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Arrhythmias Simulation

Calibration Certificate
Traceability & Conformity

Technical Specifications
Waveform ECG, Ritmic*, Sine, Triangular, Square, Pulsed and Baseline 20 BPM to 300 BPM 0% to 20%* deviation 1/8Hz to 120Hz Line, Ripple, Random, Baseline W., Tremor 0.5mV, 1mV, 2mV, 4mV 0% to 20%* deviation 12 (Snap / Banana / Pin) 200x Lead II plus DC 2200 unipolar Standard 9V Battery or 9VDC Adapter (NOT INCLUDED) 150mm x 90mm x 26mm 400gr

Cardiac Simulation
The TechPatient CARDIO ECG simulator stands among its competitors for generating realistic cardiac waveforms, an advantage that gives you the certainty that any test conducted with this simulator will be repeatable with a human patient. Twelve leads ECG simulation is suitable to test modern diagnostic equipment, including waveform recognition devices.

Beat Rate Frequency Noise Sources Amplitude Leads Hi-Signal Output Output Impedance Power Source Product Size Approx. Weight

Advanced Analysis
Using the TechPatient CARDIO EKG simulator you will also be able to test the noise filtering systems and beat rate measurement functions of the diagnostic device under test. To perform noise testing, multiple real life noise sources are included. You can select between line noise (related to poor ground connections), base line wandering (related to poor electrode conductivity), muscle tremor, power supply noise and more. The beat rate setup function combines the selection of an arbitrary rate with the addition of beat to beat variability, a key performance testing to make sure diagnostic devices operate properly under critical conditions.

Biopotential multi-connectors

Features in TechPatient CARDIO Version 3

The new multi-connectors give the simulator enhanced compatibility, enabling its connection to 4mm snap, 4mm banana and 2mm pin patient cables. Youll no longer need expensive adapters that degrade reliability and performance.

Neoprene travel holster

The new Neoprene travel holster protects the simulators from shocks and moisture while easing its transport. Its flexible structure helps you carry cables or even a spare battery. Attach it to your belt to have your simulator at hand every time you need it.

Retail box for global market

The new retail product box enables our customers to resell the simulator in the US and other global markets. It includes the UPC product barcode, FCC exemption declaration and an eye-catching graphic design that will help you boost your sales.



Arrhythmias Simulation Module
The Ritmic MODULE is an arrhythmias simulation sofware module installed on demand to the TechPatient CARDIO V3 ECG simulator. The following is a list of the simulated rhythms. Additional rhythms can also be included. Please contact us at for specific quotation.
w Sinus Rhythm Normal w Bradycardia Sinus w Tachycardia Sinus w Respiratory Arrhythmia Sinus w Exit Block Sinus w Arrest Sinus w 1st Degree AV Block w 2nd Degree Type I Av Block w 2nd Degree Type II Av Block w 2nd Degree 2:1 Av Block w 3rd Degree Av Block w Left Bundle Branch Block wBundle Branch Block Right w Rhythm with PAC Sinus w Rhythm with PNC / PJC Sinus w Rhythm with PVC Sinus w Supraventricular Tachycardia wFlutter Atrial wFibrillation Atrial wBigeminy Atrial wTrigeminy Atrial w (Junctional) Rhythm Nodal w Accelerated Nodal (Junctional) Rhythm w (Junctional) Tachycardia Nodal w (Junctional) Bigeminy Nodal w (Junctional) Trigeminy Nodal w Idioventricular Rhythm w Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm w Monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia w Torsades de Pointes w Ventricular Fibrillation w Ventricular Bigeminy w Ventricular Trigeminy w Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome w Pediatric ECG Normal wQT Segment Syndrome Long w ST Segment Elevation w ST Segment Depression w Pacemaker Rhythm - Atrial Paced w Pacemaker Rhythm - Ventricular Paced w Pacemaker Rhythm - AV Sequential w Pacemaker Not Captured w Pacemaker Not Functioning w Pacemaker On Demand w Asystole

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Automatic Sequencing
Automatic sequencing is specially useful for product show off on trade fairs and events. Random sequencing has also been included for medical educators and paramedic instructors to train and challenge their students to recognize the simulated arrhythmia. The simulated rhythm strip changes every 10 seconds with a 1 second flatline pause in between.


Calibration Certificate
The calibration of our devices includes: Declaration of results traceability to national standards. Declaration of conformity to manufacturing specifications. Test results with their respective associated uncertainties. Calibration Certificate Sample Specific Calibration Procedure SP01EN

Traceability to National Standards

The measurement instruments used for device calibration are traceable to national standards. The time standard has been calibrated by a NIST traceable laboratory, while the voltage standard has been calibrated by an OAA / INTI SAC accredited laboratory. The calibration certificates of this time and voltage standards are available to our customers upon request to

Factory Calibration Certificate

The additional cost for the purchase of a TechPatient CARDIO V3 with the calibration certificate is US$ 35.-. To purchase the certificate please contact us at before purchasing the product. You can also add it to your shopping cart before checking out. Requests received after product purchase will be accepted or rejected at HE Instruments option based on the status of the order.


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