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E mail- didicakola@maharashtra Phone - 0724- 2430880 Fax0724- 2442490 Development commissioner (Industries ), Directorate of Industries, Govt.of Maharashtra is to monitors ,& implementation for promotion & Development of MSME sector at State level (Micro, Small & Medium enterprise ) through District Industries Centre in each district. Directorate of Industries also implements Self Employment Scheme through MSME for Educated Unemployed Youths. DIC also organised Enterpreneurship Development Programme. Small Industries Guidance & Monitoring Assistance (SIGMA COUNTER) is at

the enterance of DIC provides all kind of information regarding project report and financial assistance to Entrepreneurs.

(A) SCHEME FOR PROMOTION OF MSME SECTOR 01) 02) 03) 04) 05) MSME Registration IT & BT Registration Registration under CSPO. District Award Scheme. Pakage Scheme of Incentives-2007

(B) SCHEME FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT 01) PMEGP 02) RSMS 03) DIC Margin Money Scheme. 04) Enterpreneurship Development Programme. Defination as per MSMED Act- 2006 Sr. No. 1 2 Enterpri Manufacturing ses enterprises Micro Fix Investment in P& M up to 25 Lakhs. Small Fix Investment in P&M above 25 Lakhs & up to 5 Crore Medium Fix investment in P&M above 5 Crore & up to 10 Crore. Service enterprises Fix Investment in P&M up to 10 Lakhs. Fix Investment in P&M abve 10 Lakhs up to 2 Crore. Fix investment in P&M above 2 Crore up to 5 crore.



Maharashtra is a knowledge State, and passing through Century of Knowledge. IT & BT units reflects in Indian economy and increase the growth in Rural as well as Urban areas. Government is encouraging to setting up IT & BT units . Offered various incentives like land in concessional rates Exemption in Electricity duty for a period of 10 Years., waiver of stamp duty exemption etc. DIC provides Provisional/Permanent MSMEs Memorandum to Micro & Small Enterprises to filling morundum of scheduled I / Scheduled II respectively by entrepreneur who desire. Registration Under Central Stores Purchase Oganisation Any enterprises desire to have a registration with CSPO as a manufactruring /Stockist may to submit following documents to Directorate of Industries through DIC. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) Application from in prescribed formate MSME's Memorandum scheduled-II. Income Tax Clerance. Balance Sheets for last 3 Years. Document related to constitution of firm. Document related to provision of land . Statement of order executed from Gov Dep.

District Award scheme. District award is granted to deserving MSME's those are are permanently registered with Directorate of Industries and is continuous production at least last three years & Repayment of laon regular. Those units who fulfilled the above criteria is eligible for award selected through district level committee. Award Ist prise Prize Rs 15000/-, Mometo, etc.

II nd prise Rs 10000/- Mometo, etc. PAKAGE SCHEME OF INCENTIVE - 2007 In order to encourage the dispersal of Indusries to the less developed areas of the state, Government has been giving a package of incentive to new/expantion units set up in the developing region. Under a scheme popularly known as the package scheme of incentives -2007. Coverage under the 2007 Scheme:1. Mfg .enterprises as defined in the MSMED Act, 2006. 2. Information Technology,Bio Technology (IT & BT) units registered with Directorate of Industries. Poultry . 3. Cold storage and Agro Industries. Period of operation:1st April. 2007 to 31st March, 2011. Industrial Promitional Subsidy:( IPS) New Micro and Small manufacturing Enterprises, Medium Enterprises/ LSI (Including IT/BT units):- New project, whch are set up in these category in different parts of the state, will be eligible for industrial promotion subsidy. Akola district cover under D+ area classification.

The quantum of benefit and period will be as follows:Taluka & Area clacification Celling as % of fixed capital investment Micro & Small Medium Manufacturing Manufacturing Enterprises/LSI A B C D D+ No.Industries District -20 30 40 50 60 --20 25 30 35 No.of years

Micro & Medium Small Manufacturing Manufacturin Enterprises/LSI g --6 -7 5 8 6 9 7 10 8

INTEREST SUBSIDY : All new eligible Micro & Small Manufacturing Enterprises in Textile, Hosiery, knitwear and Readymade Garment sector in the will be eligible for interest Subsidy in addition to Industrial Promotion Subsidy as under. Taluka & Area classification A B C D D+ No.Industries District Monetary ceiling limit (Rs. Lakhs) -20 30 40 50 60 Maximum period in year --20 25 30 35

