

Who started the movement for Jan Lokpal bill?

The movement was started by a group of people drafted by 1.Justice Santosh Hegde (former Supreme Court Judge and present Lokayukta of Karnataka), 2.Prashant Bhushan (Supreme Court Lawyer) 3.Arvind Kejriwal (RTI activist), 4.Former IPS Kiran Bedi, 5.Shanti Bhushan.

The movement was started because of corruptions in huge levels such as the Himalayan 2G spectrum scam, Commonwealth games scam and Adarsh Housing scam etc.

Important features of the Jan Lokpal bill:

1.The commission will be entirely independent so that no government officials or bureaucrats can influence any investigations. The Jan lokpal committee can take action against any public servant which includes the Prime minister,a minister, a member of the parliament, judges of

high courts and supreme courts and government servants.

2. Lokpal institute in the center and Lokyukta in 18 states will be set up.

3.Any corrupt official will be sent to prison within two years. The investigations of the cases should be completed within one year and trial of the case will be completed within another year. So corrupt people will be unable to prolong the case for a long time.

4. During the time of conviction the government will recover the money lost from the corrupt person .

5.If the government official doesn't complete his work within the prescribed time the guilty official will be penalized and the money will go to the person who filed the complaint.

6.The members of the Jan Lokpal will be selected by the citizens, judges and constitutional authorities. It ensures that no politician will involve in the selection of the Jan Lokpal members.

7.The functioning of the Jan lokpal commission will be transparent. If any official in the lokpal committee becomes corrupt he will be prosecuted and he will be excluded from the committee within two months.

8. Incase of voter id card , ration card or passport or a police FIR has not been made within the prescribed time you can file a complaint to the Jan Lokpal committee and the problem will be sorted out within a month.

9.Anti-corruption agencies such as CVC and anti-corruption branch of CBI will be merged into Lokpal. The Lokpal committee will protect people who report against corruption who faces threat of physical or professional harms.

10.The Jan lokpal bill overcomes the drawbacks from the government proposed 2010 draft lokpal bill.

Lokpal Committee:

The institution consists of one chairperson and ten other members. The institute is headed by the chairperson. The chairperson might be removed from his office only under the order of the President. The chairperson is responsible for the functioning of the Jan Lokpal committee. The chairperson holds the post for a term of five years.

Conditions for becoming a chairperson:

1.The chairperson should not be a former member of parliament or former legislature of any state.

2.He/she should not hold any office of profit.

3.The chairperson should not be below 40 years.

4.The chairperson should not have been chargesheeted for any offence.

Anna Hazare's fast and the movement:

Anna Hazare and several others went to fast from April 5th demanding the approval of the Jan Lokpal bill. On April 9th Anna Hazare and several others ended their fast after they received the notification from the government for the jan lokpal bill. Anna Hazare has said that the bill should be passed within August 15th 2011 .

Government lokpal bills : The government lokpal bills was passed in lok sabha in 1969 but they could not pass through Rajya Sabha. They got revived in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and in 2008 but they were not passed and the bills were pending.

Why we are in need of lok pal bill.

It is really an interesting question often asked by many eminent personalities. I do agree that there are many laws to curb corruption but everything went in vain because the power vested with the authorities who are the most culprit in the field of corruption. If we go through the lokpal bill in the past, no powers vested with the committee and the committee acted as an advisory board to the prime Minister. All powers reserved with him only which may possible to impose on the culprit. The lokpal committee was considered as a dead body with no soul. So, considering all the drawbacks and shortcomings in the past lokpal bill it was again composed by Santosh Hegde- former supreme court judge, Prashant Bhusan -lawyer of supreme court, Arwind Kejriwal and given the present shape. On the basis of this, a Jan lokpal bill drafting committee was setup by the government of India by analysing all possible ways for the better ways to curb corruption. Generally, all corruption cases were forwarded to either CBI or CVC for the commencement of investigation. The most amusing factor is that these investigating agencies are under the control of the Central Government whom they are going to investigate the corruption cases. So, in many cases the CBI(Central Bureau of Investigation) or CVC (Chief Vigilance Commission) failed in their attempt because they cannot go against the government. It is also a great evidence that those CBI officer who tried their best to take action against the Ministers are immediately transferred to some other area leaving and handing over the case to someone who can act in favor of the Minister or politicians. Hence, considering all these aspects we are in great need of new Jan lokpal bill for controlling over corruption or scams.

Impact of Janlokpal in Indian economy.

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The janlokpal bill will definitely bring a positive impact on the indian economy if the bill is enacted and subsequently an autonomous body of lokpal be constituted. The empowering committee of lokpal can prosecute and punish the corrupt official, minister or common man. The bill has the provision of seize the property thus exploited through corruption that should be returned to the government granary.

Janlokpal bill drafted by the civil society comprising Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhusan, Santi Bhusan, Santos Hegde, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sishodaya made a huge impact on the Indian youth and the general public towards curbing corruption in India. The team is headed by Anna Hazare who is determined to get ride of corruption from the Indian soil. He wants India to be a corruption free country, at the same time he also wants to give a new corruption free bharat to the coming generations of India in which they can live a happy life. This is the main reason for which he is insisting Janlokpal bill to be enacted and setup a lokpal committee which can work on its own. The present anti-corruption agencies are functioning under the government . So, the ministers of the government find it very easy to make huge scam and corruption by influencing their political power. Now, Anna Hazare and his followers seeking for a lokpal which

will be an independent body in investigating corruption charges over the ministers, bureaucrats or any other who are indulging in corruption.

Why government stand against the Janlokpal bill

The people of India is in support of Anna Hazare and they are insisting the government to enact the janlokpal bill. On the contrary, the government is deaf and dumb over the janlokpal bill issue. The ministers in the government frightened of this janlokpal bill. They felt that the bill could enable them to bring behind the bars over their past corruption charges. So, in the all party meetings held, they decided not to support the janlokpal bill as it may curb their corruption activity. The government's attitude is very much supportive for the corruption people. This attitude of government brings a drift in between the people and the government. The main differences of Janlokpal bill and the government is

1. Prime Minister should be included in the janlokpal or not.

Anna Hazare and his supporters stubborn over the issue of inclusion of Prime Minister under the lokpal but the government is strictly against the inclusion of Prime Minster over the investigation of corruption charges by lokpal.

2. Lower bureaucracy should be included in the lokpal or not.

Anna Hazare and the people of India are supporting the view of bringing the lower bureaucracy under the investigation of lokpal but the Government is against the inclusion of lower bureaucracy. Anna says the lower bureaucracy is the main headache for the poor people who are mainly depend on the lower bureaucracy. So, the corruption in the lower bureaucracy should also be curbed by bringing them under the lokpal.

What is citizen charter? should it be included in the lokpal or not Anna and the people of India support for the inclusion of citizen charter in the lokpal bill but government is not interested to include the citizen charter under the lokpal. Anna and his team members says, no work is undertaken without bribes in all offices. Even to get a ship ticket we

have to bribe to the counter clerk. So, the system should be changed and the corrupt official should be punished and the corrupted money should also be recovered. These are some of the differences which started a clash in between the government and Anna hazare. Anna is fasting since 16th August,2011 to pass the janlokpal bill in the parliament but the government create many issues and making delay in presenting the janlokpal bill in the parliament.

How the Janlokpal bill will bring an impact on the Indian economy

It is a common question asked by everyone that will the Janlokpal bill bring an impact on the Indian economy?. No doubt, the bill will definitely bring a positive impact on the indian economy. India is a country of vast economy. From the India's budget on every year around 40% of the total amount goes under corruption. So, by curbing the corruption the amount will definitely shared in the development activities of India which will improve the indian economy. Let us see how the bill will help in improving the indian economy. I must lay few example of such impact on the indian economy.

Bond paper selling may increase by improving the indian economy

Every day bond papers worth many crores are selling in the court which are used for making sale deeds or affidavit. In the land selling process, at present the seller have to fetch bond paper worth 8% of the total value of which the land is selling. To lower the bond value, the seller shows an under value in the bond but in actual he may sell the land to many lacs or crores. For example. A sells his land to B for 1000000/- (ten lacs) the bond value should be 80000/- but to reduce the cost of bond, the seller and buyer agreed to mention the amount of the land to only 200000/- (two lacs) for which it is sufficient to purchase the bond worth only 16000/- making a loss of around 64000/- to the government this is in one case. If you go through all cases, the government may lose lacs of crores every year. By the introduction of the Janlokpal bill the corruption on this issue may come to minimum level. Thus the bill will help in improving the indian economy.

Corruption in Contract given in the public works in India

In India, lacs of crores of rupees spending over the private contractions in the constructions of highway road, city road or village roads. From the total amount of the contract, a share was used to give to the concerned engineer, clerk, cashier and many more which directly affect the quality of the road. This is the main reason for which a new road becomes dent and void within a duration of six months this is a great loss for the indian economy. So, curbing corruption, the quality will certainly improved as a result the indian economy will also be raised to some extent.

Conclusions of Janlokpal bill and its impact on the indian economy

As my knowledge, with the implementation of the lokpal the corruption will drastically reduced to some extent which will directly help in raising the indian economy. The poor will get their share whatever is sanctioned by the central or state government. A peace and favorable climate will spread in India in which poor, rich can survive according to their income and wishes. If the political parties have the will to end the corruption then there is nothing hurdle in passing the janlokpal bill to ensure the setup of lokpal in the centre and lokayukta in the states to control corruption activities.

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