Exemption of Electricity Duty Eligible new units in C , D, & D + areas and No Industries District (S) will be exempted from payment of Electricity Duty for aperod of 15 years. In other parts of the State, 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs), Information Technology (IT) and BioTechnology (BT) units will also be exempted from payment of Electricity Duty for a period of 10 years. Waiver of Stamp Duty: New as well as unit undertaking Expansion/Diversification will be exempted from payment of Stamp duty up to 31st 2011 C,D,D, D+ Taluka and No Industry District Districts. However, in A and B areas, stamp duty exemption would be available as given below: BT and IT units in public : : 100% BT and IT unit in private Parks : 75% Royalty Refund: All eligible units, new as well as units undertaking expansion in Vidarbha region will be eligible for refund of royalty paid on purchase of materials from mine owners within the State of Maharashtra for a period of five years from the date of commencement of commercial production. Refund of Octroi/Entry Tax in lieu of Octroi: An eligible unit, after it goes into commercial production, will be entitled to refund of Octroi duty/Entry Tax (in lieu of Octroi), account based cess or other way charged instead of or in lieu of Octroi payable and paid to the local authority on Imports of all items required by the eligible units this incentive will be admissible in the form of a grant restricted to 100% of the admissible fixed capital investment of the ellibible unit for a period of 5/7/9/12 yeas respectively in the B/C/D/ D + areas in recpect of no industries area, However, the period of 15 Years.

(B) SCHEME FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT PRIME MINISTER EMPLOYMENT GENERATION PROGRAMME.(PMEGP) Govt. of India, introduced a new credit linked subsidy programme called as PMEGP (Merging of PMRY & REGP Scheme), the main objective of the scheme generation of employment through Micro enterprises through rural as well as urban area. Nature of the Financial Assistance. Categories of beneficiariesunder Area General Special (Including SC/ST/OBCs/Minories/women, Physically Handicapped.) Own contribution 10% 05% Rate of Subsidy Urban Rural 15% 25% 25% 35% Banks

90% 95%

Maximam project admissible under manufacturing is Rs. 25lakh. Maximum project admissible under B & S is . Rs. 10 Lakhs. Eligibility criteria of beneficiaries. 1. Any individual above 18 years of Age. 2. There is no income ceilling for enterprises 3. The units have already avail Government Subsidy under PMRY/ REGP or other scheme are not eligible. 4. only new project sanctioned under PMEGP. 5. only one person family.

Document required in two copies. 1. Application in prescribed formate with photo's 2. Education qualification certificate T.C. & Marklist. 3. Employment card. 4. Rent Argement ,Tax receipt. 5. Quotation. 6. Project Report. 7. Cast certificate 8. Experience certificate. 9. Affidevit on 20% stamp paper in prescribed formats 10. Ration card. 11.Training certificate.( if already undergone) Negative List. 1 .Industry concerned. with meat i.e processing, canning And/serving items made of it.,intoxicant item like Bidi/Pan//Cigar/ cigarate. 2) Dhaba serving liquir, preparation/producing & Tobaco as a raw material. 3) Harvester machine, manufacturing of polythene bags of 20 micron thickness . 4) Processing of Pashmina wool and other products like hand spinning and hand weaving , Khadi programme availing sales rebate . 5) Rurtal transports etc.

DIC, Loan Scheme.(It is a oldest Scheme) Micro Industries and service Industries unit with investment in P&M up to two lakhs & unit located in rural areas with population below 1,00,000 as per 1971 census. no condition of education. Above 18 years age. No. income criteria Coverage of Extent of assistance Margin Money loan assistance is available for fixed capital as well as working capital limit to 20% of total investment maximum Rs, 40,000/- for general category. However 30% of SC/ST category maximum 60,000/- at the rate of interest 4% penal interest 1%. Repayment scheduled up to 10 Years & for 5 Years respectively. 02) REVISED SEED MONEY SCHEME.. Educated unemployed youth who desire to state business Enterprises or MSME's for self employments up to project cost of 25 lakhs. Eligibility cretiria Maximum VII std Passed Age Limit 18 to 50 Year. No. defaulter with financial institution. Coverage & extent of assistance. 15% seed money of total cost of project @ 6/- P.A.. with 1% penal interest. Maximum seed money limit is 3.75 lakhs . For a project below 10 lakhs. 20% -- Seed Money given to SC/ST OBC /VJ/NT. 15% General candidates.


ENTERPRENEUARSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMM. Enterpreneuraship Dvelopment Programmes are orgnise for self-employment of various category like educated unemployed youth, minority community and weaker section of the society. The duration of EDPs are 10 days. Skill development programme are organised for improving skill in the entrepreneurs the duration of progammes are 30 days and These programme are conducted by MCED & MITCON. residential programme 15 days also organise this organisation paid Rs. 1000/- to the participant .

For further information and details contact General manager DIC, Akola. *****